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The Shepherd - Recap

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Kathryn brings David home and points out that he didn’t like the ugly windmill on the lawn when they first bought it. She takes him inside where their family friends have gathered to greet David on his return home. Dr. Whale is there and encourages him to mingle in the hopes that the smallest thing might trigger his memories. Meanwhile, Emma and Henry are there and Henry explains that David’s amnesia is preventing the curse from giving him false memories. The boy insists that they help him remember that he’s Prince Charming by reuniting him with Mary Margaret/Snow White. David comes over to thank them and skewers a carrot with a toothpick, and Henry asks him if he’s every used a sword. David asks Emma if Mary Margaret will be there, and Emma says that her roommate couldn’t make it.

In the kitchen, Kathryn doesn’t want to go out and Regina, her friend, tells her that she should go out. When Kathryn admits that it’s like she’s lost her husband, Regina tells her that she lost her love as well, but there’s no way to bring him back. She tells Kathryn that she does have her husband back and should go to him. As Kathryn goes, she admits that she’s not used to having friends and Regina says that she isn’t either. However, Kathryn discovers that David has slipped out.

Mary Margaret is putting up a bird house on her lawn when David comes by and asks if she resigned from the hospital because of him. She tells him that it’s married and she can’t have feelings for him, but David insists that whoever married Kathryn, it wasn’t him... and he’s choosing Mary Margaret. He’s sure that she feels the same way, but Mary Margaret tells him that he only has feelings for her because she saved his life.

Once Upon A Time

Prince Charming fights a knight to prove his worthiness to King Midas, while the Prince’s father King George looks on. The Prince disposes of the knight and Midas and his noblemen applaud. King George boasts of his son’s victory but Midas asks if Prince Charming can kill a dragon as easily as a mere man. Prince Charming assures him that he can kill any creature, and Midas says that he needs a dragon vanquished. King George admits that his kingdom needs goal and suggests they make a deal. Midas has one of his servants remove his glove, and then touches Prince Charming’s sword and transforms it into gold as a down payment. As the kings leave to discuss the details, the Prince’s men cheer him. He tells them that it was a simple test... and the knight stabs him through the chest with his dying blow.

Later, the King has his men take Prince Charming’s body away. The Prince’s aide warns his liege that they can’t let Midas learn that the Prince is dead. King George says that he’s asked for help... and Rumplestiltskin arrives. Once they’re alone, Rumplestiltskin reminds the King that he gave him the prince as a son when the King and Queen couldn’t conceive. King George wants the imp to resurrect Prince Charming, and Rumplestiltskin agrees in return for the location of the Fairy Godmother, guardian of the King’s family. When the King agrees, Rumplestiltskin admits that he can’t resurrect Prince Charming. However, he can produce the Prince’s twin brother.

In a field, James the Shepherd watches over his sheep.


Emma comes home and finds Mary Margaret scrubbing dishes in frustration. She admits that David made a compelling case that they should be together, and Emma offers her a drink. They then talk about Mary Margaret’s situation and Emma warns that in her experience, if she thought something she wanted to do was wrong, it was. She tells Mary Margaret to stay strong and let David figure out his life.

David is at home going through photos of his life. Kathryn comes in and invites him to join her in bed. When he realizes she means sex, David suggests that they just sit and talk. Kathryn kisses him but David pulls away and insists that what they’re doing isn’t right.

Once Upon A Time

James manages to lure a lamb back into its pen by chasing it and keeping it occupied. His mother Ruth returns to the cottage and tells James that she talked with a grain merchant who has a daughter ready for marriage. James rightly assumes that the merchant has a dowry they can use to save their farm, but he refuse to compromise for money over love when he marries. Ruth warns him that he can’t have everything. Rumplestiltskin arrives and tells them that perhaps he can. He explains that James is one of twins and Ruth admits that she and her husband sold her other son to Rumplestiltskin in return for keeping the farm. However, they regretted it ever since.

James sends Ruth into the house and Rumplestiltskin tells him that King George needs a prince to slay a dragon. The imp assures him that all James needs to do is play the part and let the king’s knights deal with the dragon. He tells James that King George will make sure that the farm is safe, and James realizes that he doesn’t have a choice. Rumplestiltskin tells him that he does and he should make the right choice.


Dr. Whale stops by to see Mary Margaret at the diner. He wonders if she resigned because of how their date went and afterward when he didn’t call her. Dr. Whale apologizes and tells her to call him if she wants. After he leaves, Regina comes in and tells Mary Margaret that David is taken. When she informs the teacher that David left his wife, Mary Margaret says she didn’t know about it. Regina believes her and tells her to stay away from David and avoid wrecking multiple lives. As she goes, the mayor tells Mary Margaret to let David remember who he was.

Once Upon A Time

James, posing as Prince Charming, meets with Midas. The king assures him that if he kills the dragon, he’ll be a legend. Once Midas departs, the prince’s aide comes over and makes sure that his armor is properly fastened. He then tells James to stay outside of the cave while he and the other soldiers kill the dragon.

In the mountains, the aide and his men head to the cave while two knights stay behind to guard James. After a few seconds, screams of agony echo out of the cave. The aide staggers out, badly injured, and James pulls away from his bodyguards to help him. The dragon flies out, killing the two escorts and knocking the golden sword out of the aide’s hand. As it comes back for another pass, James runs and lures it into a crevasse, just like he did with the lamb earlier. Once the dragon is stuck, James uses the sword and beheads it.


David comes to the school to visit Mary Margaret. She tells him to go away, but David insists that she isn’t destroying his marriage. He simply can’t pretend that he feels about Kathryn the way that he does about Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret says that it’s the right thing to stay away from him, but David says that he’s not the man who chose to marry Kathryn. Now he chooses Mary Margaret. She ushers him out but David asks her to meet him at the toll bridge that night. If she doesn’t come, then David will accept her decision.

At the sheriff’s office, Emma is going over reports when Sheriff Graham offers her a bearclaw. He asks her to work a night shift, claiming that he’s doing volunteer work at an animal shelter. Mary Margaret comes in and tells Emma about David’s invitation. She asks Emma what she should do and Emma tells her that she should go for it, now that David has left his wife and made a commitment to be with Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret considers it and wonders if it’s really happening to her.

As David packs and prepares to leave, he touches the ring on his finger.

Once Upon A Time

James and King George deliver the dragon’s head to Midas. Satisfied, he tells them that he is convinced James is the bravest warrior in the land. However, the quest was a test, and he calls his daughter Princess Abigail in. Midas explains that he wanted someone who would unite the kingdoms, someone he’d proud to call family. James only wants to go home and end the charade, but King George pulls him aside and warns him that if James doesn’t play along, the kingdom will go bankrupt. Further, he’ll kill James and Ruth if James doesn’t cooperate, and says that he knows he’ll make the right decision.


As David tries to find the toll bridge, he runs into Regina. He admits that he can’t find it and Regina gives him directions that lead past Mr. Gold’s pawnshops. She wishes him luck and tell him that she hopes he’ll find what he’s looking for.

Mary Margaret waits at the toll bridge for David.

When David gets to the pawnshop, he discovers that Regina’s direction were wrong. He goes inside to ask for help and Mr. Gold emerges from the shadows. He gives David directions to the toll bridge, but as David goes, he sees a decorative lawn windmill. Mr. Gold says that it’s been there forever. David stares at it and admits that he can remember his past life.

Once Upon A Time

James returns to the farm to see Ruth, who confirms that King George has paid off the debts on their farm. When he tells her that he has to marry Abigail, she tells him that he has to refuse so that he can be free to marry the woman he loves. James tells her that he has no choice if he wants to keep her safe, and explains that he came there to explain, not to get her advice. He says goodbye to her, admitting that she was right when she told him earlier that he couldn’t have everything. Ruth, crying, gives him her ring and tells her son that true loves goes with it. When James insists that he doesn’t love Abigail, his mother says that he will grow to love her.


David arrives at the toll bridge and tells Mary Margaret that he now remembers his life and his feelings for Kathryn. He insists on honoring his marriage despite his feelings for Mary Margaret. Shocked and angry, Mary Margaret accuses him of leading her on and walks away, crying.

Emma is on patrol when she sees what appears to be a burglar coming out of Regina’s upstairs window. She attacks the thief only to discover that it’s Graham. He admits that he’s sleeping with Regina in Henry’s house, and a shocked Emma says that she wishes Henry knew what his adopted mother is doing. She tells Graham that she won’t be working night shifts anymore and leaves.

David returns to his home and Kathryn greets him at the door. He tells her that he remembers the windmill, and that they were having marital problems when he left. David assures her that he would have come back, but then he was in the accident and there was no way he could come back. David suggests that they see what happens between them now that he can remember their life together, and Kathryn agrees to take him back.

Once Upon A Time

Later, Abigail and James join hands and go to see their fathers. Midas says that a new era has begun and that their kingdoms will be united. He sends James and Abigail to their new home at his palace and assures them that they will soon have a glorious wedding celebration. King George draws James aside, calling him “son,” and James calls him “father” in return. Abigail smirks when James suggests they take the scenic route, but King George secretlky assures James that he’s on the road to true love. They ride through the forest in the royal carriage and come to a tree, while Snow watches from hiding.


Mary Margaret is at the diner when Dr. Whale comes in and offers her a shoulder to cry on. When he points out that she doesn’t care what he thinks, Mary Margaret asks him if he has ever gone into a situation where he knows he would be hurt but did it anyway because that’s who he is. Dr. Whale says that he never has because he never does what people expect of him. He offers to buy her a drink and Mary Margaret tells him to buy her two.