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The Stable Boy - Recap

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A Week Ago

Regina is studying a gold engagement ring when Gold comes in and asks for her help trying to beat the battery charge filed against him. He wants her help to convince the DA to drop the case, and reminds her that he knows she’s the Evil Queen. Regina asks why she should help him and Gold offers her his assistance dealing with Mary Margaret. He says that he can set it up so that Mary Margaret is framed for Kathryn’s murder. Once that happens, Regina will leave one of her skeleton keys in Mary Margaret’s cell so that she escapes, tries to flee Storybrooke, and suffers the same fate as anyone else under the curse. Regina wonder why she should trust Gold and he assures her that he always keeps his word.

Once Upon a Time

Regina is out riding on her favorite horse Henry looks on. Once she finishes, her mother Cora comes out and criticizes her on her riding style, saying that she rides like a boy that she needs to worry about appearing ladylike so that a man will marry her. The stable boy, Daniel, starts to speak in Regina’s defense and she tells him not to contradict her mother. He goes back to the stables and Regina asks why her mother is always criticizing her. Cora insists that she is just trying to help her daughter to reach her full potential. When Regina tries to walk away, Cora stops her with a spell and tells her to be an obedient daughter. Regina wonders why she can’t be herself and tries to resist, and Cora wraps her in straps. Her daughter finally gives in and Cora releases her, and Regina runs to the stables. She apologizes to Daniel for snapping at him earlier, and he accepts and then says that she needs to find a way to make it up to him. He steps forward and the two of them kiss.


David approaches Emma on the street and asks her how Mary Margaret is doing, and she reminds him that he accused his mistress of killing his wife. He insists that he didn’t mean it that way and asks what Mary Margaret needs, and Emma says that her friend needs a miracle and drives away.

Mary Margaret is sleeping in her cell and wakes up to find Regina watching her. She says that she stopped by to suggest that Mary Margaret spare everyone the messiness of a trial by confessing. Mary Margaret insists that she’s innocent but Regina reminds her of the box with her fingerprints and the hunting knife in her apartment. The mayor says that she will finally get Mary Margaret out of Storybrooke and the prisoner wonders why Regina hates her so much.

Once Upon a Time

Regina meets Daniel in the countryside but admits that they only have a few minutes until she has to go back for tea. Daniel insists that she should tell her mother, but Regina warns him that Cora wouldn’t understand, and that she wants her daughter to move upward in society. Daniel would be a major step backward for her. Daniel believes that love is true magic and can conquer even Cora’s spells, but Regina reminds him that Cora can do anything that she wants. A girl rides by on an out-of-control horse and Regina instinctively rides off to save her. She manages to pull the girl off the horse, saving her life, and the girl vows never to ride again. Regina tells her that she has to face her fears and the girl thanks her for her advice and her help. They introduce themselves and the girl tells Regina that her name is Snow White.


Gold meets with his client and advises Mary Margaret to meet with the DA for a pre-trial interview. Emma isn’t convinced but Gold explains that their best bet is to remind the townspeople that Mary Margaret is a sweet, innocent schoolteacher. If she works with the DA, it will prove that she’s willing to cooperate and make an impression with the jury. Sydney comes in with flowers to cheer up the cell block and Emma talks to him privately. He admits that he hasn’t had any luck finding anything yet on Regina. Emma goes back to the cell and Mary Margaret tells her that she’ll take Gold’s advice. The DA, Albert Spencer (Prince Charming’s father in the fairytale world) comes in accompanied by Regina and thanks her for her decision.

The interview begins and Emma and Regina watch as Spencer reminds Mary Margaret that Kathryn approached her in public after she found about the affair and slapped the schoolteacher. Mary Margaret insists that she wasn’t angry but only felt regret, but Spencer continues to pursue the matter. Gold tries to stop the line of questioning, but Spencer reminds him that Mary Margaret wanted to cooperate and persists until Mary Margaret snaps and angrily says that she did want Kathryn gone. In the observation room, Regina smiles in triumphant.

Once Upon a Time

Cora interrupts her daughter to use a spell and clothe her in a fancy dress. She tells Regina that they have a visitor: King Leopold, there to thank them for saving his daughter, Snow. Leopold enters and insists on bowing to Regina for saving his daughter, and Cora prompts a speechless Regina into talking. The king explains that he lost his wife, Snow’s mother, years ago, and has spent all of the time since trying to find someone who is interested in his daughter to take his dead wife’s place and become the queen. He then kneels before Regina and asks for her hand in marriage. Before Regina can respond, Cora speaks up and accepts on her behalf.

Later, Regina meets Daniel in the stables and immediately asks him to marry her. When he wonders why, she tells him that Cora will never understand the feelings that they share, and that Leopold has asked for her hand in marriage. All they can do now is marry and then run off, and that being queen means nothing to her if she can’t have him. Daniel accepts and says that they have to do it properly, and gives her an engagement ring. They kiss, but Snow comes in to try riding again and sees them together. Shocked, she runs off and Regina goes after her. When she catches up to her, Snow wonders why Regina was kissing another man and Regina explains that no matter how good a man Leopold is, she doesn’t love him. She tells Snow that true love is what matters and that it brings people happiness. Snow thinks that she understands and offers to tell Leopold the truth so that he’ll understand as well, but Regina warns her that some people like Cora will never understand. She makes Snow promise to keep her secret and Snow agrees.


Emma is at the docks going over Henry’s storybook when August comes over and wonders what she’s doing. She explains that she hasn’t been able to figure out a way to prove Mary Margaret’s innocence and that she’s doubting her own ability to determine if someone is telling the truth. August compares her problem to writer’s block and describes how when he has difficulty writing, he tries to look at things from a different perspective. He points out that the case started as a missing person mystery and Emma decides to go back to the crime. August offers to go with her and they drive out to the toll bridge on the edge of the town. As they go down to the river, August complains briefly about leg pains but dismisses them as a cramp. Emma digs around the spot where Ruby found the box and finds a piece of metal that broke off from the shovel used by the person who buried the box. She figures that the real killer will have the shovel with the missing piece and August realizes that she knows who it is.

That night, Regina looks in on the sleeping Henry and then goes to take a shower. Once she’s gone, Henry takes out his hidden walkie-talkie and calls Emma, saying that his mother is out of the way and the key is under the mat. Emma and August use the key to slip into the garage, search the place, and find the shovel with the missing piece.

Once Upon a Time

Snow is looking at the flowers for the upcoming wedding when Cora comes in and talks to her about how she’s only trying to help. She suggests that Snow should be the lower girl at the wedding and then asks her if she knows why Regina is pulling away from her. Cora says that Leopold has told her how hard it was for Snow to lose her mother, and that she doesn’t want Regina to lose her. When she insists that she wants Regina to be happy, Snow pleads with her not to make Regina get married. She finally tells Cora that Regina loves someone else and believes that she will lose her mother if she tells her the truth. Cora assures her that she won’t let Regina go and asks Snow for the truth.


Emma goes to see Regina and serves her with a search warrant to examine her garage. When Regina wonders what led her there, Emma claims that she received an anonymous tip. The mayor lets her into the garage, but Emma discovers that the shovel is gone. She accuses Regina of having someone on the inside and insists that Mary Margaret doesn’t deserve what is happening to her. Regina angrily tells Emma that her friend is a liar and a murderer, and now she’ll never destroy another life again.

Emma goes to August’s boarding room and accuses him of telling Regina what they found. Shocked, he angrily insists that she should have faith in him, but Emma doesn’t believe him and leaves.

Regina visits Mary Margaret in her cell and tells her that she wanted to see her one last time before the trial begins the next day. After that, Mary Margaret will be imprisoned outside of Storybrooke and Regina will never see her again. A sobbing Mary Margaret insists that she’s innocent and apologizes for whatever it is that she has ever done to Regina, but Regina refuses to accept her apology. Smiling, Regina says that she knows Mary Margaret didn’t kill Kathryn, but she deserves what is happening to her.

Once Upon a Time

Regina meets Daniel at the stables and they prepare to leave, but Cora arrives and uses her magic to trap them in the stables. Her daughter speaks up and says that she wants to marry but Daniel, but Cora refuses to let her daughter throw her life away after all of the sacrifices that she has made to get where she is and give Regina a better life. Regina refuses to accept that and says that they’re going and there’s nothing that Cora can do to stop them. After a moment, Cora says that she’ll accept it because it will make Regina happy and she has no right to stand in the way of her happiness. She then takes Daniel aside and tells him that there is one important lesson she can give him: parents always have to do what is best for their children. He says that he understands and then Cora reaches into his chest and plucks his heart out, crushing it into darkness. Regina runs to her lover’s corpse and Cora tells her daughter that she has to trust her and that she knows from experience that love is temporary and that true power is the only thing that endures.

Later, Regina is at the castle trying on her wedding dress when Snow comes in. She assumes that Regina is marrying Daniel and finally admits that she told Regina about the two of them. When Regina reminds Snow of her promise, the girl says that she didn’t want Regina to lose her daughter the way that she lost hers. Regina restrains herself and tells Snow that she’s not mad, and knows that she was just trying to help. However, she tells Snow that she was only infatuated with Daniel and that she is marrying Leopold so that she can have what is truly important: a family.

Cora comes in and tells Snow that they’ll be going to the king’s palace and she should get ready. Once the girl leaves, Cora congratulates Regina on hiding her true feelings, knowing very well how she truly feels about Snow. Regina starts to walk away but then wonders if Cora set up the entire thing, including Snow’s horse. Cora says that she has no idea what she’s talking about, and Regina angrily mutters that she should have let the horse kill Snow.


Regina is studying Daniel’s ring and triumphantly says that they got Mary Margaret.

At the jail, the court officers take Mary Margaret away. Emma wonders why Gold has failed and he insists that there is still time to save Mary Margaret with the help of a little magic. As he goes after Mary Margaret, Emma picks up Sydney’s flower vase and throws it at the wall in frustration. She then sees the hidden transmitter inside. She goes to the diner to find August and apologize. He accepts figuring that she would realize that she was trusting the wrong people and eventually see what was in front of her all along. They hear Ruby scream and run around the side of the diner. The waitress tells them that she’s around the corner and they go to investigate... and find Kathryn, alive but wide-eyed and stunned.

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