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A Land Without Magic - Recap

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Once Upon a Time

As James tries to break out of his cell in the Queen’s dungeon, the guards come to take him to Regina for execution. As they take him up into the palace, James breaks free and kills them, but another of the knights aims an arrow at him... and kills the man coming up behind James. The archer removes his helmet, revealing that he’s the Huntsman. He tells James that he wants to help snow and that Regina is on her way to kill her, and gives James his equipment. When James wonders why the Huntsman isn’t coming with him, he explains that he gave his heart to the Queen to save Snow and tells James not to let his sacrifice be in vain.


The EMTs bring the comatose Henry to the hospital and Emma goes with them, telling Whale that her son was poisoned. He examines Henry and tells Emma that he has none of the signs of poison and that it seems like magic because there’s no apparent cause. Emma picks up Henry’s storybook and remembers all of the stories within, and then looks up as Regina comes in. She grabs the mayor, hauls her into a storage closet, and shoves her around. Angry and shocked, Regina tries to get to her son but Emma tells her that Henry ate the apple turnover intended for her. The mayor blurts out that it was for Emma, and Emma realizes that everything Henry has been telling her is true. When she points out that she was leaving town, Regina says that as long as Emma was alive then she could never have Henry for herself. She admits that she used the last of her magic to make the turnover and that she can’t cure him. Worse, magic in the real world is unreliable and she doesn’t know if the curse will do worse than leave Henry comatose. Regina explains that there is only one other person in Storybrooke who knows about magic, and tells Emma that Gold is really Rumpelstiltskin.

Once Upon a Time

The Huntsman informs the Queen that James has escaped and she uses her magic to pin him to wall, reminding him what happens to those who fail her. He promises to bring James back but Regina sees him in her magic mirror and casts a spell, banishing James to the Infinite Forest. James discovers that there’s no way out, but finds Rumpelstiltskin waiting for him. The imp explains what has happened shows him his mother’s ring, which he’s taken from James by magic. Rumpelstiltskin wants to make a deal for its return, but James attacks him despite being outmatched. Once Rumpelstiltskin has defeated him, he tells James that they both want the same thing: Snow’s safe return.


David approaches Mary Margaret that night and explains that he doesn’t know why he keeps making wrong decisions about everything in his life since he came out of his coma. However, he tells Mary Margaret that the only thing he can hold onto is his love for her. David then explains that Kathryn bought an apartment in Boston and he plans to go there unless Mary Margaret gives him a reason to stay. After a moment, she says that she can’t and leaves.

Once Upon a Time

Rumpelstiltskin explains that he has captured true love in a vial and that it must be protected at all costs. When James wonders how he knows of true love, the imp admits that his love died and he knows more than James might think. He then produces a large golden egg and puts the vial inside, and explains that James must put the gold egg into the belly of the beast. When James wonders why Rumpelstiltskin wants it stored away, the imp says that he will need it for a rainy day.


Emma and Regina go to the pawnshop and Gold is waiting for them, already aware of Henry’s situation. He tells them that the only way they can break the curse and save Henry is to use true love. Gold tells them that he made a potion from strands of hair taken from Emma’s parents, and that he used one drop on the parchment that he used for the curse as a safety measure. He stored the rest of the potion and Emma is the only one who can recover it. Regina warns Emma not to trust Gold, but she admits that she has no choice. Gold asks Regina if their mutual friend is still locked up in the basement because he hid the vial within her. Finally, Gold gets out a case containing James’ sword and gives it to Emma, explaining that she’ll need it.

Before seeking out the vial, Emma goes to the hospital and apologizes to Henry, admitting that he was right all the time. She puts his storybook on the bed for when he wakes and walks out just as Regina arrives. Emma tells her that she’ll meet her in ten minutes and leaves, and Regina goes to Henry and apologizes. Jefferson steps out of the shadows and says that he can sympathize with her because he also knows what it means to lose a child. He tells Regina to keep her part of the deal and return his daughter to him, but she refuses, saying that since Emma didn’t eat the apple then their deal is void. Angry, Jefferson considers killing her but Regina says that she knows he isn’t a murderer at heart and walks away.

Emma goes to August’s boarding room and knocks at the door, but he says that he can’t get up to let her in. She breaks in and discovers that August is lying on the bed, almost entirely transformed into wood. He realizes that she can finally see him for what he is because she believes, and says that she needs to break the curse. Emma insists that she can’t, saying that she’s just a normal person, but August tells her that she’s so much more. As the transformation takes him entirely, august tells Emma that she can save them all.

Regina and Emma meet at the library and the mayor opens a secret panel showing a hand-cranked elevator leading down into the bowels of the earth. When Emma wonders why Regina isn’t coming, the mayor points out that she’ll have to crank the winch to lower Emma down, and warns that her old friend is in a different form. Emma reluctantly agrees to go alone, but tells Regina that she’d already be dead except that Emma needs her to save henry.

Once Upon a Time

James sneaks into the castle and confronts Maleficent, who casually knocks him away when he tries to threaten her with his sword. When he asks where the beast is, Maleficent explains that she is the beast and transforms into a huge dragon, breathing fire at him.


Emma enters a vast series of tunnels beneath Storybrooke and makes her way to a huge chamber on the edge of an abyss. Maleficent is there, trapped in her dragon form, and awakens as Emma enters the chamber.

Once Upon a Time

James ducks among the pillars with the dragon in pursuit, and he spots her one vulnerable spot on her neck. He then yells at the dragon, taunting it to come after him.


Emma drops her father’s sword, draws her gun, and fires at Maleficent.

Once Upon a Time

James manages to get to the upper balcony and then jumps onto Maleficent’s back. Holding on, he manages to drive the egg into the vulnerable spot, drop to the ground, and jump out the window into the lake below.


The ledge beneath Maleficent give out, dropping her into the abyss. As Emma goes to the edge, the dragon flies back out and moves in for the kill.

At the hospital, Mary Margaret reads the story of Snow White to Henry, concluding with the part where she is awakened by true love. Once she finishes, Mary Margaret explains that she gave him the book because she thought it could give the boy a happy ending. Henry flatlines and Whale and his staff come in and try to revive the boy without success. Taking advantage of the distraction, Jefferson sneaks into the hospital posing as an orderly. He gives a cup of drugged tea to the nurse watching over Belle, waits until she passes out, and then goes to Belle’s room. When she wonders why he’s there, Jefferson tells her to go to the pawnshop and tell Gold that Regina locked her up.

Once Upon a Time

When James swims to shore, Rumpelstiltskin is waiting for him. He gives James the ring and says that it will lead him to Snow, and then summons a suit of royal clothing for him. When James wonders what Rumpelstiltskin gets out of the arrangement, the imp tells him that he’s a big fan of true love... and what it creates.


Emma runs out of bullets and manages to grab the discarded sword. She throws it at Maleficent, hitting her in the neck and killing it. The dragon explodes in a burst of flame, leaving nothing but ash and the golden egg casket.

Once Upon a Time

The ring leads James to the glass coffin where the dwarves have placed Snow. He goes to them and asks for a minute alone, and then kisses snow. A burst of magic spreads out from them and goes across the land, and Snow wakes up. They go for a walk and he explains what happened, and then offers her his mother’s ring as a proposal. She accepts but points out that they still have his father and her stepmother to deal with. They look toward the castle and Snow says that they should take their kingdom back... together.


The next morning, David packs up and starts to drive out of town, heading for Boston.

Emma gets in the elevator and Regina brings her back up. However, a few dozen feet short of the top, the elevator stops abruptly. Gold calls down to Emma and says that Regina has abandoned her. He suggests that she toss the egg up so that she can climb with both hands free. Emma does so but when she gets to the top, she discovers that Gold has let and Regina is tied up. When Emma frees her, Regina tells her that Gold has tricked them. They get calls from the hospital, and when they arrive there, Whale and the Mother Superior tells them that there’s nothing they could do for Henry. Emma goes to her son’s side and looks at him while Regina breaks into tears.

Gold goes back to his pawnshop and opens the egg, confirming that the vial of true love is still inside. He’s interrupted when Belle comes into his shop and he stares at her in shock. She passes on Jefferson’s message that Regina was the one who confined her, and Gold embraces her. He promises that he’ll protect her and Belle wonders why, and Gold tells her that she doesn’t know him yet but she soon will.

Emma bends down to Henry and whispers that she loves him as she kisses him on the forehead. A wave of magical energy spreads out from them, covering the town, and Henry gasps as he comes back to life and tells her that he loves Emma, too.

Everyone in town is exposed to the magic, including David as he drives toward the town limits. Stunned, he pulls over as realization floods his mind.

Henry tells Emma that she broke the curse. The Mother Superior tells Regina that she should run before people come looking for her because of what she did. Before she leaves, Regina tells Henry that she loves him no matter what anybody else claims.

When David drives back to town, he sees Mary Margaret on the street. He calls her by her real name, Snow, and they embrace as they remember what they once had.

Regina goes back home and sits on her son’s bed, crying.

Gold takes Belle to the wishing well in the woods, and she calls him Rumpelstiltskin as she remembers what he once was and the love they shared. Gold says that he loves her as well but first he has to do something. He goes to the wishing well and explains that the waters below have the power to return what was lost. He drops the vial into the well and steps back, and he and Belle watch as a cloud of purple mists flows out of the well and spreads out across the land.

As the hospital staff try to deal with their new memories, Emma wonders why everyone didn’t revert back. She and Henry look out the window and see the purple mist sweeping over Storybrooke.

Regina looks out the window of the Henry’s bedroom and sees the mist.

Henry warns Emma that what’s coming is bad.

When Belle wonders what he’s done, Gold says that he’s bringing magic back to the world because magic is power.

When she realizes what is happening, Regina smiles in triumph.

David and Mary Margaret are right in the path of the mist and hold each other as it sweeps over them.