Tallahassee - Recap

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The Enchanted Forest

Hook leads Emma, Mary Margaret, Mulan, and Aurora to the beanstalk leading up into the sky. Emma asks why they can't use the bean to create a portal and Hook explains that the truth is that the giants grew the beans and used them to plunder the lands. Jack fought the giants and killed all of them except one, and the giants destroyed the beans to keep anyone else from getting them, and the last one has the magic compass. If Cora gets it, she can use the wardrobe ashes to get to Storybrooke. Hook is glad to help whoever can get them there first, and explains that they need the counter spell he has because the beanstalk is enchanted against intruders. He only has one counter spell and asks who will be going with him.

Portland, Oregon – 11 years ago

Emma breaks into a yellow Volkswagen and drives away. A man sits up in the back and says that she could have asked him for the keys. He tells her that it's fine and introduces himself as Neal Cassady. She reluctantly introduces herself and invites her to drinks. Distracted, Emma drives through a stop sign and a police car pulls her over. Neal takes a screwdriver and then tells the officer that Emma is his girlfriend and he's showing her how to drive with a shift. The cop lets her off with a warning and Emma realizes that he stole the car. Neal asks her about the drink again and Emma drives off.

The Enchanted Forest

Mary Margaret, Aurora, and Mulan argue about who will go up and Emma insists that she is the one. Mulan leads her aside and gives her a bag of poppy seeds that will knock out the giant if he inhales it. Emma asks for her sword so that she can cut the beanstalk in ten hours, and tells Mulan to make sure that Mary Margaret gets home if she doesn't come back. Hook puts the bracer containing the counter spell on her wrist and then asks for his hook so that he can climb. Once he has it, they begin their ascent.

As they climb, Hook flirts with Emma and she tries to ignore him. He points out that she's an open book and figures that she needs to get back to her child because she doesn’t want to abandon him the way she was abandoned. When Emma wonders how he knows, Hook says that he spent years in Neverland and knows the look. He asks if Emma has ever been in love and she says that she hasn't.

Eleven Years Ago

Neal and a pregnant Emma go to a convenience store and Neal distracts the owner while Emma steals some food. However, a customer comes in and sees Neal stealing candy bars. As he tries to warn the owner, Emma fakes going into labor and Neal quickly gets her out. They run to the car and Emma removes the backpack she was using to fake her pregnancy. Neal shows her a keychain with a compass on it that he stole for her and she kisses him. They go back to a motel and move into a room after a family leaves and before housekeeping arrives. Emma notices that the family left a dreamcatcher hanging up and explains it to Neal. He suggests that they get a real home and move in somewhere together. When she wonders where, Neal picks up a map of the U.S. and has Emma pick a random spot. She ends up pointing to Tallahassee, FL and asks if it's what Neal really wants. He says that what he wants is her and they kiss.

The Enchanted Forest

As Mary Margaret and the others wait, Mulan sets up a sun clock to keep track of the time. Mary Margaret offers to take the first shift and Aurora immediately says that she'll stand watch with her. She explains that since she recovered from the sleeping curse, she can't sleep without having nightmares. Mary Margaret says that she had the same thing happen and that David watched over her, lit a candle to keep away the nightmares, and helped her through the bad times. She offers to watch over Aurora and the princess thanks her.

Emma and Hook get to the top of the beanstalk and find themselves in a devastated castle. Hook explains that the final battle was fought there and notices that Emma cut her hand. He pours rum over the cut, warning that giants can smell blood, and binds her wound. He then tells Emma that they'll wait for the giant to fall asleep and then sneak into his cave and take the compass. Emma says that they have to use the powder since they can't wait for the giant to conveniently fall asleep, and Hook agrees. She notices that he has a tattoo with the name Milah on it and Hook says that it's a name from long ago. Emma realizes that Rumplestiltskin took Milah from him and that's why Hook wants to kill him. When Hook points out that she's perceptive for someone who was never in love, Emma says that she might have been.

The Past

Emma meets Neal in the park and he shows her a poster of himself. He explains that he was a janitor in Phoenix and robbed a jewelry store. The watches are hidden at a train station but the police identified Neal from the security cameras. He tells Emma that he has to go to Canada alone and doesn't want to put her as risk. Emma suggests that she get the watches so that they can fence them and get the money to buy legitimate IDs, and Neal agrees.

The Enchanted Forest

Emma hides on a statue next to the castle doors and Hook pounds on a discarded suit of armor. The Giant stomps out and Emma realizes that he's taller than her current position. Hook taunts the Giant into coming after him and lures him into kneeling over so that Emma can hit the giant with the opium powder. He passes out and Hook points out that they make quite a team.

On the ground, Aurora sleeps and has a nightmare. Mary Margaret wakes her up and encourages her to tell her about it. She explains that in her nightmare she was in a blood-red room with no windows or doors and the curtains were on fire. Aurora saw a man in the shadows looking at her but didn't know who it was. Mary Margaret assures her that the nightmares will fade and invites Aurora to sit with her.

Hook and Emma enter the treasure chamber and he dallies briefly to check out the treasures. Emma reminds him that they have no idea how long the powder lasts and they continue on.

The Past

Emma goes to the train station and uses Neal's key to open the locker. She takes the pack containing the watches and walks out past the guards.

The Enchanted Forest

Hook and Emma start looking for the compass and notice the skeleton of Jack the Giant Killer. As Hook backs up, Emma stops him, pointing out that there's a trip wire. Hook assures her that she can grab him anytime but Emma insists on sticking to business. They step over the trip wire and continue on.

The Past

Emma meets Neal outside and he checks the watches. He assures them that there is easily $20,000 worth of watches and gives her one while he goes to the fence to sell the rest. They agree to meet later at a pre-selected rendezvous spot. However, as Neal walks down the street, a man follows him. Neal tries to run but the man catches him. The captor says that if Neal wants to protect Emma, he should come with him and introduces himself as August Booth. August says that he's Emma's guardian angel and has been looking for her for the last two years. Now Emma is robbing convenience stores and August says that Neal has done a lousy job of protecting her. Neal asks where August has been and he admits that he gave in to temptation. He realizes that Neal loves Emma and says that he has to leave her because Emma has a destiny. If she continues with Neal than she will never find her destiny. Neal seems to accept what August is saying, and August asks if he believes in magic. He goes to his motorcycle and opens his case, saying that Neal will believe him when he sees what is inside. Neal looks and then agrees to listen. August explains that Emma is the key to breaking a curse and Neal got caught in the middle. He asks if Neal will do the right thing once he tells him the story, and Neal says that he's ready.

Emma waits for Neal but he doesn't show up. She tries to call him but the phone is out of service. A cop arrives and tells Emma that Neal called in a tip for them to look at the surveillance footage at the train station. He tells Emma to hand over the watch and when she does, he handcuffs her. When the cop asks where the rest of the watches are, Emma says that they're gone and they're not coming back.

The Enchanted Forest

Emma and Hook continue searching and Hook suggests that she trust him. The giant wakes up and charges in before they can hide. The massive footsteps bring down rocks falls from the ceiling, cutting off Hook from Emma. The Giant reaches down to grab her...

Vancouver, Two Months Later

Neal meets August and says that he wants to talk about Emma. He wants to know that she's okay so that he can move on. August says that Emma got 11 months and Neal insists that it should have been him. However, August says that Emma will get out and have a good life, doing what she's supposed to be. Neal makes August promise that he'll be there for her. Before he goes, Neal gives August the money from the fenced watches, the compass keychain, and the Volkswagen now that he got a valid VIN for it. As he leaves, Neal makes August promise that once the curse is over, he'll let him know. As he goes, Neal says that he'll send him a postcard.

The Enchanted Forest

Emma begs with the Giant to release him, saying she has a family. The Giant says that humans killed his family and squeezes her, and Emma bites his hand. He drops her and she runs to grab Jack's sword. As the Giant approaches, Emma cuts another tripwire, dropping the cage on him. He refuses to give her the compass, saying that she'll kill him anyway, and the Giant says that it was the humans that killed his kind to take the beans. Emma threatens him until he gives her the compass, insisting that he's not the bad guy. She realizes that he's telling the truth and admits that he might not be the bad guy. When Emma asks if there are any other giants, the Giant says that he's alone. He has a single bean around his neck but explains that it's useless and that he wears it to remind him that humans are killer. Emma says that she's wrong and walks away, and the Giant frees himself. He considers her for a minute and then removes a block revealing a passage out. when she wonders why, the Giant says that she did him a favor and he's letting her go. Emma starts to go and then says that the Giant owes her two favors.

The Giant lets Emma recover Hook and she shows him the compass. However, she manacles him to the wall and says that she can't take him with her. Hook asks why she's doing it when she knows that he's telling the truth, but Emma says that she can't take the chance. He reminds her that the Giant will eat him, but Emma says that the Giant won't kill him and that she just needs a head start. She walks away as Hook calls after her.

On the ground, Mulan realizes that ten hours have passed and prepares to cut down the beanstalk. Mary Margaret and Aurora try to stop her but Mulan says that Emma made her promise. She swings once and then Mary Margaret tackles her. As they fight, Emma climbs down and shows them the compass. She says that they have ten hours until Hook follows them. Mary Margaret tells Emma that they are going back together no matter what and they hug.

Phoenix, AZ – 11 years ago

Emma is in jail and the guard, Loretta, brings in an envelope that was mailed from Pucket, Thailand. The only thing inside are car keys. As Loretta leaves, she notices the positive pregnancy test and congratulates Emma.


Henry wakes up from a nightmare and David runs to him. He lights a candle to keep the nightmares away, just like he did for Snow White, and has Henry describe the nightmare. His nightmare is the same one that Aurora had, and could see her. David assures him that it was just a bad dream.