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Child of the Moon - Recap

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In the mines, the dwarves finish their work shift and they want to head off to happy hour at Granny's. However, Leroy insists that he's going to stay and find the fairy dust necessary to bring Mary Margaret and Emma back. As he digs at the wall, Leroy falls through into a chamber beyond. David, Henry, and the Mother Superior get word and arrive, and discover that the dwarves have found the diamonds that can be ground into fairy dust. The Mother Superior tells David to keep what's left of Jefferson's hat safe so that they can use the dust to reactivate it the next day.

As the dwarves and David celebrate at Granny's, Billy comes in and tells Ruby that he was Gus the Mouse, who lived in Cinderella's pantry. He asks her out on a date so they can get to learn about each other in their real identity. Ruby says that she can't and Belle comes over and intervenes, saying that they're having a girl's night. Billy accepts with good grace and leaves, and Ruby tells Belle that things are complicated as she looks at the clock.

David sees Henry drinking coffee and the boy admits that he's trying to stay up because of his nightmares. Despite that, David assures him that everything will be right because he's in the next room. As Henry goes to get some hot cocoa, DA Spencer comes over and reminds David that he may have won in the other word but now they will go at it again. He reminds David of his true origins as a shepherd and promises to make sure that the townspeople will see David as he really is. David dares him to try, saying that the people have seen him beat Spencer before and will again.

In the back, Granny is making a cage from the freezer and David finds her working as Ruby looks on. Ruby explains that it's the first full moon since the curse broke. She admits that it's been 20 years since she has had to control the curse, and she doesn't have the cloak that let her control her transformation. David assures her that he trusts her not to hurt anyone but Ruby refuses to take the chance

Once Upon a Time

Snow and Red run through the woods to escape the queen. The black knights close in and the two women fend them off as best they can. As they run, Snow sees a wanted poster for her and pulls it down. The women finally hide and Red realizes that her hood is torn. She warns that it's a full moon and tells Snow to get away while she finds a place to hide. Snow reluctantly agrees and tells Red to meet her at the stream in the morning. Red wonders why Snow is being so kind to her knowing what she is, and Snow says that she knows it's not really what Red is. As Red runs off, a man, Quinn, watches from the shadows.


The next morning, Granny goes back to the diner and discovers that Ruby has broken out of the cage and there are claw marks everywhere.

Henry is having his nightmare of being trapped in the red room with the flames, and sees the mystery woman across the floor. Regina wakes Henry up and she tells her son that David received an emergency call and asked her to look after Henry. They realize that Henry's hand is burned.

Granny leads David into the woods and they find Ruby unconscious on the ground. They explain that the freezer was torn apart and Ruby says that she doesn't remember what happened. She worries that she did something awful but David tells her not to assume the worst. He gets a call and then tells Ruby that he got a call about someone double-parked by the cannery.

Once Upon a Time

Red wakes up in the morning and assumes that the robe worked. She goes down to the stream and Quinn grabs her robe and runs off. Red chases after him and he threatens to burn it with a torch. She begs him to drop it and Quinn asks if it protects her from something. He says that he knows that she's a wolf, a child of the moon. Red tackles him and he tosses her down, and she realizes that he's also a wolf. She admits that her parents died and never told her what she was, and Granny kept the truth from her. Quinn figures that she's still blacking out and has been hurting people, and says that he knows what it's like because he's been there. He assures Red that there's a way to control it and invites her to follow him.

Quinn leads Red to a hidden door in the forest leading into an underground sanctuary. He explains that it used to be the grand hall of a castle until it sunk underground, and now he and his people use it. The others there are like him and Quinn leads her to Anita. Anita steps out, her eyes glowing, and thanks Quinn for finally finding Red. The woman recognizes Red and says that she's Red's mother.


David, Ruby, and Granny stop at the cannery and discover that the vehicle reported is Billy's tow truck. They find him dead, torn and half, and Ruby screams as she believes that she was the one who killed him.

Regina calls Gold in to ask him about Henry's dream, and the pawnbroker says that the dream is a side effect. As he removes some magical components from his case, Gold explains that when one enters a sleeping curse, their soul travels between the realms of life and death. Even after the curse is broken, sometimes the cursed one's soul wanders between worlds. Gold gives Henry an amulet that will give him control of the journey, stopping the fear and letting him come and go as he wishes. Regina asks Gold what he wants but he tells her that his services in this case is free.

David doesn't believe that Ruby killed Billy as the townspeople gather. He refuses to let her take the blame, saying that knows who she really is. Ruby warns that she will turn again and demands that he lock her up at jail.

Once Upon a Time

Anita tells Red that Granny stole her away from her and has been lying ever since. Granny didn't want Red to find out the truth that the wolf is nothing to be ashamed of. Anita tells her daughter that they are not monsters unless they accept that, and that many of them have spent their lives suppressing the wolf instead of controlling it. She tells Red that she has to control the wolf by accepting it as a part of her and offers to teach her how. Anita tells Red to get rid of the cloak and the girl hesitates for a moment before removing it and hugging her mother.


David locks Ruby up and chains the doors shut. He promises to find out who killed Billy, but Spencer comes in and says that they have the killer. David tells him to get out but Spencer warns him that he's protecting his friend at the cost of everyone else. He tells David to hand Ruby over for justice or he'll tell the townspeople what David is doing. David refuses, telling Spencer to go through him if he wants Ruby, and Spencer says that he's looking forward to it.

Once Upon a Time

Anita describes how the wolves transform and travel through the woods as a pack. She tells Red that if she gives in to the wolf then she will remember what happens and have control.

The next morning, Ruby wakes up and says that she remembers everything that happened. She realizes that she doesn't have to be afraid anymore.


Spencer tells the townspeople that they know where the killer is and asks why she's still alive. He accuses David of harboring the killer and promises to protect them. They break into the jail only to discover that David and Ruby are gone.

Belle offers to help Ruby and they chain her in the library. David figures that they need to find Billy's real killer and leaves with Granny, asking Belle to call him if the mob finds them.

Once Upon a Time

The pack sleeps and Quinn wakes up when he hears someone comes in. As they prepare to attack, Snow comes downstairs and Quinn grabs her. Red insists that Snow is a friend, explaining that she accepted her knowing what she is. Anita tells Quinn to let Snow go and Snow explains that she thought that the Queen's men had killed her. Quinn explains that they're Red's pack and Red assures Snow that she has nothing to fear. Snow explains that she followed the wolf prints there and suggests that they talk privately. Red hesitates and Snow realizes that her friend is staying. She says that she's found a home where she doesn't have to be ashamed, and explains that Granny lied about how her parents were dead. Snow says that she understands and would do anything to be with her mother again. She assures Red that she'll be fine and hugs her.

The Queen's men barges in and shoot Quinn. The pack attacks them while Red goes to Quinn only to watch him die.


As sunset approaches, Ruby tells Belle to leave. Belle refuses to abandon her friend but Ruby says that she's killed before and has again, and the people should be afraid of her. However, Belle insists that there's good in Ruby and tells her that she should see what the rest of them see. Ruby admits that she may be right but then chains Belle and says that she has to pay for everything that she's done. She goes out to confront the mob, saying that she deserves what they do to her.

Granny follows the blood odor from Billy's coat and tracks the scent to the trunk of a car. David opens it and they find Ruby's hood and a hatchet inside. They realize that someone forced Ruby to transform into a wolf so they could pin the murder on her. David breaks into the car and confirms that it belongs to DA Spencer. They realize that Spencer is creating a reason to wrestle power away from David, and hear howling in the distance.

Once Upon a Time

Anita says a few words over Quinn's body and then blames Snow for bringing the Queen's men there. Snow insists that she didn't intend anything and Ruby defends her friend, but Anita tells her packmates to tie Snow up and feed on her as revenge for the one they lost. When Red objects, Anita tells her that she's already made her decision and orders her to kill Snow. When Red refuses, Anita says that she'll do it, warning that's what it means to be a wolf. She transforms and advances on Snow, and Red transforms and attacks her. Anita falls on a rod by the fire, impaling herself. Snow throws the hood onto Red and she transforms back. As she dies, Anita tells Ruby that she chose Snow, but Red insist that she chose herself and that she's not a killer.


The mob gathers outside the library and hears Ruby howling nearby. They follow the sound to where Ruby in her wolf form is hiding in the alleyway. As Spencer prepares to shoot her, Granny shoots the gun out of his hand. David arrives and tells the mob what Spencer did. He insists that Ruby won't hurt anyone and goes to her with the robe. David explains what happened and tells her not to let Spencer trick her into thinking she's a monster. The wolf growls at him but David approaches, saying he knows she can control the wolf. The wolf approaches David, growling, and then sits calmly down. David puts the robe on and she transforms back, thanking David for saving her. He says that she saved herself and he just reminded her of what she already knew.

Spencer knocks Granny down and runs off. David and Ruby drive after him. Ruby easily tracks him down and find him burning something in the woods. He tells David that he will never see his wife and daughter again and throws Jefferson's hat into the fire. David knocks him down and prepares to shoot him, but Spencer just chuckles and says that David should have killed him when he had the chance. After a moment, David turns away, crying, and looks at the fire.

Once Upon a Time

Red buries her mother and says goodbye. Snow hugs her and apologizes, saying she knows what it's like to lose her family. Red assures her that she protected her family and explains that Snow was the only person who ever thought it was okay for her to be a wolf and a human. Snow says that's what her friend is and they leave.


David and Ruby watch over a sleeping Henry and David wonders how he can break the news to Henry that his mother and grandmother are gone. Ruby assures him that he'll find another way because she knows that David will never give up until he does. She promises that he won't do it alone and asks David to call Granny and have her unchain Belle. Meanwhile, she has a few hours of wolfstime left and is going to run free.

The Enchanted Forest

Emma finds Mary Margaret sitting in the woods, thinking. They go back to the campfire past Aurora, who is sleeping and dreaming of the red room and the fire. She sees Henry, wearing the necklace, and he tells her not to be scared as the fires die down. Aurora wakes up and tells Mary Margaret and Emma that there was a little boy in his nightmare and he said his name was Henry.