Into the Deep - Recap

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The Enchanted Forest

Hook climbs down the beanstalk and finds Cora waiting for him. She demands the compass and he admits that he doesn't have it. Cora points out that he stole her protective spell and considers it a betrayal, but Hook insists that he's going to keep his arrangement and that they will return to Storybrooke together. She doesn't believe it and asks who bested him, and Hook admits that it was Emma. When Cora reminds him that he'll have to face the consequences of his decision, Hook dares her to try. Instead, she says that she's going to leave him in the Enchanted Forest, his vengeance unquenched, and teleports away.

Cora goes to her chamber of hearts and removes one in particular. She blows on it as the other hearts in the chamber start beating and glowing. She then goes outside and calls upon the hearts' owners--the dead survivors—to rise from their graves.

Emma shows Aurora a photo of Henry and the princess confirms that it's the boy she saw in her dream. Mary Margaret admits that she saw the same room because she was also a victim of the sleeping curse, and insists that she didn't say anything to protect Henry. All Aurora remembers is that Henry said his name, and Mary Margaret tells Emma that now they have a way back. She explains that they can stop Cora and that although she doesn't know how, she believes that Gold will know a way. Aurora realizes that they plan to talk to Henry through her and hesitates, but Emma tells her that she's going to sleep.

Once Aurora is asleep, she finds herself in the burning room again. Henry sees her and Aurora tells him that Emma and Mary Margaret are alive and need to come back.


Henry wakes up and tells David and Regina that they need Gold to help them defeat the one person who can stop them: Cora.

Gold takes Belle to the diner for hamburgers. Granny complains to Gold as she serves him and he admits that he has a complicated relationship with most of the townspeople. Regina comes in to talk to Gold and Granny considers closing the diner, but Regina says that they'll be civil. Gold reminds Belle that Regina imprisoned her and says that he has nothing to say to the ex-mayor, but Regina says that Cora is on their way. He insists that he can handle Cora, pointing out that he won in the end, but Regina reminds him that this time he has someone that he cares about: a weakness. Gold takes an interest and asks where Cora is.

The Enchanted Forest

The four women set up a camp and wait so that Aurora can meet Henry in two hours. As they set up, Mulan notices that Aurora's arm is burned. She tells the princess that she shouldn't return to the netherworld if it will harm her, and reminds Aurora that she promised Phillip to protect her. Aurora says that now that she's awake, it's her turn to help someone and vows to go back in and find Henry.


Regina goes to the apartment and gives Henry his blanket from home. Gold assures Henry that he's more powerful than Cora, while Henry tells David that he wants to be a hero and insists that he can do it. David reluctantly tells Gold to get on with it, and the pawnbroker tells Henry to relax and go to sleep. He tells the boy a bedtime story about how Mary Margaret and Charming used the ink harvested from a rare species of squid to imprison him. Gold then says that he has a private supply in his jail cell and tells Henry that is where they can find it.

The Enchanted Forest

As Aurora dozes off, Mary Margaret assures Emma that she'll see Henry again. They hear something moving in the woods and Mulan draws her sword. Meanwhile, Aurora finds Henry in the netherworld and he tries to tell her to go to Rumplestiltskin's jail cell. She can't hear him over the roar of the flames and something bellows her name before sucking her up...

Mulan wakes Aurora up and tells her that the time for dreaming is over. The zombies attack and Mulan, Mary Margaret, and Emma fight back against them as best they can. One of them grabs the compass and Mary Margaret brings it down with an arrow. As Mary Margaret and Emma fight, they realize that Mulan has left with Aurora and run after them.

More of the zombies attack Mulan and Aurora and by the time Mulan fights hers off, Aurora is gone. She finds Mary Margaret and Emma and explains that they took Aurora.


Henry wakes up and tells the others that something happened and Aurora was sucked out of the netherworld. They realize that his arm is burned.

The Enchanted Forest

The zombies take Aurora to the survivor village and Cora brings her some food in her cell. Cora admits that she didn't want Aurora, but now she plans to trade her for the compass. Aurora doesn't believe it, saying Mary Margaret and Emma won't sacrifice the compass for a stranger. However, Cora knows they won't let an innocent die. She suggests that even if they take Aurora back, she won't have any life in Storybrooke without a prince. When Aurora says that she would do anything to bring Phillip back, Cora says that a soul consumed by a wraith can be brought back from the netherworld. Aurora kicks her and says that she will never help her, and smashes her aside and then sends a raven out with a message.

The raven flies to Mary Margaret and lands on her shoulder. She is able to understand its message that they have until sunset to bring her the compass. Mulan demands the compass so that she can trade it and fulfill her vow to Phillip. As they struggle for the compass, Mary Margaret asks for a few hours to defeat Cora. When Mulan points out that they have no way to contact Gold, Mary Margaret says that she was also the victim of a sleeping curse and that she needs to go into a sleep where her natural resistance won't protect her. She tells Mulan to make more of the sleeping powder and the warrior says that she can but they will need to travel to get the ingredients.


Gold heals Henry's arm with his magic and explains that the deeper one goes into the netherworld, the greater the risk. He figures that someone woke Aurora before she was ready to return, injuring Henry. Gold says that they need to send Henry back. David objects but Gold warns him that if Cora comes to Storybrooke then that they will be in greater danger. Regina doesn't see the point because Aurora won't be there, but David realizes that Mary Margaret will find a way there. He plans to be there for her and tells Gold to put her under a sleeping curse so he can go there. Gold warns that it's dangerous but David says that once she kisses him, he'll wake up.

The Enchanted Forest

Hook wakes Aurora up and frees her. She wonders if it's a trap but Hook says that he plans to deny Cora her wishes because she double-crossed him. As Aurora goes, Hook asks her to give Emma the message that the deal still stands. If she brings him back to Storybrooke, he'll help her find the ashes from the wardrobe so they can go back.

Mulan approaches the Realm of the Dead where the last poppies have taken seed. As they travel, Emma asks Mary Margaret why she looks nervous and asks what the netherworld is like. Mary Margaret explains that in the netherworld, there is nothing to do but drift in the dark. Emma blames herself for sending Henry there, saying that her mother should have. Mary Margaret says that she could blame herself for telling Cora about Regina's lover then the curse would never have happened, but they have to focus on the future. As they proceed onward, Emma realizes that Regina is the one to blame.


Regina is in her lab working on the potion when Henry comes in. She tells her son that they're almost ready and Henry asks if she's been using magic before creating the potion. Regina assures him that she hasn't except for when she had to destroy the reanimated Daniel. She assures him that she's been trying and Henry admits that at least now she's been using magic to help magic. Regina promises that she won't use magic at all and then completes the potion. Henry wonders if David will be okay and Regina claims that David won't die in his sleep. When Henry says that it should be him, Regina says that neither she nor David will let Henry endanger himself. The boy worries that David won't wake up, but Regina says that the one thing she knows is that Snow and David will always find each other.

The Enchanted Forest

Mulan finds the poppy and begins crushing the seeds.


Gold explains that originally the sleeping curse had to be given through blood. He hands a needle to Regina and she inserts it into the potion. As David prepares to prick himself with it, Henry wishes him luck and David says that everything will work because he has faith in Mary Margaret. His grandson gives him Gold's amulet to keep him safe and David promises to guard it with his life.

The Enchanted Forest

Mulan tells Mary Margaret that the potion will last an hour, and Emma asks her mother to say hello to Henry.


Gold tells David that since he's being put under for the first time, he won't appear in the flaming room. He wishes him good luck and David pricks his finger on the needle... and collapses.

The Netherworld

David finds himself in a maze of mirrors and begins looking for a way to Mary Margaret. Meanwhile, in the flaming room, Mary Margaret calls to Henry but receives no answer.

David notices that the amulet is glowing and follows the light. It heats up, forcing him to drop it. The floor cracks beneath it and David breaks through to find himself in the burning room. Mary Margaret sees him and they try to approach each other. The flames separate them and David explains that he wouldn't let Henry endanger himself. He tells Mary Margaret that they have to stun Cora with the ink from Rumplestiltskin's jail cell. As they talk, Mary Margaret realizes that he subjected himself to the sleeping curse and David says that it was worth it. He tells her to break the curse with true love's kiss and leaps through the flames to her... but they discover that they can't touch in the netherworld. Mary Margaret starts to wake up and David tells her to come back and wake him, reminding her that they are fated to always find each other. He tells her to have faith in them as she disappears.

In the real world, Henry worries that it's taking too long. Regina tries to reassure him without much success.

The Enchanted Forest

Mary Margaret wakes up and tries to find more sleeping powder. She explains that she saw David in the netherworld and Emma says that she's sure that they'll find a way back. When Mary Margaret wonders how she knows, Emma says that she has faith. Mary Margaret explains about the ink and they prepare to go get it... and realize that Mulan has fled with the compass.

Mulan runs through the forest to the survivor settlement.

Cora enters Aurora's cell and realizes that she has escaped. Hook steps out of the shadows and Cora realizes that he betrayed her. She pins him against the wall with magic and removes his hook, but the pirate says that she should thank him. He nods to his satchel and tells her to open it and discover the surprise. When Cora opens it, she realizes that it's the one thing she needs.

Mary Margaret catches up to Mulan and fires a warning shot into a nearby tree. Mulan attacks them but Mary Margaret tackles her and holds an arrowhead to her throat. She explains that they know how to stop Cora, but Mulan tells her to use the arrow because she won't give the compass back. Before Mary Margaret can decide, Aurora arrives and tells Mary Margaret to let her friend go. They release the warrior and Aurora explains that Hook let her go because he wanted to earn Emma's trust so that they could work together.

In the dungeon, Cora controls Aurora's words through the princess' heart. The sorceress is impressed that Hook was able to take a heart and she agrees to take him with her to Storybrooke.

Once Emma confirms that they know where to find the ink, Aurora tells them to lead the way.