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Queen of Hearts - Recap

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Once Upon a Time

A robed man brings food for the prisoner. When two guards confront him, Hook attacks and defeats them. He then goes in and finds Belle in the cell. She assumes that the queen sent Hook to kill her, but Hook says that he's a friend and there to rescue her. Hook explains that her father is under attack by Rumplestiltskin and must be stopped. Belle insists that Rumplestiltskin is not a monster but Hook says that there are rumors of a magic weapon that can kill the Dark One. When she says she isn't interested in killing Rumplestiltskin, Hook knocks her out and dismisses her as useless.

As Hook prepares to kill Belle, Regina magically pulls his hook to her and says that Belle is useful as a pawn. She knows who Hook is and his desire to kill Rumplestiltskin, and is impressed that Hook fought his way past her defenses. Regina offers Hook a drink in her quarters and explains that she plans to enact a curse that will take everyone to a far-off land without magic. Once Rumplestiltskin is there without his magic, Hook can easily kill him. Regina wants Hook to make sure that one person doesn't follow her to the new land: her mother.


Regina watches over the sleeping David at Gold's shop, and then tells the pawnbroker that there's no change. She tells Gold that only true love's kiss won't wake him up, and he points out that Snow has no chance of returning with Emma unless they defeat Cora with the squid ink. Gold suggests that they take precautions in case Cora is the one who come through the portal. If they can find where the portal is, they can destroy it as someone comes through. Regina worries that they could kill Emma and Snow, but Gold points out that either way they win and that Henry couldn't blame Regina if she "accidentally" killed his mother and grandmother. Regina balks, saying she's trying to be a better mother, but Gold reminds her that if Cora comes through then Henry and everyone else will be in danger.

The Enchanted Forest

Emma and the others make their way to the castle and Rumplestiltskin's cell. Mary Margaret tells Emma that Rumplestiltskin prophesied that she would be the savior in that very cell. Aurora searches the cell and finds a scroll covered with one word: Emma.


Henry sits at his grandfather's bed and reads the story about true love's kiss awakening Snow. Regina comes in and tells her son that she and Gold are going to make sure everything is in place for Emma and Snow's return. Henry is surprised and Regina and claims that she's going to do everything in her power to make sure that they come home. Smiling, Henry admits that Regina really has changed.

Regina and Gold come to the mines and he congratulates her on coming to her senses. They go to the diamond bed and Gold takes out the wand of a dead fairy and uses it to extract all of the magic.

Once Upon a Time

Regina enchants Hook's hook and tells him that it will let him magically take Cora's heart. She warns him that it will only allow him to rip out one heart. Hook wonders what Cora has done to warrant such brutality but Regina says that it's her business and no one else's. She then informs Hook that he'll be accompanied by one of the dead guards, Claude. Hook will go to the land where Regina banished Cora and that he will have to take two people so that two people can come back. She tells Hook that he'll be going to Wonderland and that Cora will find him when he arrives. Regina activates the hat and it opens, creating a portal.

In Wonderland, Hook is soon brought to the Queen of Hearts and the Knave orders him to kneel. He then speaks for the Queen, asking why he is there. When Hook says that he is there for Cora, the Queen removes her mask, revealing that she's Cora. She dismisses her retinue and asks how he came there. Once she gets close enough, Hook uses the hook but Cora simply smiles and says she doesn't keep her heart where others are. She grabs his heart within his chest and demands to know who sent her and Hook identifies Regina. Cora is shocked that her daughter wants her dead, and tells Hook to explain everything.

The Enchanted Forest

The women search the cell and Mulan finds an empty jar. Upset, Aurora throws the jar at the gate winch, bringing it down. Cora and Hook arrive and Cora magically takes the compass from Emma. She then thanks Aurora, explaining that she controlled her because of her heart. Hook explains that he was the one who took it, and Cora crushes it momentarily, causing Aurora to waver in pain. As Cora and Hook leave, Emma begs Hook not to do it and that her son is dependent upon her. He points out that she abandoned him and says that he wouldn't have done what she did. Hook shows her the Giant's bean, now stripped of its magic, and says that it's like Emma: useless. At that, he turns and leaves with Cora.


Leroy summons Ruby to the mines when he discovers that all of the diamonds are gone. Ruby goes to the shop with the dwarves and tells Henry that Regina and Gold have stolen the diamonds. He realizes that Regina lied to him and says that they need to find and stop them.

The Enchanted Forest

Emma tries to break through the bars but Snow warns that they're powerful enough to contain Rumpelstiltskin. Aurora blames herself but Emma says that it's fault because as the Savior she isn't doing much saving. Snow assures her that good always defeats evil, but Emma says that the only thing she's done is break the curse, and that was Rumplestiltskin's doing.

Cora takes Hook to Lake Nostros, pointing out that its waters have the power to restore what was lost. She figures that they can use it to restore the magic to the wardrobe ashes long enough to use its powers. The lake bed is destroyed but Cora restores it with a gesture.

Once Upon a Time

Hook tells Cora everything he knows and begs her to kill him. Cora says that Regina should have killed her herself and squeezes Hook's heart... and then releases him. He asks why she's sparing him and Cora says that she needs him to act of his own volition because Regina would know otherwise. When Hook wonders why he should help her, Cora says that she's the only one who can give him what he wants. She explains that the curse will strip everyone of their memories, and she can make it so that Hook will remember. When Hook asks what she wants him to do, Cora tells him to get her close to Regina so that she can rip her daughter's heart out.

Later, Hook shows Regina Cora's corpse in the mausoleum. Regina dismisses him and then tells Cora that without her, she wouldn't have become the person she is now. She admits that she had to do it after she killed Daniel, and reminds Cora that she said that "Love is weakness." Regina tells Cora that she is her weakness because she loves her, and she couldn't risk taking her to the new land with her. To succeed, Regina eliminated her weakness. She places a rose on Cora's chest and says goodbye, and then turns and walks out. Once she leaves, Cora awakens and Hook comes in and asks why she didn't kill Regina. Cora says that there's been a change in plans and they have to protect themselves.

The curse sweeps across the land and Cora and Hook stand together. Cora casts a spell to cover a small area against the curse. Hook suggests that Cora might have reconciled with Regina, but Cora says that her daughter doesn't need her. She knows about the savior and informs Hook that in 28 years the curse will be broken. They will be frozen until then, unaware of the passage of time, and their lives will resume when the quest is broken. Regina will lose everything and need her mother... and that's when they'll go to the new land. Hook will get his revenge and Cora will pick up the pieces for Regina.


Gold takes Regina to the wishing well and explains that Cora will come through there. They look into the waters and Regina suggests that Emma and Snow might come through instead, but Gold doesn't believe it.

The Enchanted Forest

Mary Margaret realizes that the scroll with Emma's name on it will open the door. She remembers seeing Cora's book of spells and explains that the spells were in it. She blows on the page and the ink comes loose. They realize that Rumplestiltskin wrote her name in the squid ink, and the ink dissolves the bars. As they leave, Aurora insists that they tie her up because they can't trust her. Mulan vows to get Aurora's heart back and ties her up before going with Emma and Mary Margaret.

Once the lake has reformed, Cora gives the ashes to Hook and he sprinkles them into the water. The portal begins to open.


Gold says that it's time and uses the fairy wand to summon a storm. He directs the energy into the well and assures Regina that no one can survive coming through.

The Enchanted Forest

Cora tells Hook to hold onto the compass, warning that if they lose the grip then they could end up anywhere. Mary Margaret arrives and shoots the compass out of their hands, and tells Emma to get the compass. Emma fights Hook and Cora tries to cast her spells against Mulan, who deflects her spells. When Mulan gets close enough to slash at Cora, Cora teleports away but Mulan hits the bag containing Aurora's heart. It falls into the portal... and Hook catches it and tosses it to Mulan.

Mulan gives her sword to Mary Margaret and goes back to take the heart to Aurora. Meanwhile, Emma attacks Hook again and he deflects her attacks. Cora teleports back and whistles to Mary Margaret as she looks for the compass.

Hook pins Emma to the ground and prepares to kill her, admitting she left him no choice. Emma realizes that she's fallen on the compass, says that she's winning, and punches him in the face.


Henry and Ruby arrive and she realizes that Regina isn't helping Snow and Mary Margaret. When Ruby realizes what they're doing, Gold knocks her out with a spell while Henry insists that Mary Margaret and Emma will come through because good always defeats evil. Regina insists that Cora will destroy everything that she loves, including Henry, and she can't let that happen.

The Enchanted Forest

Emma and Mary Margaret try to get to the portal but Cora knocks them aside. Mary Margaret asks why she wants to go to Storybrooke and Cora says that her daughter needs her. She prepares to pull out Mary Margaret's heart... and Emma leaps in the way. Smiling, Cora says that love is weakness and tries to pull her heart out, only to discover that it's trapped. Emma says that love is strength and repels her back with a glance. Mary Margaret says that they will discuss what happened when they get home. The two women take the compass and leap into the portal.


Regina holds Henry back as he tries to run to the portal. He insists that Emma and Mary Margaret will come through and tells Regina that she has to be better by having faith in him. Regina looks at her son for a moment and then goes to the wishing well and absorbs the energies. After a moment she collapses, coughing, but Henry realizes that it was too late. However, first Emma and then Mary Margaret climb out of the well. Henry runs to his mother and the family embraces, while Gold walks away. Henry says that Regina saved them both and Emma thanks her. Ruby wakes up and takes Mary Margaret to David, while Emma tells Regina that Cora is a piece of work. Regina welcomes Emma back, apparently with all sincerity.

Mary Margaret goes to the pawnshop with the others and kisses David. Her love breaks the curse and he awakens. David assures her that he knew that she would succeed and they embrace.

As Gold puts away the wand, Emma comes out and says that they need to talk. She says that she understands why he wanted to keep Cora from reaching Storybrooke, and figures that the entire thing was rigged. Emma tells him about the scroll and wonders why he didn't escape, but Gold says that he could have gotten out at any time. He was exactly where he wanted to be. When Emma says that he created her as the savior, Gold tells her that he merely took advantage of her power as the product of true love, but everything she's done is her own doing. Emma realizes that he doesn't know and explains that Cora was blasted back by something inside of her. Gold smiles and says that it was magic and he had nothing to do with it.

The Enchanted Forest

Mulan returns to Aurora and places the princess' heart into her chest. Aurora thanks her friend and tells Mulan what Cora said about restoring a wraith's victim to his body. They leave to make the attempt.

As Hook recovers, Cora admits that she failed. He shows her the bean and points out that the lake waters have regenerative properties... and it's time to do some gardening.


Henry tells Regina that she really has changed and hugs her. Emma goes to her parents and they head out for dinner at Granny's. Henry goes with Emma but tells Regina that he'll see her later. As Regina is left alone, Gold comes out and congratulates her on reuniting mother and son… and points out that they left her behind.

In the harbor outside of Storybrooke, Cora and Hook arrive on Hook's ship.

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