The Outsider - Recap

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Night in Storybrooke, and Gold drives Smee out to the edge of town. He shoves the man to the border, and Smee insists that he doesn't want to lose his memories by crossing over. Gold takes his red stocking hat and asks why it's important to Smee, and he says that his grandmother made it for him when he was a boy. The pawnbroker sprinkles it with fluid from a vial and puts it on Smee, and then shoves him over the border. Smee glows with mystic energy and Gold asks him who he is, and if he knows who Gold is. Hook's former lieutenant remembers and realizes that Gold's experiment is a success. Gold tells him to go and Smee runs back into town.

The town gathers for Archie's funeral and Marco says his goodbyes afterward, glad that Archie is a better place.

At Hook's ship, Hook tells Archie to reveal where Gold's dagger is. The psychiatrist insists that he doesn't know about the dagger and Hook believes him. The pirate explains that the dagger is Gold's weakness and he wants to know what other weaknesses that the pawnbroker has.

Gold summons Belle to the pawnshop and tells her that he's created a potion that will let him cross the town when it's sprinkled on an item dear to the person wearing it. Belle asks him what he plans to enchant and Gold takes out the shawl that belonged to Bae. She asks if she could come with him, but Gold says that he only has enough of the potion for one object. After he locks the shawl back up, Gold explains that finding his son is something he has to do on his own.

Once Upon a Time

Belle is a bar when a man, Alistair, talks talking about forming a hunting party to kill a fearsome beast, the Yaoguai. Dreamy approaches Belle and thanks her for the advice on love that she gave him. When he notices her watching the hunting party, Dreamy suggests that she sign up but Belle figures that she will be safer sticking to her books. She admits that the last time she faced a beast, it didn't go well. Before she can explain, the hunters leave and Dreamy tells Belle to take a chance and go with them. After a moment, Belle thanks Dreamy and goes after the men. As she leaves, Dreamy gives her a small packet of fairy dust and says that it might come in handy. Belle says that she knows what magic does to people, but Dreamy says that it's good magic and tells her to be a hero.


Belle goes to the library and finds Hook inside. She realizes that he's the man who broke into her cell and wants to kill Rumplestiltskin, and he chases after her. She shoves a bookshelf on him and ducks into the elevator leading to the caves below. Once she closes the door, Belle calls Gold but he's unable to make out most of what she's saying.

Once Upon a Time

As the hunters travel by wagon, Belle reads a book and Alistair asks how it will help them. She explains that it will show them how to find the Yaoguai. Once she tells them that the writings show they will find the Yaoguai by the lake, their leader kicks her off the wagon and tosses the book after her. Smiling, she wishes them luck and then treads the section talking about how the Yaoguai makes its lair in mountain caves and sleeps during the day. Belle draws her knife and approaches the entrance, and the Yaoguai roars and runs out. Mulan fires at the creature, driving it off, and then goes to Belle. When Belle thanks her, Mulan points out that Belle ruined her hunt. Belle says that she knows how to find the creature and offers to help Mulan, but the warrior tells her to stay out of her way.


Gold arrives and opens the elevator door, assuring Belle that she has nothing to fear.

At the wake at the apartment, Emma offers Henry some food but he's not hungry. She talks to Mary Margaret, who assures her daughter that she did what she can. Leroy comes over and asks when they go home to the Enchanted Forest. Since Archie is dead, they worry that Storybrooke isn't safe. They also worry if an outsider comes to the town and realizes that they are fairytale creatures. Emma says that they don't need to worry about it, but Leroy points out that they'd like to see the outside world.

Gold takes Belle to the shop to use his protective charms for her, but she's more interested in learning why Hook wants Gold dead. The pawnbroker reluctantly explains that Hook took Milah away without providing details. Belle isn't satisfied and Gold simply says that Milah died and that's all that matters. They go into the pawnshop and discover that Hook tore up the place. Gold realizes that he attacked Belle to lure Gold away.

On a nearby rooftop, Hook watches the pawnshop and Smee comes up with Bae's shawl. The pirate is satisfied that Gold is now trapped in Storybrooke.

Gold tears up the shop in a fury until Belle stops him. He insists that it's his fight but Belle points out that it's her fault because Hook attacked her. Gold points out that there's nothing she can do against a pirate and tells her to go back to the library, and asks her to trust him. He insists that he doesn't want to lose Belle and gives her a gun for protection. As Gold goes, Belle makes him promise that he's only going after Hook to get the shawl back, but Gold leaves without doing so.

Once Upon a Time

The hunters catch up to Belle at the next town, realizing that she tricked them. Mulan arrives and tells them to let Belle go. When they attack her, one of them wounds her in the leg but she defeats them and orders them away. Once they run off, Belle thanks Mulan for her help and the warrior woman admits that when she served in the Emperor's army, there were men who considered women too weak to be soldiers. She tells Belle that they're going together, conceding that Belle knows how to track the beast. Belle assures Mulan that she'd be glad to help.


At the library, Belle is cleaning up the books when she finds a discarded piece of rope with a knot in it. She looks it up and realizes that it's a knot from a sailing ship, and figures that Hook's ship is nearby.

Gold finds Smee leaving town and magically chokes him. He demands the shawl back and Smee says that Hook has it. Realizing that Smee knows nothing, Gold transforms Smee into a rat and sends him scurrying off.

Belle goes to the dock but finds no sign of a pirate ship. She sees gulls lands on an invisible mast and throws out some sand to highlight the ship. She goes up the ladder and finds herself on Hook's ship, visible once she's within the cloak of invisibility. Belle goes below decks to explore the ship and hears Archie calling for help. She grabs a sword and frees him, and tells him to find Gold and bring him back. They hear footsteps overhead and Belle tells Archie to go while he can.

At the apartment, David and Mary Margaret see Henry calling someone. They pick up the line and hear him call Archie's office. David goes over and tells Henry that things will be better, but Henry isn't convinced. Emma brings Pongo in and says that she and Marco discussed it and thought that Henry should have the dog. Once they send Henry out to clean the dog, Emma apologizes for making things cramped and Mary Margaret suggests that possibly her and David should get their own place and make a fresh start of things.

Belle searches the cabin and searches for the shawl. Hook comes in with it and stops Belle before she can grab her gun back. He points it at her and considers pulling the trigger.

Once Upon a Time

Belle leads Mulan to a burning village. Mulan, weakened by her leg wound, admits that she can't kill the Yaoguai and says that Belle will have to take on the creature. Belle doesn't believe she can do it, but Mulan says that once she found something worth fighting for, she never gave up. The warrior gives Belle her sword and tells her not to be afraid.


Belle tells Hook that she's not afraid and she's not leaving without the shawl. Hook suggests that Bae doesn't want to be found and points out that Rumplestiltskin took his hand. When Belle reminds him that he stole Milah, Hook says that Milah came to him and begged him to take her away because Rumplestiltskin was a coward. The pirate admits that he didn't burn the shawl because Milah made it, and realizes that Gold left out the important fact: that Rumplestiltskin killed Milah by ripping out her heart. Belle doesn't believe him but Hook assures her that it's true and that Gold would do anything to hold onto his power. He asks Belle why she would fight for such a man, and Belle insists that Gold's heart is true. She shoves a pole into Hook, knocking him into the hold, grabs the shawl, and runs.

Hook intercepts Belle before she can get off the ship, but Gold arrives and approaches Hook. The pirate calls him a coward and asks what magic he'll hide behind, but Hook clubs him down with his cane. Belle tries to stop him, saying they have the shawl, but Hook figures that Gold will keep attacking him just to prove he's not a coward. Gold tells Belle to turn away and keeps beating Hook.

Once Upon a Time

Belle spots the flaming Yaoguai and calls to it, and then runs into the village. The beast comes after her and she lures it beneath a water tower and then cuts out the supports. The water dowses its flames and Belle cautiously approaches the injured beast. It writes out the words "save me" on the dirt, and Belle realizes that it needs help. She sprinkles it with Dreamy's fairy dust and it transforms in to a man: Phillip. He thanks Belle for breaking the curse and explains that Maleficent cursed him to keep him away from his true love, Aurora. Belle admits that he's not the first beast that she's faced and Phillip asks how he can repay her. After a moment, Belle asks him to help get Mulan to a doctor.


Hook taunts Gold, saying that he has to prove how brave he is. Belle warns Gold that Hook wants to destroy him and Hook invites Gold to rip out his heart like he did with Milah. Gold prepares to kill him, but Belle insists that there's good in Gold and asks him to prove it. After a moment, Gold tells Hook to leave and never return, and then leaves with Belle.

Mary Margaret and David go to the diner and look through house listings. She points out that David isn't happy with any of their choices, and David says that he doesn't want to die in Storybrooke. Mary Margaret reminds him that the Enchanted Forest doesn't exist the way they know it anymore, but David wants to go back and fight to restore it to its former glory. When he says that it's worth it to get back what they want, Mary Margaret wonders if they want the same thing.

Henry is at home making blueprints to redesign the apartment when Emma comes in. He points out that he's putting in an armory to defend against Regina, and Emma assures him that Regina won't hurt him ever again. Pongo barks as there's a knock at the door and they discover that Archie is at the door. He explains what happened and Emma realizes that Regina was innocent. Henry wants to tell her and Emma agrees, but realizes they'll pay a price for accusing her.

That night, Gold and Belle drive to the town border. He thanks Belle for finding the shawl and admits that he would have been lost without her. Gold wonders why she hasn't given up on him given what she knows, and Belle tells him that she learned to never give up on something worth fighting for.

Once Upon a Time

Belle takes Phillip to Mulan and explains about the curse. She tells Mulan that she has another beast to face and goes her own way. As Belle leaves, she vows to return to Rumplestiltskin... and finds Queen Regina waiting for her. The hunters betrayed Belle to Regina, and the queen has her men take Belle away. When Belle insists that she can break Rumplestiltskin's curse, Regina says that there is no chance and rides away. As she goes, Belle vows to keep fighting to save Rumplestiltskin.


Gold sprinkles the shawl with the potion, puts it on, and hesitantly steps across the border. He retains his memories and wishes that Belle could come with him. She says that it isn't necessary and promises to wait for him when he comes back. A shot rings out and Belle falls over the border with a bullet in her back. Hook assures Gold that Belle will live, but she won't remember how Gold is. The pirate invites Hook to do his worse, and Gold prepares a fireball. However, a car drives across the border, rams into Hook, and goes off the road.