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In The Name of the Brother - Recap

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On the road leading out of Storybrooke, an amnesiac Belle wonders who Gold is while Emma, Mary Margaret, and David arrive. Gold heals Emma with his magic, startling her, and she backs away from him in horror. Emma calls in the accident and then checks on Hook, whose ribs are broken. As Hook gloats over robbing Gold of his true love, Gold attacks him until Emma points out that it's making a bad impression on Belle. The fire department arrives and Emma sends the paramedics to check on the passenger who drove into Storybrooke.

At the hospital, Dr. Whale is sitting alone drinking as the call goes out for him over the intercom. As he sits, he remembers...

Another World

The Frankenstein family--Victor, Gerhardt, and their father Alphonse, are celebrating the holiday. As Alphonse admires Gerhardt's army medals, he tells his sons that he has presents. Gerhardt receives a family watch his mother left him, while Victor receives a military commission. Victor insists his work is too important to leave, but Alphonse insists that he join the military as a camp physician. Alphonse refuses to fund Victor's experiments but Victor insists that his experiments will associate the Frankenstein name with life everlasting.


Everyone arrives at the hospital, and Whale comes out and assures Gold that Belle is in good hands.

Another World

Victor goes out into the storm and Gerhardt goes after him and assures him that his father will cool off. He offers him the watch, saying their mother wanted it for him as the eldest, but Victor says that he will find another way. As he walks off, Rumplestiltskin watches from the shadows.


Gold goes to the unconscious Belle's room and kisses her. She wakes up and smiles briefly until she realizes who is there, and then she screams. Gold backs away, apologizing, and leaves the room.

Emma goes to Hook's room and asks where Cora. She points out that his ribs are cracked and pokes them, but Hook wants his hook back and boasts that he was able to hurt this enemy. Emma isn't impressed and points out that Gold has his magic and is free, and she'd pick him over Hook for the chances of surviving.

Mary Margaret and David examine the stranger's phone with Megan and Leroy, and confirm that his name is Greg Mendell. They realize that now anyone can drive in and David worries that they're now open to the outside world. They also worry about what happens if Regina and Cora join forces. Whale comes out and warns them that Greg's chest cavity is filling with blood and he could soon die. He turns to Gold as he comes in and asks him to fix Greg. However, Gold angrily says that he doesn't owe anyone anything and that they owe him. He also points out that Greg saw him casting magic and could easily blow the town's cover. Gold says that he doesn't give a damn and walks off.

Once Gold leaves, Whale tells the others that he can simply let Greg succumb by not treating him, protecting their secret. They finally agree that Whale should save Greg. As the doctor leaves, Mary Margaret points out that Whale has been drinking. Greg's cellphone rings and they realize that he has family and friends that will come looking for him.

Another World

Victor and his assistant Igor are at the guest house packing when Rumplestiltskin teleports in out of thin air. He tells Victor that he's interested in his experiments and explains that while the land he comes from has more powerful magic, it can't resurrect the dead. Rumplestiltskin offers Victor unlimited gold to teach him what he knows and Victor eagerly agrees. Once Rumplestiltskin disappears, Victor tells Igor to bring the equipment back in... and find a body.


Gold goes back to his shop and looks at Belle's chipped teacup. He hears someone at the door and goes to investigate, but finds no one. When he turns back, he discovers that someone has put a case on the counter. Cora steps out of the shadows and says that the case is a peace offering. In return for her help, she wants Gold to help her find her daughter Regina. Gold wonders why he should help and Cora says that she's offering him his son, Bae. Gold opens the case and finds a plain white globe mounted on a stand. He realizes that it's the key to finding Bae and Cora assures him that she wants him to find the one person who might love him. Gold asks if she knows a spell that can be used to restore memories, but Cora says that she only knows what he taught her when she was his student. She asks if Gold will accept her offer and he agrees. Smiling, Cora says that they should seal the deal the same way that they did before and kisses him.

At the hospital, Whale is examining Greg's pocket watch when David comes in. He wonders if Whale is drunk and insists that the doctor save Greg.

Another World

Victor goes to the cemetery to dig up a grave, and Gerhardt comes there to find him. He's shocked at his brother's efforts, but a guard shoots at them. The brothers run to the nearby carriage and drive off, and Victor realizes that the bullet hit Gerhardt after all.


As they wait outside of surgery, someone named "Her" calls Greg again and the group wonders what to do. Emma warns them that someone can trace the cell phone. An orderly comes out and tells them what Whale never came in. They page him and discover that Whale has tossed his coat and pager into a nearby bin. Ruby prepares to follow the scent and David explains to Mary Margaret and Emma that Whale brought Daniel back to life and it didn't go well.

Whale is running through town in a panic.

Another World

Victor takes Gerhardt to his lab and vows to bring him back. Using electricity, he shocks the corpse and then cuts open the chest to discover that the heart is burned. Alphonse comes in, aware that Victor was bringing in a body, and finds his dead son. He blames Victor, who insists that he did it for his father so that he would have two sons. Furious, Alphonse says that now he has no sons and walks off.


Cora breaks into Regina's home and goes through her daughter's belongings. She finds a hand imprint made by Henry and smiles in satisfaction.

Henry goes to the cemetery and the secret chamber in the mausoleum, looking for Regina. She hears him from her hidden chamber and watches Henry, and finally lets him in. They hug and Regina admits that she's glad he's there. Henry tells her that he knew she didn't kill Archie... and then drops her magical disguise, revealing Cora.

Another World

Victor continues to work on Gerhardt's body. Rumplestiltskin arrives and Victor explains that he underestimated how much electricity that the heart could withstand. Rumplestiltskin says that he knows of hearts that can withstand anything and offers to get Victor to a woman that has what he needs. Once Victor puts on a show, he will get the heart he needs.


Cora tells Regina that she came through because she had to see her. She knows why Regina tried to have her killed and says that it's all right because she loves her. Cora admits that she does love her and should never have made her marry the king. Regina realizes that Cora framed her but her mother says that she did it so that Regina would know what the people think of her. Her daughter doesn't believe her and prepares to take Cora to town to reveal her lies. Cora asks if Regina will let them start over if she does and Regina insists that she doesn't see it happening. She wants to prove she's worthy of Henry and asks if Cora will do the same, and Cora promise to do the same.

Ruby finds Whale standing on the edge of the dock looking down into the water. He throws the watch in and then tries to jump in. Ruby catches him just in time.

Another World

After Victor places the new heart in, Gerhardt comes back to life. He then goes to his father, who is eager to see his younger son. Victor brings Gerhardt in and warns Alphonse that it's a slow process, but Gerhardt cowers away from the flames and moans rather than speaks. As he cowers on the floor, Alphonse realizes that his son is now a monster. As he shoves Victor, calling him a fool, Gerhardt throws his father to the floor and beats him repeatedly while Victor calmly looks on. He finally tells Gerhardt to stop and confirms that Alphonse is dead.


Whale admits to Ruby that everyone now associates his name with a monster, and that every time he saves a life, someone dies. Ruby points out that she's a werewolf and ate her boyfriend, and admits that regaining their memories isn't everything it could be. She wants to have a chance to start over again and suggests that Whale do the same and help fix Greg for the sake of his family.

Regina drives Cora into town. Her mother takes out Henry's plaque and points out that as long as Emma and her parents are there, Regina will never have Henry. Cora asks what Regina really wants and her daughter insists that she wants her son back. Regina pulls over as Cora tells her that she wants her daughter back and will do better. She promises that together they can get Henry back and Regina, crying, falls into her mother's arms. When Regina wonders how they can get Henry back, Cora assures her that she has a few thoughts.

Whale and Ruby return to the hospital and he casually says that he will save Greg.

Another World

Victor checks on Gerhardt, who is sitting alone in a cell. He doesn't respond at first but then grabs Victor and starts choking him for a moment. Gerhardt then stutters out his brother's name and stares at his hands in horror before backing away. Victor takes out a gun and puts it to his brother's head, and Gerhardt looks up at him. When Victor hesitates, Gerhardt places the gun back to his head but Victor vows to find a way to save him


Whale comes out and tells the others that he saved Greg. Leroy worries that Storybrooke is now doomed and Whale says that Greg has woken up. Emma insists on talking to Greg alone because it's a normal thing to do.

Gold brings the teacup to Belle and asks her to look at it and focus. He insists that it's her talisman and she dropped it in his castle, but she tells him to go and stop talking about magic. Belle finally throws it against the wall, shattering it, and Gold realizes that he's lost his true love for good.

Emma goes to Greg and introduces herself as the sheriff. He's relieved that he didn't kill someone and Emma has him say what he did and what he saw. Greg is hesitant to say anything and finally admits that he was texting while he was driving. Emma realizes that he didn't see anything and assures Greg that she won't press charges. He asks when he can head home and Emma tells him that he can leave as soon as the doctor clears him. Emma goes and tells the others that Greg didn't see anything.

At the pawnshop, Gold takes out the globe and pricks his finger on it. He then spills his blood on the surface and it spins, forming a map of the world. A single spot glows on it in near Manhattan.

When Emma, Mary Margaret, and David return home, Henry asks what happened. Henry points out that the story of Frankenstein isn't a fairy tale and isn't in his book, and wonders who else might be in the town. Gold barges in and tells Emma that he's cashing in the favor that she owes him. He wants her to leave with him and figures that it's best that he leave before he kills Hook. Before he goes, Gold warns them that if Belle is harmed while he's gone, he'll kill all of them.

Once he's alone, Greg takes out his cell phone and calls his girlfriend. He tells her that she won't believe what he saw.

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