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Once Upon a Time

Rumplestiltskin returns home to Milah, who is weaving. He's happy to tell his wife that he's been drafted into the Ogres War, but Milah warns that the front is rumored to be a brutal place. Rumplestiltskin insists that it's the chance he's been waiting for to prove he isn't a coward like his father. Milah reluctantly tells him to go and be brave, and promises to live the life they always wanted when he returns.


Emma, Henry, and Gold arrive in Manhattan and go to the address that Gold has traced Bae using his magic globe. He admits that he didn't call ahead and they go upstairs.

In Storybrooke, Regina tells Cora that Henry is out of town with Emma and Gold. Cora assures her that Henry will be back but Regina points out that he won't be back with her. Hook comes in and demands to know where Gold has gone, figuring that he can be killed now that he's powerless. Cora points out that they're powerless as well if they leave Storybrooke, even though they will still have their memories because they weren't victims of the curse. Hook points out that he doesn't use magic and vows to go after Gold, but Cora tells him that he's not going anywhere and that now they can look for Rumplestiltskin's dagger.

Emma tries to work out which apartment Bae lives in. One apartment number has no name on it and Emma rings it, claiming she is delivering a package. They get no answer but hear someone leaving down the fire escape. They run out and Gold calls in his favor, telling Emma to get Bae to talk to him because he can't run. Emma chases Bae down the street and finally manages to cut him off and tackle him. She finally gets a good look at the target and realizes that it's her former boyfriend, Neal Cassady.

Neal wonders what Emma is doing there but she demands to know if he's Gold's son. He says that he has no idea who Gold is and Emma explains that Gold is Rumplestiltskin. Neal is furious that she brought Rumplestiltskin there, but Emma demands to know if he knew who Emma really was. He finally says that he'll explain but suggests that they go to a nearby bar and got off the street before Gold gets there and finds him.

As Gold and Henry wait, Henry assures Gold that his mother is good at catching people. Gold thanks Henry for bringing Emma to Storybrooke, pointing out that none of what happened would have happened without her. Henry says that he forgave Emma for giving him up because he knows that she wanted the best for him, and he figures that Bae will do the same. Gold isn't convinced but Henry says that what matters is that he's there for his son now.

At the bar, Neal tells Emma that he wouldn't have gone near her if he'd known who she was. He explains that when he went to sell the watches, August showed him his typewriter, and the words, "I know you're Baelfire" typed on it. Emma is furious that Neal abandoned her on August's say-so, and Neal insists that he was trying to help her by ultimately getting her home. He suggests that it was fate that brought them together and remembers Rumplestiltskin telling him that there are no coincidences. Neal figures that they met for a reason and something good came from it. Emma lies and says that nothing came of the two of them together. When she says that she's over him, Neal points out that she's still wearing the keychain he got her. Emma yanks it off and puts it down on the bar, and says she wore it to remind her never to trust anyone again. She then tells Neal that she's going to keep her deal to take him to his father. Neal tells her to lie and then she won't have to see Neal ever again.

Once Upon a Time

At the army's camp, a sergeant tells Rumplestiltskin to watch a cage containing a prisoner that can turn the war in their favor. Rumpelstiltskin nervously stands watch until he hears a woman call his name. He looks inside and sees a small girl, her eyes cut out, and she asks for water. As she reaches out, Rumplestiltskin sees that she has eyes on the palms of her hands and says that she sees all. The girl knows about his fear of being branded a coward and says that she sees everything, including what has yet to pass.

Rumpelstiltskin refuses to listen until the girl says that it involves Milah. She offers to tell him in return for water and Rumplestiltskin finally gives her something to drink. The girl tells him that she's pregnant with a boy, but Rumpelstiltskin's actions on the battlefield will leave the child fatherless. Rumplestiltskin assumes that he will die and the girl warns that there's nothing he can do to change his destiny. He takes the water away and says that he's done helping her, but she says that he will help her again someday. The girl says that when he sees the army riding cows onto the battlefield, he will know she's telling the truth.


Emma calls Mary Margaret to tell her mother that Gold's son is Henry's father. Mary Margaret insists that Henry has a right to know his father and wonders if Emma wants to protect Henry... or herself.

Gold and Henry wait outside Bae's apartment and Henry wonders why Gold is so nervous. When Henry says that he was happy to meet his parent, Gold says that he's had more experience and knows that it doesn't always work out. Henry notes that his storybook says that Gold can see the future, but Gold says that being able to see the inevitable is complicated and the future is never what one thinks. Emma returns and lies, telling Gold that Bae got away.

Regina goes to the hospital to see Belle and confirms that she doesn't remember anything. When Belle wonders what she wants, Regina magically puts her to sleep and then casts another spell to lift the items from her purse. Among the items is a notepad with a Dewey decimal number on it. Regina goes to the town library with Cora and Hook and explains that Gold would have hidden it with Belle. Cora is impressed with her daughter and then discovers that the book is gone. Cora does find a piece of paper in the spot and Hook confirms that it's a map to the dagger.

Mary Margaret tells David that Bae is Henry's son and they try to work out the family relationships.

Gold manages to yank open the apartment security gate, figuring that Bae will return to his apartment eventually. Emma warns against him but Gold ignores her, figuring the worst that can happen is that he's arrested and Bae has to testify against him so that they're reunited.

Once Upon a Time

On the night before the battle, Rumpelstiltskin sees the maimed and wounded brought back from the battlefield. A soldier points out that they're lucky because only the wounded are sent home. The sergeant comes out and tells them that they've received fresh supplies and they'll ride into battle on cowhide saddles. Rumplestiltskin goes to the cage but discovers that the girl is gone. Realizing that everything she said is true, Rumplestiltskin picks up a hammer and breaks his leg, crippling himself.


Gold enters Neal's apartment, ignoring Emma's objections, and finds a dreamcatcher in the window like the one she used in Storybrooke. Gold realizes that it has some significance to her and demands answers, and Emma sends Henry to the bathroom. Emma insists that she knows nothing but Gold prepares to attack her, warning that no one breaks a deal with him. Neal comes in and tells his father to leave Emma alone.

Once Upon a Time

Rumplestiltskin limps home and finds Milah with their son. She tells her husband that she gave the child the name Baelfire and that he will have to live with the shame of being a coward's son. When Rumplestiltskin wonders what she means, Milah explains that word came from the front that he injured himself to avoid battle. He admits that he crippled himself to change the girl's prophecy and be with his son, but Milah says that he only proved that he's a coward after all, just like his father. Rumplestiltskin insists that his father abandoned him and that he would never do that to his son. Disgusted, Milah tells him that he should have fought and died, gives the baby to Rumplestiltskin, and goes out. Once he's alone with his son, Rumplestiltskin promises that he'll never leave him.


Neal says that he only came back to make sure that Gold didn't harm Emma. He orders his father out and Gold realizes that Neal and Emma know each other. Before they can explain, Henry comes back and Neal realizes that Henry is his son. Emma admits that she lied to Henry about his father dying and the boy climbs out the window and runs away. While she goes after him, Gold asks Neal for a chance to be heard. He says that his deal was for Emma to get Neal to talk to him and Neal only has one choice if he wants Emma to fulfill her deal. Neal reluctantly gives him three minutes.

At the hospital, Greg calls his girlfriend and says that he's going to stay in Storybrooke for a little longer. When she wonders why, Greg sends her video he took of Regina using magic in Belle's room.

Hook determines where Rumpelstiltskin's dagger is hidden and Cora tells him that they'll take it from there. When he insists on going with them, Cora knocks him away with a spell. Regina wonders what her mother has in mind and Cora explains that once they have the dagger, they can control Gold when he returns to Storybrooke. They'll command him to kill Mary Margaret, David, and Emma, and then Regina can have Henry to herself with no blame and their enemies will be dead.

Emma follows Henry to the roof and he wonders why she lied to him. She says that she never thought she'd meet Neal again who broke her heart, and she wanted to forget that part of her life. Henry thought she was different but says that Emma is just like Regina. He then asks to meet his dad.

In the apartment, Gold admits that he's made mistakes and says that he wants to make up for it. He asks Neal to come with him to Storybrooke so he can use magic to turn the back and start over again, taking away the memories Neal has of being abandoned. Neal refuses to lose who he is and doesn't believe that Gold has changed. He points out that his father is still using magic to make up for his mistakes, and explains that he spent years remembering Rumplestiltskin releasing him to the pit as he chose power over his son. Now he's letting Gold go and walks away.

Once Upon a Time

Years later, Rumplestiltskin seeks out the seer in the woods. The seer, now an adult, says that she's been expecting him. Rumplestiltskin tells her what happened to him and complains that it would have been nice to know the details of her prophecy. The seer warns him that he still would have been powerless to escape his fate. He briefly chokes her with a spell and the seer says that she knows that he came to find his son. She concentrates and tells Rumplestiltskin that he will find his son after many years, after someone else casts a curse. The seer hesitates and then says that there are limits to her power, and Rumplestiltskin can only see the future by taking her burden. He takes her hands and the power of prophecy transfers to him.


Emma goes to the apartment and Neal accuses her of not telling him about his son. She admits that she didn't want Henry knowing he existed but Neal warns her that she doesn't get to make that decision anymore. He goes to talk to Henry, who introduces himself and says that it's okay because Neal didn't know he existed.

Inside, Gold paces nervously and watches his son and grandson.

Once Upon a Time

Rumplestiltskin says that he can only see a jumble, and the seer informs him that it will take time to master the visions. He casts her aside, realizing that she wanted to be free, and the dying seer gives him one piece of advice in gratitude. She tells him that Rumplestiltskin will be reunited with his son with the aid of a boy who is more than he appears... and will be Rumplestiltskin's undoing. When the seer dies, Rumpelstiltskin shrugs and says that he'll just have to kill the boy.


Emma walks away as Gold considers what he has to do next.