The Queen is Dead - Recap

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Young Snow goes to see her mother, Queen Eva, as she makes arrangements for a birthday ball for Snow. She shows her mother her new dress and Eva tells her that she has a gift for her, passed down from mother to daughter. In their private chambers, the maid, Johanna, tries on the tiara. Snow and Eva come in and Snow angrily says that the tiara isn't for a servant. Eva tells her daughter that it's enough and insists that everyone in the kingdom deserves love and respect. The queen insists that everyone is the same, even the royals and asks Snow what the ball represents. When Snow says that it is in honor of her, Eva tells her that it's for her to honor her people and show them that she will be a kind and benevolent ruler who always holds goodness in her heart. Snow says that she understands and Eva gives her the tiara.

As they talk, Eva collapses from a sudden wave of weakness. Johanna goes to get the doctor while Eva assures Snow that she's fine.


At the apartment, David makes breakfast but Mary Margaret says that she knows what he's doing. He figures that she thought she would change her mind once the curse was broken, but Mary Margaret says that she didn't. Mary Margaret sees a birthday present that has arrived for her, and David explains that it was left outside the door. When Mary Margaret opens it, she discovers that it holds her tiara. Inside the package is a note from Johanna, and they're both surprised to learn that the woman is in Storybrooke. As Mary Margaret goes to see Johanna, David wishes her a happy birthday and he tells her to go to work. He wishes that the day made her happier but Mary Margaret reminds him that they both know that it can't.

When David arrives at the sheriff's office, Hook knocks him out, takes his keys, and opens the cabinet. Once he has his hook, he leaves.

Mary Margaret finds Johanna working in her yard and they share an embrace. Johanna explains that she found the tiara in Gold's shop and knew how much that Mary Margaret had to have it. Mary Margaret notices the lilies that Johanna is growing and the woman explains that she's keeping the garden in honor of Eva. They both admit that they miss the queen. As they talk, they hear something moving in the nearby woods. Mary Margaret tells Johanna to stay and goes to investigate. She finds Cora and Regina digging in the woods, using the map that Hook marked to find Rumplestiltskin's dagger. Cora wonders if Hook lied to them but figures that she can reconstruct the map eventually and force Rumplestiltskin to kill anyone Regina wants.

When Mary Margaret goes to the sheriff's office, she finds David unconscious. She wakes him up and he explains what happened. Mary Margaret tells him that Regina is working with Cora to find the Dark One's dagger and they realize that she can control him or become the Dark One herself. Mary Margaret has already tried to call Gold and left a message, and she suggests that they undermine Regina's doubt in Cora to slow them both down. All she has to do is get Regina to listen to her.

In Manhattan, Neal takes Henry for pizza. Gold and Emma follow them but Gold figures that Neal and Henry don't want them with them. He figures that Henry will forgive Emma eventually and admits that he has a way to go with Neal. He asks Emma to convince Neal to come back to Storybrooke, pointing out that Henry will run away to be with Neal. Emma figures that Neal will let Henry down eventually, just like he did with her, and Gold figures that she's protecting herself from being hurt. He suggests that she wants a second chance with Emma based on the look on her face. Neal and Henry come over and Neal explains that they're going to the museum, and Henry makes a sarcastic comment about Emma lying.

Mary Margaret calls Regina about Henry and has her meet at the diner. When Regina comes in, Mary Margaret admits that she hasn't talked to Henry but she knows that Regina is with Cora. Mary Margaret warns that a war is coming and offers Regina one last chance to choose the side of good. Regina insists that she's good and that it was Snow that added evil to her name, and admits that all it got her was dinner with people that will never forgive her. She gives Mary Margaret the change to stay out of her way. As Regina leaves, Mary Margaret warns her that Cora doesn't care about anyone except as a means to power. Regina asks Mary Margaret what she knows about mothers and leaves.

Once Upon a Time

Young Snow asks the royal doctor what is wrong with Eva, and he says that they'll soon know. He tells Johanna to summon the king to be at his wife's side. Meanwhile, Eva tells Snow that she'll be fine in time for her birthday. Snow insists that her birthday doesn't matter and Eva bursts into a fit of coughing. Outside, Johanna hugs the girl and says that there may be a way to cure the queen using magic. The servant explains that she knows Eva has a confidant, a fairy who grants wishes if their heart is true. Snow insists that her heart is true and Johanna tells her to go into the woods and wish upon a star.


As Henry talks to Gold, Neal tells Emma that he's trying his best. Emma warns him that she'll have to take Henry home and suggests that he might come with him. Neal starts to tell her something, but Henry interrupts him as they get to Neal's apartment building. As Neal takes his son upstairs, Emma tells Gold that Neal might need some time. Hook comes in behind her, knocks her out, and stabs Hook in the chest. As he prepares to deliver a killing blow, Emma recovers and knocks Hook out from behind. Neal and Henry run down and they explain about Hook. He already knows who Hook is, and Emma locks him up in a storage room. She finds a map on Hook and confirms that Hook sailed to New York. Meanwhile, Neal takes Gold up to his apartment, and Hook shoves Henry away, saying he's to blame. They realize that Hook poisoned Gold and they need to get him back to Storybrooke to cure him with magic. The only way back in time is to take Hook's ship, and Neal admits that he knows how to pilot it.

Mary Margaret and David go to see the Mother Superior and she realizes what Regina and Cora can do with the dagger. They tell her that she's their only hope.

Once Upon a Time

The Blue Fairy appears to Snow and warns her that fairy magic is the purest magic of all, and cheating death is a dark undertaking. The fairy says that death is the way of the world and Snow asks if there is something she can do. The girl realizes that the Blue Fairy is holding something back and she admits that she can use a type of magic forbidden to fairies except under the most dire of circumstances. She makes Snow promise not to tell anyone. Once she does, the Blue Fairy gives her a candle and explains that for one to live, another must die. Snow must choose someone to lose a life in return for saving Eva. The girl must hold the candle over the heart of her sacrifice and say Eva's name. When Snow says that she can't choose, the Blue Fairy warns that Eva will die.


As Neal calls for a car, he tells Emma that he spent some time in another world before arriving in the real world. Henry checks Gold's phone and finds Mary Margaret's text message about the dagger. Gold refuses to tell David and Mary Margaret how to find the dagger, assuring Emma that the dagger hasn't left his possession in centuries and it won't now. Emma warns him he's going to have to trust someone and tell them where the dagger is, and he should start with family.

Mary Margaret, David, and the Mother Superior go to Gold's shop and try to get in using magic. The Mother Superior discovers that Gold has cast a protection spell and David suggests that the use black magic. Snow believes that it's worth the risk and reminds the Mother Superior that she once told her to use black magic. The Mother Superior doesn't remember telling Snow any such thing, but before they can pursue the matter, Emma calls David to tell him that Gold has revealed where his dagger is hidden. David looks up at the clock tower atop the library.

Once Upon a Time

Snow goes to Eva and tells her what happened with the Blue Fairy. The girl explains that she has black magic that can restore Eva's life, but admits that she couldn't do it. Eva assures her that Snow had the strength to resist the darkness and tells her daughter that she's proud of her. The queen is comfortable with the fact that she will die and tells Snow that someday she will be a great queen. Snow begs her mother not to leave her but Eva assures her that she'll always be with her when she holds the spirit of goodness in her heart. She dies and Johanna hugs Snow.


David and Mary Margaret run up to the clock tower and find the dagger attached to one of the hands. Cora and Regina teleport in and Mary Margaret tells Regina that good has won. Smirking, Cora teleports Johanna in and Regina takes her heart. She then tells Mary Margaret to choose: the dagger, or Johanna's heart.

Once Upon a Time

As Snow dresses for her mother's funeral, Johanna hands her the tiara. The servant says that the kingdom will find strength through her goodness, and that Snow will find her strength from her mother. Snow dons the tiara and admits that it's heavy, just like Eva said. She then goes before her people to her mother's bier and says that she misses her, and places a lily on her chest. Snow kneels, crying, and the others kneels as well. Later, Snow remains kneeling until Johanna comes in and tells her that it's time to let Eva go. The girl reluctantly leaves with her friend... and Cora flies in, disguised as the Blue Fairy. After dropping her disguise, she takes the lily and admits that Regina doesn't love her the way that Snow loved Eva. She tells Eva that now she'll know what it feels like to be the miller's daughter, and vows that she will darken Snow's heart and destroy Eva and her legacy.


David tries to draw a gun but Cora casts it away and tells them to surrender the dagger. She's confident that Mary Margaret will follow her mother's example, mentioning the candle. Mary Margaret realizes that Cora was disguised as the Blue Fairy and gave her the candle, and accuses her of making Eva sick. Cora admits that the candle would have worked and explains that she killed Eva to make Regina the queen. Mary Margaret refuses to let them win again and David begs his wife to give them the dagger. Cora repeats her request and Mary Margaret finally drops the dagger. Once Cora takes it, Regina returns Johanna's heart and the woman goes to Mary Margaret... and Cora casts her out the clock face with a spell and Johanna falls to her death. Regina and Cora teleport away as Mary Margaret breaks into tears.

Back at the mayor's office, Cora places the dagger on the desk and realizes that Regina is troubled. Regina wonders why Cora didn't tell her about her history with Eva and her mother claims she didn't want to burden her. However, Regina realizes that Cora set up the whole riding accident so that she would be in a position to rescue Snow. Cora asks how the knowledge changes things and Regina tells her that she is the queen... and wonders why she still needs Rumplestiltskin's dagger. Regina wonders how they will use the dagger to force Gold to kill anyone without Henry's knowledge, but Cora assures her that she has a plan.

Emma and Neal go to get the car and she admits that she's surprised that he'll help Gold. He says that Gold is his father no matter what, and Emma admits that it will be good for Henry to be around Neal for a while. He finds the car and explains that a friend loaned him to it. As he starts to explain something, his girlfriend Tamara arrives. She wonders why he's leaving town and needed her car, but Neal avoids her questions and introduces Tamara to Emma as his fiance.

After Johanna's funeral, David and Mary Margaret stand over her grave. Mary Margaret wonders how many more people will die because she does the right thing. David warns her that Cora wants her to turn to evil, but Mary Margaret points out that if she had executed Regina years ago, they would have none of the problems that they do. David points out that they keep beating them, but Mary Margaret points out the cost and vows not to lose any more lives or break any more hearts. He points out that they have time to get the dagger back and bring Regina and Cora to justice, but his wife says that she's not interested in justice anymore. Mary Margaret wonders if she is the one who has to change... and vows to kill Cora.