Lacey - Recap

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Everyone throws a birthday party for Henry at Gold's pawnshop, and Gold offers him the choice of any one item in the shop for his present. The boy chooses a wand from a rack and Gold demonstrates by turning him into a statue and then shattering it...

... and Gold wakes up from his nightmare.

Henry and Neal are mock-fighting with wooden swords as Gold looks on. Regina approaches him and points out that they've both been pushed off to the sidelines. She wants to know why Bae is with Henry, and Gold explains that Bae is Henry's father. When she realizes that Gold is Henry's grandfather, she figures that he set it up. Gold says that it's fate and Regina warns him that none of them will accept him because she knows that his dark heart always wins out. He says that she doesn't know him but Regina asks who will bring the good in him out if Bae couldn't do it.

Gold goes to the hospital to see Belle, who is surprised to see him alive after his last phone call to her. He assures her that his feelings for her are real, and Belle says that she could sense that they are. Belle figures that she must have had a past with Gold even if she can't remember it, but she remembers him healing her. She asks him to help her remember who she is and he agrees, explaining that she always brought out the best in him.

Once Upon a Time

A homesick Belle is crying in her cell when Rumplestiltskin comes in and complains that she is always weeping. He conjures a pillow and tells belle to use it to muffle her cries. There's a crash and they run to investigate, and find a hooded thief taking a wand. Rumpelstiltskin warns him that it's dangerous, and the thief draws an arrow and prepares to shoot. The imp teleports away as quickly as possible, but the thief fires an arrow that magically homes in on him. Despite that, Rumplestiltskin pulls it out, unharmed.


Regina comes to see Belle as she packs and introduces herself as the mayor. Belle explains how Gold is going to help her remember, and Regina enchants a book of matches and hands it to her. As Belle stares at it, the spell causes her to remember what Regina wants her to remember.

Greg shows Tamara all the spots in Storybrooke where he's seen magic, and admits that he hasn't been able to find his father. He's sure that his father is there somewhere but says that they have to focus on one thing at a time. Tamara says that she brought "the package" to Storybrooke and tells Greg to be ready to begin their plan that night.

Mary Margaret and David drive Emma out into an empty stretch of country and say that there's something she needs to see. They take her through an invisibility shield and reveal that there's a field of magic beans. Anton comes over and greets them, and David explains that the Mother Superior cloaked the area to keep the beans secret. Emma realizes that they'll use the beans to go back to the Enchanted Forest, and points out that it's dangerous there. The couple figure that they can fight back and mend their land, and believe that it's best for everyone... including Emma. Emma isn't convinced and her parents point out that the world has been nothing but cruel to her, and figure that she can get a happy ending in the Enchanted Forest.

Gold returns to the hospital and discovers that Belle is gone. As the nurse goes to find her, Gold finds the matchbook that Regina gave Belle, for the Rabbit Hole Bar. He goes there and asks the bartender if he's seen Belle. The bartender says that it sounds like Lacey and points out a woman playing pool with Mr. Clark. It's Belle, who is dressed in slutty clothing and drinking. When Gold comes over, Belle says that she's finally remembered who she is, and it's Lacey.

Once Upon a Time

Belle listens as Rumplestiltskin tortures the thief. When he comes back, he explains that he has to punish anyone who dares steal from him as an example. Once he leaves, Belle goes to the cell and gives the thief some water, and then frees him. He suggests that she run off with him, but Belle explains that Rumplestiltskin would attack her family if she broke her word. The thief wishes her luck and leaves.


Gold goes to see Regina and demands to know what she's done. Regina explains that she gave Belle her curse memories and that there's nothing she can do since Belle crossed the town line. When Gold demands that she break the curse, Regina points out that there's nothing he can do to her without revealing to Henry what he really is. Gold says that he'll make Belle love her but Regina points out how unlikely that will happen and tells her to give Lacey her best.

Leroy and David go to the diner to get food, and Granny wonders what they're doing. Gold comes in and talks to David privately, and explains what Regina did to Belle. He asks how David won Mary Margaret's heart when they both had false memories. David doesn't see a point in helping him until Gold points out that he'll owe David a favor. After considering it, David tells Gold to show Belle a sliver of the man she fell in love with.

Once Upon a Time

Rumplestiltskin soon discovers that the thief has escaped. Belle admits that she released the man because she saw good in his heart, but Rumplestiltskin points out that the thief took the wand. He figures that the thief has evil intentions but Belle insists that there is good in anyone. Rumplestiltskin teleports the thief's bow to shoot him with and insist that Belle come with him.


At the Rabbit Hole, a man named Keith approaches Belle and starts hitting on her. Gold and David come in and Gold sits down next to Lacey as Keith takes off. She talks about music and Gold realizes that they have nothing in common. As she goes over to the jukebox, David tells Gold to try and invite her out. Gold goes over and suggests they go on a date. She warns him that she's not the Belle he knows, and points out that everyone in town is afraid of him. Gold asks for a chance and Belle tells him to meet her at Granny's that night. Once she leaves, David congratulates Gold, who wonders how he can get Belle to fall in love with him.

Regina finds Emma at the docks, reading Henry's storybook, and asks what Neal is doing there. Emma tells her to focus on being the person that Henry wants her to be before she loses him for good. Regina realizes that Emma is hiding something and promises to find out.

At the diner that night, Granny comes over and comments on Belle's new dress style. Belle orders chicken, surprising Gold since Belle usually gets hamburgers. She admits that she's surprised by Gold given what everyone says about him, and he asks what they say. Belle talks about how everyone thinks that he's ruthless and hurts anyone who crosses him. Gold insists that he's just a shop owner and Belle figures that Gold wouldn't hurt anyone. When she says that no one can tell what is really in a person's heart, Gold jumps upon recognizing Belle's words from the other side, spilling his tea on her. Belle goes to clean off her dress while Gold smiles.

Once Upon a Time

Rumplestiltskin and Belle travel through the forest in a carriage, tracking down the thief. Belle points out that Rumpelstiltskin didn't kill her for disobeying him, and she figures that there is something in his heard beside a lust for power. Rumplestiltskin says that he loves his things. They find the local sheriff and Rumpelstiltskin explains that the thief has fled into the woods. The sheriff knows who Rumplestiltskin is and offers him the thief's location in return for Belle for 20 minutes. Rumplestiltskin removes the sheriff's tongue and offers it back in return for information on the thief. The sheriff agrees and once his tongue is restored, he explains that the thief stole the woman he loved and made him the laughing stock of Nottingham. The thief is hiding in Sherwood Forest and goes by the name of Robin Hood.


Gold waits... and waits... and waits for Belle to come back. He goes back to look for her and discovers that she's slipped out the back.

Once Upon a Time

Belle tells Rumplestiltskin that she won't stand by and watch him kill a man, but he tells her that the point is for her to see what her actions caused. They spot Robin Hood approaching a wagon. He approaches the woman, who is sick, and starts using the wand on her. Belle stops Rumplestiltskin from shooting him, and Robin Hood cures the woman, Marian. Rumplestiltskin teleports Belle halfway into the ground and prepares to shoot Robin Hood, but she insists that she was right about the thief and she's right about Rumplestiltskin. Marian gets up and they realize that she's pregnant, and Belle tells Rumplestiltskin that he's not the kind of man who would leave a child without a father. The Dark One fires... and misses. As Robin Hood and Marian ride off, Rumplestiltskin frees Belle and says that he's bored of chasing after the thief. He denies missing on purpose, but she knows better and hugs him.


Gold finds Belle in the alleyway, kissing Keith--the sheriff in the Enchanted Forest. Keith runs off, assuming that they're together, and Belle tries to walk off. Gold realizes that she wanted to be with Keith and admits that their date wasn't going well. She only agreed to go out with him because she was trying to be nice, but that isn't her. Belle says that she's not the woman who loved him and walks away.

David and Mary Margaret drive Anton and the dwarves back into town to get supper. Regina is across the street and watches them. She then casts a spell to retrace the truck back to where it came from and drives out to the bean field. Once there, she dissipates the invisibility spell and discovers the beans, well aware of what they can do.

As Gold goes back to his car, Keith runs after him to apologize. Gold tells him that he and Belle aren't together and Keith figures that they're good. After a moment, the pawnbroker says that he's tried hard to be on his best behavior but there's no point. He removes Keith's tongue and then starts beating him.

Once Upon a Time

Back at the castle, Rumplestiltskin takes Belle to his library and tells her to clean it. She smiles and takes his hand, and admits that he's not who she thought he was... and she's glad.


Gold is still beating Keith when Belle comes around the corner. He tells her that everything the townspeople say about him is true, and Belle says that she's glad he's as dark as people say. Gold says that he's much darker and she smiles and watches with pleasure as Gold continues beating Keith.

Neal brings a sleeping Henry to the apartment. As Emma tucks him in, she asks if Neal has ever considered going back to the Enchanted Forest. He says that he's spent most of his time trying to forget the place, and they wonder what August was trying to warn them about. Neal figures that Emma will work it out eventually because he knows that she never stops.

Greg meets Tamara on the town border and she tells him that everything is fine. They unwrap the "package" and Greg wonders if he'll cooperate. Tamara says that he'll be glad to cooperate and reveals that they have Hook.