Second Star to the Right - Recap

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The Past

Bae falls through the portal and finds himself in a wooded area. He calls for his father and doesn't get an answer. He ducks aside as a wagon nearly runs him over. Bae sees a sign and realizes that he's in a place called Kensington Park... in London, England.

Six months later, Bae is still living on the streets, eating leavings from the gutter. He sees a repairman climb down a ladder from a home and leave it there, and the boy climbs up to steal some good. As he eats the bread on a table, a St. Bernard barks at him. A young girl grabs a statue and threatens Bae. However, when she realizes that he's hungry, she offers him as much as he wants. Bae introduces himself and the girl gives her name, Wendy Darling.


Neal wakes up and discovers that Tamara is going out at 6 in the morning. She claims that she's going out to train for a marathon and kisses him goodbye. Once she leaves, Neal hears someone yelling outside. He goes down and discovers Gold and Lacey forcing Dr. Whale to kiss his boot. Running down, Neal stops his father and Whale runs off, and Neal asks why Gold didn't turn him into a snail. When Lacey wonders what he's talking about, Gold sends her to the shop to wait for him. Neal is furious that his father has reverted to his old ways and angry that he hasn't bothered to meet his fiancee, Tamara. As Neal walks away, Gold points out that his son is still in Storybrooke, and Neal tells him to stay away from him and Tamara.

David and Emma break into Regina's office, guns drawn. Once they're sure she's not there, they call in Henry and Mary Margaret. They find the case that was holding the magic beans, but the beans themselves are gone. Emma figures that Regina wouldn't have left evidence behind and Henry wonders if something bad happened to his adoptive mother. They check the security system and discover that someone overrode it, meaning someone else broke in and took the beans. Emma insists that it's Tamara and suggests that they go to Gold to find Regina, while she goes back to Tamara's room.

At the docks, Tamara meets with Greg and shows him the beans that she took from Regina's office. When Greg is jealous that she's with Neal, Tamara assures him that she'll be with him when it's all over. He gives her the jewel that Regina took from the coffin, but neither one of them knows what it is. Tamara decides to send it back to the home office, along with everything else. Greg says he has one thing left to do.

Hook contemplates Regina in the next room and says that anything is worth his chance to kill Gold. Greg wheels in an electric console and attaches electrodes to her. She again says that his father left town and never came back, but Greg doesn't believe her. He asks Hook for help, but Hook refuses until they help him with Gold. Greg then powers up the console and says that what comes next is unpleasant. He repeats his question and when Regina says nothing, starts torturing her with electricity.

19th Century London

Several weeks later, Wendy checks on Bae, who is hiding in a cubbyhole, and brings him more food. Her parents George and Mary come in and demand an explanation, and Bae says that his father and mother are both dead. Mary insists on letting Bae stay there, much to George's surprise.


Emma goes to Neal and Tamara's room and tells him that Regina has disappeared. She demands to know how long Tamara has been gone and where she goes. When Neal says that she jogs in the woods, Emma finds sand on the floor and points out that Tamara's lying to him. She goes to the beach to find Tamara.

19th Century London

One night, Wendy calls Bae and her brothers, John and Michael, to the window in their bedroom. She says that a shadow without a body has been coming to their window from time to time, and insists that it's magic. Bae warns them that magic is dangerous and it always comes with a price. When they wonder how he knows, Bae explains that he came from a world with magic. He warns Wendy that he lost everything because of it. He has Wendy promise that she won't go near the shadow if it comes back, and she agrees.


David and Mary Margaret go to the pawnshop and ask Gold for help. He refuses until David points out that he owes him a favor. Gold asks Lacey to leave so he can attend to business and she walks out. Once she's gone, Gold asks why they want to help Regina. Mary Margaret says that she owes Regina after what she did to Cora, and Gold takes out a vial with one of Regina's tears. He says that it requires two tears and asks Mary Margaret to donate. She thinks of something sad and cries. Gold mixes the two tears together. He then tells Mary Margaret to drop the potion into her eye so she can see and feel whatever Regina does. As they leave, Lacey comes back in, having overheard everything. Gold admits that he really can do magic and tells her to pour herself another drink.

At the apartment, David tells Mary Margaret that she doesn't have to do it. She insists, saying that it will let some light back into her heart. David administers the drops and Mary Margaret screams in pain as she feels the same torture that Regina is undergoing.

19th Century London

After Mary tucks the children in for the night, Wendy goes to the window and spots the shadow. Bae tells her to get away, but Wendy says that the shadow is from Neverland, where children never grow old. The shadow takes her hand and pulls her into the sky, ignoring Bae's objections.


As Neal and Emma look for Tamara, Neal suggests that she's trying to break him and Tamara up. Tamara runs up and explains that she runs along the woods and then the beach. Emma says that they were looking for Regina and Tamara offers to help however she can. After she gives Neal a kiss, she jogs off and Neal tells Emma that he wanted to go to jail for her. He says that he wanted to love her but was afraid that Emma would never forgive him. He says that he's never forgiven himself. Neal says that he's sorry for everything and Emma says that she is as well. They head back to town.

Tamara tells Greg that Emma and Neal bought her story. Greg turns up the power and says that Regina has no idea who she's dealing with. Regina dismisses them as fools stealing magic, but Greg and Tamara tell her that they're out to destroy magic because it's unholy. She doesn't believe the two of them can do it, and Greg says that their people are everywhere. After he left Storybrooke, a group of Believers found him. They're willing to do something to eliminate magic.They've done it before and will do it again. Greg says that magic has been doing damage for a long time, and the Believers always come to stop it.

Once the spell wears off, Mary Margaret tells David that Regina is powerless. She describes what little she can past the pain and says that something smelled like sardines and it was cold. David calls Emma with the information, and Emma spots the local cannery. She tells Neal that she was right after all and runs to the cannery, and Neal goes after her.

19th Century London

The next morning, Wendy comes in via the window where Bae is waiting for her. She describes Neverland as an island where there are no grownups and many wonderful creatures. When Bae wonders why she came back, Wendy says that all of the children there missed their parents. Once anyone steps foot there, the shadow never lets anyone leave. However, it let Wendy go because it didn't want her... it wanted her brothers and will come back that night for one of them. Wendy admits that Bae was right about magic and Bae promises that he won't let anything happen to her and her siblings.


Gold demonstrates his magic to Lacey and says that it always comes with a price. He says that it drives away the people that care about him. Lacey tells him that he's been caring about the wrong people. He produces a necklace and puts it on Lacey, and she asks if he can keep her young forever. Gold tells her that there was a prophecy that someone might kill him and he knows who it is, but something is standing in his way. When Lacey says that she thought he was a man who wouldn't let anything stand in his way, Gold agrees.

Emma and Neal enter the cannery and she asks if Neal has her back if Tamara is involved. He assures her that he does and they hear something moving ahead. It's David and Mary Margaret, and they split up to keep searching. In the other room, Tamara spots them on the surveillance cameras that she's planted and tells Greg that they've found them, despite her efforts. Greg insists that he needs more time to find out where his father is and refuses to go. Tamara reluctantly leaves. Greg gives Regina one last chance to tell him where his Father is. She finally tells Greg that she killed his father the minute he ran away. Greg doesn't believe her and Regina tells him to go to the campsite where she buried him. He turns up the power to maximum and jolts her.

19th Century London

That night, Mary tucks the children in and leaves. As soon as she's gone, Bae says that they have work to do. They place a series of makeshift traps and arm themselves as best they can. Bae promises them that the shadow won't take anyone. The children go to their beds and all of the lamps go out. The window bursts open and Bae sends the children to the crawlspace. Michael falls behind and the shadow reaches for him. Bae goes to the boy and dares the shadow to take him instead. Wendy tells her friend not to, but Bae says that it's the only way and reaches out. The shadow takes his hand and starts to fly away, and Bae thanks Wendy for making him a part of her family. The Darling children can only watch as the shadow flies off with Bae.


Greg continues to torture Regina until she passes out. David runs in and fires at the console. Greg runs off. Mary Margaret stops her husband, saying that they need to get Regina treatment from the Blue Fairy before she dies. David calls Emma on the radio and tells her that Greg is heading their way. Neal, hearing it, figures that Tamara wasn't involved. Tamara knocks Emma out from behind and tells Neal that she is involved. She picks up Emma's gun and points it at Neal, insisting that magic is poison. Tamara admits that she's been lying to him all along and set up the "accident" with the coffee. As Neal tries to take it in, Tamara insists that she had an important job to do, and she never loved him. Neal advances on her and she shoots him in the shoulder, and then prepares to shoot him in the head.

Emma wakes up and attacks Tamara, finally getting the upper hand. Tamara takes out the magic bean she stole and throws it on the floor beneath Emma, creating a portal. Emma leaps into the air, holding on, while Tamara runs off. Neal catches Emma just as she falls, but the floor gives out and he falls in. Emma holds on, refusing to let him go, but Neal tells her that Henry needs one of them. She says that she loves Neal, and he says that he loves her. Neal then releases his grip and falls out of sight as the portal closes behind him.

The next morning, Greg runs to the woods and digs where Regina said. He finds his father's skeleton and realizes that Regina was telling the truth.

At the apartment, David and Mary Margaret remove the cuff and the Blue Fairy is able to heal Regina. Emma returns and tells them that Neal is gone.


As the shadow approaches Neverland, Bae lights a match and breaks its grip on him. He falls into the water below. When it can't find him, it flies off. Meanwhile, Bae drifts in the water until a ship finds him. Captain Hook pulls him onboard and welcomes him to the Jolly Roger.


Emma, stunned, wonders how she's going tell Henry, but David doesn't have an answer for her. Meanwhile, Regina wakes up and is shocked to learn that they saved her. David tells her that despite their differences, they're family. When Regina learns that Greg and Tamara got away, she tells David and Mary Margaret that they still have the failsafe trigger.

Tamara finds Greg at the campsite and gives him the gem. She has checked with the home office and confirmed what the gem will do.

Regina tells David and Mary Margaret about the failsafe trigger, and points out that they were going to abandon her. However, she tells them to focus on the fact that their enemies have the trigger.

Tamara tells Greg that the home office wants them to use the trigger and destroy Storybrooke.