And Straight On 'Til Morning - Recap

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Aboard the Jolly Roger, Hook looks at a sketch of his beloved, Milah. Smee promises him that they'll find a way to kill Rumplestiltskin. He reports that Bae is weak, but okay. They wonder where he came from and Smee suggests that Bae belongs to "Him," who kidnaps children from other worlds. Hook thinks that they're lucky if he does, because they can negotiate and return his prize to him in return for their survival in Neverland.

Hook and Smee go below to check on Bae. Bae insists that he has no interest in Neverland, despite its magic, and explains that he left home to save his family. The boy dismisses Hook as a pirate and says that a pirate took his mother from her cowardly husband. Suspecting who he's dealing with, Hook confirms Bae's name and makes him comfortable.


Henry is in the park swinging as Granny watches over him with an assault rifle. Gold watches from a distance and starts to magically part the rope, planning to throw Henry onto a nearby rock. Before he can, Emma, David, and Mary Margaret arrive. Gold explains that he's watching his grandson since Neal told the pawnbroker to stay away. Mary Margaret sends Emma to talk to Henry and then tells Gold that Tamara shot Neal and then sent him to another world. Gold, staggered by the news, says that his son wasn't supposed to die. As Emma breaks the news to Henry, David tells Gold that Greg and Tamara took the failsafe trigger from Regina and they ask for his help. He refuses, explaining that he was the one who killed Neal. He says that his son's death was the price he had to pay for bringing magic to the real world. When Mary Margaret points out that they'll all die, Gold says that he's made his peace with that and walks away.

Greg, Tamara, and Hook enter the mines and Hook asks who is commanding them. Greg says that it doesn't matter and Tamara insists that they have faith in their sacred cause. They find a dwarf's pick axe and prepare to break the trigger. They tell Hook that it will revert the town to the original forest killing everyone, including Rumplestiltskin. Greg asks Hook if he's as willing to die for his cause as they are for theirs, and Hook says that he is. When Greg hits the trigger gem, it floats into the air and starts glowing. The trio runs out as the ground stars to shake.

At the Storybrooke Library, tendrils of the original forest start to cover the building.

Emma and her parents take Henry back to the apartment, where Regina is getting up after her ordeal. The building shakes and Regina warns them that the trigger is active. Henry wonders if they're all going to die and Regina assures him that he will survive, since he was born there. She tells them that she can't stop it, but Henry insists that they have to work together before he loses anyone else. Hook comes in and David punches him and then draws his gun. The pirate explains that he has no desire to die to get his revenge, but Regina says that all she can do is delay the inevitable. David says that will delay things long enough for them to get the magic beans back from Tamara and move everyone back to the Enchanted Forest. Hook offers to lead David to Greg and Tamara while Emma goes with Regina to slow down the trigger. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret and Henry will get the townspeople ready for evacuation. As Henry goes, Regina tells him that she's sorry and that she failed to be the person he wanted her to be. She says that she loves him and Henry says he loves her.


The Lost Ones from Neverland row to the Jolly Roger, and Smee tells Hook that they have to give them the boy. Hook refuses, insisting that he needs Bae for his revenge. The Lost Ones board the ship and demand that Hook turn Bae over. Hook claims that he never found him and invites them to search his ship. As they look around, the Lost Ones' leader Felix warns that his master will rip the shadow from anyone who defies him.

The searchers fail to find Bae, who is hiding in a hidden compartment. Felix advises Hook to turn Bae over if he does find him, and then leaves. When Bae emerges from hiding, he's surprised that Hook cares for anyone but himself. The pirate tells him that he has a lot to learn about pirates.


Gold finds the dwarves searching his shop. Grumpy explains that they can use Sneezy's drinking stein, a beloved personal possession, to bring his memories back using a potion the Mother Superior created, and Gold has the stein. Gold points out that if Sneezy does get his memories back then he'll immediately die. As the other dwarves take Sneezy away, Grumpy gives a second dose of the restoration potion to Gold. He wants to restore Belle's memories as she once helped him, and tells Gold not to let Belle die as Lacey. Once Grumpy leaves, Belle comes out and asks what is going on. Gold dismisses it as nothing and walks away.

At the cannery, Greg is burning their files and preparing to leave. As Hook and David pull up, the ground shakes again and Hook warns that time is running out.


Bae soon acclimates to sailing and Hook invites him to try the wheel. The pirate asks what became of Bae's father and explains that his father abandoned him to avoid capture because he was a fugitive. Bae asks him to keep his secret and then explains that his father is The Dark One and gets his power from a dagger. Hook is keenly interested in the fact that the dagger is the only thing that can kill Rumplestiltskin.


As they explore the cannery, David wonders what Hook is fighting for. The pirate says that he's fighting for himself and that's enough. They find Greg, and David demands the beans at gunpoint. Tamara shoots at them and Hook tackles Greg while Tamara runs off and David goes after her. She trips, but Greg frees himself and knocks David down. As they run off, Hook arrives and tells David that he snagged one of the beans. David reluctantly gives up the chase and leaves.

In the mines, Emma can sense the magic being sucked out of the air. They find the gem and Regina warns that once it stops glowing, it will destroy Storybrooke. She prepares to contain the energy but warns Emma that it will kill her. Emma realizes that she's not coming with them. Regina says that it's fitting that she dies trying to stop the device she created. Crying, she asks Emma to let her die as Regina rather than the Evil Queen and then begins containing the trigger.

Storybrooke starts to fall apart as the tendrils rip everything apart. At the pawnshop, Gold offers Belle a toast to the end of the world. She spills the drink and picks up Gold's shawl to mop it up, and he angrily stops her, insisting it belonged to someone important. He then takes out the shattered pieces of Belle's cup and restores them with a spell. Gold explains that it's from their shared past and pours the potion into it. He offers it to Belle. She drinks it and the spell restores her memories. Crying, Gold calls her by her real name and Belle kisses him. He explains that he didn't want to wake her up just to die, and Belle offers her condolences on Neal's death. As Gold hugs her, he says that he's failed.

David and Hook go to the diner and show the others that they have one of the magic beans. Henry asks where Regina is and Emma explains that she's sacrificing herself to save them. Henry insists that they don't leave family behind, reminding them that they saved Regina from the wraith. Mary Margaret gets an idea and says that if they sent the wraith through a portal, they can do the same with the trigger. Archie steps forward and says that everyone will agree to take the risk on behalf of Snow White and their Prince, confident that they've won in the past and will win again. The dwarves all agree and Mary Margaret asks Emma to give them the chance to do right by Henry. Emma admits that she doesn't want Henry to grow up alone the way that she did. She points out that they can escape now. Mary Margaret reminds her that she killed Regina's mother. She explains she did it because it was easy, and she refuses to build a future on Regina's blood.

Emma agrees but Hook takes the bag with the remaining magic bean. He's willing to let Regina die, but Emma tells him that she understands looking for oneself first. She invites Hook to help them and be a part of something, or stand alone. Hook considers and then hands her the bean back. As the others turn away, Hook asks why she's really doing it and Emma says that Henry lost his father. Shocked, Hook realizes that Bae is dead.


Later, Smee asks Hook why Bae is still aboard the ship. He mentions he is putting them all at risk. Hook orders the crew to obey, just as Bae comes up and tries to stab him. The boy explains that he found Milah's drawing on Hook's desk and realizes that the pirate is the one who killed her. Hook explains that he and Milah fell in love and ran off, but Rumplestiltskin found them and tore her heart out. They always planned to find Bae and bring him with them, but Milah died first. Hook says that Fate has brought them together, but Bae still blames him for ripping apart his family. Bae asks him to take him back to his real family, the Darlings, but Hook says that it's impossible. Angry, Bae refuses to have anything to do with him and walks away.


Henry and the others return to the mine and tell Regina their plan. She warns that it might not work but Mary Margaret insists that they have to try. Emma takes out the bag with the magic bean, but realizes that it's empty.

Hook sails the Jolly Roger out of the harbor, holding the magic bean.


Hook approaches Bae as he prepares to leave. The pirate tells the boy that he has a choice and the ship can be his home, but Bae refuses to stay. Hook offers to change for him, but Bae says that he knows that he'll never change because he only cares about himself. As Bae walks away, Hook thanks him for reminding what he's all about. The Lost Ones board the ship to take Bae away, and the boy yells that Hook is just like Rumplestiltskin. As they go, Hook asks Felix if "He" will be pleased, but Felix leaves without a word.


Hook remembers his past with Bae and looks at the magic bean.

The people of Storybrooke run in terror as the forest grows up through the town.

At the mine, Regina warns that she can't contain the trigger much longer. Emma hugs her parents and Henry, crying. Henry goes to Regina, who admits that she's not strong enough to stop the trigger. Meanwhile, Emma gets an idea and says that perhaps together they are strong enough. David and Mary Margaret get Henry to cover while Emma joins her magical efforts to Regina. There's an explosion and the gem drops to the ground.

Throughout Storybrooke, the forest retracts. Gold steps out of his shop to see what has happened.

In the mines, the Charmings realize that they're alive. They run to help Emma up, while Regina picks up the trigger. However, they discover that Henry is gone. They find his discarded backpack and realize that Tamara and Greg took him.

The couple takes Henry away and explains that the point was never to destroy Storybrooke. They found something that was more important: Henry. As Emma and the others catch up to them, Greg throws the last magic bean into the harbor. It creates a portal and he and Tamara leap in with Henry. Regina warns that they have no way to follow, just as Gold and Belle arrive. Gold admits that he doesn't know of any way to cross worlds. Regina refuses to accept it, just as Hook returns. When they tell him that he's too late to help, Hook gives Emma the magic bean and offers his ship and his services. When Regina wonders how they'll track Henry, Gold offers to do it.

As the group boards the ship, Gold tells Belle that she has to stay there. He explains that Greg and Tamara weren't working alone and gives Belle a cloaking spell to protect Storybrooke against the Believers. Belle realizes that Gold isn't coming back, and he explains that while the prophecy said that Henry would be his undoing, the boy is also his grandson. Gold plans to save Henry to honor Neal. Belle warns that the future isn't always what it seems and is confident that they will see each other again. Gold and Belle share a kiss and then she tells him that Bae would be proud of him.

On a beach, three people find Neal, unconscious. Prince Phillip and Aurora help him up while Mulan looks on.

Aboard the Jolly Roger, Hook tells Gold that he's done trying to kill him. Gold conjures a globe and pricks his finger on it, and the spell reveals that they've taken Henry to Neverland.


The Lost Ones take Bae ashore, but others inform Felix that Bae isn't the one that He wants. They take Bae away with the others.


Hook throws the magic bean into the water, opening a portal. He then steers the ship into the portal, while Gold explains that Greg and Tamara are manipulated by a greater force.


Felix assures the others that they will find the boy they are looking for, Henry. He promises that Peter Pan never fails.


The Jolly Roger enters the portal... and disappears.