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Good Form - Recap

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The Lost Boys drag Neal to a cage and throw him inside. Felix reminds the others of what Pan told them to do with him.

At the camp, Henry is watching the Lost Boys celebrate when a boy, Devin, comes up and starts poking him with a pointed stick. Henry yells at him to stop but Devin clearly doesn't care. He attacks Henry, who defends himself with a discarded stick. Pan speaks up, congratulating Henry, but suggests that they use real swords because it will be more "fun." Henry points that he's never used a real sword, but Pan reminds him that he has the heart of the Truest Believer and can believe whatever he wants. Pan tells him to close his eyes and imagine holding a real sword. When Henry does so, his stick transforms into a sword. He turns to Devin and with some encouragement from Pan, attacks Devin and slices apart his stick and then cuts the boy across the face. Henry apologizes but Pan tells him that Lost Boys never have to apologize and the Lost Boys cheer Henry on.

At Neal's cave, Emma and the others search for any clue to a way to escape the island. Emma finds where Neal marked his days on the island and finds the point where he stopped counting because he gave up hope. She explains that she did the same thing when she was in foster homes, and figures that Henry will soon lose faith. Emma wants to send Henry a sign that they are coming to restore his hope, and Mary Margaret says that they can use the patrolling Lost Boys to their advantage. As the others leave, Hook stops Emma and tells her that he knows what it means to lose hope. Emma figures that he's trying to bond with her, but she tells him that she's not in the mood. Once she goes, David tells Hook that Emma is never going to like him because he's nothing but a pirate.

The Past

The crew of the Jewel of the Realm assemble on deck and Leftenant Killian Jones inspects the men. He informs them that Captain Liam is on his way with orders from the king. Killian notices a bottle of rum on one sailor and warns that drunkenness leads to bad form, and he won't tolerate bad form. He tosses the bottle into the water as Liam arrives and orders the men to stations. Liam assures Killian that he knows that his little brother is the only one who could navigate the course, and gives Killian a golden sextant to commemorate their voyage. Markings for their course are engraved on it but Killian doesn't recognize them, and Liam tells him that he's under orders not to discourse their mission until they're underway. However, he assures Killian that the mission will bring peace to their kingdom and glory to the Jones family. Satisfied, Killian says that it's good form and orders the ship out.


Regina scoffs at the idea of Mary Margaret making a trap, and Hook warns that a captive Lost Boy won't betray Pan. David goes off to get more vines and insists that Hook go with him. As the clearly-fatigued David goes off into the jungle, he tells Hook to stay away with Emma. Hook points out that David will die soon in any case, and David says that he'll die helping his family. The pirate asks what he would do if he could provide him with a cure, but David says that it would be selfish to focus on his illness instead of Henry. When Hook insists that he's there to help them despite the risk, David figures that he's only there for Emma and says that he'll never let him get to Emma. He swings at Hook but the pirate easily restrains him in his weakened condition.

David passes out and Hook tries to wake him up. He gives him some rum to wake him up and David insists that he's okay. Hook checks his wound and discovers that it's worse than he anticipated. David only has hours and Hook tells him to tell his family while he can, but David insists on saving Henry instead. As he catches his breath, David notices a military insignia on the ground with the name Jones on it. Hook says that it belonged to his brother and that he lost it from his satchel during a duel with Pan when their ship washed up in Neverland. It washed down from Deadman's Peak far above them, and Hook warns that it's too dangerous. David insists that he explain and Hook admits that if the satchel survived, then it contained a sextant that could decode Neal's star map. When David insists on going, Hook warns that he might reach the top but he'll most like die. David asks him to come with him and take the sextant to Emma, and asks Hook if he's ready to be a hero.

The Past

Aboard the Jewel of the Realm, Liam shows Killian the star charts that they will use and explains that they're going to a new land. The sentry reports the enemy approaching and Killian orders the men to prepare to fire. Liam stops them and tells the crew to deploy the Pegasus. The men unfurl a golden sail and Liam tells Killian that it's a sail woven from the feathered Pegasus. The Jolly Realm soars into the air, outrunning its pursuers and soaring up into the clouds. Liam tells Killian to set a course for the second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.


Hook tells the others about the sextant and assures them that it's the best hope they have for an exit plan. When Emma wonders why they've been waiting, Hook tells her to get a message to Henry while he goes with David. David agrees and tells Emma to tell Henry in the message that his grandpa loves him. He hugs Emma, much to her surprise. Mary Margaret wonders if he's okay. David warns her that they can never know might happen, but she assures him that he'll be fine.

Once the men leave, the women track down Nevin, who is out hunting. Mary Margaret brings an arrow down on him and Regina summons a chocolate bar to bribe hm. Emma asks him to take a message to Henry and promises that if he does then they'll get him all home. Devin takes the chocolate bar and then throws it into the jungle, and tells them that he doesn't want to go home. When Emma points out the cut that Pan left on his cheek, Devin tells her that Henry was the one who did that.

Hook and David head for Deadman's Peak and Hook asks how he's holding up. David says that he plans to die a hero and that Emma and Mary Margaret will understand, and tells Hook not to inform them that he died a liar. When Hook wonders why he should help him, David points out that Hook stealing the bean gave Tamara and Greg the means to abduct Henry. The pirate concedes the point and notes that at least David got to say goodbye to his loved ones. David realizes that he lost his brother, and says that he had a twin that he lost before he ever met him. Hook goes ahead and starts climbing so he can drop the vine rope down to David.

Neverland – The Past

The ship sails to the island and Liam and Killian go ashore. Liam explains that they have been sent to find a magical plant that can cure any injury. Pan comes up and asks if they're lost, and introduces himself. Liam says that they're there on the orders of the king and ask about the plant. Pan tells them that it's dreamshade and a deadly poison, and figures that the king wants it to kill his enemies. Killian wonders if it's true but Liam warns him not to be so gullible and they set out to find the plant.


Once Hook makes the climb, he starts to drop the rope down. However, Pan comes up behind the pirate and says that he wants to talk, alone. He offers Hook a deal to work for him in return for passage off the island. Hook refuses and Pan offers to let him take Emma with him. The pirate doesn't believe that Emma would leave her son, but Pan points out that she did it once before. Pan figures that Hook will do whatever it takes to survive, and tells him to do his dirty work for him. When Hook wonders what that might be, Pan says that he'll tell him until the time is right. However, Pan wants a signal of his commitment and tells him to kill David. Hook points out that David is drying from dreamshade but Pan wants Hook to kill him. If Hook doesn't take his offer, Pan reminds him of what happened the last time. He tells Hook to take a drink of rum and then teleports away as David climbs over the edge on his own. David wonders who he was talking to but Hook claims that he was talking to himself and they continue on.

Neverland – The Past

Liam and Killian find the dreamshade vines and Killian notes that it looks dangerous. He still has doubts about whether it is poison, and Liam insists that the king's word is good. Liam tells Killian to listen to him, but Killian refuses to use dishonorable means. Irritated, Liam scratches himself with the plant to prove that it's harmless. At first nothing happens, but then black veins spread up his arm and he collapses.


Devin tells Emma that Henry is a Lost Boy and one of the most vicious new recruits they've ever had. Regina steps forward to rip out his heart and force Devin to do what they want, but Mary Margaret insists that they don't do things that way. They turn to Emma, who says that they need to send a message to Henry no matter what and holds Mary Margaret back. Regina pulls out Devin's heart while Emma looks away, crying. Once Regina is done, Emma apologizes but Mary Margaret says that she wants to make sure the line is still there between Emma and Regina. Emma says that she'll do whatever she wants, but Mary Margaret warns that the cost can't be their family. Regina takes control of Devin and gives him half of her compact, and says that they'll use it to see Henry.

David and Hook find the spot where Liam died and David draws his sword on the pirate. He points out that he knows about Hook's conversation with Pan and points out that Hook didn't refuse. Hook warns that Pan wanted to turn them against each other, and admits that Liam didn't lose his satchel there. He dropped the insignia there so David would find it and make the climb. Hook insists that the means to save David's life is there, but David doesn't believe him and tries to attack, only to collapse.

Neverland – The Past

As Killian tries to get Liam up, Pan appears and says that he tried to warn them. Killian begs Pan to save his life, and Pan reveals a spring behind the vines. He explains that the waters keep the land young and a single drink can cure any ill. Killian starts to go to it, but Pan warns that all magic comes with a price. The young officer says that he'll pay any price and brings the water to Liam, who recovers. When Killian turns to pay Pan his price, he discovers that the boy is gone.


At the camp, Henry is trying to draw a picture of his home when the mesmerized Devin approaches Henry and says that he's there to deliver a message. Devin tells him that his family is on the island and shows Henry the half-compact. Henry can see the women on it and figures that it's a trick, but they assure him that they're there to rescue him. He finally accepts that they're real but is forced to toss the mirror away, shattering it, when Pan enters the camp.

Neverland – The Past

As the ship heads back to its home port, Liam tells Killian that he's feeling fine and apologizes for not listening to him. Liam plans to reveal the king's cowardice, noting that fighting with poison is bad form. Killian vows to follow him to the ends of the earth as the ship touches back down in the ocean. As soon as it does, Liam collapses from the poison and Killian goes to him, calling for help.


Taking care to protect himself, Hook cuts through the dreamshade vines to get to the spring. He then takes the water and wakes up David. Hook explains that the water will save his life, but warns that since its power comes from the island, David can never leave Neverland. David says that it's a small price in return for saving Henry and getting his family home. He drinks it and is cured, and then asks Hook why he risked his life in return for no benefit. Hook tells David that he didn't do it for him.

As the women return to their camp, Emma insists that Henry will be okay because he's a survivor and now he knows that they're coming. Mary Margaret apologizes for doubting Emma and says that she knows how easy it is to turn to the darkness. Regina speaks up, nothing that's why she's there. David and Hook return and David enthusiastically kisses Mary Margaret. Hook lies and tells Emma and Regina that Pan got the sextant first. David tells them that the Lost Boys attacked them and Hook risked his life to stop him from taking a poison arrow. He asks Hook for his flask and then offers a toast to him, and the others join in except for Regina. Emma asks Hook if David is telling the truth, noting that they're not friends, but Hook assures her that he wouldn't leave her father die. Eager to take advantage of the situation, Hook suggests that she thanks him properly. After a moment, Emma kisses him long and hard. When she's done, Emma tells him that it's a one-time thing and to follow her in five minutes so the others won't suspect anything.

The Past

Killian and the crew bury their captain at the sea and one of the men gives Killian Liam's satchel. The new captain says that the king sent them to retrieve a poison that killed their captain, and vows that no one will sail to Neverland again. Killian sets the Pegasus cloak on fire and says that they will no longer fight for a dishonorable king. He tells anyone who disagrees to leave or walk the plank, and those that remain will sail with him under the crimson flag as pirates. Killian throws his officer's jacket overboard and says that as thieves they will know honor, and the crew cheer him on.


Hook is drinking alone in the jungle when Pan appears and tells him that he should have taken the deal. He warns Hook that Emma's kiss means nothing but Hook disagrees, believing that Emma now sees him as a man of honor. Pan asks what Emma would do if she knew Hook was keeping an important secret from him. He tells Hook that Neal is alive in Neverland, and dares him to tell Emma and ruin his own chances of Emma falling in love with him.

Pan goes to find Felix and the others, who have drugged Neal unconscious. Their leader tells them to hang Neal up next to the prisoner in the other cage.

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