Once Upon a Time

Ep. # Air Date Title Images
1x01 23/Oct/2011 Pilot 6
1x02 30/Oct/2011 The Thing You Love Most 6
1x04 13/Nov/2011 The Price of Gold 8
1x05 27/Nov/2011 That Still Small Voice 10
1x06 04/Dec/2011 The Shepherd 7
1x07 11/Dec/2011 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter 7
1x08 08/Jan/2012 Desperate Souls 6
1x09 15/Jan/2012 True North 8
1x10 22/Jan/2012 7:15 A.M. 7
1x11 29/Jan/2012 Fruit of the Poisonous Tree 7
1x13 19/Feb/2012 What Happened to Frederick 8
1x15 11/Mar/2012 Red-Handed 7
1x16 18/Mar/2012 Heart of Darkness 4
1x17 25/Mar/2012 Hat Trick 4
1x18 01/Apr/2012 The Stable Boy 7
1x20 29/Apr/2012 The Stranger 5
1x22 13/May/2012 A Land Without Magic 6
2x01 30/Sep/2012 Broken 7
2x02 07/Oct/2012 We Are Both 5
2x03 14/Oct/2012 Lady of the Lake 6
2x04 21/Oct/2012 The Crocodile 8
2x05 28/Oct/2012 The Doctor 8
2x06 04/Nov/2012 Tallahassee 7
2x08 25/Nov/2012 Into the Deep 7
2x09 02/Dec/2012 Queen of Hearts 8
2x10 06/Jan/2013 The Cricket Game 6
2x11 13/Jan/2013 The Outsider 6
2x12 20/Jan/2013 In The Name of the Brother 5
2x15 03/Mar/2013 The Queen is Dead 6
2x16 10/Mar/2013 The Miller's Daughter 8
2x17 17/Mar/2013 Welcome to Storybrooke 5
2x19 21/Apr/2013 Lacey 7
2x20 28/Apr/2013 The Evil Queen 8
2x21 05/May/2013 Second Star to the Right 7
2x22 12/May/2013 And Straight On 'Til Morning 8
3x01 29/Sep/2013 The Heart of the Truest Believer 4
3x02 06/Oct/2013 Lost Girl 7
3x04 20/Oct/2013 Nasty Habits 6
3x06 03/Nov/2013 Ariel 6
3x07 10/Nov/2013 Dark Hollow 6
3x08 17/Nov/2013 Think Lovely Thoughts 6
3x10 08/Dec/2013 The New Neverland 7
3x11 15/Dec/2013 Going Home 7
3x12 09/Mar/2014 New York City Serenade 6
3x13 16/Mar/2014 Witch Hunt 7
3x15 30/Mar/2014 Quiet Minds 8
3x16 06/Apr/2014 It’s Not Easy Being Green 4
3x17 13/Apr/2014 The Jolly Roger 8
3x19 27/Apr/2014 A Curious Thing 6
4x01 28/Sep/2014 A Tale of Two Sisters 7
4x02 05/Oct/2014 White Out 8
4x03 12/Oct/2014 Rocky Road 6
4x04 19/Oct/2014 The Apprentice 6
4x05 26/Oct/2014 Breaking Glass 7
4x06 02/Nov/2014 Family Business 5
4x08 16/Nov/2014 Smash the Mirror (1) 6
4x09 16/Nov/2014 Smash the Mirror (2) 6
4x10 30/Nov/2014 Fall 4
4x12 14/Dec/2014 Heroes and Villains 4
4x13 01/Mar/2015 Darkness on the Edge of Town 6
4x14 08/Mar/2015 Unforgiven 7
4x15 15/Mar/2015 Enter the Dragon 6
4x16 22/Mar/2015 Poor Unfortunate Soul 8
4x17 29/Mar/2015 Best Laid Plans 5
4x18 12/Apr/2015 Heart of Gold 7
4x19 19/Apr/2015 Sympathy for the De Vil 7
4x20 26/Apr/2015 Lily 7
4x21 03/May/2015 Mother 5
4x22 10/May/2015 Operation Mongoose (1) 6
4x23 10/May/2015 Operation Mongoose (2) 5
5x02 04/Oct/2015 The Price 7
5x03 11/Oct/2015 Siege Perilous 5
5x04 18/Oct/2015 The Broken Kingdom 6
5x05 25/Oct/2015 Dreamcatcher 6
5x06 01/Nov/2015 The Bear and the Bow 6
5x09 15/Nov/2015 The Bear King 6
5x10 29/Nov/2015 Broken Heart 8
5x12 06/Mar/2016 Souls of the Departed 7
5x13 13/Mar/2016 Labor of Love 7
5x15 27/Mar/2016 The Brothers Jones 7
5x16 03/Apr/2016 Our Decay 6
5x18 17/Apr/2016 Ruby Slippers 5
5x19 24/Apr/2016 Sisters 7
5x20 01/May/2016 Firebird 4
5x21 08/May/2016 Last Rites 7
5x22 15/May/2016 Only You 7

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