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Starr Manning #3 [1998-], played by Kristen Alderson

- Blair Cramer (mother)
- Todd Manning (father)
- Jack Manning (brother)
- Irene Clayton (biological grandmother; deceased)
- Barbara Manning (adoptive grandmother)
- Addie Cramer (grandmother)
- Victor Lord (biological grandfather; deceased)
- Peter Manning (adoptive grandfather; deceased)
- Victoria Lord Davidson (aunt)
- Tina Clayton Lord (aunt)
- Meredith Wolek (aunt; deceased)
- Dorian Lord (great aunt)
- Tony Lord (uncle; deceased)
- Natalie Buchanan (cousin)
- Jessica Buchanan (cousin)
- Kevin Buchanan (cousin)
- Joey Buchanan (cousin)
- Megan Gordon (cousin; deceased)
- Sarah "Flash" Roberts (cousin)
- CJ Roberts (cousin)
- Danny Wolek (cousin)
- Brian Kendall (cousin)
Natalie Balsom Buchanan Laurence Vega [2001-], played by Melissa Archer

~ Viki Davidson (biological mother)
~ Roxanne Balsom (adoptive mother)
~ Clint Buchanan (father)
~ Kevin Buchanan (half-brother)
~ Joey Buchanan (half-brother)
~ Jessica Buchanan (half-sister)
~ Megan Gordon (half-sister; deceased)
~ Cord Roberts (half-brother)
~ Rex Balsom (adoptive brother)
~ Olympia Buchanan (grandmother; deceased)
~ Eugenia Lord (grandmother; deceased)
~ Stella (adoptive grandmother)
~ Asa Buchanan (grandfather)
~ Victor Lord (grandfather; deceased)
~ Sarah "Flash" Roberts (niece)
~ Megan Buchanan (niece; deceased)
~ Brennan Buchanan (niece)
~ Duke Buchanan (nephew; deceased)
~ CJ Roberts (nephew)
~ Bo Buchanan (uncle)
~ Tony Lord (uncle; deceased)
~ Todd Manning (uncle)
~ Ben Davidson (uncle; deceased)
~ Tina Clayton Lord (aunt)
~ Meredith Lord Wolek (aunt; deceased)
~ Matthew Buchanan (cousin)
~ Drew Buchanan (cousin; deceased)
~ Starr Manning (cousin)
~ Jack Manning (cousin)
~ Sarah "Flash" Roberts (cousin)
~ CJ Roberts (cousin)
~ Danny Wolek (cousin)
~ Brian Kendall (cousin; deceased)

~ Seth Anderson
~ Mitch Laurence (1st husband / annulled)
~ Cristian Vega (2nd husband / divorced)
~ John McBain
~ Paul Cramer
Marcie Walsh McBain [2002-], played by Kathy Brier

~ Michael McBain (husband)
~ Charlie Walsh (father)
~ Ron Walsh (brother)
~ Eric Walsh (brother)
~ Jerry Walsh (brother)
~ Eve McBain (mother-in-law)
~ John McBain (brother-in-law)

~ Al Holden
~ Michael McBain (husband)
Claudia Reston [(#1); 2006-], played by Kerry Butler

~ George Reston (father)

~ Nash Brennan
Hugh Hughes [(#1); 2006-], played by Josh Casaubon

At the time, Hugh has no known Family or Romances.
Blair Cramer [(#2); 1993-], played by Kassie DePaiva

~ Starr Manning (daughter; with Todd Manning)
~ Jack Manning (son; with Todd Manning)
~ Addie Cramer (mother)
~ Sonya Cramer (grandmother; deceased)
~ Lou Cramer (grandfather; deceased)
~ Dorian Lord (aunt)
~ Melinda Cramer (aunt)
~ Kelly Cramer (cousin)
~ Paul Cramer (cousin; deceased)
~ Cassie Carpenter (cousin)
~ Adriana Cramer (cousin)

~ Cord Roberts
~ Asa Buchanan (1st husband; divorced)
~ Todd Manning (2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th husband; annulled)
~ Max Holden (4th husband; divorced)
~ Patrick Thornhart
~ Sam Rappaport
~ Spencer Truman
John McBain [(#1); 2003-], played by Michael Easton

~ Eve McBain (mother)
~ Thomas McBain (father; deceased)
~ Michael McBain (brother)
~ Shannon McBain (cousin)
~ Marcie McBain (sister-in-law)

~ Caitlin Fitzgerald
~ Natalie Buchanan
~ Evangeline Williamson
Cristian Vega [(#2); 1998-2003; 2004-2005; 2005-], played by David Fumero

- Carlotta Vega (mother)
- Diego Vega (father / deceased)
Kevin Buchanan [(#11); 2003-], played by Dan Gauthier

~ Duke Buchanan (son / deceased / with LeeAnn Demerest)
~ Victoria Lord Davidson (mother)
~ Joe Riley (biological father / deceased)
~ Clint Buchanan (adoptive father)
~ Jessica Buchanan (half-sister)
~ Natalie Buchanan (half-sister)
~ Megan Gordon (half-sister / deceased)
~ Joey Buchanan (brother)
~ Cord Roberts (adoptive half-brother)
~ Megan Riley (half-sister / deceased)
~ Olympia Buchanan (adoptive grandmother / deceased)
~ Eugenia Lord (grandmother / deceased)
~ Asa Buchanan (adoptive grandfather)
~ Victor Lord (grandfather / deceased)
~ Megan Buchanan (niece / deceased)
~ Sarah "Flash" Roberts (adoptive niece / cousin)
~ Brennan Buchanan (adoptive niece)
~ CJ Roberts (adoptive nephew / cousin)
~ Tina Clayton Lord (aunt)
~ Meredith Lord Wolek (aunt / deceased)
~ Eileen Riley (aunt)
~ Tony Lord (uncle / deceased)
~ Todd Manning (uncle)
~ Tom Dennison (uncle)
~ Bo Buchanan (adoptive uncle)
~ Ben Davidson (adoptive uncle / deceased)
~ Starr Manning (cousin)
~ Jack Manning (cousin)
~ Danny Wolek (cousin)
~ Brian Kendall (cousin / deceased)
~ Drew Buchanan (adoptive cousin / deceased)
~ Timmy Siegel (cousin / deceased)
~ Julie Siegel (cousin)
~ Mari Lynn Dennison (cousin)
Evangeline Williamson [(#1); 2003-], played by Renée Goldsberry

~ Lisa Williamson (mother)
~ Layla Williamson (sister)
~ Clay Williamson (uncle)

~ R.J. Gannon
~ John McBain
~ Cristian Vega
Lindsay Rappaport [(#1); 1998-2005; 2005-], played by Catherine Hickland

~ Will Rappaport (son; with Sam Rappaport)
~ Jennifer Rappaport (daughter; with Sam Rappaport; deceased)
~ Melanie MacIver (sister)
~ Megan Buchanan (granddaughter; deceased)

~ Sam Rappaport (1st husband; divorced)
~ Clint Buchanan (2nd husband; divorced)
~ Bo Buchanan
~ Troy MacIver
~ R.J. Gannon
Roxanne Balsom [(#1); 2001-], played by Ilene Kristen

- Rex Balsom (son; with Walter Balsom)
- Natalie Buchanan (adoptive daughter)
- Stella Balsom (mother)

- Walter Balsom (1st husband; deceased)
- Max Holden (2nd husband; divorced)
Rex Balsom [2002-], played by John-Paul Lavoisier

- Roxanne Balsom (mother)
- Walter Balsom (father; deceased)
- Natalie Vega (adoptive sister)
- Stella Balsom (grandmother)
- Corrine Balsom (aunt)

- Jennifer Rappaport (divorced)
- Lindsay Rappaport
- Shannon McBain
- Adriana Cramer

Rex Balsom, while at a young age, was sent to live with his aunt Corrine in Michigan, away from mother Roxanne and sister Natalie. While growing up in Michigan, Rex always dreamed of living the good life, a life full of wealth and women. In 2002, Jessica Buchanan (part of one of the wealthiest families in Llanview), who had found that Roxanne Balsom was her biological mother, came out to Michigan to meet Rex, whom she believed was her brother. Rex, seeing Jessica as his ticket into the good life, went with her back to Llanview and moved into Llanfair. However, it was soon revealed that Jessica wasn't related to Roxanne or Rex in any way, but Rex decided to stay in Llanview.

Rex began working at The Palace Hotel, and while on duty there, began a "friendship-with-benefits" with young Jennifer Rappaport. The two grew very close, and while working at The Palace Hotel, made a hobby out of burglarizing rooms together. Rex began to fall for Jennifer, but Jennifer was beginning to fall for Joey Buchanan. However, after Joey rejected Jennifer and told her that they could never have a relationship, Rex became Jennifer's shoulder to cry on. Rex proposed to Jennifer, and she accepted. The two were then married.

Jennifer soon found herself unhappy in their marriage, and decided that it had been a mistake. However, when she proposed the idea of a divorce to Rex, he refused to grant her one. Kevin Buchanan, realizing that Jennifer made his brother Joey happy, bribed Rex into granting Jennifer a divorce. Jennifer then married Joey, but soon realized that she was unhappy with that marriage as well, and began to spend time with Rex again. Rex realized that he was still in love with Jennifer, and tried to make her admit that she was still in love with him. When Joey left Jennifer, Jennifer vowed to clean up her life, and decided that Rex was bad for her, and that she should avoid him. While Rex continued to pursue Jennifer, he also began an affair with Jennifer's mother, Lindsay. One day, Jennifer walked in on Rex and Lindsay kissing, which convinced her even more that she had made the right decision in staying away from Rex.

Rex struck a deal with dangerous tycoon R.J. Gannon to open up a new club, called the Ultraviolet. However, Rex made a gigantic mistake when he didn't read the fine print, which said that if Rex was late with payments, he would lose the Ultraviolet. When Rex soon began to become late with payments, R.J. began to press, and Rex turned to Lindsay for the money. However, she refused to help him, and the two soon ended their affair. Rex and Roxanne came up with a dangerous plan to burn down Roxanne's hair salon to collect the insurance money. However, by the time the two realized what they were doing, it was too late, and instead of Roxanne's hair salon, the community center burned down instead. To make matters worse, R.J. took the Ultraviolet from Rex.

No one had been burned or injured in the blaze, but Rex and Roxanne were arrested, charged with arson, and sentenced to community service and a very large fine. Rex and Roxanne decided to sign up to help the Love House, a group of college students, rebuild the community center. Meanwhile, Asa Buchanan, charmed by Roxanne, paid the fine, and the two were set free.

Although Rex was happy to be out of trouble, he was still determined to get the Ultraviolet back. R.J. offered him a job, that required he steal paintings from an armored car. In order to pull the heist off, Rex enlisted Paul Cramer, who told Natalie. Natalie was supposed to act as a diversion, but she botched the operation on purpose to prevent Rex from going to jail.
Nash Brennan [(#1); 2005-], played by Forbes March

At the time, Nash has no known Family.

~ Claudia Reston
~ Tess Buchanan
Michael McBain [(#2); 2003-], played by Nathaniel Marston

~ Eve McBain (mother)
~ Thomas McBain (father; deceased)
~ John McBain (brother)
~ Shannon McBain (cousin)

~Marcie Walsh (married)
Paige Miller [(#3); 2006-], played by Alexandra Neil

~ A son (unnamed; with Spencer Truman)

~ Spencer Truman (divorced)
~ Bo Buchanan
Victoria Lord Davidson [(#4); 1971-], played by Erika Slezak

~ Kevin Buchanan (son; with Joe Riley)
~ Joey Buchanan (son; with Joe Riley)
~ Megan Gordon (daughter; with Roger Gordon; deceased)
~ Natalie Buchanan (daughter; with Clint Buchanan
~ Jessica Buchanan (daughter; with Mitch Laurence [rape])
~ Megan Buchanan (granddaughter; deceased)
~ Duke Buchanan (grandson; deceased)
~ Brennan Buchanan (granddaughter)
~ Eugenia Lord (mother; deceased)
~ Victor Lord (father; deceased)
~ Meredith Lord Wolek (sister; deceased)
~ Tony Lord (half-brother; deceased)
~ Todd Manning (half-brother)
~ Tina Clayton Lord (half-sister)
~ Starr Manning (niece)
~ Sarah "Flash" Roberts (niece)
~ Danny Wolek (nephew)
~ Jack Manning (nephew)
~ CJ Roberts (nephew)
~ Brian Kendall (nephew; deceased)
~ Gwendolyn Lord (aunt)
~ Powell Lord (uncle; deceased)
~ Powell Lord II (cousin)
~ Richard Abbott (cousin)

~ Roger Gordon (1st husband; annulled)
~ Joe Riley (2nd and 4th husband; deceased)
~ Steve Burke (3rd husband; divorced)
~ Ted Clayton
~ Clint Buchanan (5th and 6th husband; divorced)
~ Sloan Carpenter (7th husband; deceased)
~ Ben Davidson (8th husband, deceased)
Nora Hanen [(#1); 1992-], played by Hillary Bailey Smith

~ Rachel Gannon (daughter; with Hank Gannon)
~ Matthew Buchanan (son; with Bo Buchanan)
~ Susannah Hanen (sister)

~ Hank Gannon (1st husband; divorced)
~ Bo Buchanan (2nd husband; divorced)
~ Sam Rappaport
~ Troy MacIver
~ Daniel Colson (3rd husband; annulled)
Todd Manning, played by Trevor St. John

~ Starr Manning (daughter; with Blair Cramer)
~ Jack Manning (son; with Blair Cramer)
~ Irene Manning Clayton (biological mother; deceased)
~ Barbara Manning (adoptive mother)
~ Victor Lord (biological father; deceased)
~ Peter Manning (adoptive father; deceased)
~ Viki Davidson (half-sister)
~ Tina Clayton Lord (sister)
~ Tony Lord (half-brother; deceased)
~ Meredith Lord Wolek (half-sister; deceased)
~ Jessica Buchanan (niece)
~ Natalie Buchanan (niece)
~ Megan Gordon (niece; deceased)
~ Sarah "Flash" Roberts (niece)
~ Kevin Buchanan (nephew)
~ Joey Buchanan (nephew)
~ CJ Roberts (nephew)
~ Danny Wolek (nephew)
~ Brian Kendall (nephew; deceased)
~ Gwendolyn Lord (aunt)
~ Powell Lord (uncle; deceased)
~ Peter Manning (uncle; deceased)
~ Powell Lord II (cousin)
~ Richard Abbott (cousin)

~ Blair Cramer (1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th wife; annulled)
~ Tea Delgado (3rd wife; divorced)
R.J. Gannon, played by Timothy Stickney

~ Keri Reynolds (daughter; with Liz Reynolds; deceased)
~ Jamie Vega (granddaughter)
~ Hank Gannon (brother)
~ Rachel Gannon (niece)

~ Liz Reynolds
~ Jacara Principal
~ Tea Delgado
~ Evangeline Williamson
~ Lindsay Rappaport
Dorian Lord [(#3); 1979-1987; 1993-2000; 2003-], played by Robin Strasser

~ Cassie Carpenter (daughter; with David Renaldi)
~ Adriana Cramer (daughter; with Manuel Santi)
~ River Carpenter (adoptive grandson)
~ William Carpenter (adoptive grandson; deceased)
~ Sonya Cramer (mother; deceased)
~ Lou Cramer (father; deceased)
~ Melinda Cramer (sister)
~ Addie Cramer (sister)
~ Paul Cramer (nephew; deceased)
~ Blair Cramer (niece)
~ Kelly Cramer (niece)
~ Betsy Cramer (aunt; deceased)

~ David Renaldi
~ Mark Toland
~ Victor Lord (1st husband; deceased)
~ Herb Callison (2nd husband; divorced)
~ Harry O'Neill
~ Jon Russell
~ Manuel Santi (3rd husband; annulled)
~ Jason Webb
~ Joey Buchanan
~ David Vickers (4th husband; divorced)
~ Mel Hayes (5th husband; deceased)
~ Mitch Laurence (6th husband; deceased)
Layla Williamson [(#1); 2006-], played by Tika Sumpter

~ Lisa Williamson (mother)
~ Evangeline Williamson (sister)
~ Clay Williamson (uncle)

At the time, Layla has no known Romances.
Kelly Cramer [(#3); 2003-], played by Heather Tom

~ Zane Buchanan (son; with Duke Buchanan)
~ Melinda Cramer (mother)
~ Paul Cramer (half-brother; deceased)
~ Sonya Cramer (grandmother; deceased)
~ Lou Cramer (grandfather; deceased)
~ Dorian Lord (aunt)
~ Addie Cramer (aunt)
~ Cassie Carpenter (cousin)
~ Blair Cramer (cousin)
~ Adriana Cramer (cousin)

~ Joey Buchanan (1st husband; divorced)
~ Drew Buchanan
~ Ian Armitage
~ Max Holden
~ Kevin Buchanan (2nd husband; divorced)
Clint Buchanan [2005-], played by Jerry ver Dorn

~ Kevin Buchanan (adoptive son)
~ Joey Buchanan (adoptive son)
~ Natalie Buchanan (daughter; with Viki Davidson)
~ Jessica Buchanan (adoptive daughter)
~ Cord Roberts (son; with Maria Roberts)
~ Duke Buchanan (adoptive grandson; deceased)
~ Megan Buchanan (adoptive granddaughter; deceased)
~ CJ Roberts (grandson)
~ Sarah "Flash" Roberts (granddaughter)
~ Olympia Buchanan (mother; deceased)
~ Renee Buchcanan (stepmother; deceased)
~ Asa Buchanan (father)
~ Bo Buchanan (brother)
~ Ben Davidson (brother; deceased)
~ Drew Buchanan (nephew; deceased)
~ Matthew Buchanan (nephew)
~ Pike Buchanan (uncle)
~ Austin Buchanan (cousin; deceased)
~ Rafe Garretson (cousin)

~ Maria Roberts
~ Pat Ashley
~ Edwina Lewis
~ Viki Davidson (1st and 2nd wife; divorced)
~ Dorian Lord
~ Echo DiSavoy
~ Lindsay Rappaport (3rd wife; divorced)
~ Dallas Jones
David Vickers, played by Tuc Watkins

~ Spencer Truman (brother)

Romantic Relationships:
~ Tina Clayton Lord (1st wife / divorced)
~ Dorian Lord (2nd wife / divorced)
Jessica Lynn "Jessie/Jess" Buchanan Santi #5 [2003-], played by Bree Williamson


~ Megan Buchanan (daughter; with Will Rappaport; deceased)
~ Brennan Buchanan (daughter; with Nash Brennan)
~ Viki Davidson (mother)
~ Mitch Laurence (biological father; deceased)
~ Clint Buchanan (adoptive father)
~ Kevin Buchanan (half-brother)
~ Joey Buchanan (half-brother)
~ Megan Gordon (half-sister; deceased)
~ Natalie Buchanan (half-sister; deceased)
~ Cord Roberts (adoptive half-brother)
~ Olympia Buchanan (adoptive grandmother; deceased)
~ Eugenia Lord (grandmother; deceased)
~ Asa Buchanan (adoptive grandfather)
~ Victor Lord (grandfather; deceased)
~ Sarah "Flash" Roberts (adoptive niece)
~ Duke Buchanan (nephew; deceased)
~ CJ Roberts (adoptive nephew)
~ Meredith Lord Wolek (aunt; deceased)
~ Tina Clayton Lord
~ Tony Lord (uncle; deceased)
~ Todd Manning (uncle)
~ Bo Buchanan (adoptive uncle)
~ Ben Davidson (adoptive uncle)
~ Starr Manning (cousin)
~ Jack Manning (cousin)
~ CJ Roberts (cousin)
~ Sarah "Flash" Roberts (cousin)
~ Danny Wolek (cousin)
~ Brian Kendall (cousin; deceased)
~ Drew Buchanan (adoptive cousin; deceased)
~ Matthew Buchanan (adoptive cousin)

~ Cristian Vega
~ Will Rappaport
~ Seth Anderson
~ Antonio Vega
~ Tico Santi (1st husband; annulled)


Since Jessica and Tess share the same body, they have the same Family.

~ Nash Brennan
Bo Buchanan, played by Robert S. Woods

- Drew Buchanan (son; with Becky Lee Abbott; deceased)
- Matthew Buchanan (with Nora Hanen)
- Olympia Buchanan (mother; deceased)
- Asa Buchanan (father)
- Renee Buchanan (stepmother)
- Clint Buchanan (brother)
- Ben Davidson (half-brother; deceased)
- Jessica Buchanan (adoptive niece)
- Natalie Buchanan (niece)
- Cord Roberts (nephew)
- Kevin Buchanan (adoptive nephew)
- Joey Buchanan (adoptive nephew)
- Pike Buchanan (uncle)
- Austin Buchanan (cousin; deceased)
- Rafe Garretson

- Pat Ashley
- Delila Ralston (1st wife; divorced)
- Becky Lee Abbott
- Didi O'Neill (2nd wife; deceased)
- Sarah Gordon (3rd wife; deceased)
- Cassie Carpenter (4th wife; annulled)
- Nora Hanen (5th wife; divorced)
- Lindsay Rappaport
- Melanie McIver
- Gabrielle Medina
- Paige Miller
Asa Buchanan, played by Philip Carey

-- Renee Buchanan (wife)
-- Clint Buchanan (son, with Olympia Buchanan)
-- Bo Buchanan (son, with Olympia Buchanan)
-- Ben Davidson (son, deceased, with Renee Buchanan)
-- Natalie Buchanan (granddaughter)
-- Jessica Buchanan (adoptive granddaughter)
-- Kevin Buchanan (adoptive grandson)
-- Joey Buchanan (adoptive grandson)
-- Cord Roberts (grandson)
-- Drew Buchanan (grandson, deceased)
-- Matthew Buchanan (grandson)
-- Sarah Roberts (great-granddaughter)
-- CJ Roberts (great-granddaughter)
-- Megan Buchanan (great-granddaughter, deceased)
-- Duke Buchanan (adoptive great-grandson, deceased)
-- Brennan Buchanan (adoptive great-granddaughter)
-- Zane Buchanan (adoptive great-great-grandson)
-- Pike Buchanan (brother)
-- Austin Buchanan (nephew, deceased)
-- Rafe Garretson (nephew)

-- Olympia Buchanan (first wife, divorced)
-- Mimi King
-- Samantha Vernon (second wife, divorced)
-- Delila Ralston (third wife, divorced)
-- Becky Lee Abbott (fourth wife, divorced)
-- Pamela Stuart (fifth wife, divorced)
-- Renee Buchanan (sixth, tenth, and thirteenth wife)
-- Blair Cramer (seventh wife, divorced)
-- Alex Olanov (eigth and ninth wife, divorced)
-- Gabrielle Medina (eleventh wife, divorced)
-- Rae Cummings (twelfth wife, divorced)
Demerest "Duke" Buchanan #3 [2004-2006], played by Matthew Metzger

- LeeAnn Demerest (mother)
- Kevin Buchanan (father)
- Victoria Lord Davidson (grandmother)
- Du Ann Demerest (grandmother; deceased)
- Joe Riley (biological grandfather; deceased)
- Clint Buchanan (adoptive grandfather)
- Asa Buchanan (adoptive great-grandfather)
- Jessica Buchanan (aunt)
- Natalie Buchanan (aunt)
- Megan Gordon (aunt; deceased)
- Joey Buchanan (uncle)
- Cord Roberts (adoptive uncle)
- Megan Buchanan (cousin; deceased)
- CJ Roberts (adoptive cousin)
- Sarah "Flash" Roberts (adoptive cousin)

- Adriana Cramer
Vincent Jones, played by Tobias Truvillion

At the time, Vincent has no known Family.

Romantic Relationships
~ Layla Williamson
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