One Life to Live

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 Season 41(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
10230 41x01 15/Jul/2008 Oops, She Did It Again
10231 41x02 16/Jul/2008 Tough Brakes
10232 41x03 17/Jul/2008 Road Kill
10233 41x04 18/Jul/2008 And The Wisdom To Know The Difference
10234 41x05 21/Jul/2008 A Little Bit of History Repeating
10235 41x06 22/Jul/2008 Everything Old Is New Again
10236 41x07 23/Jul/2008 Divorce, Llanview Style
10237 41x08 24/Jul/2008 Are You There, Mel? It’s me, Dorian
10238 41x09 25/Jul/2008 Up On the Roof
10239 41x10 28/Jul/2008 Summer Storm
10240 41x11 29/Jul/2008 Day of Future Past
10241 41x12 30/Jul/2008 Make Love, Not War
10242 41x13 31/Jul/2008 Two Weddings And A Beheading
10243 41x14 01/Aug/2008 Yamajesti, Yahiness
10244 41x15 04/Aug/2008 Disappearing Axe
10245 41x16 05/Aug/2008 So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night
10246 41x17 06/Aug/2008 Jumpin’ Jehosophat!
10247 41x18 07/Aug/2008 There Must Be Some Way Outta Here
10248 41x19 08/Aug/2008 Hello? I Love You
10249 41x20 11/Aug/2008 Strange Love Addiction
10250 41x21 12/Aug/2008 If The Conduit Can Do It
10251 41x22 13/Aug/2008 The Look of Love
10252 41x23 14/Aug/2008 The Times, They Are A-Changing
10253 41x24 15/Aug/2008 No Time Like The Present
10254 41x25 18/Aug/2008 Love The One You’re With
10255 41x26 19/Aug/2008 Dark Nights of the Souls
10256 41x27 20/Aug/2008 Effective Detectives
10257 41x28 21/Aug/2008 All In The Family
10258 41x29 22/Aug/2008 Crank Dat Soldier Boy
10259 41x30 25/Aug/2008 You say goodbye, I say hello
10260 41x31 26/Aug/2008 Fort Bliss
10261 41x32 27/Aug/2008 In Bed 2gether
10262 41x33 28/Aug/2008 Don’t Cry For Me, Mendorra
10263 41x34 29/Aug/2008 Not The Safe!
10264 41x35 02/Sep/2008 The Doggie Door
10265 41x36 03/Sep/2008 A Four Letter Word For Evildoer
10266 41x37 04/Sep/2008 A Pain In The Glass
10267 41x38 05/Sep/2008 A Long, Strange Trip
10268 41x39 08/Sep/2008 “LIVE, From the Lord Library . . .”
10269 41x40 09/Sep/2008 Saving Face
10270 41x41 10/Sep/2008 Inmates on the Inside
10271 41x42 11/Sep/2008 The Spanish Prisoner
10272 41x43 12/Sep/2008 Everybody in the (Gene) Pool!
10273 41x44 15/Sep/2008 Free Alter-ations
10274 41x45 16/Sep/2008 Tess, Lies and Videotape
10275 41x46 17/Sep/2008 Dear John
10276 41x47 18/Sep/2008 When Nat’s Away, Tess Will . . .
10277 41x48 19/Sep/2008 Dreams, Schemes, and Tactical Teams
10278 41x49 22/Sep/2008 What A Day For A Daydream
10279 41x50 23/Sep/2008 Guilt-O-Whirl
10280 41x51 24/Sep/2008 The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
10281 41x52 25/Sep/2008 Me Llamo McBain . . . John McBain
10282 41x53 26/Sep/2008 War Is Not Over
10283 41x54 29/Sep/2008 The Golden Hour
10284 41x55 30/Sep/2008 The Son’ll Come Out Tomorrow
10285 41x56 01/Oct/2008 So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco’s Father?
10286 41x57 02/Oct/2008 A Parting Gift
10287 41x58 03/Oct/2008 The Full Story
10288 41x59 06/Oct/2008 I’ll Make You An Offer . . .
10289 41x60 07/Oct/2008 Cold-Blooded Woman
10290 41x61 08/Oct/2008 Die Young, Stay Pretty
10291 41x62 09/Oct/2008 If I Had A Hammer
10292 41x63 10/Oct/2008 From Soup To Nuts
10293 41x64 13/Oct/2008 The Dip Of Death
10294 41x65 14/Oct/2008 Parts and Labor
10295 41x66 15/Oct/2008 Adios, Superfreak
10296 41x67 16/Oct/2008 Home is where the FARC is
10297 41x68 17/Oct/2008 “Buh-Bye”
10298 41x69 20/Oct/2008 The Full Montez
10299 41x70 21/Oct/2008 Missing Persons
10300 41x71 22/Oct/2008 Die? No. Might?
10301 41x72 23/Oct/2008 In the Boom-Boom Room
10302 41x73 24/Oct/2008 The Moonrise Wakes the Nightingale
10303 41x74 27/Oct/2008 Deal or No Deal
10304 41x75 28/Oct/2008 A Little Smoke and a Big Pinata
10305 41x76 29/Oct/2008 She Who Blasts Last, Blasts Best. . .
10306 41x77 30/Oct/2008 Babes Up In Arms
10307 41x78 31/Oct/2008 The People Under The Stairs
10308 41x79 03/Nov/2008 Let It Bree
10309 41x80 04/Nov/2008 Under Lock And Keys
10310 41x81 05/Nov/2008 Gods and Monsters
10311 41x82 06/Nov/2008 Born. . . and Born Again
10312 41x83 07/Nov/2008 How I Wish I’d Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
10313 41x84 10/Nov/2008 The Bess is Yet to Come
10314 41x85 11/Nov/2008 Darkness on the Edge of Town
10315 41x86 12/Nov/2008 I Wish That I Had Jessie’s Girl
10316 41x87 13/Nov/2008 Getting Mad vs Getting Even
10317 41x88 14/Nov/2008 An Eye For An I
10318 41x89 17/Nov/2008 Cradle of Hope
10319 41x90 18/Nov/2008 Plan “B”
10320 41x91 19/Nov/2008 I Know Why The Caged Bird Screams
10321 41x92 20/Nov/2008 A Lie Of The Mind
10322 41x93 21/Nov/2008 Forget-Me-Nots
10323 41x94 24/Nov/2008 One For My Baby, and One S’more for the Road
10324 41x95 25/Nov/2008 I’ve Been to Mendorra But I’ve Never Been to Me
10325 41x96 26/Nov/2008 One Flew Over the Turkey’s Nest
10326 41x97 01/Dec/2008 “iBuenos Dias!”
10327 41x98 02/Dec/2008 Fault Lines
10328 41x99 03/Dec/2008 Guns N’ Roses
10329 41x100 04/Dec/2008 First, Do No Harm
10330 41x101 05/Dec/2008 Hasta La Vista, Bonjour
10331 41x102 08/Dec/2008 If You Build It, She Will Come
10332 41x103 09/Dec/2008 Christina Comes Home For Christmas
10333 41x104 10/Dec/2008 We All Fall Down
10334 41x105 11/Dec/2008 Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?
10335 41x106 12/Dec/2008 True Lies
10336 41x107 15/Dec/2008 Hard of Hearing
10337 41x108 16/Dec/2008 Aliens Vs. Predators
10338 41x109 17/Dec/2008 Decent Proposal
10339 41x110 18/Dec/2008 I Can’ Get No . . .
10340 41x111 19/Dec/2008 . . . and Rex Went Z, Z, Z All the Way Home
10341 41x112 22/Dec/2008 Lawyers, Guns, and Chloe
10342 41x113 23/Dec/2008 Starr Witness
10343 41x114 26/Dec/2008 All Know the Way, But Few Actually Walk It
10344 41x115 29/Dec/2008 First Chants, Second Chances
10345 41x116 30/Dec/2008 Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot
10346 41x117 02/Jan/2009 Jump On It
10347 41x118 05/Jan/2009 It’s Raining Men
10348 41x119 06/Jan/2009 Make No Mistake, He’s Mine
10349 41x120 07/Jan/2009 Leave It to Beaver
10350 41x121 08/Jan/2009 The Mourning After
10351 41x122 09/Jan/2009 Tea and Sympathy
10352 41x123 12/Jan/2009 High School Confidential
10353 41x124 13/Jan/2009 The Joy of Rex
10354 41x125 14/Jan/2009 You’ll Know When You Know
10355 41x126 15/Jan/2009 Sex, Drugs and David’s Soul
10356 41x127 16/Jan/2009 Just Say No
10357 41x128 19/Jan/2009 The Truth Hurts
10358 41x129 21/Jan/2009 Dads and the T’s
10359 41x130 22/Jan/2009 My Sister, My Daughter
10360 41x131 23/Jan/2009 The Tao of David
10361 41x132 26/Jan/2009 Tales From The Cript
10362 41x133 27/Jan/2009 Thank Buddha For Little Girls
10363 41x134 28/Jan/2009 Get Down. . . and Dirty
10364 41x135 29/Jan/2009 Look but Don’t Touch
10365 41x136 30/Jan/2009 Death Becomes Her
10366 41x137 02/Feb/2009 It Takes Tea to Tango
10367 41x138 03/Feb/2009 Souls Laid Bear
10368 41x139 04/Feb/2009 Not So Sweet Charity
10369 41x140 05/Feb/2009 Guilty As Sin
10370 41x141 06/Feb/2009 (She Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
10371 41x142 09/Feb/2009 What Happens In Vegas, Stays In The Temple
10372 41x143 10/Feb/2009 Starr-Crossed Mothers
10373 41x144 11/Feb/2009 Teenage Wasteland
10374 41x145 12/Feb/2009 Something in Red
10375 41x146 13/Feb/2009 Cookie Delancey
10376 41x147 16/Feb/2009 Better Off Red
10377 41x148 17/Feb/2009 About Last Night
10378 41x149 18/Feb/2009 Karma’s A Bitch
10379 41x150 19/Feb/2009 Do You Want To Tell Them Or Should I?
10380 41x151 20/Feb/2009 Freaky Friday
10381 41x152 23/Feb/2009 Mi Casa Es Su Casa
10382 41x153 24/Feb/2009 A New Pair Of Genes
10383 41x154 25/Feb/2009 Color Him Father, Color Him Love
10384 41x155 26/Feb/2009 Won’t Get Fooled Again
10385 41x156 27/Feb/2009 Daddy Dearest
10386 41x157 02/Mar/2009 Rex’s Father, Who Art in Llanview
10387 41x158 03/Mar/2009 Lie Dectectors
10388 41x159 04/Mar/2009 Feed Your Head
10389 41x160 05/Mar/2009 Cuts Like a Knife
10390 41x161 06/Mar/2009 Backstabbed
10391 41x162 09/Mar/2009 Mother Courage
10392 41x163 10/Mar/2009 Dirty Dancer
10393 41x164 11/Mar/2009 Llegless In Llanview
10394 41x165 12/Mar/2009 D-Day
10395 41x166 13/Mar/2009 Blood Ties
10396 41x167 16/Mar/2009 Dead Men Tell No Tales
10397 41x168 17/Mar/2009 Walk the Walk
10398 41x169 18/Mar/2009 No One Ever Said It Would Be This Hard
10399 41x170 19/Mar/2009 Bad Hair Day
10400 41x171 20/Mar/2009 Say A Little Prayer
10401 41x172 23/Mar/2009 The Little Match Girl
10402 41x173 24/Mar/2009 Spring Awakening
10403 41x174 25/Mar/2009 Do The Right Thing?
10404 41x175 26/Mar/2009 Make Me A Match
10405 41x176 27/Mar/2009 Bad To The Bone
10406 41x177 30/Mar/2009 Three On A Match
10407 41x178 31/Mar/2009 Lay Lady Lie
10408 41x179 01/Apr/2009 Homecomings
10409 41x180 02/Apr/2009 Elephants
10410 41x181 03/Apr/2009 Stacy’s Turn
10411 41x182 06/Apr/2009 Thrill Me To The Marrow
10412 41x183 07/Apr/2009 Eye of the Needle
10413 41x184 08/Apr/2009 Teach Your Children Well
10414 41x185 09/Apr/2009 El corazón desea lo que desea
10415 41x186 10/Apr/2009 Payback
10416 41x187 13/Apr/2009 Past, Present Tense
10417 41x188 14/Apr/2009 Ready, Aim, Liar
10418 41x189 15/Apr/2009 Good Cop, John Cop
10419 41x190 16/Apr/2009 Renouncing Satan . . . Or Not
10420 41x191 17/Apr/2009 Sleeps With The Fishes
10421 41x192 20/Apr/2009 Officer Down
10422 41x193 21/Apr/2009 Aziza
10423 41x194 22/Apr/2009 Ungentle Love
10424 41x195 23/Apr/2009 Going Mobile
10425 41x196 24/Apr/2009 Stab Me Once, Shame on You
10426 41x197 27/Apr/2009 Unplugged
10427 41x198 28/Apr/2009 Kinda Hot
10428 41x199 29/Apr/2009 It’s All Wrong But It’s All Right
10429 41x200 30/Apr/2009 Don’t Leave Me This Way
10430 41x201 01/May/2009 Demons
10431 41x202 04/May/2009 Love Hurts
10432 41x203 05/May/2009 Test Patterns
10433 41x204 06/May/2009 Never Lose Hope
10434 41x205 07/May/2009 The Doctor Is In . . . Sane
10435 41x206 08/May/2009 I Wanna Be Sedated
10436 41x207 11/May/2009 The Facts of (One) Life (to Live)
10437 41x208 12/May/2009 Starr’s and Strips
10438 41x209 13/May/2009 Driving Miss Destiny
10439 41x210 14/May/2009 Full Circle
10440 41x211 15/May/2009 The Rites and Wrongs of Spring
10441 41x212 18/May/2009 Roses In December
10442 41x213 19/May/2009 Power Failure
10443 41x214 20/May/2009 Not For the Faint of Heart
10444 41x215 21/May/2009 The Wheels on the Bus. . .
10445 41x216 22/May/2009 Clinging To Hope
10446 41x217 26/May/2009 Stop Making Sense
10447 41x218 27/May/2009 What Happens In The Boiler Room ...
10448 41x219 28/May/2009 Hope Is Alive
10449 41x220 29/May/2009 Found And Lost
10450 41x221 01/Jun/2009 Hit Me With Your Best Shot
10451 41x222 02/Jun/2009 Mother Knows Bess
10452 41x223 03/Jun/2009 Are You The Gatekeeper?
10453 41x224 04/Jun/2009 The Waiting Is The Hardest Part
10454 41x225 05/Jun/2009 Rising From The Tumble
10455 41x226 08/Jun/2009 Baby Mine
10456 41x227 09/Jun/2009 Top Chef
10457 41x228 10/Jun/2009 Change Partners And Dance
10458 41x229 11/Jun/2009 Promises To Keep
10459 41x230 12/Jun/2009 Pomp & Circumstance
10460 41x231 15/Jun/2009 Mother And Child Reunion
10461 41x232 16/Jun/2009 The Blessed And The Busted
10462 41x233 17/Jun/2009 As Close As The Beat Of My Heart
10463 41x234 18/Jun/2009 Hair Of The Dogged
10464 41x235 19/Jun/2009 Where The Kisses Are Hers And Hers And His
10465 41x236 22/Jun/2009 Prisoners of Love
10466 41x237 23/Jun/2009 Good Girls Go To Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)
10467 41x238 24/Jun/2009 Dance, Little Sister, Dance
10468 41x239 25/Jun/2009 Consenting Adults
10469 41x240 26/Jun/2009 Thicker Than Blood
10470 41x241 29/Jun/2009 Killing Me Softly
10471 41x242 30/Jun/2009 There Might Be Blood
10472 41x243 01/Jul/2009 Téa, Where The Devil Are My Slippers?
10473 41x244 02/Jul/2009 Nice Day For A White Wedding
10474 41x245 06/Jul/2009 Or 4ever Hold Your Peace
10475 41x246 08/Jul/2009 Can This Marriage Be Saved?
10476 41x247 09/Jul/2009 You Can Go Home Again
10477 41x248 10/Jul/2009 Cocktails at Seven, Dinner at Eight
10478 41x249 13/Jul/2009 Aunt Misbehavin’
10479 41x250 14/Jul/2009 The Deep End

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 02:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 15, 1968
Ended: January 13, 2012
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