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One Life to Live

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 Season 42(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
10480 42x01 15/Jul/2009 Heating Up Fast N/A
10481 42x02 16/Jul/2009 Red-Handed N/A
10482 42x03 17/Jul/2009 In Cold Blood N/A
10483 42x04 20/Jul/2009 Fur Flies N/A
10484 42x05 21/Jul/2009 Head Over Heels N/A
10485 42x06 22/Jul/2009 Stairway to Heaven N/A
10486 42x07 23/Jul/2009 How To Handle A Woman N/A
10487 42x08 24/Jul/2009 The Last (Belly) Laugh N/A
10488 42x09 27/Jul/2009 Ghost of a Chance N/A
10489 42x10 28/Jul/2009 Coming Out of the Dark N/A
10490 42x11 29/Jul/2009 In The Family Way N/A
10491 42x12 30/Jul/2009 Elephant In The Room N/A
10492 42x13 31/Jul/2009 Wedding Bo Blues N/A
10493 42x14 03/Aug/2009 Téa For Two N/A
10494 42x15 04/Aug/2009 I Deux N/A
10495 42x16 05/Aug/2009 Broken Flowers N/A
10496 42x17 06/Aug/2009 A Kiss Is Just A Kiss N/A
10497 42x18 07/Aug/2009 Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me N/A
10498 42x19 10/Aug/2009 Kiss And Tell N/A
10499 42x20 11/Aug/2009 The Blair Snitch Project N/A
10500 42x21 12/Aug/2009 I’ll Be Watching You N/A
10501 42x22 13/Aug/2009 Lies and Whispers N/A
10502 42x23 14/Aug/2009 Baby and the Tramp N/A
10503 42x24 17/Aug/2009 The Who To-Do List N/A
10504 42x25 18/Aug/2009 To Walk, Perchance to Dream N/A
10505 42x26 19/Aug/2009 The Real Buchanans of Llantano County N/A
10506 42x27 20/Aug/2009 The Ghost Is Clear N/A
10507 42x28 21/Aug/2009 Physician, Heal Thyself N/A
10508 42x29 24/Aug/2009 Everybody Loves Rayburn N/A
10509 42x30 25/Aug/2009 The Thin Line Between Love and Rage N/A
10510 42x31 26/Aug/2009 Fish in a Barrel N/A
10511 42x32 27/Aug/2009 Leave the Bottle N/A
10512 42x33 28/Aug/2009 Who Am I, Anyway? N/A
10513 42x34 31/Aug/2009 The Cops, The Kids, The Bigamist & Her Lover N/A
10514 42x35 01/Sep/2009 Some Enchanted Dealing N/A
10515 42x36 02/Sep/2009 The Big Kahuna N/A
10516 42x37 03/Sep/2009 Law & Ardor N/A
10517 42x38 04/Sep/2009 Blood In The Water N/A
10518 42x39 08/Sep/2009 All’s Mayor In Love and War N/A
10519 42x40 09/Sep/2009 Between Shaun and the Dark of Night N/A
10520 42x41 10/Sep/2009 First There Is A Baby, Then There Is No Baby, Then There Is. . . 9
10521 42x42 11/Sep/2009 Vlad the Impaler N/A
10522 42x43 14/Sep/2009 Dasvidania, Comrade N/A
10523 42x44 15/Sep/2009 Caling All Angels N/A
10524 42x45 16/Sep/2009 Courage Tastes of Blood N/A
10525 42x46 17/Sep/2009 Politics As Unusual N/A
10526 42x47 18/Sep/2009 Who Sleeps Wth The Fishes? N/A
10527 42x48 21/Sep/2009 Break On Through To The Other Side N/A
10528 42x49 22/Sep/2009 Everybody, Limbo! N/A
10529 42x50 23/Sep/2009 Fathers and Sons N/A
10530 42x51 24/Sep/2009 Rated Ex N/A
10531 42x52 25/Sep/2009 The Wedding Stinger N/A
10532 42x53 28/Sep/2009 Or Forever Hold Your Scream N/A
10533 42x54 29/Sep/2009 Endless Love Boat N/A
10534 42x55 30/Sep/2009 The Blair Essentials N/A
10535 42x56 01/Oct/2009 Who's Zoomin' Who N/A
10536 42x57 02/Oct/2009 Exes and Oh's! N/A
10537 42x58 05/Oct/2009 A Tale of Two Husbands N/A
10538 42x59 06/Oct/2009 An Arresting Development N/A
10539 42x60 07/Oct/2009 Children of a Lesser Todd N/A
10540 42x61 08/Oct/2009 Definitely, Baby N/A
10541 42x62 09/Oct/2009 The Defenestration of Blair Cramer N/A
10542 42x63 12/Oct/2009 Thick As Thieves N/A
10543 42x64 13/Oct/2009 Why Blair Aired N/A
10544 42x65 14/Oct/2009 To the Manning Born N/A
10545 42x66 15/Oct/2009 Say It Ain’t So, Bo N/A
10546 42x67 16/Oct/2009 Flight of the Buchanans N/A
10547 42x68 19/Oct/2009 The Born Identity N/A
10548 42x69 20/Oct/2009 London Calling N/A
10549 42x70 21/Oct/2009 Connubial Blitz N/A
10550 42x71 22/Oct/2009 No Texts, Please, We’re British N/A
10551 42x72 23/Oct/2009 Matthew, Come Home N/A
10552 42x73 26/Oct/2009 The Call is Coming from Inside Your Head! N/A
10553 42x74 27/Oct/2009 Struck Lucky With Motel Matches N/A
10554 42x75 28/Oct/2009 For Whom The Bellman Tells N/A
10555 42x76 29/Oct/2009 A Date With Destiny N/A
10556 42x77 30/Oct/2009 Somewhere Over the Rainbow 8
10557 42x78 02/Nov/2009 Wholly Matrimony! N/A
10558 42x79 03/Nov/2009 Veni, Vidi, Vino, Vote N/A
10559 42x80 04/Nov/2009 Tall, Dark and Proper N/A
10560 42x81 05/Nov/2009 Hell’s Belles & Cells N/A
10561 42x82 06/Nov/2009 The Banks Bailout N/A
10562 42x83 09/Nov/2009 Skins and Bones N/A
10563 42x84 10/Nov/2009 Back From The Dad N/A
10564 42x85 11/Nov/2009 Sing Along With Mitch N/A
10565 42x86 12/Nov/2009 The Greenhouse Effect N/A
10566 42x87 13/Nov/2009 Angel of Death N/A
10567 42x88 16/Nov/2009 Dads Gone Wild N/A
10568 42x89 17/Nov/2009 Hold the Phone! N/A
10569 42x90 18/Nov/2009 Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn N/A
10570 42x91 19/Nov/2009 The Seven Year Mitch N/A
10571 42x92 20/Nov/2009 Who's Your Daddy? N/A
10572 42x93 23/Nov/2009 Blood Is Thicker Than Daughter N/A
10573 42x94 24/Nov/2009 Congratulations, It’s A Girl N/A
10574 42x95 25/Nov/2009 Is It So Small A Thing? N/A
10575 42x96 30/Nov/2009 The Sons Also Rise N/A
10576 42x97 01/Dec/2009 Missing Children N/A
10577 42x98 02/Dec/2009 It’s Not the Meet, It’s Emotion N/A
10578 42x99 03/Dec/2009 One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back N/A
10579 42x100 04/Dec/2009 The Doggone Girl Is Mine N/A
10580 42x101 07/Dec/2009 No More Mr. Nice Guy N/A
10581 42x102 08/Dec/2009 Christmas Stuns Early This Year N/A
10582 42x103 09/Dec/2009 Heart of Darkness N/A
10583 42x104 10/Dec/2009 Danielle in the Lion’s Den N/A
10584 42x105 11/Dec/2009 Global Repositioning N/A
10585 42x106 14/Dec/2009 Bridge Over The River Lie N/A
10586 42x107 15/Dec/2009 I Never Sank For My Father N/A
10587 42x108 16/Dec/2009 The Mel Word N/A
10588 42x109 17/Dec/2009 Who's Sorry Now N/A
10589 42x110 18/Dec/2009 The Apparent Trap N/A
10590 42x111 21/Dec/2009 Cabin Fever N/A
10591 42x112 22/Dec/2009 Rockin’ Around The Crisis Tree N/A
10592 42x113 23/Dec/2009 Merry Christmas, Mr. Laurence N/A
10593 42x114 28/Dec/2009 Don't Get Mad, Get Even N/A
10594 42x115 29/Dec/2009 What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? N/A
10595 42x116 30/Dec/2009 Because The Night Belongs to Us N/A
10596 42x117 04/Jan/2010 A Mitch in Time N/A
10597 42x118 05/Jan/2010 A Kiss Before I Go N/A
10598 42x119 06/Jan/2010 Let’s Get (Meta) Physical N/A
10599 42x121 07/Jan/2010 Nurse Charles in Charge N/A
10600 42x121 08/Jan/2010 Missing You 8
10601 42x122 11/Jan/2010 Mitch Ado About Something N/A
10602 42x123 12/Jan/2010 From Bobby Socks to Stocking N/A
10603 42x124 13/Jan/2010 Family is Everything N/A
10604 42x125 14/Jan/2010 Movin’ On Up N/A
10605 42x126 15/Jan/2010 Laurence of Suburbia N/A
10606 42x127 18/Jan/2010 One Fish, Two Fish, Rex Fish, Sky (Blue) Fish N/A
10607 42x127 19/Jan/2010 Manning the Flames of Doubt N/A
10608 42x129 20/Jan/2010 Father Knows Worst N/A
10609 42x130 21/Jan/2010 Like A Bridge Over Troubled Water N/A
10610 42x131 22/Jan/2010 Already Gone N/A
10611 42x132 25/Jan/2010 Hey Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sister N/A
10612 42x133 26/Jan/2010 Escape to Buchanan Ranch N/A
10613 42x134 27/Jan/2010 One Way or a Mother N/A
10614 42x135 28/Jan/2010 My Three Dads N/A
10615 42x136 29/Jan/2010 Kill the Messenger N/A
10616 42x137 01/Feb/2010 Pow! Zap! N/A
10617 42x138 02/Feb/2010 Showdown@BigSky N/A
10618 42x139 03/Feb/2010 Desperately Seeking Stacy N/A
10619 42x140 04/Feb/2010 All On A Wintry Night N/A
10620 42x141 05/Feb/2010 Sorry, Wrong Baby N/A
10621 42x142 08/Feb/2010 Fire and Ice and Brimstone N/A
10622 42x143 09/Feb/2010 Shiver Deep, Mountain High N/A
10623 42x144 10/Feb/2010 Shocked! Shocked! N/A
10624 42x145 11/Feb/2010 Sierra Rose N/A
10625 42x146 12/Feb/2010 On Thin Ice N/A
10626 42x147 15/Feb/2010 Ice, Ice Baby N/A
10627 42x148 16/Feb/2010 Come On In, The Water's Frigid N/A
10628 42x149 17/Feb/2010 Le Revenge N/A
10629 42x150 18/Feb/2010 On Frozen Pond N/A
10630 42x151 19/Feb/2010 These Boots N/A
10631 42x152 22/Feb/2010 Displeasures of Sierra's Madre N/A
10632 42x153 23/Feb/2010 Downward Schuyler N/A
10633 42x154 24/Feb/2010 Do the Dogg N/A
10634 42x155 25/Feb/2010 Unfaithfully Yours N/A
10635 42x156 26/Feb/2010 Coming Around Again N/A
10636 42x157 01/Mar/2010 First Love, Last Love N/A
10637 42x158 02/Mar/2010 Que Sierra, Sierra N/A
10638 42x159 03/Mar/2010 Couples Resort N/A
10639 42x160 04/Mar/2010 Rules of Engagement N/A
10640 42x161 05/Mar/2010 Auntie Up N/A
10641 42x162 08/Mar/2010 Bunny in the Oven N/A
10642 42x163 09/Mar/2010 Heart Appreciation N/A
10643 42x164 10/Mar/2010 Baby, Baby, Who's Got the Baby? N/A
10644 42x165 11/Mar/2010 Rachel Getting Harried N/A
10645 42x166 12/Mar/2010 I Saw Your Picture Today N/A
10646 42x167 15/Mar/2010 Whose Child Is This? N/A
10647 42x168 16/Mar/2010 Teacher's Sweat N/A
10648 42x169 17/Mar/2010 ...And Baby Makes Three N/A
10649 42x170 18/Mar/2010 How Are Things in Glocca Llanview? N/A
10650 42x171 19/Mar/2010 Allison Wonderland N/A
10651 42x172 22/Mar/2010 Ep. #10651 N/A
10652 42x173 23/Mar/2010 Ep. #10652 N/A
10653 42x174 24/Mar/2010 Ep. #10653 N/A
10654 42x175 25/Mar/2010 Ep. #10654 N/A
10655 42x176 26/Mar/2010 Ep. #10655 N/A
10656 42x177 29/Mar/2010 Ep. #10656 N/A
10657 42x178 30/Mar/2010 Ep. #10657 N/A
10658 42x179 31/Mar/2010 Ep. #10658 N/A
10659 42x180 01/Apr/2010 Ep. #10659 N/A
10660 42x181 02/Apr/2010 Ep. #10660 N/A
10661 42x182 05/Apr/2010 Ep. #10661 N/A
10662 42x183 06/Apr/2010 Ep. #10662 N/A
10663 42x184 07/Apr/2010 Ep. #10663 N/A
10664 42x185 08/Apr/2010 Ep. #10664 N/A
10665 42x186 09/Apr/2010 Ep. #10665 N/A
10666 42x187 12/Apr/2010 Ep. #10666 N/A
10667 42x188 13/Apr/2010 Ep. #10667 N/A
10668 42x189 14/Apr/2010 Ep. #10668 N/A
10669 42x190 15/Apr/2010 Ep. #10669 N/A
10670 42x191 16/Apr/2010 Ep. #10670 N/A
10671 42x192 19/Apr/2010 Ep. #10671 N/A
10672 42x193 20/Apr/2010 Ep. #10672 N/A
10673 42x194 21/Apr/2010 Ep. #10673 N/A
10674 42x195 22/Apr/2010 Ep. #10674 N/A
10675 42x196 23/Apr/2010 Ep. #10675 N/A
10676 42x197 26/Apr/2010 Ep. #10676 N/A
10677 42x198 27/Apr/2010 Ep. #10677 N/A
10678 42x199 28/Apr/2010 Ep. #10678 N/A
10679 42x200 29/Apr/2010 Ep. #10679 N/A
10680 42x201 30/Apr/2010 Ep. #10680 N/A
10681 42x202 03/May/2010 Ep. #10681 N/A
10682 42x203 04/May/2010 Ep. #10682 N/A
10683 42x204 05/May/2010 Ep. #10683 N/A
10684 42x205 06/May/2010 Ep. #10684 N/A
10685 42x206 07/May/2010 Ep. #10685 N/A
10686 42x207 10/May/2010 Ep. #10686 N/A
10687 42x208 11/May/2010 Ep. #10687 8
10688 42x209 12/May/2010 Ep. #10688 N/A
10689 42x210 13/May/2010 Ep. #10689 N/A
10690 42x211 14/May/2010 Ep. #10690 N/A
10691 42x212 17/May/2010 Ep. #10691 N/A
10692 42x213 18/May/2010 Ep. #10692 N/A
10693 42x214 19/May/2010 Ep. #10693 N/A
10694 42x215 20/May/2010 Ep. #10694 N/A
10695 42x216 21/May/2010 Ep. #10695 N/A
10696 42x217 24/May/2010 Ep. #10696 N/A
10697 42x218 25/May/2010 Ep. #10697 N/A
10698 42x219 26/May/2010 Ep. #10698 N/A
10699 42x220 27/May/2010 Ep. #10699 N/A
10700 42x221 28/May/2010 Ep. #10700 N/A
10701 42x222 01/Jun/2010 Ep. #10701 N/A
10702 42x223 02/Jun/2010 Ep. #10702 9
10703 42x224 03/Jun/2010 Ep. #10703 N/A
10704 42x225 04/Jun/2010 Ep. #10704 N/A
10705 42x226 07/Jun/2010 Ep. #10705 N/A
10706 42x227 08/Jun/2010 Ep. #10706 N/A
10707 42x228 09/Jun/2010 Ep. #10707 N/A
10708 42x229 10/Jun/2010 Ep. #10708 N/A
10709 42x230 11/Jun/2010 Ep. #10709 N/A
10710 42x231 14/Jun/2010 Ep. #10710 N/A
10711 42x232 15/Jun/2010 Ep. #10711 N/A
10712 42x233 16/Jun/2010 Ep. #10712 N/A
10713 42x234 17/Jun/2010 Ep. #10713 N/A
10714 42x235 18/Jun/2010 Ep. #10714 N/A
10715 42x236 21/Jun/2010 Ep. #10715 N/A
10716 42x237 22/Jun/2010 Ep. #10716 N/A
10717 42x238 23/Jun/2010 Ep. #10717 N/A
10718 42x239 24/Jun/2010 Ep. #10718 N/A
10719 42x240 25/Jun/2010 Ep. #10719 N/A
10720 42x241 28/Jun/2010 Ep. #10720 N/A
10721 42x242 29/Jun/2010 Ep. #10721 N/A
10722 42x243 30/Jun/2010 Ep. #10722 N/A
10723 42x244 01/Jul/2010 Ep. #10723 N/A
10724 42x245 02/Jul/2010 Ep. #10724 N/A
10725 42x246 06/Jul/2010 Ep. #10725 N/A
10726 42x247 07/Jul/2010 Ep. #10726 N/A
10727 42x248 08/Jul/2010 Ep. #10727 N/A
10728 42x249 09/Jul/2010 Ep. #10728 N/A
10729 42x250 12/Jul/2010 Ep. #10729 N/A
10730 42x251 13/Jul/2010 Ep. #10730 N/A
10731 42x252 14/Jul/2010 Ep. #10731 N/A

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Premiere: July 15, 1968
Ended: January 13, 2012
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