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One Life to Live

Agnes Nixon     Creator6 Eps
Linda Gottlieb     Executive Producer2 Eps
Agnes Nixon     Executive Producer (1968-1975) 
Paul Rauch     Executive Producer (1984-1991) 
Jill Farren Phelps     Executive Producer (1998-2001) 
Gary Tomlin     Executive Producer (2001-2003)2 Eps
Frank Valentini     Executive Producer (2004-2012)4 Eps
Robyn Goodman     Supervising Producer1 Eps
Leslie Kwartin     Supervising Producer1 Eps
Suzanne Flynn     Producer2 Eps
John Tumino     Producer1 Eps
Mary O'Leary (2)     Producer (1998-2001) 
Mary-Kelly Weir     Producer (2011-2012)2 Eps
Sonia Blangiardo     Producer (2011-2012)2 Eps
Shelley Honigbaum     Associate Producer2 Eps
Lisa de Cazotte     Associate Producer (1987-1989) 
Mary-Kelly Weir     Associate Producer (1995-1996) 
Roger Mooney     Production Designer (-2012)4 Eps
Mary Ryan     Editor1 Eps
Tracy Casper Lang     Editor1 Eps
Teresa Anna Cicala     Editor (-2012)1 Eps
Phideaux Xavier     Editor (1995-1997) 
Susan Bedsow-Horgan     Staff Writer1 Eps
Richard J. Allen (3)     Staff Writer 
Lynda Myles     Staff Writer1 Eps
Tom King (2)     Staff Writer1 Eps
Mark Christopher (1)     Staff Writer1 Eps
Craig Carlson     Staff Writer (1982-1990) 
Lloyd 'Lucky' Gold     Staff Writer (1985-1987) 
Roger Newman     Staff Writer (1991-1992) 
David Smilow     Staff Writer (1992-1994; 1996) 
Fran Myers (1)     Staff Writer (1992; 2005-2008) 
David Cherrill     Staff Writer (1993-1997; 2001-2002)1 Eps
Mike Cohen     Staff Writer (1994-1996) 
Lisa Connor     Staff Writer (1995-1996) 
Michael Slade     Staff Writer (1997-2002)2 Eps
Jane Atkins     Staff Writer (1998) 
Ron Carlivati     Staff Writer (1998-2007)2 Eps
Gillian Spencer     Staff Writer (1999-2000) 
Katherine Schock     Staff Writer (2000-2003; 2008-2010)3 Eps
David A. Levinson     Staff Writer (2001-2002)2 Eps
Leslie Nipkow     Staff Writer (2001-2008)2 Eps
Stephen Demorest     Staff Writer (2003-2004) 
Daniel S. Griffin     Staff Writer (2003-2005) 
Ginger Redmon     Staff Writer (2003-2006) 
Michelle Poteet Lisanti     Staff Writer (2003-2009) 
Tom Casiello     Staff Writer (2004-2006)1 Eps
Carolyn Culliton     Staff Writer (2005-2007) 
Mark Higley     Staff Writer (2005-2007) 
Bettina F. Bradbury     Staff Writer (2006) 
Lisa Seidman     Staff Writer (2006-2007) 
Gary Tomlin     Staff Writer (2007-2008)23 Eps
Jeanne Marie Ford     Staff Writer (2007-2008) 
Aida Croal     Staff Writer (2007-2011) 
Elizabeth Page     Staff Writer (2007-2012) 
Sharon Lennon     Staff Writer (2008-2009) 
Scott Sickles     Staff Writer (2009-2012) 
Melissa Salmons     Staff Writer (2009-2012) 
Courtney Simon     Staff Writer (2010-2012) 
Susan Gammie     Costume Designer (-2012)4 Eps
Bruce Cooperman     Camera Operator (1990s) 
Frank Valentini     Production Assistant (1989) 
Jennifer Pepperman     Production Coordinator (1990s) 
Margo Husin Call     Post Production Supervisor (-2012)3 Eps
Billy Pittard     Other (Title Designer) 
Edward Wheeler     Stunt Coordinator 
Jacqueline Van Belle     Coordinating Producer (-2012)2 Eps
Lisa de Cazotte     Coordinating Producer (1989-1991) 
Frank Valentini     Coordinating Producer (1993) 
Mary-Kelly Weir     Coordinating Producer (1996-1997) 
Sonia Blangiardo     Coordinating Producer (2000-2002)1 Eps
Janet Andrews     Associate Director1 Eps
Anthony J. Wilkinson     Associate Director1 Eps
Mary Ryan     Associate Director1 Eps
Teresa Anna Cicala     Associate Director (-2012)3 Eps
Michael Sweeney     Associate Director (-2012) 
Tracy Casper Lang     Associate Director (-2012)3 Eps
Andrea Giles Rich     Associate Director (1987-1993) 
James Sayegh     Associate Director (1988-1995) 
Frank Valentini     Associate Director (1992) 
Mary-Kelly Weir     Associate Director (1993-?) 
Phideaux Xavier     Associate Director (1995-1997) 
Danielle Faraldo     Associate Director (1996-2003) 
Jennifer Pepperman     Associate Director (2010; 2011) 
David Cherrill     Script Editor (2003-2004)1 Eps
Leslie Nipkow     Script Editor (2005-2007) 
Fran Myers (1)     Script Editor (2005; 2008) 
Carolyn Culliton     Script Editor (2007-2010)1 Eps
Katherine Schock     Script Editor (2010-2012)1 Eps
Agnes Nixon     Head Writer (1968-1973) 
Michael Malone (2)     Head Writer (1991-1994; 1995-1996; 2004)1 Eps
Claire Labine     Head Writer (1997-1998) 
Pamela K. Long (1)     Head Writer (1998) 
Megan McTavish     Head Writer (1999-2001) 
Lorraine Broderick     Head Writer (2001-2003)1 Eps
Josh Griffith     Head Writer (2003) 
Dena Higley     Head Writer (2004-2007)1 Eps
Ron Carlivati     Head Writer (2007-2012)2 Eps
Gary Tomlin     Head Writer (2008) 
Jacqueline Van Belle     Assistant Producer1 Eps
Todd W. Garrin     Assistant Producer (-2011) 
Leah M. Weber     Assistant Producer (-2012)1 Eps
Lisa de Cazotte     Intern (1983) 
Ginger Redmon     Intern (1998) 
Suzanne Flynn     Senior Producer (-2012)2 Eps
Dominic Messinger     Original Music1 Eps
Kurth Biederwolf     Original Music (-2012)1 Eps
Lee Holdridge     Original Music (-2012)2 Eps
David Nichtern     Original Music (-2012)2 Eps
Paul Glass     Original Music (-2012; as Paul S. Glass)1 Eps
Beth Kravitz     Production Associate 
Allison J. Samon     Production Associate 
Anthony J. Wilkinson     Production Associate 
Kevin Brush     Production Associate (-2012)2 Eps
Nathalie Rodriguez     Production Associate (-2012)1 Eps
Ginger Redmon     Assistant To The Executive Producer (1998) 
Chris Van Etten     Assistant To The Executive Producer (2001-2003) 
Leah M. Weber     Stage Manager (-2012)1 Eps
Tracy Casper Lang     Stage Manager (-2012)1 Eps
Keith Greer     Stage Manager (-2012)1 Eps
Alan Needleman     Stage Manager (-2012)1 Eps
Frank Valentini     Stage Manager (1990) 
Paul Glass     Music Director (-2012; as Paul S. Glass)2 Eps
Michael Malone (2)     Story Consultant (2003) 
Rob Santeramo     Technical Director1 Eps
Doug Schmidt     Technical Director (-2012)1 Eps
Gary Donatelli     Technical Director (1989-1993) 
Julie Madison     Casting Director (-2012)3 Eps
Judy Blye Wilson     Casting Director (1988-1991) 
Richard Schilling     Assistant To Producer (1990-?) 
Craig Carlson     Co-head Writer (1990-1991) 
Michael Malone (2)     Co-head Writer (1994-1995; 2003-2004) 
Josh Griffith     Co-head Writer (1994-1995; 2003-2004) 
Jean Passanante     Co-head Writer (1996-1997) 
Peggy Sloane     Co-head Writer (1996-1997) 
Leah Laiman     Co-head Writer (1996-1998) 
Matthew Labine     Co-head Writer (1997-1998) 
Christopher Whitesell     Co-head Writer (2001-2003)1 Eps
Ron Carlivati     Co-head Writer (2007) 
Victor Miller     Associate Head Writer (1982-1984) 
Ethel Brez     Associate Head Writer (1985-1992) 
Mel Brez     Associate Head Writer (1985-1992) 
Addie Walsh     Associate Head Writer (1987-1991) 
Josh Griffith     Associate Head Writer (1991-1994; 2004)1 Eps
Christopher Whitesell     Associate Head Writer (1993-1995)1 Eps
Jean Passanante     Associate Head Writer (1993-1996; 1997-1998; 2010-2012)3 Eps
Peggy Sloane     Associate Head Writer (1995-1996) 
Richard Backus     Associate Head Writer (1995-1997; 1998-2004)2 Eps
Gordon Rayfield     Associate Head Writer (1996-1997; 2010) 
Anna Theresa Cascio     Associate Head Writer (1996-2002; 2003-2005; 2007-2012)4 Eps
Shelley Altman     Associate Head Writer (1999-2008; 2008-2012)3 Eps
Michael Conforti     Associate Head Writer (2000-2001) 
Lorraine Broderick     Associate Head Writer (2003-2004; 2011-2012)2 Eps
Meg Kelly     Associate Head Writer (2005) 
Janet Iacobuzio     Associate Head Writer (2005-2008; 2008-2009)2 Eps
Victor Gialanella     Associate Head Writer (2006-2007) 
Chris Van Etten     Associate Head Writer (2006-2012)2 Eps
Ron Carlivati     Associate Head Writer (2007) 
Frederick Johnson (2)     Associate Head Writer (2008-2010) 
Daniel James O'Connor     Associate Head Writer (2011-2012) 
Michael J. Cinquemani     Writers' Assistant (1995) 
Katherine Schock     Writers' Assistant (1998) 
Ron Carlivati     Writers' Assistant (?-1996) 
Lee Holdridge     Theme Music (-2012)2 Eps
David Nichtern     Theme Music (-2012)2 Eps
Victoria Visgilio     Associate Casting Director (-2012)3 Eps
Frank Valentini     Senior Supervising Producer (2001-2002)1 Eps
Ginger Redmon     Continuity Supervisor (1999-2003) 
Chris Van Etten     Continuity Supervisor (2004) 
James Harmon Brown     Co-script Editor (2004-2005) 
Barbara Esensten     Co-script Editor (2004-2005)1 Eps
Chris Van Etten     Writers' Associate (2003) 
Dave Marino     Post Production Audio (-2012)1 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 02:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 15, 1968
Ended: January 13, 2012
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