Season 5

92 :05x01 - One on One Remix

Breanna decided to stay in California and go to college with Arnaz behind her. They get an apartment already stocked with roomates from a former child star named Manny.
Starring Roles: Flex Alexander as Flex Barnes |
Guest Stars: Kel Mitchell as Manny | Natalina Maggio as Venice Bikini Girl
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

93 :05x02 - Money's Tight and So Are My Abs

Arnaz resorts to street stripping to get money and prove to Breanna that he isn't a freeloader.
Starring Roles: Flex Alexander as Flex Barnes |
Guest Stars: Lauri Johnson as Eccentric | Kel Mitchell as Manny | Jessica Barth as Woman | Madeleine Lindley as Beth | Sharon Swainson as Rebecca | Vincent Foster as Whitney

94 :05x03 - House Dad

Flex becomes the House Dad and soon annoys everyone with his fathery love. That is until they take full advantage of his ESPN perks that include free hotel stays.
Starring Roles: Flex Alexander as Flex Barnes |
Guest Stars: Nate Torrence as Water Guy | Cynthia Ferrer as Manager
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro
Writer: Eric Lev (1)

95 :05x04 - Static Clingy

The others decide that Breana and Arnaz need to spend some time apart. HOwever it backfires when both groups end up at the same club. Where Breana sees Arnaz talking to another girl.
Guest Stars: Kel Mitchell as Manny | Kesler Casimir as Bouncer | Vanessa Born as Girl
Director: Ken Whittingham
Story: Dan Cross

96 :05x05 - Study Buddy

Arnaz don't like the fact that D-Mack is helping Breanna study for her exams.
Guest Stars: David Faustino as Chad | Susan Wright as Woman
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

97 :05x06 - Where's my Yemmy?

At the Halloween party, Arnaz kisses a girl, who he thinks in Breanna in a costume.
Manny claims Webster stolen his Yemmy and Rudy from The Cosby Show from him.
Guest Stars: Matthew Thomas Baker as Pirate | Kel Mitchell as Manny | Joy Bisco as Nurse | Emmanuel Lewis as Himself | Rachel Specter as Carlotta
Director: Maynard Virgil
Writer: Eric Lapidus

98 :05x07 - Who's The Boss?

Arnaz gets Breanna a job with him at the coffee shop, and in no time, she impresses management and becomes Arnaz's boss.
Guest Stars: Ernie Grunwald as Benjamin | Norelle Van Herk as Courtney
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

99 :05x08 - Venice Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Breanna and Arnaz get the chance to be extras in a film. Breanna thinks this is her big break, however the director is more interested in Arnaz.
Guest Stars: Kadeem Hardison as Director | Rachel Sterling as Summer | Napiera Groves as Tracey | Christian Macchio as Ben
Director: Maynard Virgil

100 :05x09 - One On One, One Oh Oh

Breanna is determined not to lose Arnaz to any of the Los Angeles girls and decides to have sex with him on her 19th birthday. However an uninvited guest intends to make sure she doesn't.
Guest Stars: Ashlie Brillault as Regina | Cristián de la Fuente as Andrew | Cole Smith as Brooke | Flex Alexander as Flex Barnes
Director: Maynard Virgil

101 :05x10 - Waiting for Huffman

Breanna is upset after discovering the truth about her new boss, Sherri St. Croix and Arnaz trires to get his roommates to pretend to be his fans in front of a record producer.
Guest Stars: Jackée Harry as Sherri St. Croix | Ernie Grunwald as Benjamin | Bobby Valentino as Himself | Jeffrey Stubblefield as Marvin Huffman
Writer: Lee House

102 :05x11 - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like? Venice?

Depressed that a snowstorm has halted their holiday travel plans back to Baltimore, Breanna and Arnaz create their first Christmas in California with their roommates, who have little interest in getting into the holiday spirit. Later, after an accident puts Arnaz in the hospital, the gang learns the true meaning of Christmas.
Guest Stars: Retha Jones as Nurse | Kel Mitchell as Manny | Eric Payne as Man | Dana Woods as Rudolph | Zilah Mendoza as Esperanza
Director: Mary Lou Belli
Story: Lisa Muse

103 :05x12 - Missing the Daddy Express

Breanna falls behind in her college work when she parties too much. Flex proposes to Danielle, and Arnaz auditions for a scholarship at a music school.
Guest Stars: Travis Wester as Ty | Mitch Silpa as Blaine | Andrew Abelson as Professor | Saskia Garel as Danielle
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro
Story: Joe Rubin
Songs: Ray J -- One Wish, Robin Thicke -- Wanna Love U Girl

104 :05x13 - Fame and the Older Woman

D-Mack mistakes his French tutor's flirting as a sign that she likes him. So he starts stalking her when he thinks she is seeing another man.
Breanna and Arnaz wants thier roommates to attend thier events, however both events are on the same night.
Guest Stars: Leila Arcieri as Lila
Director: Chip Hurd

105 :05x14 - Espresso Your Love

Breanna and Arnaz 's efforts tohelp Sara launch her dating service backfire as they discover they are complete opposites after taking a compatibility test on Valentine's Day.
Guest Stars: Ernie Grunwald as Benjamin | Melinda Sward as Sandy | Kindred The Family Soul as Themselves

106 :05x15 - Tijuana Break Up?

While Breanna and Arnaz agree to see other people, a new test in that agreement comes in the forms of D-Mack's sister, Michelle and Greg.

Meanwhile the others hoard feud as both sides are disagreeing on who should go to the store for groceries.
Guest Stars: Brandy as Michelle | Michael J. Pagan as Greg
Director: Art Manke
Writer: Eric Lev (1)

107 :05x16 - Dump Me? Dump You!

The break up turns into a fight over who broke up with who first. Breanna get jealous as Arnaz appears to have moved on from her with Michelle.
Guest Stars: Ernie Grunwald as Benjamin | Michael J. Pagan as Greg | Yvette Brooks as Female Customer | Brandy as Michelle
Director: Maynard Virgil

108 :05x17 - Recipe for Disaster

Breanna gets jealous after she pairs Arnaz up with a girl at a party. Meanwhile Sara tries to win over a chef named Renalto by having hiim cook for the gang.
Guest Stars: Chris Brown (2) as Himself | David O'Donnell as Renalto | Jennifer Freeman as Alicia
Director: Katy Garretson
Songs: Chris Brown (2) -- Excuse Me Miss

109 :05x18 - The Reel World

When Cash attempts to make a movie based on his roommates' lives, he gets more than he asked for when Breanna attempts to re-write their roles, but when Cash insists on sticking to the original script, she leads the whole cast off the set.

Later, after the roommates quit the production, Cash is forced to re-cast his movie with some of Manny's strange friends.
Guest Stars: Kel Mitchell as Manny | Ernie Grunwald as Benjamin | Nate Torrence as Ralph | Tanja Reichert as Sassy | Marian Lee Stryker as Henny | Michelle Haner as Mime
Director: Katy Garretson

110 :05x19 - California Girl

When Arnaz decides to spend a weekend away with his new girlfriend Rachel, he is disappointed when he discovers that Breanna has planned a girls weekend with Lisa and Sara at the same place.

Meanwhile, Cash and D-Mack pretend to run a Bed and Breakfast at the house to get two hot Australian volleyball players to stay over.
Guest Stars: Valerie Azlynn as Rachel | Dorian Brown as Hannah | Michelle Van Der Water as Melanie | Stephanie Hodge as Jackie | Laz Alonso as Trent | Wendy Worthington as Helga | Charlene Amoia as Shelley | Juan Antonio Cabeza as Paolo
Director: Alfonso Ribeiro

111 :05x20 - Double Trouble

Breanna regrets lifting the ban on dates in the house when Arnaz brings his latest girlfriend to the house. Meanwhile Breanna's Uncle Kevin and Darius try to sell his products in Los Angeles.
Guest Stars: Marques Houston as Kevin Barnes | Omarion as Darius | B.J. Britt as Calvin | Fatlip as Himself | Charmaine Degrate as Hayley
Director: Ken Whittingham
Writer: Eric Lapidus

112 :05x21 - I Love L.A., Part 1

Breanna is using the boyfriend test she saw on a daytime talk show to see if Calvin is worthwhile to date, Arnaz finds himself getting jealous of her relationship until D-Mack’s sister Michelle comes back from Paris and their old feelings for each other are rekindled.

Meanwhile, Sara is confused when the doctor she is dating only seems interested in getting to know her, not sleeping with her. Later, an agent convinces Cash to become a model with some unexpected results.
Guest Stars: B.J. Britt as Calvin | India.Arie as Herself | Brandy as Michelle | Ernie Grunwald as Benjamin | Christine Lakin as Erin | Louisa Abernathy as Grandma | Cristián de la Fuente as Andrew
Writer: Chris Babers

113 :05x22 - I Love L.A., Part 2

Breanna mistakenly says Arnaz's name while kissing Calvin, it forces she to realize that she may not be over her relationship with Arnaz. Arnaz has other plans after he decides to follow Michelle to Paris.

Lisa realizes that the love of her life in right in front of her and Sara's attempts at bedding Andrew backfire when she learns the truth about him.
Guest Stars: B.J. Britt as Calvin | Brandy as Michelle | Ernie Grunwald as Benjamin | Cristián de la Fuente as Andrew | Tessie Santiago as Hannah
Director: Howard Ritter
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: UPN ( USA)
Airs: Mondays
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 03, 2001
Ended: May 15, 2006
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