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It's a Family Thing - Recap

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One month later in order to find Nicole, Flex gets fellow newsreporters to help him find her. Suddenly she then turns up at his door unharmed arriving from Africa. She says that she and Jayden escaped the jungle and were living in a tent for a month. Flex then drops the bomb on Nicole and says that they are still legally married which shocks Nicole. Meanwhile Josh comforts Breanna in her time of need. Arnaz tries to get Ginger to tell Breanna the truth about what really happened at the Burger Hut but Ginger only makes the situation worse by saying they slept together. To get back at Arnaz she and Josh plan to have sex, but Arnaz catches them. Arnaz then accuses Josh of helping Ginger to break them up. Josh denies this and he and Arnaz start fighting but then Breanna tells both of them to leave saying that she does not know who to believe anymore. Meanwhile in divorce court Judge Mablean says that because of the fact that Flex and Nicole are still legally married and the fact that they have had sex 2 years ago on Thanksgiving 2001 she will not grant them their divorce and she suggest that they go to marriage conseling. They go their and Flex and Nicole resolve their issues and realize that maybe they should've made their marriage work. After the marriage consel session the judge also says that a divorce can't be made until they seperate for one year. When Flex tells the news to Natalie she gets mad and says that they should break up not only because of the fact that he's still legally married but the fact that he still hasen't gotten over Nicole. Also after a talk with her father about love Breanna talks to Arnaz and decides that they should not date yet until both of them are ready and keep their friendship.