The Desperate Duel - Recap

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The Mayor, Mr. Boodle, has had it with Buggy and decides it's time that he stood up to save the village. As he goes to strike Buggy, the clown uses the powers of his Chop Chop Fruit and releases his hand, gripping the collar of Boodle's shirt and lifting him into the air. Luffy arrives in time, however, and he pulls the hand from the mayor.

Buggy, growing more frustrated with Luffy, sends for Cabaji to take him out. Zoro arrives in the nick of time, however, blocking the acrobat's swords, and so the two engage in a duel. Atop his unicycle Cabaji is dangerous, and takes full advantage of the wounds Zoro received from Buggy's sneak attack. Zoro holds his ground and holds his own even against such horrifying odds. When it seems that Cabaji has it won Zoro unleashes his Oni Giri attack nd strikes down the acrobat, and so he is defeated. Zoro then collapses from his wound, leaving it up to Luffy to finish the job against Buggy.

Buggy soon tells Luffy how much he hates Shanks, and hints that he and Shanks were once crewmates. His knives wreck Luffy's hat, which makes Luffy furious. He goes all-out on Buggy, and Buggy uses his Chop Chop powers to their fullest potential to avoid Luffy's attacks. Buggy sees he's in trouble, but refuses to fall to an unknown pirate like Luffy.