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The Bluff and the Bluffer - Recap

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Usopp gets caught by the prissy and bitchy Mr. Kurahadol, who tells him pirates are scum and Usopp will never be anything than a pirate's kid to Ms. Kaya. Pissed, Usopp punches him then runs off when stopped from whacking Kurahadol more by Kaya.

The Usopp Pirate Crew deride Kurahadol, shaking their fist and calling him "IDIOT!!" Luffy joins in, and has to be held back by Zoro. Klahador l tells them ALL to piss off because Ms. Kaya is weak. Luffy runs off after Usopp, and the rest of the gang wander off to wait til certain heads cool off. While waiting, a WEIRD guy moonwalking backwards down the road gets their attention. As it turns out, he's a hypnotist (Jango), and he demonstrates his skills. Unfortunately (to Zoro's disgust), the guy hypnotizes HIMSELF and he and the three gakki pass out asleep from being hypnotized.
Meanwhile, Luffy has caught up with Usopp. Usopp is REALLY pissed, but they are surprised to see Kurahadol and some weird Elton John-sunglasses wearing freak ( Jango) walking beneath the cliff they are sitting on. They listen in on the conversation as Klahador is reminded by the weirdo that he was "Captain Kuro," the leader of the Kuronekko (Black Cat) Pirates, and how he was the most clever of the pirates in the Blue.

Kurahadol tells him to shut up and stick to the plan, to attack the village at sunrise, hypnotize Ms. Kaya and have her sign her estate over to him in her will. Then, he is to kill her and bring the will to Kurahadol.

Pissed off, Luffy yells down at them, terrifying poor Usopp, and Kurahadol says it doesn't matter if Usopp knows. Jango hypnotizes Luffy, who falls off the high cliff and lands on his head. Presumed dead, all three leave him there, while Usopp runs off to try and warn the village and Kaya.