The Long Arm of the Claw - Recap

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The episode starts with The Usopp Pirate Crew and Kaya running away from Jango. Jango throws his disc thing and cuts down most the trees in the forest just to find them. Kaya falls down, saying to run away before they get killed. But they refused and said they'd fight to the death, following Usopp's orders.

Luffy stares at Kuro/Kurahadol (I know I'm mixing them up, but I can't help it!) as Kuro tells the crew he was going to kill them any way. That he hated being a pirate, always on the run, always taking care of his crew, and that he hated it.

Luffy stares at Kuro, making him uncomfortable. He says, "I'll never be a man like you." And starts beating the shit out of him. Now, Kuro has a fighting style that involves sword-length cat claws and the nukiashi or "running dance/foot sneak.

" He uses the claws to rip things up, and the nukiashi renders him almost invisible since he's moving so fast. As a result, he gets Luffy a couple of times before Luffy understands the nature of the attack. After Luffy got the timing, though, Kuro is no match.

Because of this, Kuro turns to his final attack shakushi (death scoop), and disappears, he's moving so fast. The problem is he's blindly attacking the pirates and Luffy, killing them off. Nami watches from the ship in horror as a crewmember dies one after the other.

Luffy gets real pissed and asks what are his crewmates to him.Luffy waits to get the timing, and whacks the crap out of Kuro, stopping him. Well, Kuro never intended to let the pirates live any way, since he wanted to kill anyone who knew he was alive. Luffy tries to attack him, but he dissappears again.

Meanwhile in the forest, Jango catches up and one of the kids throws a white flag. Jango walks towards it, but it was really a trap. He tripped over some rope and one of the kids comes out and showers him with pepper, making him sneeze rapidly.

The next kid jumps up and hit Jango in the balls with a frying pan. The next step they did was drop a giant log on Jango's feet. The final attack was a jump from a top of a large rock and attack him in the face, but that fails and Jango kicks the three kids away.

Jango tells Kaya to stop hiding and she came out. Kaya said not to hurt the kids, but Jango said it was Kuro's orders to kill everyone. Kaya then grabs Jango's disc thing and threatens to kill herself without writing the will. Jango agreed to her terms.

She wrote the will and then Jango held Kaya up to a tree and is about to kill her when Zoro and Usopp arrive. Zoro ran as fast as he could to stop Jango from killing her.