King of the Busboys - Recap

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Zoro recognizes Johnny and asks where Yosaku is. Johnny answers in tears that Yosaku is sick, and the crew drag Yosaku into the main deck. Yosaku's teeth are falling out, his wounds won't heal, and he's barely alive. Johnny relates how he had taken Yosaku to the Big Rock to get better when the Going Merry fired on them. Wracked with guilt, Luffy and Usopp apologize. Johnny says it's okay, so long as they won't have to call in the police, which scares the guys even more.

Zoro and Johnny are at a loss at what to do, when Nami wanders down and examines Yosaku rather brusquely. Johnny starts screaming at her, spitting on her at the same time, and she tells him to shut up because he's stupid, and she yells at the stricken Luffy and Usopp to go get whatever lemons or limes they have. The boys scramble, running into each other, and, while they squeeze lime juice into Yosaku's mouth, Nami explains that Yosaku has Scurvy, which used to be an incurable disease, but now they know it's just a lack of vitamin C. While she's explaining this, Luffy and Usopp start stuffing limes into Yosaku's mouth, and he starts choking. Luffy looks up at Nami and says, "Wow, you're great! You know a lot!" and Usopp adds, "Well, I've always known girls are smarter than boys." Luffy says, "Ya ya, so so." At this point, Yosaku wakes up with an explosion of limes, and he and Johnny start dancing in circles, their elbows interlocked.

Nami screams at them that it's too soon, and Johnny and Yosaku introduce themselves in their usual way: feet apart, one hand across their chest, the other on their chin. As it turns out, they are both bounty hunters. Yosaku collapses, and is put to bed.

While discussing their next move in the kitchen, Nami says, "This should be a lesson to us." And they discuss the need for a cook.

Johnny mentions a place where they can find a cook and where Zoro can find the man he's been looking for: the man with hawk's eyes.

Zoro has what seems to be a visceral reaction, and the crew agrees to go the restaurant on the sea: Baratie.

Meanwhile, a Navy officer named "Ironfist" Fullbody is sipping wine and macking on a chick. She's not a very interesting chick, but he's trying to impress her. They arrive at the Baratie at the same time as the Straw Hat crew, and he questions the flag. Luffy tells him (with Usopp right behind him contradicting him) that it was newly made and that he's the captain. Fullbody laughs them off and signals for the marines to shoot them with the cannon. Luffy manages to catch the cannon ball with his body, but this doesn't matter, because he loses his grip on his left hand, and the force of the cannon ball moves his trajectory so, when it bounces back, it hits the Baratie ship.

Several cooks show up and drag Luffy in front of the owner and head chef, Sef. Sef glares at him, and Luffy freaks because Sef is missing his left foot and he think the cannonball did it. Sef demands reparations, and Luffy agrees, but Luffy has no money. Sef says Luffy will work in the restaurant for free for a year.

Luffy freaks out, and tells him, "No. I've waited 10 years to be a pirate and I'm not putting it off any longer." Sef proceeds to argue with Luffy, who tells him he'll stay one week. Sef yells that Luffy has balls to say that, and Luffy says two weeks. Sef says,"you damaged both the restaurant and the hurt the owner, and you you think two weeks is enough?", and Luffy says, "Three weeks! That's final!" At which point Sef beats the crap out of him with kicks.

Downstairs in the main restaurant, Fullbody is getting his reputation torn into shreds. His pride and bad temper get him into trouble with an easy-going, smoking waiter (who is not a waiter), and who, first off, doesn't bring the wine Fullbody had ordered on the sly to impress his date and audience, two, the blond waiter hits on Fullbody's date.

Pissed to the max, Fullbody tries to get revenge by stomping on a bug and dropping it into his soup. This backfires on him, as the blond guy (Sanji) replies that he has no idea what Fullbody is talking about. The restaurant audience titters, and Fullbody can't handle it.

Upstairs, Sef tells Luffy if he really wants to leave that quickly, there's a quick solution: leave behind one leg. With a nervous expression, Luffy eyes the giant knife Sef is hefting and says, "Yada (I don't want to/no way)."

Downstairs, Fullbody tries to pull off the righteous rage crap and smashes the table, soup and all, Sanji gets pissed. Annoyed by the treatment, Fullbody yells that he's a paying customer. Sanji asks in a dangerously quiet voice, "Do you think money is everything?" and kicks Fullbody.