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The Crack of Don - Recap

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Don Kreig laughs off the loss, but Luffy tells him that he's already lost. Don Kreig attacks with the "stick bomb" and Luffy escapes by leaping up a still-standing mast. Don Kreig calls him a monkey, and attacks the mast, breaking it into pieces.

Luffy throws a piece of the mast at Don Kreig as he's flying through the air, but Don Kreig destroys it with a flame thrower. Through the resultant smoke, Luffy attacks Don Kreig with a gomu gomu gatling, hitting the boss repeatedly, ending with a gomu gomu rocket<.

Don Kreig laughs and says it didn't do anything; he barely felt it. Don Kreig shoves him away, yelling that it was boring, and nothing could break his armor.

Luffy chuckles and says, "Just a little bit more, I think." Don Kreig disappears, and reappears on the mast, laughing that he's won because Luffy can't swim. He attacks Luffy on the mast with the stick bomb and screams that only the strong survive, and Luffy yells back, "

Yeh, and that's me!" Luffy hits him with a gomu gomu bazooka and Don Kreig drops more bombs. He seems surprised that his armor starts to crack in the center. Sanji screams like a little girl for Luffy to run away, but Luffy reappears through the smoke leaping up and away from the fallen mast and hits Don Kreig with another gomu gomu bazooka. The latest bazooka hits Don Kreig full force, breaking off the remaining armor, and Luffy crows that he's won!

But Don Kreig isn't done with him yet, and he throws a barbed wire net over the free falling Luffy, laughing that HE has won because Luffy can't swim.

Luffy improvises by sticking his arms and legs out of the net, and carrying out a mid-air gomu gomu otsuchi (great hammer) that slams Don Kreig with amazing force onto the Baratie's fin deck.

Still trapped, he falls into the sea, and would have stayed there if Sef hadn't told Sanji, "You better go save him. He's eaten the Devil's fruit and has been cursed by the sea."

Swearing at Sef, Sanji leaps in and thinks over everything he's seen Luffy and Zoro do. They seem foolish until he remembers ALL BLUE.

Meanwhile, Gin seems completely taken aback by Luffy and Don Kreig's defeat. He can't understand it, and he shuffles down right as Sanji returns and tries to revive Luffy, who is dead asleep. At that moment, Don Kreig, still unconscious, stands up and starts roaring about "I am the greatest! Me!

Don Kreig! I won!" His men try to subdue him, but it's a quiet Gin who steps up and WHACKS Don Kreig a good one in the belly and shuts him up.

Luffy is out cold and snoring, and both Gin and Sanji look down at him fondly. Gin piles all the DK Pirates on a small little ship, and tells Sanji that he's going to go on Grand Line, he's made up his mind.

He asks Sanji if he has to return the boat he borrowed, and Sanji says, "if you dare." As Gin sails away, Patti yells, "Next time, remember that this is the Pirate Restaurant Baratie, with its fighting cooks!" Gin says, "What an annoying restaurant" and sails away.

Cut scene to Nami: Nami is riding on Going Merry by herself, saying she hopes to see those guys again. And she starts crying for someone named Belmel-san.