Baroque Works - Recap

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The episode starts with zolo shouting to the Baroque works Zolo tells them that the people of Misty Peak are really a group called Baroque Works.

He also tells them that he knew their name because they offered him a job. Then they try to attack and zolo disappeared. The Baroque members talk to each other.

Luffy and the gang are sleeping apart from nami. Zolo talks to his swords and is spotted then he dodges out off the way of an attack. He climbs up a ladder and dodges a cannon blast and cuts open a flung barrel so each piece hits a baroque works member.

Luffy and his crew apart from nami are stepped on ussop wakes up then goes to sleep touching sanji’s hand. Nami is looking for treasure and finds little.

Zolo’s at the top of a building and tells himself to trust himself and uses a new move called hawk wave. Then he uses is sword to make a giant circle then a group of baroque works lands on it and plunge down.

Then miss Monday comes and tries to hit zolo with a ladder then zolo dodges it and she picks him up and smacks his head straight into the floor. Mr 8 says he was no match then zolo stands up holding miss Mondays head up and he then drops her.

The baroque works say that the navy must have made a mistake and that zolo is the real captain they also explain how the lower the number the stronger they are. Mr 8 fires upon zolo but zolo dodges it and miss Wednesday calls her duck but it doesn’t do what it is told then Mr 9 decides to take him on by himself. He attacks zolo with his steal bats and zolo attacks back and Mr 9 falls off.

Zolo then sees miss Wednesday she uses a stinking perfume zolo falls then she tries to attack zolo but the duck takes her too far and jumps off the building. Then zolo is shot at again and he makes a hole in the roof and drops down into the building.

Zolo runs out and meets Mr 9 again and uses his bat to trap zolo then miss Wednesday comes with luffy as her hostage. Mr 8 tries to shoot at zolo again and zolo uses Mr 9 to defend him self and uses him to wipe away miss Wednesday away from luffy.

Zolo then runs and jumps on luffys fat stomach and strikes Mr 8. he then stands up upon the roof and takes a seat as there is no one else to fight luffy wakes up and goes back to sleep.

Mr 5 and miss Valentine comes they talk to Mr 8, miss Wednesday Mr 9. He talks about how it is shameful for them to be beaten by one swordsman. Then he tells them the real reason why he and his counterpart are there and that he wants to take the spies to the boss that are from Alabasta.

Then Zolo discovers that Miss. Wednesday is really a princess named Vivi and that Mr. 8 is really her bodyguard, Igaram. Zolo grabs luffy and runs in front of the baroque work members. Then Vivi gets on her duck, Karoo, and runs from Mr. 5 and Miss. Valentine. And Mr. 8 and Mr. 9 all sacrifice themselves for Princess Vivi’s safety.

Mr 8 tells zolo that they need his help to take Vivi to Alabasta. Then vivi sees miss Monday and miss Monday says that she will protect vivi because they were friends. Mr 5 attacks with his explosive arm and the episode ends with a big ball of fire and vivi saying miss Monday’s name.