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The Impossible Dream - Recap

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There's no denying that Chopper had a horrible past. But sadly It does get worse. We now know that Hirilluk has a sickness And that he'll only be alive for TEN MORE DAYS. The doctor had to complete his dream, to make his Cherry Blossom potion, before he dies. Meanwhile Chopper was looking at Dalton and some of his men They mentioned a mushroom, which made Chopper search in Hirilluk's cave for a book about medicine. It's there where Chopper saw a picture of the mushroom, along with a skull that he belived to be a Jolly Roger, a sign of hope. So he went on a quest To get this mushroom And save Hirilluk. On his way he met his old herd. But the leader quickly assulted him and battered him badly. Still he pressed on, not giving up hope for a second. And then there it was, the mushroom. But it was across on another cliff. Just then Chopper noticed his old herd behind him. He had to make himself across that gap between cliffs And there was only ONE way to do it. We then see that Hirilluk is not being successful on this miracal maker of his, and he was dying fast. Suddenly, batterd and beaten to a pulp, Chopper has come with the mushroom he went for. It seems he let the raindeer in his herd hit him across the cliff. He wants to be a doctor And he wants Hirilluk to live to teach him how, even though he's a raindeer. Moved to tears, Hirilluk gave him a hug and said that he will be a doctor. He will achive that goal. Nothing is impossible. We later see that Hiriluk has finnally made his Cherry Blossoms potion to work Now he just needs help to make it. He asks Kureha, but she refuses. Just then he gets info that ALL 20 of Wapol's doctors are very sick. He needs to treat him But he doesn't know that it is An ambush! Just then, Kureha figures out what he's gonna do and barges in on Chopper, who has never met her before. She tells Chopper that he's rushing to his doom, but Chopper refuses. He says that he gave him a mushroom and he'll be all better now. But the sad truth was That Chopper didn't know that the crossbones on the book with the mushroom didn't mean the same thing as a Jolly Roger It meant it was poison. Hirilluk has been poisoned, and will now die Imediatly Chopper was heart broken, but he still had to try to save him from Wapol's clutches, who had him in front of a firing squad by gun point. He lied. His doctors were just fine. He just wanted to kill Hirilluk. Just then Hirilluk let out a sigh of relief All 20 doctors were just fine. He then contiued on saying that you can't kill a man by simply shooting him. Only By forgetting him. And even though HE won't be here to witness it, he knows that his dream will be fufilled and that he won't be forgotten. Dalton was moved by the quacks last words. Hirilluk then said that he has a son Don't touch him. And then Hirilluk blows himself up So that Chopper's poison won't be the cause of his death. Chopper arrived too late. But Dalton said to the raindeer to go back home And that he's sorry for EVERYTHING that has happened. It's then when we see that Chopper is waving Hirilluk's jolly roger stating that he will be a doctor. It's then when Kureha takes Chopper under her wing. And that's that. The group was touched by the raindeers horrible past, but just then Someone has arrived at the castle. And his name is WAPOL.