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James "Jamie" Scott [S05-], played by Jackson Brundage

Full Name: James "Jamie" Lucas Scott
Age: 4
Parents: Father, Nathan Scott and mother, Haley James Scott
Other Family: Grandfathers, Dan Scott and Jimmy James; grandmothers Deb Scott and Lydia James; uncle and Godfather, Lucas Scott; aunt, Lily Scott; and Godmother Brooke Davis

Born during "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone" Jamie is the son of Haley and Nathan. He was involved in a kidnapping plot where his former nanny, Carrie, kidnapped him from Lucas' wedding in "Hundred".
Keith Scott [Episodes 1 - 61; recurring otherwise], played by Craig Sheffer

Full Name: Keith Alan Scott
Age: Late 30s to early 40s, but currently deceased
Spouse: Never married; was once engaged to Jules and was engaged to Karen Roe at the time of his death
Children: Lily Rose (by Karen Roe)
Parents: Father Royal and mother May
Siblings: Brother, Dan Scott
Other Family: Nephew Lucas Scott; grandnephew Jamie Scott, Nathan and Haley's son
Occupational History: Ran his own auto shop before it was bought out by Dan. Keith worked for Dan Scott Motors while Dan was recovering for his heart attack and once considered being a high school shop teacher.
Sports History: Keith played basketball in high school, but quit when his younger brother, Dan, started to play.
Medical History: Was injured in a car accident while he was drinking and driving, but only sustained minor injuries. Keith was later fatally shot by Dan Scott the day of the school shooting.
Romantic History: In high school, Keith longed to be with Karen Roe, who was with Dan at the time. After Karen got pregnant and Dan abandoned her, Keith stepped in and helped Karen raise Lucas. In season 1, Keith got up the courage to ask Karen to marry him, but she turned him down. Later, Keith was engaged to Jules, but their wedding was ruined when it was revealed that Dan hired Jules to make Keith fall in love with her. Upon his return to Tree Hill in season 3, he rekindled his relationship with Karen and the two were engaged at the time of his death.
Criminal History: Was drinking and driving at the time of a serious car accident that nearly killed Lucas, but his blood alcohol content was .01 less than the legal limit.
Other Information: Since his death, Keith has appeared to Lucas (in "Songs To Love And Die By"), Karen (in "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone") and was claimed to have been seen by Nathan following the car accident in "The Same Deep Water As You". Additionally, Dan turned himself in for Keith's murder in "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone".
Coach Whitey Durham, played by Barry Corbin

Full Name: Brian "Whitey" Durham
Age: Unknown; approx. 60-65 years old
Spouse: Widower; was married to Camilla
Occupational History: Head coach of the Tree Hill Ravens for 20 years. During his career, Whitey has won over 500 games and one state championship. After winning the state championship in "Some You Give Away", Whitey retired from coaching at Tree Hill and was given a Lifetime Achievement Award in "Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye" by the team to recognize his all of his achievements over his extensive career. Following his championship season, Whitey accepted the coaching job at a small college and gave Nathan a scholarship to the college to play for him. After one year and a national championship as a collegiate coach (which was highlighted in a flashback during "I Forgot to Remember to Forget"), Whitey retired from coaching.
Sports History: Aside from coaching, Whitey also played for the Ravens while he attended Tree Hill High in the 50s.
Medical History: Whitey underwent eye surgery to alleviate pressure in "The Games That Play Us"
Romantic History: Whitey dated Camilla during high school and eventually married her.
Dan Scott, played by Paul Johansson

Full Name: Daniel H. Scott
Age: Approx. 40
Spouse: Currently unmarried; divorced from Deb Scott
Children: Two sons, Lucas Scott (by Karen Roe) and Nathan (by Deb Scott); daughter-in-law Haley James Scott
Parents: Father Royal and mother May
Siblings: Brother, Keith Scott
Other Family: Former brother-in-law Cooper Lee; grandson Jamie Scott, Nathan and Haley's son; and niece Lily Scott, Karen and Keith's daughter
Occupational History: Dan ran his own car dealership, Dan Scott Motors. He was also a figure in the town of Tree Hill serving on the school board, and was later elected as mayor of Tree Hill in "How a Resurrection Really Feels".. However, after turning himself in for Keith's murder in "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone", Dan was removed from his position as Tree Hill mayor.
Sports History: Dan was the star of the Tree Hill Ravens when he was in high school. Following high school, Dan played basketball for a semester at UNC before returning to Tree Hill after Deb discovered she was pregnant. Dan filled in for Coach Durham as the Raven's head coach for the playoffs during Nathan's junior year in "The Games That Play Us".
Medical History: Dan suffered a heart attack at the end of season one in "The Games That Play Us", which was revealed to be due to HCM, a genetic heart condition that Dan had inherited. Dan was also hospitalized after being caught in the dealership fire in "Like You Like an Arsonist". He sustained burns to his body and suffered from amnesia following the fire. Dan also attempted suicide while in prison for Keith's murder in "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone", but failed.
Romantic History: In high school, Dan dated Karen but left her to play college basketball after he found out that she was pregnant. At UNC, Dan met Deb during his freshman orientation and she too soon became pregnant. Dan and Deb moved back to Tree Hill where they were married and raised their son, Nathan. Dan later revealed to Deb that Karen was his one true love and that he never loved Deb all the time that he knew her.
Criminal History: In season 2, Lucas discovered a scam that Dan was running at the dealership in order to make more money for himself. Dan was jailed for murdering Daunte following Daunte's car accident in "Some You Give Away", but was later cleared of the crime. He later turned himself in for Keith's murder in "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone", and spent 4 years in prison before being released on parole in "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side".
Deb Scott [Episode 14+ ; recurring otherwise], played by Barbara Alyn Woods

Full Name: Deborah Helen Lee Scott
Age: Approx. 40
Spouse: Currently unmarried; divorced from Dan Scott
Children: Son, Nathan Scott; daughter-in-law Haley James Scott
Siblings: Brother, Cooper Lee
Other Family: Former brother-in-law Keith Scott (deceased); former parents-in-law Royal and May Scott; and grandson Jamie Scott, Nathan and Haley's son.
Occupational History: Current co-owner and investor for Karen's TRIC nightclub. Deb also is a partner with Karen and works with her in her cafe. Deb has also worked for various charities helping to raise money for AIDS research.
Medical History: Deb battled an addiction to prescription pain medication following Nathan's race car accident in "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning". She underwent rehab treatments, nearly overdosed on pills, but is currently sober.
Romantic History: Deb met Dan during their freshman orientation at UNC. After months of dating, Deb found out she was pregnant and Dan and Deb moved back to Tree Hill to get married and raise their son, Nathan. Deb revealed to Nathan that when Nathan was younger she left Dan for another man, but ended up coming back to him when she realized she might lose Nathan. During her and Dan's divorce in season 1, Deb slept with Keith in "The Games That Play Us". In season 3, Dan finally gave Deb a divorce.
Karen Roe, played by Moira Kelly

Full Name: Karen Roe
Age: Approx. 40
Spouse: Currently unmarried; was engaged to Keith Scott at the time of his death
Children: Son, Lucas Scott (by Dan Scott) and daughter, Lily Rose (by Keith Scott)
Occupational History: During seasons 1-4, Karen owned and ran a cafe, Karen's Cafe, as well as a club, TRIC. Following season 4, Karen sold TRIC and the cafe and traveled the world with Lily.
Sports History: In high school, Karen was the captain of the Tree Hill Ravens cheer squad.
Romantic History: Her first serious relationship was with Dan Scott during her senior year of high school. However, Dan left to play basketball on scholarship and abandoned her once he found out she was pregnant. Karen briefly dated Peyton's father, Larry Sawyer. When Karen went back to school during season 2, she developed a relationship with her business professor, Andy Hargrove, but thanks to Dan Andy was deported back to New Zealand and their relationship ended. In season 3, Keith and Karen started a relationship and Karen proposed to Keith during "All Tomorrow's Parties". However, their relationship was cut short when Keith was killed during the school shooting in "With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept". During season 4, Karen began to rekindle her relationship with Dan, but it ended when he turned himself in for Keith's murder during "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone". In season 5 when Karen returned to town in "Hundred" for Lucas' wedding, it is revealed that she is now once again in a relationship with Andy.
Marvin "Mouth" McFadden [Season 3 - ; recurring previously], played by Lee Norris

Full Name: Marvin McFadden
Age: 22
Family: Mouth's parents (father's name is Joe, mother's name has not been mentioned) have never been seen and it is assumed that he is an only child. His grandfather, Mel, currently lives at a retirement home and suffers from Alzheimer's disease.
Occupational History: Mouth was a sports announcer for the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team and ran his own website, ravenshoops.com. After college, Mouth lands a job at a television network as a sports reporter.
Romantic History: During seasons 1 and 2, Mouth had a crush on Brooke Davis, but never got the courage to tell her how he felt. Mouth briefly dated former class president Erica Marsh as well as Gigi Silveri, a fellow sports announcer. Mouth also had a crush on Rachel Gatina, whom he kissed but remains only friends with her. During season 4, Mouth dated "Clean Tean" Shelly Simon. After college, Mouth had a secret relationship with his boss, Alice, but ended their tryst after meeting Millicent, Brooke's assistant. Currently, Millicent and Mouth are dating.
Rachel Gattina [Season 4; recurring otherwise], played by Danneel Harris

Full Name: Rachel Gatina
Age: 22
Parents: Father and mother are both mentioned but never seen.
Siblings: Is an only child.
Other Family: Extended family is unknown.
Occupational History: Modeled and appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine. After high school, Rachel worked as a model for Brooke's company.
Sports History: Was a Tree Hill High cheerleader.
Medical History: Underwent liposuction and had a nose job several years ago. Rachel was also hospitalized after being involved in a bad car accident with Cooper Lee. When Rachel returns to Tree Hill in season 5, we learn that she is struggling with a serious drug addiction.
Romantic History: Went on a date with Lucas Scott as a part of Brooke's "Fantasy Boy Draft" during season 3. During season 3, Rachel dated Nathan's uncle Cooper until he learned that she was lying about her age. Currently Rachel is single.
Skills Taylor [Season 4 - ; recurring previously], played by Antwon Tanner

Full Name: Antwon "Skills" Taylor
Age: 22
Sports History: Skills played basketball with the Rivercourt guys before joining the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team as a shooting guard to replace Lucas Scott. Skills helped lead the team to Tree Hill's first ever state championship win. Following high school, Skills received a scholarship to play college basketball.
Occupational History: Skills is the assistant coach of the Tree Hill Ravens alongside Lucas.
Romantic History: Skills dated Bevin during high school and is currently single.
Lucas Scott, played by Chad Michael Murray

Full Name: Lucas Eugene Scott
Age: 22
Parents: Father is Dan Scott, who never claimed him as his son. He was raised by his mother, Karen Roe, and uncle Keith Scott. Lucas was also the step-son of Deb Scott, Dan's former wife.
Siblings: Half-brother Nathan, half-sister Lily Rose and sister-in-law Haley James Scott.
Other Family: Deceased uncle Keith Scott, paternal grandparents Royal and May Scott; half-sister Lily Rose is also Lucas' cousin; and nephew Jamie Lucas Scott, who is also Lucas' Godson.
Occupational History: Prior to his Uncle Keith's death, Lucas worked at Keith's auto shop. During high school, Lucas would lend a hand at Karen's Cafe. After high school, Coach Durham hired Lucas as his assistant coach for the college team, where the team won a national championship. When Coach Durham retired from coaching after one season at the collegiate level, Lucas took over as head coach. In season 5, Lucas returns to Tree Hill as the coach of the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team. In addition to coaching, Lucas also wrote an published a best-selling novel, and currently has another novel in the works.
Sports History: Lucas was a legendary River Court basketball player prior to becoming a Tree Hill Raven. On the team, Lucas was a shooting guard and co-captain of the team his senior year. Due to his HCM heart condition, Lucas was only able to play 15 minutes per game during the last half of his final season, but was able to play in the State Championship and score the game-winning basket.
Medical History: Lucas was involved in a serious car accident with his Uncle Keith in season 1. The accident resulted in Lucas breaking his shoulder and the removal of his spleen. In season 2, Lucas discovered that he inherited the genetic heart condition, HCM. After failing to take his medication, Lucas suffered a heart attack after winning the state championship game.
Romantic History: Brooke Davis and Lucas dated after Lucas joined the Ravens. However, the two broke up when Lucas cheated on Brooke with Peyton. Before getting back together with Brooke in season 3, Lucas had a one-night stand with Nicki, Jake's ex-girlfriend, Anna Taggarro, and was briefly romantically linked to Rachel Gatina. After getting back together with Brooke, they once again broke up after Brooke learned that Lucas and Peyton shared a kiss in the library during the school shooting. In season 4, Lucas and Peyton began seeing each other. As they went their own directions after high school, Lucas flew to Los Angeles to see Peyton. There, he proposed to her, but she did not accept, which ended their relationship. Lucas then dated Lindsey, the editor of his book, to whom he also proposed. However, during his wedding to Lindsey, she walked out on him, saying that he is still in love with Peyton.
Peyton Sawyer, played by Hilarie Burton

Full Name: Peyton Elizabeth Sawyer
Age: 22
Parents: Adoptive father, Larry Sawyer, adoptive mother, Anna Sawyer (deceased), biological mother, Ellie Harp (deceased), and an unknown biological father.
Siblings: Half-brother Derek Sommers
Other Family: Extended family is unknown. Grandparents have been mentioned, but never seen.
Occupation: Former artist for THUD magazine and a concert promoter for TRIC. After high school, Peyton worked in the mail room and as an assistant to the assistant at a record company. After leaving Los Angeles, Peyton started her own record label with financial help from Brooke. The label signed and produced singer Mia Catalano.
Sports History: Peyton was a cheerleader for Tree Hill High.
Medical History: During season 1, Peyton was drugged by a college student at a party at Duke University. During the school shooting, Peyton was shot in the leg by gunman Jimmy Edwards but recovered fully from the incident. Recently, she was physically attacked by a stalker posing as her half-brother Derek.
Romantic History: Peyton's first long-term relationship was with Nathan Scott. When the two broke it off, Peyton had a brief fling with Lucas Scott, who was dating Brooke Davis at the time. Peyton also dated Jake Jagelski and Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz before getting back together with Lucas. After high school, Lucas and Peyton continued to see each other until Lucas went to Los Angeles to propose to her. When she said "someday" instead of "yes", Lucas ended their relationship, which devistated Peyton. Upon returning to Tree Hill to find Lucas with, and later engaged to, another woman, Peyton worked on getting back together with Lucas.

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Nathan Scott, played by James Lafferty

Full Name: Nathan Scott
Age: 22
Spouse: Haley James Scott
Children: Son, Jamie Lucas Scott
Parents: Father, Dan Scott and mother, Deb
Siblings: Half-brother, Lucas Scott
Other Family: Two uncles, Keith (deceased), his father's brother, and Cooper, his mother's brother; paternal grandparents Royal and May Scott; and cousin Lily Rose Scott, Karen and Keith's daughter.
Occupational History: Nathan's first job was working at the mall at a pretzel stand. Nathan later worked for Keith at Dan Scott Motors while his father was in the hospital following his heart attack. In college, Nathan signed a large shoe contract, which secured his family's financial future for years to come. Currently, Nathan is assistant coaching for the Tree Hill Ravens alongside Lucas and Skills.
Sports History: Nathan was the star of the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team and was co-captain of the team his senior year. The summer before his senior season, Nathan attended the prestigious High Flyers basketball camp. He holds several of the team's records and was a key part in the Ravens' state championship win. Before the season ended, Nathan was named team MVP. After high school Nathan played college basketball for Whitey Durham and won a national championship with the team. Though he was scouted to be drafted to the NBA, an accident left him nearly paralyzed and ended his sports career.
Medical History: During season 1 Nathan was hospitalized when he collapsed during a game after taking amphetamines to boost his performance. In season 2, Nathan was again hospitalized after crashing the racecar he was driving. He suffered internal injuries, but was able to make a full recovery. After his recommittment ceremony, Nathan dove into the river following a car accident in order to his uncle Cooper and Rachel. Nathan was briefly hospitalized following his heroic actions but suffered no long-term injuries. After college and before being nearly drafted into the NBA, Nathan was involved in a fight that sent him through a plate-glass window and nearly paralyzed him. Though he did recover from his injuries and was able to walk again, his basketball career was ended.
Romantic History: Nathan had his first long-term relationship with Peyton Sawyer. After the two split up, Nathan dated Haley James, who he later fell in love with and married. The two struggled to make their marriage work once Haley's musical career took off and subsequently separated. Eventually Nathan and Haley were able to reconcile their differences and ultimately renewed their vows in a fairytale wedding ceremony. Prior to both Haley and Peyton, Nathan was romantically linked to Taylor James, Haley's older sister, and it was recently revealed that he had a one-night stand with Brooke Davis. Nathan is currently married to Haley and share a son, Jamie. However, their marriage is currently on the outs following an incident involving Nathan and Carrie, Jamie's nanny, but Haley and Nathan are in marriage counseling to work on getting back to the way things were.

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Brooke Davis [episode 2+], played by Sophia Bush

Full Name: Brooke Penelope Davis
Age: 22
Parents: Mother, Victoria; father has been mentioned but never seen
Siblings: Is an only child
Other Family: Extended family is unknown; is the Godmother to Jamie Scott, Nathan and Haley's son
Occupational History: Worked at a seafood restaurant as an advertising lobster during "Between Order and Randomness". Brooke later worked at the mall for Suburban Filth for which see designed a series of clothing. Soon after, Brooke launched her own clothing line, "Clothes Over Bro's", in "Brave New World" for which she continues to design clothing. At school, Brooke was the Student Body President and headed up the creation of "DW Not I," a program aimed at providing a safe alternative to driving drunk. During season 5, Brooke is the owner of her own successful clothing company, Clothes Over Bro's; a magazine, b. davis; and is a partial backer of Peyton's record label.
Sports History: Was the captain of the Tree Hill cheerleaders.
Medical History: Was injured while cheerleading at an away basketball game in "Every Night Is Another Story", but recovered quickly.
Romantic History: Brooke has been romantically linked to several guys and is known for her partying attitude. After Lucas joined the Ravens basketball team, Brooke pursued him and the two began dating. However, they broke up during "Suddenly Everything Has Changed" when Brooke discovered that Lucas had cheated on her with Peyton. Brooke then dated Felix Taggarro, whom she previously had a strict "friends with benefits" relationship. Brooke and Lucas got back together during "Brave New World in season 3, but once again broke up during "The Show Must Go On" when Brooke discovered that Lucas and Peyton shared a kiss during the school shooting. Aside from Lucas and Felix, Brooke has been romantically linked to Chris Keller , who she slept with in "Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends" and Nick, her English teacher, who she slept with in "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?". At the end of season four, Brooke was linked to Chase Adams whom she met in "Clean Teens". During season 5, Brooke is dating Owen, the bartender at TRIC.

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Haley James Scott [as Bethany Joy Galeotti], played by Bethany Joy Lenz

Full Name: Haley James-Scott
Age: 22
Spouse: Nathan Scott
Children: Son, Jamie Scott
Parents: Father, Jimmy James; mother, Lydia James; father-in-law Dan Scott; mother-in-law Deb Scott
Siblings: Several siblings including older sister Taylor, brother-in-law Lucas Scott, and niece Lily (Karen Roe and Keith Scott's child).
Occupation: During seasons 1, 3, and 4, Haley worked as a waitress at Karen's Cafe, and went on tour with Chris Keller and The Wreckers during season 2. After college, Haley landed a job as an English teacher at Tree Hill High, where she currently teaches.
Sports History: Haley was a cheerleader for the Tree Hill Ravens.
Medical History: Was involved in a hit-in-run accident during "Some You Give Away where she suffered a broken leg and various superficial injuries. Prior to the accident, Haley also suffered serious cramps during her pregnancy and was rushed to the doctor.
Romantic History: Haley began dating Nathan during season 1 and got married in "The Games That Play Us"during their junior year of high school. The two struggled to make their marriage work once Haley's musical career took off and subsequently separated. Eventually Nathan and Haley were able to reconcile their differences and ultimately renewed their vows in a fairytale wedding ceremony in "The Show Must Go On". During season 4, Haley and Nathan found out they were having a son, and had to come to grips with being teenaged parents. After the four-year jump in season 5, Haley and Nathan's marriage is once again on the outs, following Nathan's accident that ended his basketball career and an incident between Nathan and Carrie, Jamie's nanny.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Sports
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2003
Ended: April 04, 2012
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