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Season 3

46 :03x01 - Like You Like an Arsonist

After spending the summer in Tree Hill with Peyton, Lucas eagerly awaits Brooke's and his mother's return to Tree Hill. Flashbacks reveal Peyton looking for the truth when a mysterious woman arrives at her home claiming to be her mother as well as Nathan revealing to Haley that he's going to High Flyers for the summer. Meanwhile, after the Scott Motors fire, Dan begins his quest to find out who attempted to burn him alive.
Guest Stars: Texas Battle as High Flyers Player | Kevin Kilner as Larry Sawyer |
Co-Guest Stars: Chip Lane (1) as Firefighter | Jimmy Hagar (1) as Priest
Director: Greg Prange
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Trembling Blue Stars -- All Eternal Things, Bethany Joy Lenz -- Elsewhere, Feeder -- Feeling a Moment, MoZella -- Light Years Away, Lucero -- Nobody's Darlings, Leif Karate -- She's Adorable, Tristan Prettyman -- Simple As It Should Be, Augustana -- Stars and Boulevards, Athlete -- Street Map, Trembling Blue Stars -- The Rhythm of Your Breathing, Matthew Ryan (1) -- This Side of Heaven

47 :03x02 - From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea

As summer draws to a close, Brooke organizes an "End of Summer Beach Party" but few people are in the partying mood. Nathan returns from his summer away at High Flyers, but is hesistant to let Haley back into his life. Meanwhile, Brooke agrees to date Lucas, but only in a "non-exclusive" manner; Peyton begins to come to terms after the truth behind her birth mother are exposed; and Dan has a revelation about what happened the night of the fire.
Guest Stars: Sheryl Lee as Ellie | Brett Claywell as Tim | Kevin Kilner as Larry Sawyer |
Co-Guest Stars: Tilky Montgomery Jones as Lifeguard | Andrew Springer as Lifeguard #2 | Heather Philipsen as Amy | Bevin Prince as Bevin |
Uncredited: Jake Simms as Lifeguard
Director: Kevin Dowling
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Bauhaus -- Bela Lugosi's Dead, Kingstreet -- In-N-Out, All American Rejects -- Move Along, Faraci -- Ride, Fall Out Boy -- Sugar, We're Going Down, Michelle Featherstone -- Sunday, Weezer -- We Are All On Drugs, Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz -- When The Stars Go Blue, Debby Boone -- You Light Up My Life

48 :03x03 - First Day on a Brand New Planet

On the first day of their senior year, Nathan and Haley have trouble adjusting as separated spouses. Nathan tries to avoid Haley at school and Haley is forced to deal with classmates teasing her about her tour. Meanwhile, Brooke continues to solely date Lucas non-exclusively, rules which Lucas has a hard time dealing with, and Lucas uncovers a shocking secret about Peyton's birth mother. Elsewhere, Dan confronts who he thinks set the dealership fire only to learn who saved his life.
Guest Stars: Sheryl Lee as Ellie | Kevin Kilner as Larry Sawyer |
Co-Guest Stars: Stacy Aswad as Woman | Michael Harding (1) as Chief | Billy Dickson, Jr. as Punk | Taylor Webb as Sue | Juliet Cesario as Bustier Woman | Chip Lane (1) as Firefighter | Mark Joy as Mayor Mullins | Ashley Gorrell as Catty Girl #3 | Anna Stromberg as Catty Girl #2 | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Cullen Moss as Junk
Director: Billy Dickson
Songs: Nada Surf -- Always Love, Christopher Jak -- Bought and Sold, Radius -- Illuminate, Trembling Blue Stars -- Moonlight on Snow, The Veils -- The Leavers Dance, The Spill Canvas -- This Is For Keeps

49 :03x04 - An Attempt to Tip the Scales

TRIC throws Tree Hill a masquerade ball and Lucas and Haley see it as a perfect time for Lucas to convince Brooke to date him exclusively and for Haley to win back Nathan. As Fall Out Boy performs, both Haley and Lucas struggle make their plans work and Peyton continues to deal with the new mother in her life. Meanwhile, Dan decides to run for Mayor and agrees to give Deb a divorce as long as she stays his wife through the campaign. However, Dan soon learns that Deb might be more of an opponent than an asset during the campaign.
Guest Stars: Fall Out Boy as Themselves | Kevin Kilner as Larry Sawyer | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina | Sheryl Lee as Ellie | Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller |
Co-Guest Stars: Peyton Lee as Hans | Suzanne Quast as Stripper #2 | Gabrielle Eubanks as Stripper #1 | Jody Quaranta as Customer | Johanna Jowett as Store Manager | Mark Joy as Mayor Mullins
Songs: Paris Texas -- Bombs Away, Fall Out Boy -- Dance, Dance, The Trammps -- Disco Inferno, Marjorie Fair -- Empty Room, Motley Crue -- Girls, Girls, Girls, Erica C. -- I Wanna Move You, Trembling Blue Stars -- If I Handle You With Care, Rob Grad -- In Your Head, OK Go -- Invincible, Buddy -- More Of The Shame, Andromeda -- She's a Sexy Thing, Tom Freund -- Trondheim

50 :03x05 - A Multitude of Casualties

Basketball season arrives in Tree Hill and the season officially begins with a bang at Midnight Madness. There, Nathan and Lucas clash over Haley and Brooke clashes with Rachel, the new girl who has her eye on Lucas. Meanwhile, Dan's unopposed bid for mayor takes a turn when an unlikely opponent steps forward at Midnight Madness.
Guest Stars: Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina | Brett Claywell as Tim | Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller | Sheryl Lee as Ellie |
Co-Guest Stars: Danielle Motley as Clown Girl | Johanna Collins as Normal Girl | Mark Andrew Jones (1) as Geeky Guy | Jessica Wilson as Perky Girl | Francis Civitano as Nervous Girl | Caroline Dollar as Energetic Girl | Samuel Elliotte Whisnant as Guy | Arielle Grace Quattro as KiKi | Kelsey Chow as Gigi | Bevin Prince as Bevin
Songs: The Obscurities -- All Over, Morningwood -- Body 21, David Banner -- Play, Gary Glitter -- Rock and Roll Part Two, The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up -- Silver Sparkler, Sebastien Schuller -- Sleeping Song, Radius -- There She Goes (Instrumental), Le Tigre -- TKO, Nikola Sarcevic -- Vila Rada

51 :03x06 - Locked Hearts and Hand Grenades

In an effort to keep her cheerleaders from fighting over the same guys, Brooke devises a "Fantasy Boy Draft." Haley and Peyton butt heads over Nathan, while Lucas has trouble keeping up with the brutal pace of basketball practice. Meanwhile, as the election nears, mayoral candidate Dan clashes with his new opponent.
Guest Stars: Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina | Antwon Tanner as Skills | Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller |
Co-Guest Stars: Chelsea Golden as Cheerleader #4 | David Steven Cohen as Sportscaster | Daniel Smith (4) as Daniel | Mary Carol Erny as Metermaid | Tamara Morgan as Cheerleader #5 | Victoria Jones as Cheerleader #3 | Jennifer Lucaciu as Cheerleader #2 | Julianna Guill as Ashely | Kenzie Dalton as Cheerleader #1 | Jocelyn Rose as Teacher | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Bevin Prince as Bevin
Director: Marita Grabiak
Songs: Joy Zipper -- 1, Kid Gloves -- All The Time, Ashlee Simpson -- Boyfriend, Black Toast -- Coming Back To You, Tommy Fields -- Happy People, The Real Tuesday Weld -- On Lavender Hill, Shout Out Louds -- Please, Please, Please, Careen -- Premonition, Stereophonics -- Rewind, Youth Group -- Shadowland, Stellastarr* -- Sweet Troubled Soul, Jim Kremens -- This Is The Place

52 :03x07 - Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends

As the fantasy draft dates begin, Brooke finds herself on an unusual double date, while Lucas gets closer to Rachel. Mouth spends time with an old friend and Peyton regrets choices she makes with Ellie. Karen and Deb take their campaigning to new heights.
Guest Stars: Tom Bosley as Mel | Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller | Brett Claywell as Tim | Antwon Tanner as Skills | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina |
Co-Guest Stars: Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Cullen Moss as Junk | Bevin Prince as Bevin
Director: Paul Johansson
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Bleach -- Good As Gold, The Dissociatives -- Lifting The Veil From The Braille, Feeder -- Tender, The New Amsterdams -- Your Ghost

53 :03x08 - The Worst Day Since Yesterday

As the town and the team prepare for the Ravens' first game of the season, Lucas worries that his heart isn't ready for the game especially after finding Brooke in bed with Chris Keller. With Lucas' game lagging, Nathan blames the team's difficulties on the court on him. Meanwhile, Peyton and Haley are able to put their differences aside to help Brooke; and as the mayoral campaign heats up, Dan's campaign turns negative.
Guest Stars: Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller | Brett Claywell as Tim | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina |
Co-Guest Stars: Dave Temple as DJ | Kelsey Chow as Gigi | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Chris Haywood as Shop Owner | Johanna Jowett as Store Manager
Songs: Jamiroquai -- Feels Just Like It Should, Eels -- I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break, Jimmy Eat World -- Over, Jack's Mannequin -- The Mixed Tape

54 :03x09 - How a Resurrection Really Feels

On election day, Lucas reveals to the person that set the dealership fire that he knows who tried to kill Dan. Brooke, Peyton and Haley find themselves behind bars and have to call Lucas to bail them out. Meanwhile, Chris Keller convinces Nathan to go with him to a high-stakes poker game where Chris and Nathan are able to come face to face to talk about their differences.
Guest Stars: Danny Woodburn as Marty | Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller |
Co-Guest Stars: Jimmy Moore (1) as Engineer | L.J. Woodard as Reporter | Brett Pryor as Advisor | Dominic Santana as Henchman | Pete Burris as Riverboat Cop | April Turner as Woman | Belinda Keller as Female Officer | John Keenan as Police Officer | Tim Parati as Dexter | Johanna Jowett as Store Manager | Jennifer Keddy as Peyngel | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Kelvin Amburgey as Emanuel
Director: Greg Prange
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Strays Don't Sleep -- Blue Skies, Jimmy Eat World -- Disintegration, Mike Datz -- Funk Left, Bethany Joy Lenz -- Halo, Doktor Kosmos -- Holiday, Calla -- It Dawned of Me, Luthor Russell -- Keo's Blues, Yellowcard -- Lights And Sounds, Dios Malos -- Say Anything, James William Hindle -- Slumberland, Franz Ferdinand -- The Fallen

55 :03x10 - Brave New World

Though Brooke and Lucas have gotten back together, Lucas and Peyton take a road trip together in order for Peyton to find Ellie. There, Lucas reconnects with a friend from his past while Peyton attempts to reconnect with Ellie through music. Back in Tree Hill, Mouth, Brooke, and Haley successfully launch the Clothes Over Bros website, but Brooke is thrown into a panic when the demand for the clothes is far over her supply. Meanwhile, Deb reveals to Nathan that she was the one who tried to kill Dan.
Guest Stars: Mekia Cox as Faith Banks | Sheryl Lee as Ellie | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina |
Co-Guest Stars: Brandon Hardin as Chuck | Cullen Moss as Junk | Chris Drake (1) as Joe | Cooper Musgrove as Tommy | Sarah Sullivan as Tara | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie
Writer: John Norris
Songs: The Cure -- Disintegration, Aqualung -- Easier to Lie, Bethany Joy Lenz -- Halo, Fighter Pilot -- Lost in Hollywood, Katy Perry -- Simple, Rosie Thomas -- Since You've Been Around, Devics -- Song For a Sleeping Girl, The Living Blue -- State of Affairs, Fall Out Boy -- Sugar, We're Going Down, The New Amsterdams -- The Death of Us, The Cure -- To Wish Impossible Things

56 :03x11 - Return of the Future

The Ravens lose their second game of the season and Whitey is forced to use tough love to get his team to work together. Peyton and Ellie work together for their benefit album and are able to recruit rock band Nada Surf to be featured on it. Meanwhile, Brooke plans a romantic night for Lucas to thank him for submitting her sketches to the Rogue Vogue fashion competition, but their plans are interrupted when Haley and Nathan get into a fight over birth control.
Guest Stars: Sheryl Lee as Ellie | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina | Nada Surf as Themselves |
Co-Guest Stars: Austin James Harter as Terry | Narayan Sanders as Player | Justin Colvin as Policeman | Philip Denova as Band Manager | Mark Harding (1) as Chief | Bevin Prince as Bevin
Director: Bethany Rooney
Songs: Nada Surf -- Always Love, Nada Surf -- Concrete Bed, Kate Earl -- Free, Supergrass -- Low C, Twinstar -- Moksa, I Am Kloot -- Over My Shoulder, Switchfoot -- The Blues, MoZella -- You Wanted It

57 :03x12 - I've Got Dreams to Remember

The Tree Hill High guidance counselor forces the students to think about their futures. Nathan and Lucas both have the opportunity to impress a big-name basketball scout and Nathan is crushed when he has to sit the game out. Meanwhile, Mouth is caught in between Brooke and Rachel; Peyton and Ellie put the finishing touches on their benefit album; and Dan reveals to Haley that Nathan paid Chris Keller to work with her.
Guest Stars: Bevin Prince as Bevin | Donna Cooper as College Advisor | Brett Claywell as Tim | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina | Sheryl Lee as Ellie
Director: Stuart Gillard
Songs: The Like -- (So I'll Sit Here) Waiting, White Mud Freeway -- Adele, Molly M. -- Bounce, Starsailor -- Faith Hope Love, Colored Shadows -- Life After Love, Leif Karate -- Steven McQueen Was A Great Papillion, Sorta -- Tell Me A Story

58 :03x13 - The Wind That Blew My Heart Away

When a violent rainstorm causes a blackout in Tree Hill, Haley and Nathan are able to work through their problems and start rebuilding their relationship. In the middle of the rain, Brooke and Lucas resolve their latest problem and finally have a romantic night together. Meanwhile, Mouth spends the blackout with Rachel where he begins to learn more about who Rachel is on the inside; Peyton asks Ellie to tell her the truth about her cancer; and Keith and Karen are able to spend some time alone together.
Guest Stars: Sheryl Lee as Ellie | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina | Zachary Dylan Smith as Young Dan Scott |
Co-Guest Stars: Patricia Wells as Bank Manager | Jackson Pearce as Young Keith | Austin James Harter as Terry
Songs: The Replacements -- Here Comes A Regular, The Submarines -- Hope, Elysian Fields -- Lions in the Storm, Nikola Sarcevic -- Lock-Sport-Krock, Tyler Hilton -- Missing You, Limbeck -- The State, Reeve Carney -- Think of You, Laura Veirs -- Where Gravity is Dead, The Weepies -- World Spins Madly On

59 :03x14 - All Tomorrow's Parties

Brooke heads to New York for the Rogue Vogue fashion show where she encounters a life very different from her own -- a whirlwind life of non-stop partying, drinking and drugs that makes her think about what she really wants the most. At the annual Secret competition, Nathan and Lucas reevaluate their own lives after spending the night with the family of an old friend. With Brooke in New York, Rachel takes over as head of the squad and Peyton joins her for a night of drinking to get over Ellie's death. Meanwhile, much to Rachel's dismay, Brooke decides to leave New York to be with her friends at the competition, which the squad ends in style, and Haley and Nathan use their hotel room as the honeymoon suite they never had.
Guest Stars: Brian George (1) as Daoud | Peyton List as Solaris | Texas Battle as Tony Battle | Antwon Tanner as Skills | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina |
Co-Guest Stars: Chelsea Golden as Chelsea | Ayesha Ngaujah as Guinivere | Natalie Khoury as Juliet | Samuel Robinson as Travis (as Sam Robinson) | Khari King as Cam | Destiny Lamb as Leah | Sheila Cutchlow as Susan | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Gregory Alan Williams as Chuck Battle (as Gregalan Williams)
Director: David Paymer
Writer: Anna Lotto
Songs: Joel Wachbrit -- Armani, Anand Bakshi and S. D. Burman -- Chali Arr Arr Tu Chali, Sharron March -- Deep Pocket, Michelle Featherstone -- Go On My Child, Hard-Fi -- Hard To Beat, The Go! Team -- Huddle Formation, The Belles -- Idle Acres, Deathray -- Let's Be Friends, James William Hindle -- Love You More, Morningwood -- Nth Degree, Wild Whirled -- Si O No, She Wants Revenge -- Tear You Apart, Mary Macgregor -- Torn Between 2 Lovers

60 :03x15 - Just Watch the Fireworks

When last year's time capsule is released, everyone's secrets are revealed, forcing Lucas and Mouth to confront the anger of a person from their pasts. Brooke suspects that she knows who released the capsule, but has to deal with what she exposed on the time capsule. Meanwhile, Nathan's entry forces him and Haley to talk about the person Nathan became when she left; and TRIC hosts the breast cancer benefit concert where Haley performs for the first time since she came back to Tree Hill alongside Fall Out Boy and Jack's Mannequin.
Guest Stars: Fall Out Boy as Themselves | Jack's Mannequin as Themselves | Colin Fickes as Jimmy Edwards | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina |
Co-Guest Stars: Zachary Dylan Smith as Young Dan Scott | Johnathon Furr as Dunlap Brother #1 | Sean Johnson (2) as Dunlap Brother #2 | Melissa Seitz as Cute Girl | John H. Brennan (1) as Friend #1 (as John Brennan) | Patrick Stogner as Young Keith Scott | John Cates as Rusty | Tammy Fontaine as Stagehand | Jeremy Decarlos as Dallas | Patrick Stump as Himself | Pete Wentz as Himself (as Peter Lewis Wentz) | Shawn Shepard as Principal Turner
Director: Billy Dickson
Songs: Fall Out Boy -- A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch, Jack's Mannequin -- Dark Blue, Bethany Joy Lenz -- Halo, Jack's Mannequin -- Holiday From Real, Get Up Kids -- I'll Catch You, Strays Don't Sleep -- Night Is Still, We Are Scientists -- Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, Jack's Mannequin -- The Mixed Tape

61 :03x16 - With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept

Lives hang in the balance when a student brings a gun to school. In the mayhem resulting from the first shot fired, Brooke is able to get out of the school, but leaves Peyton behind. Nathan and Lucas run back into the line of fire to protect Haley and Peyton. There, Peyton reveals her true feelings for Lucas; and Nathan and Haley become trapped with other students and the gunman in the tutor center. When the situation is over, two lie dead and the lives affected will never be the same.
Guest Stars: Marcus Coloma as Marcus | Allison Scagliotti as Abby | Antwon Tanner as Skills | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina | Colin Fickes as Jimmy Edwards |
Co-Guest Stars: Byron Thigpen as SWAT #2 | Bobby Kennedy (2) as SWAT #1 | Jeff Howard (1) as Officer #3 | Craig Galloway as Officer #1 | Teresa Smith as Concerned Parent #1 | Sharon Graci as Sheila | John Cates as Rusty | Nina Jones as Mrs. Farrell | Renee Vincent as Mrs. Edwards | David Bridgewater as Reeves | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Shawn Shepard as Principal Turner | Amber Wallace as Glenda Farrell
Director: Greg Prange
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Michelle Featherstone -- God Bless The Child

62 :03x17 - Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them

Tree Hill comes together to cope with the school shooting tragedy that resulted in two deaths. Dan grapples with the guilt of murdering Keith after Keith's funeral. With this guilt, Dan attempts to make up time with Lucas and Karen, but Karen's anger towards him only adds to the guilt. Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley see that life is too short to be apart and decide to live together again. Elsewhere, at a party thrown at the school to help ease the pain of the shooting, Mouth learns who really released the time capsule; Brooke is hurt when Lucas isn't able to talk to her about Keith's death; and Lucas disobeys Karen and attends Jimmy's funeral.
Guest Stars: Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina | Kevin Kilner as Larry Sawyer | Antwon Tanner as Skills |
Co-Guest Stars: Renee Vincent as Mrs. Edwards | John Cates as Rusty | Robert Treveiler as Preacher | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Patrick Stogner as Young Keith Scott | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Cullen Moss as Junk | Zachary Dylan Smith as Young Dan Scott
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Slow Runner -- Break Your Mama's Back, Tom Freund -- Can't Cry Hard Enough, The National -- Daughters of the Soho Riots, Stephen Fretwell -- Do You Want To Come With?, The Fray -- How To Save A Life, Devics -- If We Cannot See, Susie Suh -- Light On My Shoulder, The Waking Hours -- Your Lucky Day

63 :03x18 - When It isn't Like It Should Be

The kids load up and head out to Rachel's cabin for a weekend to kick back and heal after the tragedy that rocked Tree Hill. There, Nathan decides to propose to Haley, but has trouble getting her wedding ring away from her to do so. Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz shows up in order to spend more time with Peyton, much to the shock of the others, and Mouth and Rachel are able to talk about the release of the time capsule. Meanwhile, Skills and Bevin get lost in the woods; Karen lets her anger out on Dan; and Nathan is finally able to have the perfect moment he planned with Haley.
Guest Stars: Antwon Tanner as Skills | Pete Wentz as Himself | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina |
Co-Guest Stars: Bevin Prince as Bevin
Director: Paul Johansson
Songs: Limbeck -- Brand New Orange, Side Effects featuring TJ Zindle -- Get Is Together, Fall Out Boy -- I've Got a Dark Alley And a Bad Idea That Says You, The Living Blue -- Murderous Youth, Evan Olson -- Not What I Wanted, Sarah Blasko -- Perfect Now, Blackalicious -- Reanimation, Stephen Fretwell -- Rose, Franz Ferdinand -- The Fallen, Monsters Are Waiting -- Time, The Eames Era -- Washed Out

64 :03x19 - I Slept With Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me

Lucas takes the court for the first time since Keith's death, but finds it impossible to play. Brooke uses materials she stumbled on at the cabin to seek revenge on Rachel, but ends up angering Mouth and pushing Mouth and Rachel closer together. Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley begin to plan their recommitment ceremony but are stunned when they fail a compatibility test. Peyton debates whether or not to head to Chicago to spend the weekend with Pete Wentz and ends up running into a person from her past at the airport.
Guest Stars: Michael Trucco as Cooper | Bryan Greenberg as Jake | Kevin Kilner as Larry Sawyer | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcus Lyle Brown as Father Gillespie | Brandon Wade as Brandon |
Uncredited: Mark Schwahn as Bill
Director: Moira Kelly
Songs: The Times -- Begin, Buddy -- Don't Go Home, Iron and Wine -- He Lays In The Reins (feat. Calexico), Joey DeGraw -- Miracle of Mind, Spencer Tracy -- Stupid, Rogue Wave -- Temporary, Flipsyde -- Train, Gavin DeGraw -- We Belong Together

65 :03x20 - Everyday is a Sunday Evening

At the league tournament, Nathan and the team have to find a way to win with Lucas no longer on the team. At the tournament, Nathan has to deal with an old rival both on and off of the court. Brooke and Mouth stumble across a plan to get back at Rachel. Meanwhile, Deb and Nathan get a restraining order against Dan; and Peyton, in Savannah with Jake, is left with a decision that could change the course of her life.
Guest Stars: Bryan Greenberg as Jake | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina | Michael Trucco as Cooper | Joshua Snyder as Damien West |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Loman as Radio Announcer | Craig Galloway as Officer | Gabe Wood as Ref | Brendan Kirsch (2) as Brendan | Mark Wilson (3) as Oak Lake Coach | Chris Mink as Young Nathan | Keith Pratt as Billy | Kelsey Chow as Gigi |
Uncredited: Bevin Prince as Bevin
Director: Billy Dickson
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: The Loved Ones -- Arsenic, Turn -- Close Your Eyes, Rocket From the Crypt -- Flight Of the Hobo, Gavin DeGraw -- Jealous Guy, The Fray -- Look After You, Mobile -- New York Minute, Joey DeGraw -- Our Own Time, Bryan Greenberg -- Someday, Angels & Airwaves -- The Adventure, Nine Black Alps -- Unstatisfied

66 :03x21 - Over the Hills and Far Away

With the re-commitment ceremony rapidly approaching, Brooke agrees to make Haley's dress, but the final product is less than flattering. Brooke takes charge of the rehearsal dinner and puts her own unique spin on the event. Meanwhile, Peyton has to confront her feelings for Lucas; and Brooke comes up with a special way to fix Haley's wedding dress.
Guest Stars: Bryan Greenberg as Jake | Marcus Coloma as Marcus | Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina |
Co-Guest Stars: Cullen Moss as Junk | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Kelsey Chow as Gigi
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Boy Least Likely To -- Be Gentle With Me, Michelle Featherstone -- Coffee & Cigarettes, Hot Hot Heat -- Middle Of Nowhere, The New Amsterdams -- Strangled By the Thought, Jason Collett -- We All Lose One Another, The New Amsterdams -- Your Ghost

67 :03x22 - The Show Must Go On

On the day of their re-commitment ceremony, Nathan can't shake the feeling that something horrible is about to happen to Haley. The ceremony goes as planned until Rachel gives a drunken speech about Cooper and a series of events leads to a possibly tragic event. Elsewhere, Lucas stumbles upon two pregnancy tests, one of which he learns is his mother's; and Peyton and Brooke's relationship falls apart when Brooke learns about Peyton and Lucas' kiss during the shooting.
Guest Stars: Danneel Harris as Rachel Gatina | Michael Trucco as Cooper |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcus Lyle Brown as Father Gillespie | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Cullen Moss as Junk | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Patrick Stogner as Young Keith Scott | Michelle Featherstone as Herself | Sean Guerrero as Bartender
Director: Mark Schwahn
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Led Zeppelin -- Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Augustana -- Boston, Snow Patrol -- Chasing Cars, Gavin DeGraw -- More Than Anyone, Spacebar -- On Again, Susie Suh -- Seasons Change, Michelle Featherstone -- We Are Man And Wife
Warning: One Tree Hill guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Sports
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2003
Ended: April 04, 2012
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