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Season 4

68 :04x01 - The Same Deep Water as You

Continuing where last season left off, Nathan, Rachel and Cooper's lives hang in the balance after the accident. In the aftermath, Nathan is haled as a hero, but he begins to doubt that he was the one responsible for the life-saving actions. Haley is deeply affected by the accident and Nathan's near-death experience, especially when Nathan begins to shut her out. Meanwhile, Lucas confronts Brooke about the pregnancy test and Dan confronts Deb after finding that someone had written "murderer" on his wall.
Guest Stars: Michael Trucco as Cooper |
Co-Guest Stars: David Bridgewater as Reeves | Patrick Stogner as Young Keith Scott | Jessica Lucas as KiKi (Doctor) | Cullen Moss as Junk | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Dorothy Recasner Brown as Doctor #2 | Debra Terry as Reporter #1 | Terry Loughlin as Doctor #1 | Tom Huff as Reporter #2 | Craig Galloway as Officer | Troy Rudeseal as Nurse
Director: Greg Prange
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Coldplay -- A Message, Dashboard Confessional -- Don’t Wait, Joshua Radin -- Everything'll Be Alright (Will's Lullaby), Trespassers William -- Matching Weight, Ray LaMontagne -- Within You, The Lovely Feathers -- Wrong Choice

69 :04x02 - Things I Forgot at Birth

Nathan, Cooper, and Rachel continue to deal with the aftermath of the car accident, each of them struggling with their emotions in their own way. Meanwhile, Brooke celebrates her 18th birthday alone due to her issues with both Lucas and Peyton. Elsewhere, Lucas and Karen come to terms with Karen's pregnancy without Keith, and Deb's addiction has explosive results at the cafe.
Guest Stars: Michael Trucco as Cooper | Matt Barr as Derek |
Co-Guest Stars: Leo Daniels as Reporter | Jack Landry as Messenger | David Bridgewater as Reeves | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Tia Brewer-Footman as Reporter #1 | Denise Daughtry as Customer
Director: Greg Prange
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: American Analog Set -- Born On The Cusp, Dashboard Confessional -- Currents, Shiny Toy Guns -- Le Disko, Tom Freund -- No Turning Back, Stars -- One More Night (Your Ex-Lover Remains Dead), The Doves -- The Man Who Told Everything, Five Times August -- The Way You Do, Buddy -- Westgate

70 :04x03 - Good News for People Who Love Bad News

As Lucas and Brooke butt-heads at a party, Haley begins to realize that Rachel is trying to get closer to Nathan. Meanwhile, Peyton reaches out to her half-brother, Derek; Skills makes his debut with the Raven's basketball team; and Rachel reveals that she knows who's pregnant.
Guest Stars: Matt Barr as Derek |
Co-Guest Stars: Bevin Prince as Bevin | Kelsey Chow as Gigi | Patrick Stogner as Young Keith Scott | Dustin Carron as Sad Player | Daniel Smith (4) as Raven's Player
Songs: Stars -- Calendar Girl, La Rocca -- Goodnight, Black Toast -- Keep It Comin', American Analog Set -- Play Hurt, Little Humans -- Point of View, Placebo -- Post Blue, Gym Class Heroes -- The Queen and I, Belasco -- Walk The Moon, The Wreckers -- Way Back Home, Mat Kearney -- Won't Back Down

71 :04x04 - Can't Stop This Thing We've Started

While rumors that Brooke is pregnant spread around Tree Hill High as well as the town, Peyton is able to get hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco to perform at TRIC. Nathan, still recovering from the car accident, buys a motorcycle despite Haley urging him not to. Meanwhile, Lucas fights with Derek; Deb double-crosses Karen; and Rachel poses for Maxim magazine.
Guest Stars: Matt Barr as Derek | Elisabeth Harnois as Shelly Simon |
Co-Guest Stars: Amber Wallace as Glenda Farrell | Lupe Fiasco as Himself | Deseari Dunbar as Himself | Simon Morel as Himself | Jennifer Gatti as Therapist | Juan-Carlos Guzman (1) as Photographer | Crystal McLaurin-Coony as Teacher | Cari Moskow as Girl | Bill Melon as Bartender
Director: Bethany Rooney
Songs: Jeremy Kushnier -- Allison, Citizen Cope -- Back Together, American Analog Set -- Cool Kids Keep, Utah -- Crash & Burn, Dr. Caligari -- Downtime, Selectracks -- Everybody In Da House, Audioslave -- I Am The Highway, Lupe Fiasco -- I Gotcha, Lupe Fiasco -- Kick, Push, Placebo -- Post Blue

72 :04x05 - I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

Derek's real intentions are exposed and when Lucas tries to save her from him, Derek becomes violent and attacks Peyton. As rumors continue to fly about Brooke being pregnant, Brooke sets everyone straight as to who is really pregnant. Meanwhile, Nathan receives a scholarship offer from Duke, but also receives life-changing news that forces him to rethink his scholarship offer. Elsewhere, Deb tries to break her prescription drug habit in order to go to Nathan's press conference sober.
Guest Stars: Matt Barr as Psycho Derek | Ernest Waddell as Derek Sommers | Reynaldo Valentin as Nick Chavez |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Burgess (1) as Officer | Ashleigh Falls as Nurse | Cari Moskow as Girl | Shawn Shepard as Principal Turner | Brett Rice as Detective
Director: Stuart Gillard
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Yellowcard -- City of Devils, Chicks With Hits -- Lights Go Red, The Cure -- Prayers For Rain, The Burning Effigies -- Something's Broken, Si*Sé -- The Truth, DJ Shadow feat. Chris James -- You Made It

73 :04x06 - Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Nathan and Haley's financial problems continue to mount, leading Nathan to turn to his father for help. Lucas decides to rejoin the Ravens, despite his heart condition. Meanwhile, Peyton, feeling alone, finds comfort in an unlikely source; Brooke is horrified to discover who the man she's been dating really is; Mouth is surprised by an unexpected offer; and Daunte, an old friend of Dan's, arrives in Tree Hill.
Guest Stars: Ernest Waddell as Derek Sommers | Reynaldo Valentin as Nick Chavez | Rick Fox as Daunte |
Co-Guest Stars: Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Kelsey Chow as Gigi | Conrad Goode as Bear | Cullen Moss as Junk
Director: Paul Johansson
Songs: Mellowdrone -- Beautiful Day, Sugarcult -- Do It Alone, Annie Stela -- It's You, Brainpool -- Junk, Alexi Murdoch -- Prayers For Rain, AFI -- Prelude 12/21

74 :04x07 - All These Things That I've Done

As Tree Hill is buzzing about Rachel on the cover of Maxim magazine, Brooke is put to the test as she deals with a model at the T.A.R.T. fashion as well as Nick. Lucas finds out about Nathan's dealings with Daunte, forcing Lucas to have to choose between Nathan or his love of the game. Meanwhile, Haley gets a taste of things to come when she agrees to babysit, but soon finds herself in over her head; and Peyton, with the help of Derek, forces herself to conquer one of her deepest fears.
Guest Stars: Reynaldo Valentin as Nick Chavez | Rick Fox as Daunte | Ernest Waddell as Derek Sommers | CariDee English as Tia |
Co-Guest Stars: Kelsey Chow as Gigi | Conrad Goode as Bear | Shawn Shepard as Principal Turner | Natalie Alyn Lind as Alicia | Michael S. Kennedy as Pharmacist (as Michael Stanton Kennedy) | Lisa Bryant as Mother | Kim Wall (1) as Doctor | Quentin Kerr as Guy | Jake Johnson (3) as Randy
Writer: Adele Lim
Songs: Icon -- Bomb 1, 2, 3, Tiffany -- Let Me Be, The Bravery -- Out of Line, El Gato -- Poison Heart, Silversun Pickups -- Rusted Wheel, Moses McLean -- Sexy Baby, The Outline -- Shotgun, Salme Dahlstrom -- The Beauty Inside, Band Of Horses -- The Funeral

75 :04x08 - Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye

Derek finally convinces Peyton to follow her heart and be with Lucas just as Brooke decides that she wants to get back together with him. Both Nathan and Rachel turn to unlikely people for help -- Nathan to his father for help with Daunte's latest demand and Rachel to Haley for tutoring after she receives an F. Meanwhile, at the annual Ravens sports banquet Nathan is named the team's MVP of the year.
Guest Stars: Ernest Waddell as Derek Sommers | Rick Fox as Daunte |
Co-Guest Stars: Amy Parish as Shari Smith | Jeryl Prescott Sales as Counselor | Conrad Goode as Bear | Shawn Shepard as Principal Turner | Kelsey Chow as Gigi
Writer: John Norris
Songs: Buddy -- 11/22, Bosshouse -- Burn Me, Jackson Waters -- Center of Attention, Smith Point -- Goodbye, Voyager One -- I Remember Everything, The Wreckers -- Lay Me Down, Lali Puna -- Nin-Com-Pop, 8MM -- No Way Back, OK Go -- Oh Lately It's So Quiet, Envelope -- Open Window, The Burning Effigies -- Try to See it My Way

76 :04x09 - Some You Give Away

As the state championship game approaches, Whitey prepares to coach the final game of his career while the team deals with the pressure of the once-in-a-lifetime game. Peyton finally admits to Lucas that she loves him, but Lucas is unable to repond right away. Meanwhile, Karen dishes out some tough love to Deb in order to help her deal with her addition; Haley learns the sex of her and Nathan's baby; Dan strikes a deal with Daunte; and Nathan and Lucas clash over the team and their own personal goals. However, everyone's emotions following the game are overshadowed when both Haley and Lucas are rushed to the hospital following a devistating accident.
Guest Stars: Rick Fox as Daunte | Tamara Johnson (2) as Receptionist |
Co-Guest Stars: Bevin Prince as Bevin | Conrad Goode as Bear | Kelsey Chow as Gigi | James Thomas Moore (1) as Doctor | Jeri Lynn Schulke as Nurse | John H. Brennan as EMT #1 (as John Brennan) | Anthony Paderewski as EMT #2 |
Uncredited: Vince Lindenschmidt as Raven's Fan | Amber Nann as Photographer
Director: Greg Prange
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Jose Gonzalez -- Heartbeats, Pete Yorn -- Ice Age, Ray LaMontagne -- Lessons Learned, Audioslave -- Revelations, Belasco -- Summer, La Rocca -- The Truth, TV On The Radio -- Wolf Like Me

77 :04x10 - Songs to Love and Die By

After the accident, Lucas receives a shocking visitor -- his supposedly dead Uncle Keith. Keith guides Lucas through what life would have been like had Lucas not been the good guy he had been and pressures Lucas to remember what really happened the day Keith was murdered. Both Haley's life and the life of her child are threatened after experiencing serious pregnancy complications. Meanwhile, as Haley lies in a coma Nathan tries to deal with the guilt of his deal with Daunte; Dan tries to make things right concerning Keith's murder; and Peyton and Brooke work on becoming friends again.
Special Guest Stars: Craig Sheffer as Keith Scott |
Co-Guest Stars: Terry Loughlin as Doctor #1 | Mark Schwahn as Max | Jessica Lucas as Doctor #2 | John H. Brennan as EMT #1 (as John Brennan) | Anthony Paderewski as EMT #2
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: The Meeting Places -- Ebbing Seasons, 8MM -- Forever and Ever Amen, La Rocca -- Non Believer, Susie Suh -- Recognition

78 :04x11 - Everything in Its Right Place

Lucas, having recovered from his heart attack, returns to school with high-hopes of restarting his new relationship with Peyton. Haley learns that Nathan involvement with Daunte caused the accident, leading Haley to be very angry at him. Meanwhile, Brooke and Rachel team up to steal the answers of the next calculus exam from the tutor center; Deb plans to break out of rehab; and Dan accepts his fate when murder charges are brought upon him.
Guest Stars: Elisabeth Harnois as Shelly Simon |
Co-Guest Stars: Kelsey Chow as Gigi | Kassie Hight as Student | Langley McArol as Addict #3 | Pamela Harden as Student | Leo Daniels as Town Councilman |
Uncredited: Joe Keiley as Reporter
Director: Michael Lange
Writer: Dawn Urbont
Songs: Chris Mills -- Chenoa, Teddybears -- Different Sound, Priscilla Ahn -- Dream, Damien Rice -- Grey Room, The Wreckers -- Hard To Love You, Matt White -- Wait For Love, Sparrow House -- When I'm Gone

79 :04x12 - Resolve

With senior prom nearing, Haley becomes increasingly frustrated with her slow recovery and with Nathan, leading Skills and Mouth to team up to help Nathan earn money -- by having him dance at a local strip club. Meanwhile, Brooke and Rachel's new friendship slips into their relationship of the past as Brooke betrays Rachel in order to get closer to a guy. Elsewhere, Lucas and Peyton continue to enjoy their new relationship and resolve to be happy while Deb makes a potentially life-ending decision.
Guest Stars: Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams | Elisabeth Harnois as Shelly Simon |
Co-Guest Stars: Bevin Prince as Bevin | Shawn Shepard as Principal Turner | Chase Anderson as Sheldon | Tammy Christine Arnold as Teacher (as Tammy Arnold) | Jason Scott Quinn as Large Guy | Joe Inscoe as Mr. Miller
Director: Moira Kelly
Songs: Orbiter -- 3 A.M., APM Music -- Dancing the Night Away, Naut -- I Lost My Heart, Run DMC -- It's Tricky, The National -- Lucky You, The Kooks -- Naive, Patsy Butterfield -- Passion for Pageants, Greg Laswell -- Sing, Theresa Says, Logh -- Sunset Knife Fight, Salme Dahlstrom -- Supa Fab Funky

80 :04x13 - Pictures of You

Students of Tree Hill High are paired up for a class assignment that leads to everyone revealing their deepest hopes, secrets, and fears. Skills, worried about getting into college, turns to Haley for support, and Haley, in turn, leans on Skills for support when she worries about how having a family will change her life. Chase learns that Brooke cheated on her calculus exam, and spends the class period wondering what else Brooke has lied to him about. Lucas spends the class with Glenda and realizes that they have more in common than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Nathan reveals to Peyton that his mother tried to kill herself; Mouth's assignment turns romantic in nature; and Haley feels the baby kick for the first time.
Guest Stars: Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams | Elisabeth Harnois as Shelly Simon | John Kapelos as Mr. Karl |
Co-Guest Stars: Amber Wallace as Glenda Farrell | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Barbara Weetman as Glenda's Mom |
Uncredited: Kassie Hight as Student
Director: Les Butler
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: EEK -- Animal Chin, The Who -- Baba O'Riley, Mother Love Bone -- Chloe Dancer/ Crowns of Thorns, Dashboard Confessional -- Don't Wait (Acoustic), Ingrid Michaelson -- Masochist, Lynyrd Skynyrd -- Tuesday's Gone, The Rosebuds -- What Can I Do?

81 :04x14 - Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers

Haley finds out about the stolen calculus test and confronts Brooke about it. As Peyton and Brooke continue to mend their relationship, Lucas and Peyton consider taking theirs to the next level. Meanwhile, with Deb away, Nathan throws a party for the senior class at his mother's house during which a sex tape from his past is exposed.
Guest Stars: Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams | Elisabeth Harnois as Shelly Simon |
Co-Guest Stars: Amber Wallace as Glenda Farrell | Shawn Shepard as Principal Turner | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Celestial Pennington as Girl #2 | Mick Walker (2) as Salesman | Shontelle Thrash as Nurse | Joy Yascone as Girl #1
Songs: The National -- About Today, Loops -- About You, Young Love -- Close Your Eyes, Blackpool Lights -- Crash Sounds, Bosshouse -- Do You Want To Party With Me?, The Ataris -- From The Last, Last Call, Landon Pigg -- Great Companion, The Chemistry Set -- Into The Light, The Feeling -- Sewn, Bosshouse -- Well Here We Go Again

82 :04x15 - Prom Night at Hater High

During Prom day, the effects of Nathan's pre-Prom party continue to ripple through Tree Hill. After seeing the sex tape that surfaced during the party, Haley confronts Nathan and demands a list of his past sexual relationships. Rachel is expelled from school after taking the blame over the stolen calculus exam for Brooke. Peyton admits to Lucas that she wants to skip Prom altogether, but Lucas sets out to change her mind and won't take no for an answer. Meanwhile, Mouth and Brooke each deal with dating a Clean Teen on Prom night.
Guest Stars: Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams | Matt Barr as Psycho Derek |
Co-Guest Stars: Bevin Prince as Bevin | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Cullen Moss as Junk
Director: Paul Johansson
Songs: Jet -- Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Buddy -- Blindsides, Vega4 -- Life Is Beautiful, The Shins -- Phantom Limb, Howie Beck -- Sometimes (She's So Far In), Matt Costa (1) -- These Arms, Silversun Pickups -- Three Seed

83 :04x16 - You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love

Prom proves to be an unforgettable night for everyone when Lucas realizes who was in the hallway when Keith was killed. Meanwhile, Peyton's decision to skip Prom leads to a dangerous situation, but also leads to a reconciliation with Brooke. Elsewhere, Nathan and Haley attempt to be romantic teenagers during Prom, but find it hard to do; Dan tries to win over Karen, but as he does so the witness to Keith's murder closes in on Dan.
Guest Stars: Matt Barr as Psycho Derek | Within Reason as Themselves |
Co-Guest Stars: Amber Wallace as Glenda Farrell | Allison Scagliotti as Abby | Shawn Shepard as Principal Turner | Bevin Prince as Bevin | Brad Mills as George | Amy Tipton as Flight Attendant
Songs: Youth Group -- Daisychains, Within Reason -- Favorite Sin, Alphaville -- Forever Young, Master Source -- Hard Feelings, Black Toast -- I Wanna, Within Reason -- Let It Out, Maria Taylor -- No Stars, The Veils -- Nux Vomica, Sissy Prozac -- On A Natural High, The Guggenheim Grotto -- Philosophia, Altarmotive -- Please Resolve This, Bosshouse -- Super Sexy Free

84 :04x17 - It Gets the Worst at Night

The gang head to Texas on a rescue mission to save Mouth from his ill-conceived road trip with Rachel. In Texas, the teens get another shot at the Prom and Lucas and Peyton decide to take their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, Brooke confesses to Haley that she lied about stealing the calculus exam and Nathan once again has to face his past mistakes surrounding his dealings with Daunte.
Guest Stars: Tyler Hilton as Chris Keller |
Co-Guest Stars: Raymond Shepard as Gino | Keith Michael Gregory as Conrad | Anthony Police as Joe | Sonny Franks as Policeman | Brandon O'Dell as Lemmy | Gaylord Parsons as Dane | Mark Jeffrey Miller as Guard | Jenny Ledel as Girl #1 | Laura Bailey (2) as Girl #2 | Lauren Wenzel as Girl #3 | Katy Rowe as Girl #4 | Shauna McLean as Girl #5
Director: Greg Prange
Songs: Gym Class Heroes -- Good Vibrations, A Fine Frenzy -- Lifesize, The Allman Brothers Band -- Midnight Rider, Selectracks -- Penetrate Your Soul, Bosshouse -- She Back, Lucero -- She Wakes When She Dreams, Fuse -- Sometimes I Feel, The Honorary Title -- Stay Away, Dashboard Confessional -- Stolen, James Morrison (2) -- This Boy, Tyler Hilton -- You'll Ask For Me

85 :04x18 - The Runaway Found

The future with Duke that Nathan thought he had lined up is at risk when his past mistakes come back to haunt both him and Haley. Lucas hears a shocking confession after meeting the mysterious witness to Keith's death. Meanwhile, Brooke tries to make things right with her friendship with Peyton after having a run-in with Chase.
Guest Stars: Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams | Matt Barr as Psycho Derek | Allison Scagliotti as Abby | Sean Young as Hope Brown |
Co-Guest Stars: Joseph Patrick Kelly as Reporter #1 | George Nannarello as Clerk
Director: Greg Prange
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Emerson Hart -- Friend to a Stranger, Scanners -- In My Dreams, The Guggenheim Grotto -- Philosophia, The Constantines -- Soon Enough

86 :04x19 - Ashes of Dreams You Let Die

Nathan and Haley are able to grow closer as a couple despite the looming basketball scandal. Brooke contemplates her relationship with Chase after she senses a spark between them. Meanwhile, Peyton is given an offer that would force her to leave Tree Hill; Mouth and Gigi reconnect; and Lucas reveals to Karen who killed Keith, which sets off an explosive chain of events.
Guest Stars: Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams |
Co-Guest Stars: Shawn Shepard as Principal Turner | Kelsey Chow as Gigi | Renee Vincent as Mrs. Edwards | David Bridgewater as Detective | Cullen Moss as Junk | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Chase Anderson as Sheldon | Justin Colvin as Policeman
Director: Michael Lange
Writer: John Norris
Songs: The Storys -- Be By Your Side, Patty Griffin -- Burgundy Shoes, Letting Up Despite Great Faults -- Disasters Are Okay, Aqualung -- Something to Believe In, Straylight Run -- The Words We Say, Ingrid Michaelson -- Way I Am

87 :04x20 - The Birth and Death of the Day

Graduation day arrives for the Tree Hill High seniors, bringing the realization of dreams for some, while the dreams of others are brought to an end. As Nathan deals with his future without basketball, Haley gets her valedictorian speech ready and she worries about being a mother in the matter of weeks. Meanwhile, Brooke makes a confession that may damage the future she thought she had and Lucas confronts his father when his mother's life is threatened.
Guest Stars: Bevin Prince as Bevin Mirsky | Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams | Jonathan Adams (1) as Chuck Taylor |
Co-Guest Stars: Shawn Shepard as Principal Turner | Helen Talamadge as Bevin's Mother | Jessica Lucas as Doctor | Nevains Rhodes as Skills' Mother | Cullen Moss as Junk | Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Suellen Yates as Nurse | Troy Rudeseal as Doctor #2 | Michael H. Cole as Mr. Mirsky (Bevin's Father)
Director: Greg Prange
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Satchel -- Isn't That Right, Paolo Nutini -- Last Request, Peter Murphy -- Strange Kind of Love, New Moscow -- Taking Back What's Mine, Lucero -- Tell Me What it Takes, Foo Fighters -- Times Like These, The Veils -- Under the Folding Branches, Laura Veirs -- Wrecking

88 :04x21 - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

In the fourth-season closer, Rachel returns to town to throw a graduation party for the Tree Hill High senior class. There, the teens say goodbye to each other as they each embark on their post-high school plans. Nathan and Haley adjust to life as parents while Lucas and Peyton prepare to part for the summer. Meanwhile, while recovering in the hospital, Karen has a dream about Keith and their daughter; Dan's grief and confession lead him to consider deadly action; and Karen confronts Dan about Keith's murder.
Special Guest Stars: Craig Sheffer as Keith Scott |
Guest Stars: Bevin Prince as Bevin | Stephen Colletti as Chase Adams | Elisabeth Harnois as Shelly Simon |
Co-Guest Stars: Vaughn Wilson as Fergie | Cullen Moss as Junk | Jessica Lucas as Dr. Hudson | Terry Loughlin as Dr. Milford | Mary Kate Englehardt as Lily | Jason Leith as Bouncer | Tilky Jones as Dude | Troy Rudeseal as Nurse | B-Jay Payton as Guard
Director: Mark Schwahn
Writer: Mark Schwahn
Songs: Travis -- Closer, Cristian Amigo -- God is a Bullet, The Fratellis -- Henrietta, Motley Crue -- Home Sweet Home, Live -- Lightning Crashes, Sugarhill Gang -- Rapper's Delight, MoZella -- Say It Ain't So, Ross Copperman -- They'll Never Know, Silversun Pickups -- Three Seeds, Ryan Adams (1) -- Two, Leopold -- Walking Away, Spice Girls -- Wannabe, Ray LaMontagne -- Within You
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Sports
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CW ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2003
Ended: April 04, 2012
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