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The Space in Between - Recap

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There is a lot going on in Tree Hill this week. Haley and Jamie are in Quinn's hospital room. Haley is writing in her Lucas letter journal while Jamie is in bed with Quinn sleeping. Nathan is hanging out with Clay in his hospital room making sure that he gets all of the sports news information pretty much uploaded into his head while he's in a coma. He talks about how the Bobcats got a fantastic new player thanks to him and that he needs to make it through because of that.

Brooke and her mother are meeting up to have breakfast and talk about what is going on with Clothes over Bros. Victoria tells her that she's not going to have to worry about losing the company because they'll just pay the fine and it'll be fine. She tries to convince her that she has always tried to do right by her. She wants a thank you, but Brooke isn't feeling it as the situation still happened. She does get an apology from Victoria, however. She doesn't know if she should believe her or not but she stays classy about it.

Quinn is now awake and she says sorry to Haley for putting everyone through this hell. Haley sarcastically replies and laughs. Quinn asks her if she is going to take her to visit Clay and Haley tells her that she's still too weak to go visit him. She asks how he is doing at least and she tells her that there is no change going on with him. They wake Jamie up and Quinn asks him if he can bring his lucky gold star to Clay as he is going to need it since he's not getting better as they would obviously prefer.

Clay/Ghost Clay watches this exchange of words with sadness in his heart. He then walks through the hallways of the hospital and it seems that he is well acquainted with many of the fellow patients, but something he doesn't expect to happen does. He asks this guy what happened to his arm, completely understanding that it was rhetorical. Someone else answers the question and says that it is a dog bite. This catches Clay off guard and he looks around trying to figure out who is talking to him. He's shocked he can see him. He finds this man who looks to be about the same age as Clay. He says that he now knows why it is called the waiting room. They do some small talk and he tells Clay that his woman is hot. He's just trying to be funny to lighten the situation.

This new ghost informs Clay that they are both in between worlds. He has been waiting for a while and while they are talking they hear Clay's actual body is coding. They go to check on Clay's actual body and he is on a breathing tube and respirator. The man can relate, Clay just wants to figure out how to beat this nightmare and get back to being with the love of his life and the other people that he cares about.

Elsewhere, Julian has Jamie with him and they are looking at newborns. Jamie decides to ask him where the babies come from and Julian takes the easy way out by saying the stork brings them. Of course Jamie thinks that that was just a cope out. When Brooke comes up he asks her and she says "not from me". So, Jamie is still clueless on the subject entirely.

Mouth and Millie have woken up next to each other and it is awkward. She asks him where Skill is at and he says that he is doing a job. They have a conversation about whether they are dating someone or not and they seem to both be single at this point. Then Millie runs off.

Back at the hospital, Haley needs to tell her sister that Clay's organs are failing and that he needs a kidney transplant if he is going to survive. She wonders asks if Clay has time to wait for a donor and the doctor says that they don't have much time at all. Nathan wants to give him his kidney and the doctor says that if he does he won't be able to play basketball anymore.

Brooke and Julian have taken Jamie to the baseball field to play a bit. He impresses Brooke with his talents in sports and thinks that he could go pro in baseball. Jamie wants to play basketball just like Nathan does. Nathan and Haley go to the chapel to have a quiet discussion about his decision to get tested to see if he can give up his kidney. Ghost Clay and his new friend watch with bated breath as they discuss it. Nathan wants to do this for his friend because he cares about him a great deal and if it weren't for Clay he wouldn't be in the NBA in the first place.

Nathan has also decided to tell Haley that he just learned that his back is getting worse. He says that while he will probably be able to play the up coming season, he has no clue about his future. Clay feels like he is just being used as an excuse and really doesn't want him to ditch out on the game entirely.

Nathan and Jamie are back at home. He gets Jamie ready for bed and has to talk to him about what is up with Clay. He says that he wants to help Clay and that he may not be able to play basketball again. Jamie offers to give up his kidney, but of course he is too young to do that but Nathan tells him that it is a nice gesture and that Clay would appreciate the thought.

Haley has finally decided that she is going to sneak Quinn in to see Clay as long as she promises that she is feeling alright enough to do this. Quinn goes and talks to him. No one is dealing with the idea of him not being around anymore if he passed away.

Ghost Clay and Ghost friend are on the roof of the hospital talking about what has been going on. Clay thinks that maybe he led the person who shot them on because she intrigued him but he felt like he was perfectly care. The friend tells him that crazy is crazy and there is nothing he could do about that.

Brooke soon finds out that her mother has sacrificed herself for the sake of the company and is going to be going to jail for a while. Nathan finds out that he is not compatible enough to donate his kidney to Clay. Nathan is just feeling so weak and he never has felt this way before. He wants to figure out how to save him, but this is too big for him. Quinn is trying to figure out how she's going to get him a donor since Nathan isn't a match and she is just so overwhelmed.

Ghost Clay and Ghost Friend are still on the roof of the hospital. Clay asks him what happened to get him in between life and death and he said he was in a car accident. He was texting while driving, which was his fault. He asks what his name is and he says his name is Will. They end up on the couch in the waiting room again. They are sitting and waiting. The machines go off because someone has stopped breathing, they're both scared and then Will tells him that it was nice being able to hang out with him and reminds him that it was not his fault.

We flash back to Clay's room and he wakes up telling Quinn she's pretty. Will passed away and he was an organ donor.