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Nobody Taught Us to Quit - Recap

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This week's One Tree Hill opens again with Haley writing a note to Lucas at least in her head. She is talking about how she has been working with the crisis hotline. She feels like she is making a difference. She even gets to speak to the one from last week that had finally given her someone to really talk to about real problems with. This means that she can make an even bigger impact and she really enjoys the idea of that.

Nathan and Mouth are finally kicking it and they talk about what could possibly be next. This is the running theme through out the episode. What's next? Mouth and Nathan are talking about how Mouth has a podcast that no one is really listening to. Julian is working on a documentary about "What's Next" and he asks Nathan questions. After this, Nathan tells him to go speak to Mouth since he'd probably enjoy it and he really needs this.

Nathan has to tell Clay about the fact that he is leaving the NBA and the game in general. Another running theme throughout this episode is that he really avoids telling people really important information because he prefers to avoid conflict. He is pretty scared to tell him, but he definitely needs to tell him. He goes to tell him about his decision and he is shocked to learn that Clay supports his decision. He knows that he needs to do what is best for his health and his family and if this is what he should do then he supports it. Not only that, but they are also best friends so he's not just going to complain that he gave it all up when it could mean something like him never being able to walk again.

Brooke is going through a lot and has Haley meet her underneath a bridge. Brooke is upset because her mother does not want to speak to her and is quite angry that she is selling her company and depleting her personal wealth to give it back to the people that invested into the company over a lie. She has never been so disappointed. Brooke worries that she's not entirely making the right decision but she knows deep down inside what she is doing is absolutely the right thing. She wants to give the investors their money back because she doesn't want them to lose everything just because her company messed up and lied.

They get a phone call from Mia and decide to go see her at Tric. She is pretty upset and jealous over the fact that her ex is with Alex. She even has a voodoo doll with Alex's face on it that she is stabbing to death. Haley says that it is time that they book a show and then Mia can get out there and do whatever she needs to to be happier and concentrate on other nonsense instead. They decide to have a drink because Brooke's mother is never anything but a bitch.

Julian has decided to listen to Nathan and go speak to Mouth about what is next for him. Mouth gets really excited and decides to dress up and act like he is more important and successful than he really is. This isn't working out at all for the both of them and eventually they show how boring it actually is to be Mouth right now as he just sits around watching television all the time now.

Nathan is still having a problem with the fact that everyone thinks he avoids things. This isn't a lot of fun but he decides that he is going to convince Haley to go with Mia to her little cross over show. Eventually Nathan gets to talk to Brooke and they are having a pretty decent conversation. They bond over the fact that they have issues with their parents and how they both are in jail pretty much.

Nate talks to Clay about managing his clients while he is still recovering so that the opposition do not end up stealing the clients that he has worked so hard for. This will be great and it seems that Clay is really into this idea. Elsewhere, Alex is reading scripts at work and pretty much lies to Chase when he asks her if she's looking for work/is going to work. She says no that she isn't she just gets a lot of them and most of them aren't even good.

Brooke is going through her wedding plans since that is what is supposed to be next for her. She is removing things that she really can't afford at this point because she intended on paying for all of the extra special things that she would like to get. She and Julian talk about what happened throughout the day and he makes sure to tell her that she's really doing the right thing and that her mother is acting like a fool, essentially.

Brooke decides that he is right and goes to talk to her mother in jail. She tells her that all she ever wanted to do was make her happy and gain her approval, but now she doesn't care what she thinks when it comes to her decisions in regards to this because she knows what she is doing is right and she's going to keep on keeping on. She tells her that the ball is in her court and she can either stop treating her like crap (and calling her stupid like she did earlier on in the episode) and accept the fact that she's doing this or they can just never talk or see one another again.

It is time to pick up Clay from the hospital and they decide to dress up and do something special. Elsewhere, Chase finds a script and decides to skim it just out of curiosity alone and it is high lighted and it seems that she got a part about a bartender named Maggie. He gets mad and worried that this is all an act so she can get a handle on what she needs to know. Not only that, but she did lie. He breaks up with her over this and they're over for now.

Quinn and Clay go home and look around looking worried but convinced that they can do this and be happy in the place they both got brutally shot. Nathan and Brooke are both giving press conferences explaining what happened and what's going to happen next. Nathan decides that while he gave them some pretty basic information he isn't going to take questions. They can learn about what is really going on when they listen to an interview on Mouth's website.