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The Drinks We Drank Last Night - Recap

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A hungover Brooke asks God to get her through this and she'll never
drink again. Her future mother-in-law orders her to shut up from the
bathtub she's passed out in.

12 hours earlier:

Brooke and Julian are getting ready for their parties. She helped him
fulfill his misbehaving quota for the day 2.5 times. Haley is taking the
ladies to a spa.

Nathan is stressed. He has an entire book to read by Monday, and the
professor in question really doesn't like him. He's got his work cut out
for him. She tells him to read the book and forget about Professor

Haley tells Brooke she's going to be leaving early to tutor Nathan.
Brooke is really unamused to hear Alex was invited. Haley says she's the
one who got them the spa suite though. The ladies all settle in for
their massages. Brooke declares it the perfect party. They have a toast,
and the next morning, everybody is passed out everywhere, except Haley.
She didn't imbibe, because she's expecting. Alex says she feels fine,
but Quinn points out that she has a massive black eye. Haley notices
that Quinn sounds like she has her retainer in. That's because she got
her tongue pierced.

Brooke finds Sylvia in her tub and asks what she's doing there. Sylvia
says all the couches were taken. Brooke goes to get her some water and
sees she's wearing a big, fake ring. Her engagement ring is gone. As
Brooke announces that her ring is missing, a dog on a skateboard goes

Sylvia figures the ring was insured, so what's the big deal. Brooke
still can't figure out why Sylvia is there. Haley asks her to retrace
her steps, and Brooke simply can't remember. She doesn't even know what
Sylvia is doing there. Sylvia says she came to drop off a gift, and they
all insisted that she stay. Sylvia blames the hippy energy drink. Haley
wants to know what was in them, and Alex volunteers to call and find
out. Quinn finds raw meat in her purse. Haley tells everybody to check
their purses.

Brooke's phone rings. It's Julian. Sylvia takes the call and buys Brooke
some time. The ladies continue checking everywhere for the ring. Alex
found out that the drinks were perfectly healthy - unless you mix them
with alcohol. Haley finds a receipt for a tatroo parlor. One of them has
a new tattoo. It's Millie, and it's a tramp stamp. Brooke has a phone
number written in chocolate on her right thigh. When they dial it, they
get Dave Navarro's voice mail.

Millie asks the tattoo artist, Dash, about her tattoo while Haley goes
to check the cancellation of the Jane's Addiction concert in Tree Hill.
Sylvia talks a bit to Brooke about their mutual love of music. Haley
returns to tell Brooke that the concert was canceled because they lost
Dave Navarro. When last seen, he was riding a bull at some bachelorette
party. Sylvia and Brooke remember riding the bulls.

Millie sees her picture and remembers getting her tattoo, but not why
her nickname is Boots.They get sent to a frat house, because one of
Millie's "brothers" got a tattoo last night as well. As memories
return, they recall how Brooke noticed her ring was missing, while they
were dancing on tables at the frat house. Alex found it and gave it
back. Sylvia was upside down and hitting a bong. Millie asks why they
nicknamed her boots, and the frat guys say she introduced herself that way.

At the bar, Brooke continues the search for her ring. the bar with the
bull riding serves a drink called the boot, which is 13 kinds of alcohol
served in a cowboy boot. Sylvia insults the jukebox because she hates
country music.

Brooke's phone rings, and it's Sylvia (who is standing next to her). She
takes the phone from Brooke and sees that her calls are labeled
"Smother-in-law". Haley giggles. Sylvia takes the call, and it's good
news. Her phone is at the fire station.

The girls saw a poster indicating that the skateboarding dog is missing,
so they return it. The owner is Professor Kellerman, and his house has
been TP'd. The girls remember that 1) Kellerman is Nathan's
professor,and 2), they TP'd his house, and 3) they distinctly recall
stealing the dog, as well as a food truck. They leave without returning

Millie is starting to feel proud of herself for coloring outside the
lines. She's never TP'd a house before. Alex and Quinn chat a bit about
what all they've survived.

When Sylvia gets her hands on her phone, she sees more pictures. One of
them is a place Haley recognizes, where Nathan goes to watch football.
Brooke hopes they have her ring. Sylvia continues her "L.A. is
wonderful, Tree Hill sucks" theme. the waitress tells Sylvia she eats
for free, since she won the hot wing eating competition. The waitress
asks Brooke what happened to that hot guy she was making out with.
Brooke said she was engaged like a million times last night, but the
waitress thought she was joking because of the toy ring she was wearing.

The ladies regroup, and tell Haley that they stole Nathan's professor's
dog. Brooke throws off the toy ring, and Dogaust (Professor August
Kellerman named his dog Dogaust) eats it. The women realize there's a
good chance he ate Brooke's other shiny, too.

As Brooke and Sylvia walk along, Sylvia thanks her for last night. She
had a blast. Brooke is heartbroken. She figures she screwed up her
chances with Julian completely. Sylvia asks if Clothes Over Bros is
closed, and she says yes. They see Dave Navarro in the window of her old
store and go inside. He tells them that they locked him in there. He's
also responsible for giving Alex her black eye. On his way out, he tells
Brooke she was amazing. He can't remember the last time he busted
through that many condoms in one night.

The women gave Dogaustus fiber pills and wait for him to produce so they
can hopefully regain the ring.

Sylvia cleans the store while Brooke sobs about losing Julian. Sylvia
tells Brooke she can get through this by not telling Julian what
happened last night. Brooke can't do it. Julian deserves the truth.
Sylvia finds a water condom and Brooke realizes she never had sex. They
had a water balloon fight, using condoms. While Brooke is happy to hear
she didn't use condoms badly, she still feels bad about the kissing.

Sylvia flashes on another part of last night. She told Brooke she's
selfish. As long as she's being honest, Brooke joins in. Sylvia smothers
Julian. They fight, and it was really bad and ugly.

Haley gets home and Dogaust skates through. Nathan returns him, and the
professor is very happy to see his dog, but not Nathan. He thinks Nathan
did everything the girls did.

Brooke gets home and Julian is happy to see her. She tells him she and
Sylvia fought. She tells him about the kissing, and finds out the man
she was kissing was Julian. He took her ring for safekeeping. All is well.

The church is beautiful. Haley and Julian set the church up while the
rest of the party was going on. Sylvia's been working nonstop on getting
the wedding planned. Brooke goes and apologizes to Sylvia for what she
said. Sylvia tells her she was right. She apologizes as well. She can
see why Julian loves Brooke so much. They hug.

Brooke asks Haley to be her matron of honor, and she is honored to accept.