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In the Room Where You Sleep - Recap

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The scene opens with Julian and Brooke waking up to no crying from the twins. They run out of their room and find Victoria in the kitchen with the twins. Julian asks Brooke to slap him because he thinks that he is dreaming still. She does and they ask what she is doing there. She says that she made breakfast and Brooke remembers that she has business to discuss with Ted and says that he is going to help her with Baker Man. Victoria says that they were going to do the clothing line together and Brooke tells her that she declined to do it. Nathan comes into the bedroom and tells Haley that he came home to his father, Dan, holding Lydia. Haley says that the Diner burned down and Dan needed a place to stay. Nathan says that he loves that she is caring, but he was just caught by surprise that’s all. Nathan goes up to Dan and tells him that he has to go. Chase wakes up and finds Alex gone. She is in Chris Keller’s studio playing the guitar. She asks Chris what happened to him as an artist. He says that he wrote the “Toaster Pastry” song. He says that he is still good at what he does. He says that he took things for granted.

Meanwhile, Millicent tells Jerry that someone needs to talk to Mouth and that he is getting worse. He tells her that he will back her up. She gets home and talks to Mouth. He kisses her and asks what is going on. However, instead of talking to him, she says that it is nothing. Clay is in the police station when Quinn comes in and asks if he is alright. Clay says that he doesn’t know what is wrong with him. Nathan hides behind the wall and Haley tells Jamie to get her a magazine on the table. Nathan tackles Jamie and he says that it is nice to see him. Jamie asks why they don’t have a place set for his grandpa. At breakfast, Jamie asks Dan if they are going to set up the tent in the backyard and Dan tells him that he doesn’t think he is going to stay because the insurance company has arranged for him to stay at a different place in town. Jamie asks if the insurance could make him leave. Dan says that they can. Back at Julian and Brooke’s place, Julian compliments Victoria’s breakfast and Victoria can’t believe that Ted would do that. She asks why Ted gets a free pass and tells Julian that Ted is up to something and that it is only going to take a little bit more time for Brooke to see that.

At the hospital, Clay meets with the doctor. She tells him that it is all in his head and that there isn’t anything wrong. She asks if he talked to a psychiatrist. He says that he did before, but it didn’t help. Later, Quinn tells Clay that he needs to go to a psychiatrist to try to fix things. Clay says that he is going to try the medication and tells her that he has a business to run and has a life just like her. He suggests that they handcuff him to the bed. Millicent goes up to Jerry and tells him that she couldn’t tell Mouth. He says that she needs to tell him that he is getting fat. However, when Mouth comes up, Jerry can’t tell him either. Chuck talks to Chase and asks who this guy is that told Alex that her song’s no good. Chase says that his name is Chris Keller. Chuck says that he read about Chris and says that he needs to watch out for him. Chase says that he is going to asks Alex to move in with him. He tells Chuck that they are going to go to the studio and distract Alex long enough to get her keys to her place and then move them into his place instead. He agrees to help him with the task. At the same time, Brooke is still waiting for Ted at the restaurant.

Chuck and Chase go to the studio and Chris is getting pretty close to Alex. Chase tells Alex that Chuck wanted to see the studio and this gives him the distraction he needs. However, Alex catches Chase going through her purse and says that he was going to take some money. He doesn’t review what his real notions are. He goes up to Chuck and tells him that it is time to go, but Chuck, rather then destroying Chris, likes him and says that Chris is allowing him to stay. Back at the restaurant, Ted finally gets there and he says that he was distracted with the Country Club. He says that they are going to be able to get the investors in their baby clothing line. She asks if they can include Victoria, but Ted doesn’t like the idea. Later, Nathan tells Clay that he can’t go to Europe due to his sleepwalking. Clay says that he is fine, but Nathan says that as a partner in the company, he will go to Europe. Nathan breaks the news to Haley and she asks why Clay isn’t going. Nathan says that he is dealing with things. Jamie says that Clay is a werewolf. She says that Nathan just got home and he says that Clay has a sleeping disorder and she understands that he has to go. She says that she wants to go with him, but he says that he can’t take her. She asks about Dan and Nathan says that Dan has to go. At the same moment, Dan overhears them.

Chuck comes out with his hair styled like Chris Keller’s. Chase tells him that he is being ridiculous and Chuck walks off singing the Toaster Pastry song. Nathan and Jamie play basketball and Jamie tells Nathan that he knows that Dan doesn’t get to stay, but he wishes that he could. At the pool, Dan thanks Haley for allowing him to stay. She tells him that she is upset with him for what he did to Keith and the rest of the family, but she feels that everyone should have the right to prove that they have changed and that is why he is there. Meanwhile, Millicent and Mouth are shooting their Cooking Show and Mouth digs into the ice-cream once it is made. Millicent smiles reluctantly. Later, Brooke goes up to Julian and he asks how her meeting with her father went. She says that Ted has a plan to help the company. Julian says that he is happy for her and says that Victoria was trying to get him to turn on Ted. Brooke goes up Victoria and asks why she so jealous. She tells her that she is going with Ted on the deal because she hasn’t been a mother either. Victoria says that she understands and says that she will leave her alone to go with her father with this.

Alex and Chris listen to the track and they like what they hear. Chris says that Alex is going to have to tour, but she says that she has a boyfriend. She asks why Chris doesn’t take the tour. Chris says that he doesn’t open, he Headlines. She jokes and says that his tour would be the Toaster Pastry Tour. He doesn’t laugh and says that the one mistake that he made when he was young in his career was not jumping at the chances that came. Meanwhile, Julian is on the sound stage and Alex asks for his advice. She tells him that she has an opportunity to tour, but that would put her and Chase’s relationship in danger. He says that he has a family and wants to watch them grow. Alex says that she likes living out of suitcases. Julian says that Chase need to accept that or else they are not going to work. Chase is gathering all of Alex’s clothes in the closet and Chuck asks if Chris has a girlfriend. Chase says that Chris is not the “boyfriend” type for any girl. Chuck refers to himself in the third person and says that he is just trying it out. Chase gets annoyed and says that he doesn’t want him to do that. Nathan gets ready to leave for Europe and Chris shows up. He says that he is running the record label now. This is the first time Nathan is hearing this and Chris tells Haley that if she needs “anything”, then he will be there. She shuts the door on him. Meanwhile, Clay talks to Quinn and agrees to see the psychiatrist. She tells him that if it helps, then it is worth it.

Alex gets to Chase’s place and asks him what the surprise is. He shows her to the closet and shows her that they moved in her things. He gives her the key and tells her that he loves her. They go the bedroom and afterward, Chase tells her that he is fine with the fact that she didn’t say “I love you” back. She says that she does love him and he is happy. She tells him that she is happy with him. Brooke goes into the room and finds Julian playing with the twins. She says that she loves him and he wonders why the praise. She says that it is just because. Victoria meets with Ted and tells him that Brooke loves him and that he better not break his daughter’s heart. Later in Chase’s place, Alex looks around. She goes up to Chris and tells him that she wants to take the tour. At the pharmacy, Clay walks away when his prescription is ready. Nathan says goodbye to his family and Haley says that she loved Keith, but Dan saved Jamie’s life. Nathan says that he lived with Dan and that is a different story. Nathan talks to Dan that he is sorry about his Diner, but needs to be gone when he comes back. Jamie runs out and says that he was worried that Dan was going to be gone as well. Dan says that he doesn’t have to worry because he isn’t going anywhere. The episode ends.