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Love the Way You Lie - Recap

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The scene opens with Quinn waking up to find Clay cooking and not gone, Clay says he wanted to surprise Quinn with his cooking, and breakfast in bed. Quinn seems pleasantly surprised. Meanwhile, Haley’s dealing with a busy café and no chef. It turns out he quite, to work in the new café opening up in town, proclaiming itself "the only gourmet café" in town. And it turns out the café is right across Haley’s. Meanwhile, Brooke's going to meet Ted for golf and tells Victoria to keep an eye on Jude when he feels warm; also she practices golf in her living room, before they meet. The two reminisce about Ted’s golf playing years with his business partners. Victoria also warns Brooke about going into business with Ted. Julian's not lucking out with finding someone to use his soundstage, despite trying his best to sell the idea of the place. Meanwhile, Chase is also down with Alex gone, he shares grief with Haley.

Chris Keller's having a good morning when he gets the idea to hire an attractive woman to be his intern; he thus begins interviewing a series of beautiful women, and some not so beautiful ones. In the end he zeroes in on a pair of beautiful twins. Meanwhile, Quinn answers Clay's phone for him and hears his prescription is ready, and will be available for pickup for two more days. She tells him it was a wrong number, an acts normal. Just to confirm things, she asks Clay if he picked up his prescription last week. He lies, telling her he picked his prescription up and has been taking it; he in fact even describes the dosage. Although worried, Quinn plays along. Later, Quinn talks to Haley about the whole episode with Clay; Chris interrupts, saying Clay's cheating, also introducing himself to Quinn in the same breath. Of course he offers himself up for a shoulder to cry on, and if the need be; some revenge sex. Meanwhile, Mouth says the dry cleaner shrunk his shirt, but probably he just needs to stop eating.

Meanwhile, while Hayley is still in need of some assistance, Chuck sits with Chris, and Chase confronts him about his role in Alex leaving before dragging Chuck away. Chris is waiting for his breakfast at lunch; instead Haley drags him in to work in the kitchen. It doesn't go so well. Brooke's surprised when Ted's already played golf and just wants her to charm potential investors over lunch. Mouth even brings up the dry cleaner on air, saying “if I wanted to shrink my shirts I would have Millie wash them”, Millie warns him to stop; but to no avail. That's when Millie finally loses it and calls him fat, giving him a few instances to drive home her point. It leaves the producer and Mouth shocked. Off camera the two end up having a huge fight, with Millie asking Mouth to own up to the fact that he has gained a lot of weight. When they go back on air, Mouth says they'd love to hear what the audience thinks.

Meanwhile, Julian has Jamie's class at the soundstage as he explains soundstages, and Chuck's smart ass comments are not helping his frustrations; at one point his patience gives away, but he manages to reel it in just in time. Thanks to Lauren quickly bringing them elsewhere when Julian obviously isn't in the mood for this. Meanwhile, Chris is sitting in the restaurant enjoying a burger. Haley wonders who is working the kitchen, if Chris is outside. Hayley is surprised to find Dan working in the kitchen, he tells her that he is here to help her out; but would leave if she wants her to. She lets him continue. Quinn installs a tracking app on Clay's phone, while he is taking a shower. Meanwhile, Brooke shows off a photo of her boys, and Ted brings up the fact that they're her inspiration for the clothing line, she is in fact asked for an autograph, thanks to the popularity of the clothing line. Meanwhile, Jamie returns to a demoralized Julian to try to boost his morale.

Jamie succeeds to quite a degree. Meanwhile, Ted tells Brooke she was a big hit, but it obviously wasn't what she had been hoping for when he invited her for golf. She doesn’t look entirely happy with the whole episode. Meanwhile, Dan's a huge help in the café and even has some suggestions about making a good burger; Haley seems impressed. Meanwhile, when Brooke gets home, Victoria tells her Jude doesn't have a temperature. She had a feeling how the afternoon would go, but Brooke hoped Ted would change like Victoria did. Victoria leaves for New York. Meanwhile, Julian gets a call about a television series interested in using his soundstage and sets up an appointment. Meanwhile, Chris finds Chase drinking at the bar and brings him to a strip club to try to cheer him up. However, one's name just reminds him of Alex. Julian returns home to tell Brooke the good news, and she asks him to drop Davis off at daycare on his way. Quinn spies on Clay as he makes a sketchy exchange with a guy in a doorway.

Jamie's happy to see Dan working the grill, but some of the customers aren't—and they're not quiet about how they feel. Dan offers to leave, but Haley tells them to go somewhere else if they have a problem. Chris tells Chase's story as his to a stripper to get a free lap dance. He tells Chase Alex would've left him sooner or later and she's never going to settle down. Ouch. Dan thanks Haley for what she did, and she tells him he doesn't have to go around hearing about it all the time. Ted surprises Brooke when he stops by. He's there to tell her Baker Man has full financial backing despite the fact that they haven't seen any designs. She's happy, but she had been hoping to spend time with her father. He tells her he wants to spend time with her, but they had to take advantage of time for business when it was available. He tells her he'll be back to spend time with her and leaves for Los Angeles. Julian picks up scotch on his way to his meeting.

Quinn confronts Clay about the drugs, but he claims it wasn't him. She has photos and he has the drugs. He argues it's not a problem, but she's had enough and walks out. Millie acknowledges she was unprofessional and apologizes, but she also lets him know that she's concerned about his health. Clay looks at the photos Quinn took before joining her on the beach. He apologizes, saying he was taking the pills for the pain after the accident and ran out. Haley once again thanks Dan, and he offers to come in the next day. However, she says it's not a good idea because it's Karen's café. Brooke calls Julian because the daycare called because he never dropped Davis off. He finds the police around his car, the car seat empty, and a stretcher being loaded into the ambulance. The episode ends.