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Don't You Want to Share the Guilt? - Recap

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The scene opens and Brooke’s husband is waiting for his baby outside the emergency ward, because he had forgotten he was supposed to take him to day care, and left him in the car that got badly hit. Brooke arrives frantically worried, and disappointed at her husband’s carelessness. Meanwhile, Haley steps out of her café, when she finds out the other café across the road says “Karen’s café hires murderers”. Moira doesn’t know where to find Clay, and back at the hospital, when the baby is ready to be taken home, Brooke’s husband needs to show up with the police – they have a few more questions to ask him. When Clay drives away after scoring his stash, his girlfriend threatens the drug dealer. He grabs her neck for threatening him, and calls her a stupid whore ramming her into the nearby fence.

She screams for help and Clay arrives laying a punch on the dealer. He is quick to get back and lay a punch back on Clay. Then he takes out his gun, and warns them if they see them again, he is going to kill them and burn their bodies. It doesn’t take long for Clay to hit back at his girlfriend. When she claims she was trying to help him, he doesn’t need her help. Meanwhile, Brooke is in no mood to hand over her baby to her careless husband, even when she has to attend to the other one crying in the cradle. When Clay’s girlfriend follows him home, he just shuts her out by yelling he doesn’t want her. She caused him to be at a gun point some time back. And she cannot be here anymore, not because he doesn’t need her there, but he doesn’t want her near. The next morning Chase wakes up to find himself in a strange circumstance.

He never expected a woman’s bra to lying next to his naked body when he wakes up, but that’s just what has happened. Terra shows up from the kitchen, and makes it clear she wants more of what happened last night. However, Chase cannot get over Alex, and Terra lets on he mentioned her about 10 times last night – may be 11. Chase doesn’t want to sound like an ass, but he is not looking for anything serious. Neither is Terra. She has left her number on his cell, under N, for Not Alex. Meanwhile Skills arrives at Millicent’s place to find her sleeping on the couch. Yes she and Marvin had a fight – and it was about something she is concerned about, but he, not so much. Marvin is not bothered about the fact that he has put on weight, and Milli can’t take it anymore. Clay’s girlfriend lands up at Haley’s place in tears.

Clay is doing drugs, and he wants her to give up on him. She has been driving around all night, but Haley promises they will find a way out to help Clay. She doesn’t want Haley to tell Nathan – not yet, but overhearing their conversation is Dan. Meanwhile, Brooke’s husband goes to the kids room only to find she has taken them away. His guilt is already building beyond repair. At Haley’s place, she talks with Nathan over a video console. He cannot wait to get back, and she cannot wait to kiss his handsome face. In the backyard, Haley’s older son spends time with Dan, and learns that he will be gone when his dad is back. And at the studio, Milli and Marvin host their talk show, where Skills lets on Marvin needs to lose weight, and Milli could do without starving herself.

Chase meets his friend Chris Keller, from whom he doesn’t want to hear anything about dating girls. Chris is not stopping until Chase is announcing he is being happy with a girl. He wants to know if he’s got Terra’s number, but Chase cannot get over the scars caused by Alex. Meanwhile, Dan doesn’t threaten, but promises that Clay’s drug dealer will die in his hands if he gets seen near his family again. Brooke and Haley are discussing about her husband’s carelessness, but they end their meeting when they decide to rip off that stupid banner saying Kate’s Café hires Murderers hanging outside Terra’s cafe. They go to the café, and lay into the counter girl, who can do nothing because the owner wants the sign to stay put. However, they manage to create a scene and drag out Marvin and Skills who were dining there.

Later at the bar, Chase discovers that Terra is Chris’ girlfriend, when she arrives and kisses him. Brooke’s husband is at the car repair station, where the mechanic shows him his car repaired – like nothing ever happened. However, he breaks the brand new glass – he doesn’t like his guilt baled out so easily. Clay is walking at the sea beach, but is probably sleep walking during the day. Dan catches him by the collar and blames him for being a cause of harm to their close ones. Then he holds down his head into the waves trying to knock sense into his head. Before long, Clay finds his girlfriend looking on. When she sits him down, he tells her the problems he has been having. He sees she means well for him. He didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to scare her. The only thing that scares her is he shutting her out. Clay finally decides to seek help.

Back at the bar, Chris wants Chase to talk about Alex in front of Terra. She is not going to mind that. However, nervously, he cut loose. Haley consoles Brooke’s husband to help him free himself from the guilt. She tells him how she freed herself from her guilt problem concerning her family, although it took her a long time. Later when Marvin and Milli are at a restaurant, he resists the delicious items on the menu, and ends up ordering the house salad, without dressing. Milli is impressed, and orders the same for herself. Clay goes to a drug therapist, who tells him he can be cured. However, he will need to spend a few days in their care. Although Clay doesn’t want to be locked up at first, the therapist’s promise shows him hope. And Haley talks to Brooke about her husband. He loves Brooke and the children more than everything in this world.

And her love will help him get over the guilt. Then they proceed to Terra’s café, and rips off the banner, after which they put up another banner there, abusing Terra’s café. However, Terra arrives and gives them 30 seconds to get off her property. Chase regretfully tells his story about being in a dilemma over seeing Terra because he knows her boyfriend. Brooding about problems is also Brooke’s husband. The cops questioned his ability to be a parent. Later, Haley’s older kid is tracking his dad’s flight on the internet. It is right on time, and he is excited. However, he hopes Dan can stay when Nathan is back. Haley knows he had a lot of fun with Dan, but cannot promise him he will stay. When Haley talks with Dan, she doesn’t bring up anything about him staying, but Dan lets on he will be gone when Nathan’s back.

Later, Terra arrives at Chase’s, but he is not letting her in because she is seeing his friend. Doesn’t he think they could do it secretively? No, neither can he keep secrets, nor does he want any. However, Terra makes him see the fact that she wants to help him forget Alex – using her – she really wants it. They grab a lip lock and shut the door. Clay arrives at the rehab with his girlfriend, and she promises it will be just like he wanted – he will close his eyes, and she will be all he sees when he opens them. Later, when Brooke arrives in the car, her husband has turned up the temperature, and is sitting there sweating and crying.

He almost gave up the one thing that is most precious to both of them. However, Brooke tells him he didn’t, and turns off the heater. She hugs him hoping to rid him of the guilt. When Haley is waiting for Nathan’s flight, she calls him up asking whether he took a later flight or something, but what we see is Nathan’s toy for his infant kid is lying deserted on the sidewalk. The episode ends.