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The Killing Moon - Recap

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The scene opens. It is morning, and Haley is trying to reach Nathan, who was supposed to arrive last night. However, she can still find no sign of him. She leaves him a voice message hoping he is alright. She presumes he has missed his flight, but is beginning to worry. She hopes Dan to look after the kids for the day, but he has to leave for some engagement. Is everything alright? Haley says it is. Meanwhile, Brooks is getting breakfast ready, but she has to run to the café - Haley wants her to cover for her. While she goes on talking, Julian is not listening. He is still wallowing in the guilt about being careless with the kids. However, Brooks knows what he needs. She trusts him, and hopes he can drop the kids to day care. She hopes he can trust himself, and she loves him.

Chase and Terra wake up when 'little Kelly' has pried into the room. How did he get in there? He got the keys from Alex. He announces he cannot go for the movies because his dad is coming back later. Meanwhile, Clay is at Bowden Rehab, where his therapist tells him he has discovered Clay might have suppressed a bad memory, strongly enough to forget it. That has caused him the wandering problem - something he can be out of if he uncovers what caused the distress in the first place. Clay is skeptical, but the doctor convinces him to stay at least the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, Julian is being extra cautious while taking his kids in the car. He hasn't yet started, but tries hard to focus on safety when he gets to the wheel.

Quinn arrives at Haley's because she wants her to look after the kids. Seeing Haley worried, she wants to know what happened. Haley explains Nathan was supposed come back last night, but she cannot get his phone. He hasn't called, and it is unlike him that he would miss his flight. And even if he lost his phone, he would have called. He knows her number. She decides to visit the cops, which is when Bud turns up asking if dad is back as yet. However, Quinn tells him his dad has got a bit delayed, and announces she will spend time with him. That is when Haley tries Nathan's phone one more time, but the phone is lying in a dingy basement room, where a man comes and yanks it to the wall. Nathan's phone is now in pieces.

Meanwhile, Clay's therapist tries giving him help, but nothing is working. Most people prefer talking out of their miseries, but it looks like Clay is going to need a taser gun. And when Chase meets his friend Chris, little Kelly is shocked to find Terra getting hot with him. Wasn't she just sleeping with Chase? Back at the café, Brooks has no idea how to make latte, and so pretends coffee is the new latte. Milli doubts if Brooks knows how to use the machine - of course she does, she is part owner of the café, and if she wanted to use the machine, she claims she could. Chase makes a drink for little Kelly, but he announces he dislikes the fact that his girlfriend was sleeping both ways - and the fact that he dislikes it even if it were the other way round.

As Kelly is on her way out to the police station, Chris Kelly arrives with his CD, but she cannot be interested in it right now. Nathan hasn't arrived as yet, but Chris can help her look for him at the airport. He slept with a flight attendant. She is heading to the police station - that's no problem either. He slept with a cop as well. He means to help her out. Brooks and Julian talk over the phone, and he says he is still with the kids - he wanted to spend some time with them. Brooks likes it. However, Julian is not saying he is at the hospital with the kids. Later, at the doctor's chamber, he learns that there is nothing wrong with the kids, and he is being unnecessarily worried. He needs to take time off. Meanwhile, Milli shows Brooks how to actually use the coffee machine, and she is impressed.

Before long, the flowers Terra brought as a friendship souvenir, turns out to be infested with cockroaches. Livid, Milli and Brooks arrive at Terra's café, and lays into her. They also find Chase with her, and Brooks promises he is going to die. Meanwhile, Clay learns from his therapist he should take a walk - now that he has been focusing on just one thing for such a long time. When Haley and Chris arrive at the police station, it turns out they can do nothing unless Nathan's been missing for 24 hours. Chris is giving the cop a hard time calling him names, and when Terra moves away to a distance, he explains how it is unusual for Nathan to be missing the way he has been for the last few hours. And he better show Haley some hope. The cop promises to do what he can, but he can do a lot more after 24 hours have passed.

Meanwhile, Clay is hanging out with a kid at the center - whose parents died - and has stayed at Bowden for most of his life. Clay is excited about the aero modeling game the kid has been playing. And they soon become friends. Clay likes the company, and looks like a real therapy has already started, when the kid asks why as a kid Clay never flew the planes he built with his father. He must have been afraid of flying. Later, Chase tells Chris to be careful with looking after his protégé little Kelly - life's been hard for him. When Julian arrives at Brooks' café, she does the same 'coffee is the new latte' thing. Julian announces he took the kids to the hospital for a checkup, and what the doctor told him. Brooks is surprised he felt the need to take the kids there.

Haley goes looking for information from the airport. It turns out the counter woman can only say which flights have landed, but when she sees Haley's distress, she agrees to break protocol and reveal if Nathan was on the flight. He was. Hope that helps. When Haley steps out of the airport, she is intrigued to find the toy from Nathan's video message lying on the pavement. Chase arrives at little Kelly's place to check on him. Kelly said he was busy. Chase is happy when little Kelly is enthusiastic about Chase meeting his dad. However, he isn't back as yet. So that buys them the time to play hoops for a while. When Julian is on the way out from the café, he finds a chit stuck on his car wiper. It says 'Fry your burgers, Not your kids!' Livid, he gets back inside the café, and starts yelling about why someone from his own people never told him something like that.

Clay gets back to Quinn's place and announces he wants to leave the therapy. Although he is looking in good spirits, Quinn wants to know why he would do that if the doctor says there is possible cure. He explains how he is feeling, when Haley's kids surround them, and he gets more jovial than he sounds. As Chase and Kelly's protégé play basketball, his dad arrives, and thinks Chase is au pair. Not exactly. Should he get paid? Right now he wants to spend time with his son, so a little later may be? Chase stands there without a word, and begins getting pissed with Chris for appearing like a dud.

Thinking that Dan might have something to do with Nathan missing, Haley suddenly goes through his stuff. Meanwhile, Brooks discovers the same weird exclamation mark on the chit that made Julian angry. And she knows where it is from. Before long, she goes a rampage at Terra's bar. And Julian, who has been drinking, purposely picks up a fight to get beaten up - a way to ensure he suffers. Haley finds money, a ball and a picture in Dan's belongings. When he catches her going through his stuff, she wants to know how he has all of these things if he really lost everything in the fire? Haley's in a frenzy and yells out, when Dan wants to explain. Nathan's missing is news to him, and all he wanted to do was get closer to his family. Minutes later, Haley calls 911 - "I need your help, there is a murderer in my house!" Overhearing it is Dan. The episode ends.