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Catastrophe and the Cure - Recap

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The scene opens with Millie having to report about Brooke vandalizing Tara's café. Meanwhile, Brooke finds out about Julian's bar fight and reminds him what happened to Nathan. He has to think of their family, before everything else. After Haley called 911, Dan's brought in for questioning, but unfortunately, they don't have anything to hold him on; thus Haley's call is to no avail. Mouth reports Nathan's missing, and Haley realizes it's time to talk to Jamie. She tells him he's probably fine and they'll find him; trying her best to reassure him. But unfortunately she herself doesn't seem sure about her own reassurance. Nathan's in some serious trouble; from the looks of it.

Meanwhile, Chris stops by Chase's while Tara's in the shower and refuses to leave, excited about meeting her. Fortunately, Chase talks him into leaving by saying he's bailing on "Not Alex." Clay continues to bond with Logan over comics, and Logan tells him he'll be there a while if he doesn't talk to his doctor. Mouth wants to take time off for a few days; so he could devote more time to finding Nathan, but Jerry says he can't let him. He can put work in afterhours to find Nathan; but will have to do his complete shifts. Speaking of, Nathan's been taken for trying to sign the wrong person, and now, thugs are going to set an example by taking his life; things look bleak for Nathan, as the kidnappers seem bent on killing him. Meanwhile, Dan tries to appeal to Haley, saying he's not responsible and wants to help, but it doesn't work; as Haley is adamant about not accepting any help from him. Even Jamie blames him; and is thus with Haley on this one.

Haley tells Dan to stay out of their lives; much to his dismay. He turns to Julian to use his soundstage and trailers. Brooke stops by Haley's, worried about telling her Karen's was empty, but she has bigger problems with Nathan missing; a fact that is on the top of her mind constantly. Haley needs her to watch the café, and Brooke tells her they'll get through it; trying her best to empathize. Meanwhile, Chris apologizes to Chase for playing a part in Alex leaving and mentions he doesn't have many friends; thus offering his friendship along with his apology. One can't help but feel bad for him, considering Chase and Tara-and since he now wants to find Chase a girl. Clay's therapist points out he's been through a lot and it doesn't make him a lesser person to need help; and that he should be forthcoming about it, rather than be reticent.

Meanwhile, Millie tells Brooke she should organize live music at Karen's like back in the day, pointing out Chris, to get business going again. Quinn finds Jamie watching videos Nathan sent him and tells him Nathan will come back; trying to console and empathize just like everybody else. Meanwhile, things aren't looking good, as Nathan tries to appeal to his kidnappers by bringing up his family and even offering to pay them; in a desperate attempt to convince them, to spare him. However, there's "honor among thieves." They said he'd die, so he will; else it would be like they have gone back on their word. Meanwhile, Mouth visits Clay and realizes he didn't hear about Nathan. Clay last heard from him in a voicemail. Mouth's looking into it, and Clay wants to be kept in the loop. That could be him missing.

Quinn warns Haley the police are searching the woods and posters are going up. She also tries to defend Dan, but Haley doesn't want to hear it. Julian knows what Dan's doing and wants to help look for Nathan-and himself. Dan thinks he's why Nathan was taken. He had an investor by 10,000 books the day it was released, and Dan stopped paying him; that is the probable reason for the kidnapping. Meanwhile, Logan watches Clay leave. Brooke asks Chris to play at Karen's and makes the mistake of mentioning that Tara's sleeping with him and Chase when he turns down the offer. That changes his mind. Quinn spots Clay walking down the street, but when she stops him, he says he doesn't know her; much to her surprise. He's in one of his fugue states. Meanwhile, Clay's upset Quinn didn't tell him about Nathan, but she didn't because she thought this would happen.

His therapist makes it clear he needs to fix himself first; before he can worry himself over anything else. Chris performs "Prince of Nothing Charming" in Karen's, and it does bring in customers; just as was anticipated. Millie's planning to report it. Tara storms in and interrupts, but Chris calls her out in front of everyone for sleeping with Chase; much to her embarrassment. Chris pulls Chase outside and kicks him (can't hurt his hands). Chase explains why he did it and apologizes. This means that Chase has to pay for Chris' night at a strip club; that is the only way they could reconcile. Meanwhile, Haley tells Jamie they'll find Nathan, but will it be too late, that's the question that lingers. Julian talks his and Dan's way in by saying he's considering using the house for a movie. However, the investor's pretty much on his deathbed, and his wife tells them they had nothing to do with Nathan's disappearance.

Speaking of Nathan, he still tries to get the thugs to take his money instead, but one isn't willing to listen at all; he is still adamant on keeping his word rather than taking the money. The one that seems willing to negotiate takes him aside and kills him, then tells Nathan they're going to ransom him; hence there is still hope that, Nathan might survive after all. Meanwhile, Tara stops by Karen's looking for her boys, and Brooke tells her exactly where they are as she shows off what she made that night. Jerry brings Mouth food as he looks into Nathan's disappearance; still trying to find anything he can that would help in the search. Logan was mad he didn't say goodbye, and Clay explains his fugue states in a way he can understand. He's his best friend in that place.

Dan drops Julian off at Karen's to be with his family and tells him he's a good father; once again trying his best to empathize and console. He has the chance to do what Dan doesn't-be with his family; and that is something more important than anything else. Meanwhile, Mouth brings the information Dan needs to find Nathan. He went off the beaten path to sign players and many are owned by criminals. It's a good thing they have Mouth there; as without him they might have never found this link out. Nathan wants to give the thugs his lawyer's number, but they're going to ransom him to those who want him dead; much to Nathan's dismay. Thus, all he's done is buy himself more time before he's killed. Lydia begins walking, but Nathan's not there to see it. The episode ends, with the question still lingering; will Nathan survive in the end.