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Danny Boy - Recap

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The scene opens, and Nathan tells Julian to hurry up. He has never been in a cop car and he doesn’t know where the siren is. Dan says it is switch in the middle. Nathan tells his dad it will be ok. Dan flashes to Karen and the word murder being written on the wall. Brooke hears Julian over the cop’s radio and she is gone. Dan is remembering shooting Keith. They pull up to the hospital. Haley is running around the hospital looking for Nathan; worry written all over her face. She sees him he says “Hi Hals”. She says “say it again”. They hug and kiss. She is visibly relieved on finding him at last. Nathan and Haley are hugging. Nathan tells Haley it is ok and he loves her. She thanks him for coming home to her. He says always.

Clay rings a doorbell. Two elderly people answer and he says they must hate him. He asks if Logan is ok. They say they don’t know him. This is Sara’s parents. He leaves. Brooke finds Julian. He tells her Dan was shot. She tells him about Xavier and that she is ok. They hug; relieved at the fact that at least the two of them are safe. Haley comes in with vanilla ice cream and says she is going to fill the freezer full of rocky road when they get home. Brooke comes in and wants to give Nate a hug. Haley Thanks Julian. Nate hugs Julian. Quinn gets a call from Haley. She tells her they found Nathan. Brooke answers her door. It is her dad. He says he came to make sure she was ok. Haley is lying on Nate. He says she doesn’t have to stay the whole time and she asks if he is kidding. Doctor comes in and says that they can do no more for Dan; much to his dismay and shock.

Jamie comes running in. Deb and Lydia come in behind. Jamie is playing games on his phone. Haley asks how his time with Uncle Lucas was. He asks why his mom is giving him the look. A bad look like something is going to happen. She tells him about Grandpa Dan. Jamie jumps in and says He will be ok – It’s Grandpa Dan. Dan wakes up to Nathan sitting next to him and he asks who died. Nathan says this is his fault. Nate says that friends and family want to see him. Dan says he didn’t know he had either and flashes back to many choking him. Jamie apologizes for yelling at his grandpa the last time and Dan says he has nothing to be sorry for. Jamie asks if he will be staying with him when he gets out and Dan says he doesn’t think this time he will be getting out.

Jamie says he thinks he will be fine; and nothing is going to happen to him. Clay is Nate and he is telling him about Logan. They are both taking in the fact that one Nate was kidnapped and two Clay is a father. Haley and Quinn hug. Haley thanks Quinn for being so supportive; through the ordeal she had to go through. They talk about Logan. As Haley says it must have been hard for Logan to grow up without a father and that he will come around Clay walks up behind her. She turns around and gives him a hug and congratulates him. Brooke is with her dad. He says he doesn’t want to talk about designs he just wants to focus on her. Nate wakes up Haley who is sleeping in the hospital bed. He is excited that Lydia is walking. Haley bursts into tears. She says she had been trying to keep it together for so long and it was so hard trying not to imagine what it would be like not waking up to Nathan every day; she is relieved that she is with him at last.

Julian is in his sound studio and pulls out Lucas’s book. The Unkindness of Ravens. Jamie and Nate are playing checkers on the hospital bed and Clay is watching through the glass. Brooke has made dinner for her dad and family. Julian comes in and says he has found a project for his sound stage. The book Unkindness of Ravens. She was shocked when she learned her dad read the book. Clay goes back to Sara’s parent’s house. He says he needs to see Lagan. He has been away to long; and he needs to talk to Lagan. Brooke asks is her dad just here in town to see her. He says no they came to sell Bakerman. Jamie and Nate are playing go fish. Jamie is asking if they can all go camping when Grandpa Dan gets out. Nate says he isn’t getting out this time. Nate says he is dying. Jamie asks if Nate has told Lydia yet because he will tell her, if no one else does.

Dan is remembering all the close calls he had with death. Haley walks in with Lydia. Haley says Lucas won’t be coming. Dan says he understands. He apologies to Haley for taking away Keith and says she is the best thing that could have happened to Nate. She lets him hold Lydia. Jamie walks in. He says he is supposed to be tough but he doesn’t feel very tough. Clay brings Logan an airplane. He gets excited then sets it down. Clay talks about being sick again. Logan asks about him wondering away again. Clay says he wasn’t wondering away he was looking for something and he found it. Logan gets up and gives him a hug. Clay smiles. Brooke is putting the babies down. Julian asks is she is ok. Julian said she should tell him exactly how she feels. Dan is remembering the dealership fire.

Deb is in the room. She tells him he has done a good thing. He tells her to stop blaming herself for Keith’s death. Nathans asks how Haley is so strong. How she does it. He has never lost anyone so close. He feels guilty for hating him for so long. She says he might need closure and he should go talk with him. Brooke tells her dad she is not selling Baker man. Clay introduces Logan to Quinn. Brooke is looking at sketches. She is upset by her dad’s betrayal. Nathan is with his dad. They are talking on the RiverCourt. They talk about Keith and what happened in the hallway when he shot him. He says he was just so jealous of Keith that he thought if he pulled the trigger it would all get better but when he did it just got worse and so he apologized to Nathan.

Nathan says "you don’t need to apologize to me" that he is his dad and he loves him. They get and play some ball on the River court just ball and no scores. At this point monitors start to go off and you realize Dan is dying. Dan opens his eyes and he sees Keith. Keith takes him to the school where the shooting took place. Dan apologizes and Keith forgives him. The episode ends on this note.