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One Tree Hill - Recap

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The scene opens, and Nathan is at the RC remembering himself shooting on the River court at age 17. He is doing the voiceover, while the scene is playing. He says is so many words one day you are planning for someday and the without noticing that someday is today, that is his summation of all that has transpired. Later, you see the High school hallway. Brooke is remembering, things that have happened in the past. She says if you could do one last thing for someone you love what would it be. Julian says cut. Haley is remembering herself. She is remembering writing her senior year predictions. She is laying in bed with Nathan reading her predictions to him.

Meanwhile, Chase is in bed and Chris comes up with a full beard on and says Chris Keller is on the lamb. Chase jumps and rolls over. Clay, Quinn and Logan are all asleep in bed. Millie is helping Mouth with sit ups. Meanwhile, Jamie is at the gym playing ball he looks up on the wall at Nathan’s jersey and smiles. Blind Pilot is playing at Tric. Haley introduces them and thanks all for being here. She says tonight wouldn’t be possible without all of us, with a lot of emotion in her voice. Meanwhile, Chris tells Chase he is a fugitive and he is on the run from a killer. Chase says that is all over, and done with. When he comes out of the elevator he thinks Haley won’t notice him but she does and she thanks him for helping find Nathan’ gratitude clearly overflowing in her voice. Mouth receives a 500,000 check and a letter from Dan’s estate that says “what you do matters”. Meanwhile, Brooke walks into the set for Peytons bedroom. Julian says it looks pretty good. Brooke says he is doing a great job; commending the effort that’s been put in. Haley is singing at Tric.

Chase is the bar owner. He is talking with Mouth. Chris walks up and says he needs a shot. Chase gives him the 10th anniversary shot. Chris drinks it and then slaps Chase; much to the shock and horror of Chase. He then says that, the shot tastes like the devils ass. Clay walks up and chase hands it to him. Clay drinks it and slaps Chase and agrees with him that, it tastes awful. Later, Clay remembers back to a talk with Logan. He asks Logan if it is ok to adopt him. Logan says you are already my dad, dad. Of course it’s ok! Much to Clay’s delight. Meanwhile, Nathan is watching Haley. Nate goes into see Chris. Nathan has bought back Chris’s original guitar he sold for Haley’s masters. He pulls it out and calls it Haley James. Nathan looks at him strangely, in all this. Tyler plays on Tric’s stage. Brooke, Austin, and her parents toast to Baker Man.

Meanwhile, Tyler sings his song and Haley and Nate watch off to the side, while Tyler is performing. Meanwhile, Jamie is playing on the River Court. Nathan comes up and asks if he can kidnap him. It is late at night. He says he sent a text. Jamie says he is practicing because he saw his jersey on the wall. Nathan says he needs to play sports because he enjoys it but only because he enjoys it, and for no other reason. Jamie says he likes it. Meanwhile, Clay, Quinn and Logan are at the adoption, waiting intently. They run into Bevin. She is at the desk; they are told they have to wait. This is the first time Logan calls Quinn his mom; much to her happiness and delight. Meanwhile, Mouth is on the Rivercourt with Millie and Skills talking about the check and trying to figure out why he received it; as he is still baffled about receiving a check of such an enormous amount.

Meanwhile, Chase is looking at the twinzos. He says he loves them. He wonders what they are like at home. He and Chris are now peeping through their window. Meanwhile, Brooke and Haley are at the Cafe. Haley is bringing books back to the cafe like Karen used to have. Brooke tells Haley that BakerMan will be moving in next door. It will be their little corner. Haley says she has to let Chris go because he is the new artist she has hired. Brooke introduces Gavin Degraw!! Later, the Gang is shown standing on the stairs. Nathan and Haley – Having dinner. He has her open a box of cracker jax. Out falls a beautiful bracelet, much to her surprise and delight. Clay and Quinn – at the court – Quinn says let’s get married, much to Clay’s pleasant surprise. They got married and adopted Logan, thus it’s an occasion of dual happiness for them.

Slow motion Clay, Quinn and Logan celebrate with confetti, their newfound happiness and joy. Meanwhile, Brooke and Julian walk away from the set of her door house. Mouth has started a scholarship with the money from Dan as he wants to do something worthwhile with it, and he announces it on his sports show. Gavin is singing again. Nate and Haley are sitting on couch together; relief and happiness written all over their faces. He says lets go for a walk. It is pouring outside. They go running through the rain, visibly enjoying every bit of it. They kiss, romantically in the rain. Meanwhile, Brooke is blindfolded as Julian takes her to her new home; it is meant to be a surprise for her. It is her old house.

She wished for her old house with a new family. She now has her wish fulfilled. Meanwhile, Logan is in his own bed mow. He says he is not afraid anymore. Meanwhile, Haley takes Jamie up to roof where the brick is with the tin. She tells him it is his secret. He has to write down his wishes. He is going to break his dad’s scoring title. They look out over the edge and she says to Jamie “There is only one Tree Hill, and it’s your home”. Meanwhile, Brooke is in the school hallway. She puts her hand on a locker and Julian asks her to remember and tell him what made it so special. She says this is the first place it all happened; remembering correctly. She says she wakes up sometimes and she misses it but it is all right here and she puts her hand on her heart. They walk away, from the scene. Gavin starts to sing ‘I don’t wanna be’.

The group is singing. The whole gang is at Karen’s. There is joy and smiles and love and laughter; with the gang seemingly enjoying every moment of being together. Small time jump. Nathan and Haley are leaving Karen’s and Julian and Brooke are leaving BakerMan. They are heading to the gym. A quick look at the wall shows Jamie has beaten his dad and is the all time leading scorer; thus he has managed to achieve the goal he had set for himself, earlier. Millie is pregnant. Each member has a voiceover. Thus, the show ends on this note.