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One Tree Hill: Are You True?

Lucas' rising popularity among the school and the team makes Nathan increasingly angry at his brother. When constant hazing fails to make Lucas quit the team, Nathan goes after his one weak spot -- Haley who Nathan asks for tutoring after receiving an F in English. Meanwhile, Lucas submits Peyton's drawings to a local magazine without her permission, but Peyton is thrilled when the magazine makes her an offer.

Episode Info

Episode number: 1x3
Production Number: 177502
Airdate: Tuesday October 07th, 2003

Alternate Airdates:

DE (Pro7) Oct 21, 2007


Guest Stars
Bryan GreenbergBryan Greenberg
As Jake

Co-Guest Stars
Lee NorrisLee Norris
As Mouth
Brett ClaywellBrett Claywell
As Tim
Cullen MossCullen Moss
As Junk
Vaughn WilsonVaughn Wilson
As Fergie
Jason Davis (4)Jason Davis (4)
As Mr. Kelly
Amy ParishAmy Parish
As Shari Smith
Melissa PonzioMelissa Ponzio
As Alice
Leigh JonesLeigh Jones
As Pretty Girl
Cedric PendletonCedric Pendleton
As Jeff Nelson
Corey JacksonCorey Jackson
As Brandon
Main Cast
Chad Michael MurrayChad Michael Murray
As Lucas Scott
James LaffertyJames Lafferty
As Nathan Scott
Hilarie BurtonHilarie Burton
As Peyton Sawyer
Bethany Joy LenzBethany Joy Lenz
As Haley James Scott
Sophia BushSophia Bush
As Brooke Davis
Paul JohanssonPaul Johansson
As Dan Scott
Craig ShefferCraig Sheffer
As Keith Scott
Moira KellyMoira Kelly
As Karen Roe
Barry CorbinBarry Corbin
As Coach Whitey Durham
Barbara Alyn WoodsBarbara Alyn Woods
As Deb Scott


Lucas plays a brilliant match and his popularity definitely increases. Nathan isn't exactly thrilled about this, and after Dan's 'uplifting' words, seems pretty sure it's time to bully: thanks to an incisive pep talk, Nathan convinces the whole team to haze Lucas. Meanwhile, Peyton treats Lucas badly because he did submit her drawings without her permission. Meanwhile, someone doesn't look that mad at Lucas: a popular cheerleader - and Peyton's best friend, as well - named Brooke, happens to be half-naked in Lucas' car. He turns her down. And yet she clearly doesn't plan to give up. Lucas' sporty success affects his mother too. Actually, some of Karen's old schoolmates (former cheerleaders) invite her to join the Raven's booster club...

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 2.5/4

The annual Tree Hill Burning Boat Festival was actually filmed on the Riverfront Downtown in Wilmington, North Carolina.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The 88How Good It Can BeBrooke gets her legs waxed
BosshouseApologiesTHUD interviews Peyton
Cactus GrooveShoulderNathan calls the café looking for Haley
eastmountainsouthYou DanceEnding montage
Forty Foot EchoMultiplyNathan and the team kidnap Lucas
Low Flying OwlsGlad to be AliveTHUD calls Peyton
Mojo MonkeysHangJake talks to Lucas about the hazing
Pete FrancisStonesHaley agrees to tutor Nathan
Sense FieldYou Own MeOpening scene; basketball game
StarsailorSilence Is EasyPeyton finds her art; Lucas cleans the rivercourt

Episode Quotes
Lucas: Oh, I think you got the wrong car.
Brooke: Nah. Don’t mind me. I just have to get out of this uniform. So, uh, anyways, I’m Brooke. But you probably knew that. Can I tell you that that last shot was awesome? How’d it feel? Good, huh? You know it did.

(watching Haley and Lucas from down the hall)
Nathan: Hey, who’s that girl he’s always hanging out with?
Tim: Who knows. Why? You feel like slumming?

Peyton: Who do you think you are?
Lucas: Someone your pissed at.

(after walking by Lucas who's naked except for two basketballs covering him)
Whitey: And I was just getting used to low-waist jeans. Let's go ball boy!

Dan: (to Nathan) Happiness doesn't come cheap. Hell if it did we would all be smiling.

Jake: (to Lucas about Nathan) Fear changes everything.

Nathan: Hey.
Haley: Can I help you?
Nathan: I hope so. You're my tutor.
Haley: Right, I don't think so.
Nathan: You're Haley James, right?
Haley: I'm sorry. I'm best friends with Lucas.
Nathan: Well, then I'm sorry too.
Haley: Forget it, I'll find you someone else.
Nathan: Look, there is no one else. All right? I'd be fine with it if there was.
Haley: If there were.
Nathan: See, you're helping me already.
Haley: Look, I can't help you. And on top of that, I won't help you. Okay?!

Nathan: Hey. I just wanted to let you know that I’m gonna be fine.
Haley: Good.
Nathan: I mean F is for fine right?

Keith: Does that girl ever go home?
Karen: Haley comes from a big family. When Lucas met her, I think they were eight or nine. But she saw it was just me and Lucas, and she said "Yeah, I come from a big family. I think you guys need me more."

Karen: You know, Shari, I came down here wanting to give you the benefit of the doubt, but clearly you’re still the same petty little bitch you were in high school.

Haley: Hey, I looked over your English exam, and if you really want to learn, I can help you.
Nathan: That’s great. All right.
Haley: I just ... I have two conditions. One, Lucas does not find out, okay? Ever.
Nathan: All right, fine.
Haley: And number two, you leave him alone.
Nathan: I really don’t have much of a choice, do I?
Haley: Okay. Tomorrow morning, 7 AM at the Market Street dock.
Nathan: What about the tutoring center?
Haley: No way. The dock – take it or leave it.
Nathan: Okay, 7 o’clock then.

(Nathan opens his Cracker Jack box)
Nathan: Please let this be a cheat sheet. (he finds a bracelet inside) It’s for you.
Haley: Stop it.
Nathan: Come on. (puts it on her wrist) Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Haley: Do you see this book? Because this book is me. I am math.
Nathan: What's that supposed to mean?
Haley: It means you can work your whole "I'm Nathan Scott. Mr. Big Shot. Scoring my touchdowns" on someone else because I --
Nathan: I don't even play football.
Haley: Whatever. The point is at the end of the day, all your bluster and BS don't mean anything to math because math don't care. And neither do I.
Nathan: Does English care? Cause I suck at that too.
Haley: Please don't waste my time. I'm already taking a huge chance on you because my instincts are screaming that you're full of sh... let's just get started, okay?

(Lucas throws a can of spray paint at Nathan)
Lucas: You left that at the court.
Nathan: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Lucas: Then call it a gift. Besides, you’re going to need it to paint over your scoring title in the gym, 'cause I’m taking it.

Lucas: Where were you this morning?
Haley: Just … tutoring.
Lucas: Oh yeah? Anyone I know?
Haley: No.

Lucas: (voiceover) E.E. Cummings once wrote, To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.

Episode Goofs
While Brooke is in the back of Lucas' car, she takes her bra off and drapes it over Lucas' shoulder. When Whitey taps on the window, Brooke grabs her bra back. However, in the next scene the bra is still on Lucas' shoulder.

When Lucas in the shower, a C.M.M. tattoo is visable on his right shoulder. The tattoo stands for Chad Michael Murray, the name of the actor that plays Lucas.

Nathan receives an F on his English paper, but when Haley and Nathan meet for tutoring, Haley tutors him in math instead.

Cultural References
Episode Title: Are You True

"Are You True" is a song by the New Amsterdams off of their Death & Taxes album.

As Lucas briefly mentions during the episode, the Burning Boat Festival is a take on a traditional Viking funeral. In these funerals, Vikings would perform a fire sacrifice to honor their dead leaders. In doing so, they would burn a boat and a corpse. In other versions of funerals used in literature, in addition to burning a boat with the corpse on board, personal possessions meaningful to the deceased would also be burnt along with the boat.

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