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One Tree Hill: The Heart Brings You Back

Haley is shocked when her older sister, Taylor, unexpectedly stops by town for a visit, but not as shocked as Nathan when he realizes his past connection to her. Meanwhile, Brooke and Felix decide to stop being friends with benefits and start being a couple; Anna confides her deepest secret to Lucas; and as Peyton continues to fight the urge to turn to drugs to help her problems, a surprise visitor arrives in Tree Hill.

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x11
Production Number: 211
Airdate: Tuesday January 25th, 2005

Director: Matt Shakman
Writer: Mark B. Perry


Guest Stars
Bryan GreenbergBryan Greenberg
As Jake
Daniella AlonsoDaniella Alonso
As Anna
Kieren HutchisonKieren Hutchison
As Andy Hargrove
Lindsey McKeonLindsey McKeon
As Taylor James
Maria MenounosMaria Menounos
As Jules
Michael CoponMichael Copon
As Felix
Tyler HiltonTyler Hilton
As Chris Keller

Co-Guest Stars
Steve RotenSteve Roten
As Waiter
Will HazeWill Haze
As Rick
Main Cast
Chad Michael MurrayChad Michael Murray
As Lucas Scott
James LaffertyJames Lafferty
As Nathan Scott
Hilarie BurtonHilarie Burton
As Peyton Sawyer
Bethany Joy LenzBethany Joy Lenz
As Haley James Scott
Sophia BushSophia Bush
As Brooke Davis
Craig ShefferCraig Sheffer
As Keith Scott
Moira KellyMoira Kelly
As Karen Roe
Barbara Alyn WoodsBarbara Alyn Woods
As Deb Scott
Episode Notes
Paul Johansson (Dan Scott) and Barry Corbin (Coach Whitey) do not appear in this episode.

This episode did not feature the typical opening credits sequence.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Charlie MarsGather The Horses 
Get Up KidsOverdue 
MaeSkyline Drive 
Matthew Ryan (1)Return to Me 
PublicSit Still 

Episode Quotes
Lucas: (voiceover) Tennessee Williams once wrote "When so many are lonely, as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone."

Peyton: Um, anyway, the uh, the big news is Nathan and Haley got married.
Jake: Married?
Peyton: Um-hum.
Jake: For real?
Peyton: Yeah. And it turns out Haley is, like, this mega talented musician and she's going for it.
Peyton: What's the face?
Jake: Well, when I got off the bus, I saw Haley kissing some guy. He was kinda scrawny; had a guitar case; sort of hell-t hair. Who's he?
Peyton: Someone she shouldn't be kissing.

Nathan: Her sister's here for a few days.
Lucas: Which one?
Nathan: Taylor.
Lucas: Taylor? Dude, she's crazy.
Nathan: Perfect. Dude, the thing is when I saw her, I got that deja vu thing. Like, like I'd seen her before.
Lucas: Well, when we were freshman she was a senior so you probably saw her around school.
Nathan: Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've seen more of her than that. Two years ago, when they put me on varsity from the freshmen team the seniors threw this, kinda, out-there party at my parent's beach house. Taylor was there.
Lucas: This is ugly.
Nathan: Yeah, I was, I was pretty wasted and she was, she was kinda the first girl I ever had sex with. Great. Great. Laugh it up. You know what; the only good news about this is that I don't think she really even remembers me.
Lucas: Oh, wow, you rocked her world, huh?
Nathan: This is not funny.
Lucas: You're right, it's hilarious!

Lucas: Hey! Open up top!
Nathan: Huh, see, I don't know CPR and even if I did, I wouldn't give you mouth-to-mouth so try not to drop when I'm the only person around.
Lucas: I'm getting the stupid test, give me the damn ball.
Nathan: Forget it.
Lucas: Nice air-ball. How bout Playstation? Nobody ever croaked from that.

Lucas: So, I know you paid cash for the car, which means there was no credit check.
Jules: About two years ago, I was engaged to this guy. I was crazy about him; even after he hit me a few times. I thought it wasn't going to happen again until he put me in the hospital for two weeks. He disappeared after that and my welcome home present was finding out that I was over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in debt with no way to pay the medical bills. I was beyond desperate, Lucas. So I posted an add on this website saying I'd do anything legal for money.
Lucas: And Dan answered.
Jules: Said he'd help me out. He started paying my medical bills.
Lucas: So, what did he ask you to do?
Jules: Make Keith fall in love with me. Then break his heart.

Jake: It's like, I'd be working one of those jobs or feeling like I was gonna be on the run forever and I would -- I'd read those words and it's like this sudden calm would wash over me. You're so strong, Peyton. You don't even know it. I mean, you got me through some pretty dark days. And I've been thinking that, if I can get all that from some words on a piece of paper just imagine what it would be like to have the real thing every day. I'm just -- I'm tired of running, Peyton. Come with me, let's bring Jenny back home.
Peyton: Yeah?
Jake: Yeah.

Andy: Today, we're gonna pick up with managerial ethics where we left off just before my trip. (Andy looks at Karen) Actually, no, change of plan, forget that. Who can tell me the word that I wrote on the board on the first day? Karen?
Karen: Greed.
Andy: That's right. It's a motivating factor in business, religion, politics. I mean, I know it sure as hell motivated me. Or it used to. Three years ago, I was barreling along in my SUV, on my way to yet another meeting with yet another financial group. At that point in time, my liquid assets totaled around thirty-one million. On my cell I had a broker who could have, uh, pushed my net worth up by another quarter of a million. And I was so on my game this day. I mean, I was saying all the right things, I was turning all the right screws when, um, I didn't even see her until I got out of the car. By that time, she was lying in a -- in a pretty impossible angle and there was so much blood that I -- I was sure that I'd killed her. But she survived. Her name is Miriam and, uh, she's gonna carry that accident around with her forever. As will I. Since then, I've tried to do right by her and twice a year, I visit her and her son to make sure they're okay. And some people say that I do that out of guilt; that may be but there's another reason that I do it. I do it to remind myself that in this life, there's a point when enough's enough. Now if you're haggling over money that you don't even need, enough's enough. Just believe me on that. (looks at Karen) So, if you'll still have me, um, managerial ethics.

Haley: It doesn't mean anything.
Peyton: A kiss always means something.

Episode Goofs
When Karen brings Andy sandwiches at his office, Andy closes his laptop before he opens his sandwich, but in the next shot, the laptop is still open.

Nathan reveals that he lost his virginity to Taylor at a basketball party, but in "To Wish Impossible Things", Nathan tells Peyton that she's the only one he's ever had sex with.

Taylor wipes the fog off the bathroom mirror to look at Nathan, but in the next shot of the mirror it's completely covered in fog.

Cultural References
Episode Title: The Heart Brings You Back

"The Heart Brings You Back" is the title of a song written by series creator Mark Schwahn.

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