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One Tree Hill: An Attempt to Tip the Scales

TRIC throws Tree Hill a masquerade ball and Lucas and Haley see it as a perfect time for Lucas to convince Brooke to date him exclusively and for Haley to win back Nathan. As Fall Out Boy performs, both Haley and Lucas struggle make their plans work and Peyton continues to deal with the new mother in her life. Meanwhile, Dan decides to run for Mayor and agrees to give Deb a divorce as long as she stays his wife through the campaign. However, Dan soon learns that Deb might be more of an opponent than an asset during the campaign.

Episode Info

Episode number: 3x4
Production Number: 304
Airdate: Wednesday October 26th, 2005


Guest Stars
Danneel HarrisDanneel Harris
As Rachel Gatina
Fall Out BoyFall Out Boy
As Themselves
Kevin KilnerKevin Kilner
As Larry Sawyer
Sheryl LeeSheryl Lee
As Ellie
Tyler HiltonTyler Hilton
As Chris Keller

Co-Guest Stars
Johanna JowettJohanna Jowett
As Store Manager
Mark JoyMark Joy
As Mayor Mullins
Gabrielle EubanksGabrielle Eubanks
As Stripper #1
Jody QuarantaJody Quaranta
As Customer
Peyton LeePeyton Lee
As Hans
Suzanne QuastSuzanne Quast
As Stripper #2
Main Cast
Chad Michael MurrayChad Michael Murray
As Lucas Scott
James LaffertyJames Lafferty
As Nathan Scott
Hilarie BurtonHilarie Burton
As Peyton Sawyer
Bethany Joy LenzBethany Joy Lenz
As Haley James Scott
Sophia BushSophia Bush
As Brooke Davis
Paul JohanssonPaul Johansson
As Dan Scott
Lee NorrisLee Norris
As Marvin "Mouth" McFadden
Moira KellyMoira Kelly
As Karen Roe
Barbara Alyn WoodsBarbara Alyn Woods
As Deb Scott
Episode Notes
Craig Sheffer (Keith Scott) and Barry Corbin (Coach Whitey) do not appear in this episode.

This is the first of two performances by the band Fall Out Boy on the series, the second appearance being in "Just Watch The Fireworks".

Johanna Jowett (Store Manager) previously appeared in "To Wish Impossible Things" as a bidder at the Boy Toy auction.

This is the first appearance of recurring guest star Danneel Harris (Rachel).

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
AndromedaShe's a Sexy Thing 
BuddyMore Of The Shame 
Erica C.I Wanna Move You 
Fall Out BoyDance, Dance 
Marjorie FairEmpty Room 
Motley CrueGirls, Girls, Girls 
OK GoInvincible 
Paris TexasBombs Away 
Rob GradIn Your Head 
Tom FreundTrondheim 
The TrammpsDisco Inferno 
Trembling Blue StarsIf I Handle You With Care 

Episode Quotes
Lucas: (voiceover) Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote "There is no privacy that cannot be penetrated. No secret can be kept in the civilized world. Society is a masked ball where everyone hides his real character, then reveals it by hiding."

Lucas: I see a belly dancing costume with your name on it, Love. Nathan won't know what hit him.
Haley: Please, I could go naked to this stupid party and it wouldn't make a difference.
Lucas: Ok, eww.

Brooke: Are you going to this masquerade party at Tric?
Nathan: Wasn't planning on it, why?
Brooke: Just figured it was the perfect occasion to stop punishing your wife. Haley's really hurting Nathan. Come on, how hard would it be to stop by, and smile at her and tell her she looks cute?
Nathan: Harder than you think.
Brooke: She hasn't written a song since you guys split up. Guess her talent was tied to you. No Nathan, no music.

Peyton: Hate to say it, but your wife looks pretty hot.
Nathan: Haley always looks hot.

Chris: So what can Chris Keller do for you?
Nathan: You can help Haley with her music. I'm serious. Apparently she's hit some kind of slump.
Chris: And you care why?
Nathan: Because she loves it. And I love her.

Haley: Nathan kissed me.
Lucas: What?
Haley: I didn't even know what was happening. It just, it happened, and then he was gone.
Lucas: Did you go after him?
Haley: No! It was just so romantic and perfect and I just wanted to come right home and not mess it up, you know?
Lucas: So I guess you're okay.
Haley: Yeah, it was just like totally an out of body experience for me.
Lucas: Maybe I should get Nathan to kiss me.
Haley: Oh shut up.

Nathan: (to Chris Keller) I don't trust you. But Haley does. Besides, if you touch her, I'll crush you.

Lucas: No way, Hales!
Haley: Let me see it.
Lucas: I look like an idiot.
Haley: Dude, I saw you in your headgear.
Lucas: Don’t call me dude, and I thought we promised not to talk about that in public.
Haley: Whatever, dude.

Dan: Where is all my stuff, Deb?
Deb: I gave it away.
Dan: You what?
Deb: I had to. It was all wet and smelly.
Dan: And how did that happen?
Deb: The sprinklers came on by accident after I tossed everything out the window. That part was on purpose.

Cultural References
Episode Title: An Attempt to Tip The Scales

The episode title is the title of a song by Bright Eyes.


Haley dresses as Sandy from Grease for the masquerade ball at TRIC. Grease is a 1978 film about high school lovers Sandy and Danny. Danny is a bad-boy who refuses to change for Sandy, so Sandy opts to change for him.

Lucas: (voiceover) Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote "There is no privacy that cannot be penetrated. No secret can be kept in the civilized world. Society is a masked ball where everyone hides his real character, then reveals it by hiding."

Lucas is quoting a line from Ralph Waldo Emerson's Conduct of Life.

Mouth and Peyton's Dance

Mouth and Peyton's dance to the song "Disco Inferno" is a reference to the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever where John Travolta's character, Tony Manero, does a similar dance in an outfit like Mouth's costume.

Episode References
(while introducing Fall Out Boy)
Karen: Can I get a woot woot?

In "First Day on a Brand New Planet", Karen asks Lucas what "woot" and "what what" mean.

Part of the lyrics of the song that the episode was named for, "An Attempt to Tip The Scales" can be related to the episode plot:

In an attempt to tip the scales.
I think you lost what you loved
In that mess of details.

During the episode, Haley tries to regain the love that she lost, Nathan, by catching his eye at a Halloween masquerade ball. Like the lyrics say, Haley and Nathan slipped away from each other when Haley becomes involved in a music career. Also, Lucas tries to tip the scales in his favor by impressing Brooke, the love that he lost, with his Halloween costume, but like Haley, comes up short.

Missing Information
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