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One Tree Hill: When It isn't Like It Should Be

The kids load up and head out to Rachel's cabin for a weekend to kick back and heal after the tragedy that rocked Tree Hill. There, Nathan decides to propose to Haley, but has trouble getting her wedding ring away from her to do so. Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz shows up in order to spend more time with Peyton, much to the shock of the others, and Mouth and Rachel are able to talk about the release of the time capsule. Meanwhile, Skills and Bevin get lost in the woods; Karen lets her anger out on Dan; and Nathan is finally able to have the perfect moment he planned with Haley.

Episode Info

Episode number: 3x18
Production Number: 318
Airdate: Wednesday April 05th, 2006


Guest Stars
Antwon TannerAntwon Tanner
As Skills
Danneel HarrisDanneel Harris
As Rachel Gatina
Pete WentzPete Wentz
As Himself

Co-Guest Stars
Bevin PrinceBevin Prince
As Bevin
Main Cast
Chad Michael MurrayChad Michael Murray
As Lucas Scott
James LaffertyJames Lafferty
As Nathan Scott
Hilarie BurtonHilarie Burton
As Peyton Sawyer
Bethany Joy LenzBethany Joy Lenz
As Haley James Scott
Sophia BushSophia Bush
As Brooke Davis
Paul JohanssonPaul Johansson
As Dan Scott
Lee NorrisLee Norris
As Marvin "Mouth" McFadden
Moira KellyMoira Kelly
As Karen Roe


Nathan and Brooke pick up Lucas for the weekend getaway. Karen is huddled in her room, crying. Outside Mouth, Nathan, Haley, Peyton and Skills are loading up Nathan’s car with baggage. Rachel pulls up with Bevin; the gang teases Peyton about Pete Wentz. ..

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Episode Notes
Barbara Alyn Woods (Deb Scott) and Barry Corbin (Whitey Durham) do not appear in this episode.

Series star Paul Johansson (Dan Scott) steps behind the camera to direct this episode.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
The Eames EraWashed Out 
Evan OlsonNot What I Wanted 
Fall Out BoyI've Got a Dark Alley And a Bad Idea That Says You 
Franz FerdinandThe Fallen 
LimbeckBrand New Orange 
The Living BlueMurderous Youth 
Monsters Are WaitingTime 
Sarah BlaskoPerfect Now 
Side Effects featuring TJ ZindleGet Is Together 
Stephen FretwellRose 

Episode Quotes
Lucas: (voiceover) Henry James wrote, "Be not afraid of life, believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact."

Lucas: (voiceover) John Steinbeck once wrote, "Change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn. And it comes like the stealthy perfume of wild-flowers, hidden in the grass."

Rachel: If you hate me so much, why'd you come?

Rachel: If you hate me so much, why did you even come?
Mouth: I came for my friends - especially Lucas. But make no mistake, I'm here for everybody but you.

Mouth: These things are awesome! I just scared the hell out of some cows!

Haley: Listen, jokey. Go find a pipe wrench or I'll find one and beat you with it, okay?
Rachel: I'm so glad I invited you. I'll get the toolbox.

Bevin: She was horny, right?
Skills: Oh, yeah, definitely.

Skills: I really want to check out that big screen.
Bevin: But wouldn't you rather check out my big screen?
Skills: That really don't make no sense... But somehow, I don't care!

Brooke: Mmm, something smells ... yummy. Hi! (Brooke kisses Pete)
Peyton: Pete, what is this?
Brooke: Peyton! Um, I saw him standing here and just, sort of, thought I was dreaming and went for it, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Rachel: Hey, look! Pete from Fall Out Boy. I'm Rachel.
Pete Wentz: Thanks for letting me crash your party.
Rachel: No problem. But if you really want to thank me there'll be a mushroom and goat cheese omelet waiting for me when I finish my shower.
Pete Wentz: Do we like her?

Rachel: Can you forgive me?
Mouth: Only if you can forgive me.

Karen: (to Dan) You killed him.

Bevin: I always wanted to be someone's shorty!

Lucas: You look happy.
Peyton: You too.

Haley: I lost my ring twice, and I'm really sorry. Your probably just really disappointed in me --
Nathan: You mean this ring?
Haley: Yeah, where did you find that?
Nathan: I kinda stole it, twice.
(Nathan kneels)
Nathan: Haley --
Haley: What are you doing?
Nathan: Over the past year, I've learned so much about life and love and even if I could I wouldn't take back all the bad stuff that happened between us, because it brought us here, this moment, this river. (he puts her ring on her finger) Marry me Haley, marry me again in front of all our friends and our family.
Haley: Always, always and forever.
(Haley grabs the chain from around Nathan's neck and puts his ring back on his finger)

Cultural References
Episode Title: When It Isn't Like It Should Be

"When It Isn't Like It Should Be" is a song by Saves The Day from their Ups and Downs: Early Recordings and B-Sides album.

Episode References
Nathan: Well you know docks are kinda special for us. Remember the time Dan busted us for drinking?

Dan caught Nathan and Haley drinking in "The Living Years".

The scene where everyone plays "I Never" at the cabin is a good example of how far everyone's friendship as progressed since the last time the group played "I Never" together in "Crash Into You". The first time the game was played, it was used by Nathan as a catalyst to hurt Lucas, but in this episode, the game is used to bring everyone together, especially Lucas and Nathan who bond over the loss of their Uncle Keith.

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