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Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers - Recap

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The episode opens with Karen watching home videos of Lucas playing basketball when he was little. As Karen watches, Lucas’ opening narration plays: ” Do you ever wonder if we make the moments in our lives, or if the moments in our lives make us? Dan walks into the room and talks about how fast children grow up. Lucas interrupts to remind Karen that he needs to be fitted for his tux. Dan offers to take Lucas, saying that he’s missed out too much and doesn’t want to miss another important step in his son’s life.

At school, Lucas and Peyton run into Glenda in the hallway. Glenda tells Lucas that she’s gotten to chapter 10 in the book and would like to talk to him about it. Glenda leaves and Peyton asks what book she’s reading. Lucas lies and tells her she’s reading Great Gatsby. Mouth and Shelly are making out in a classroom. Shelly leaves the room to go to class and the rest of the clean teens stare at her as she walks away. Haley confronts Brooke about the stolen calculus exam. Brooke lies that she got an A on the test because Chase helped her study. Later, Brooke tells Rachel that she wants to turn herself in, but Rachel gives Brooke a letter about how Victoria Secret wants to franchise “Clothes Over Bros” as part of their ’sexy’ collection. However, in the contract, Victoria Secret has a morality clause and Brooke being expelled would violate the contract. In calculus, Principal Turner gives the class a pop quiz in order to see who the person that cheated is. After class, Brooke tells Chase about the pop quiz and worries that she’s caught. While they talk, Brooke is called to the principal’s office.

Shelly, feeling the pressure of being a clean teen but having a boyfriend, decides to break up with Mouth who doesn’t take the news well.

Lucas and Dean go to the tux rental store to get fitted for Prom. As they try on tuxes, Dan and Lucas talk about how Lucas thinks that Jimmy didn’t kill Keith and how Lucas talking about it is hurting his mother. The tux that they both like is not for rental so Dan buys the tux for Lucas.

Deb is back in rehab and the nurse tells her that since she’s been sober for three weeks she can now have visitors. Deb is sure that no one will visit her, but as she says this, Nathan walks into the facility. She tells Nathan that she’s better off in rehab because she’s scared of being alone and if she’s alone with herself, she’ll begin drinking and taking pills again. Nathan tells her that if she doesn’t clean herself up, she won’t have anyone to come home to.

Dan and Lucas come back home after shopping and Dan stops Lucas before he goes inside. He asks him if he took his HCM medication the day of the state championship. Lucas tries to say that he did, but Dan, who has HCM, knows that Lucas is lying and tells him never to do something so stupid again. As they talk, Karen is inside and overhears their conversation. They go inside and Karen acts like she didn’t hear the conversation. Dan tells her that they ended up making a purchase instead of a rental.

Brooke is in Principal Turner’s office. He apologizes to her for accusing her of stealing the exam and tells her that since she passed the quiz, she’s been cleared. Later, Brooke tells Rachel that she passed, but Rachel isn’t surprised. Rachel changes the subject to the Victoria Secret contract and they realize that they need Peyton to sign over the rights to the artwork.

Back in Principal Turner’s office, Principal Turner tells Haley that Rachel stole the test. Since Haley was tutoring Rachel at the time of the exam being stolen, Haley is fired. Haley tries to explain that Rachel must have stolen the key to the exam cabinet, but since a stolen exam was involved, Haley is fired anyway.

At the apartment, Haley tells Nathan about being fired and how Rachel was to blame. Nathan tells Haley about visiting his mother and how he’s worried that once she’s home she’ll start drinking and taking pills again. Haley suggests that they move in to Deb’s house. That way they can be there for Deb and save some money on rent. Nathan is surprised that Haley would do that for him and agrees to her plan.

At Deb’s, Nathan enlists Mouth and Skills to help him find all of the drugs and alcohol. After scouring the house for some time, and after Skills calls Deb an “alcoholic Easter bunny”, they finally clean the house of alcohol. Instead of dumping all of the bottles they decide to throw a pre-prom/post-championship victory party.

In Lucas’ bedroom, Lucas admits to Peyton that the book he gave to Glenda was one he’s writing, not The Great Gatsby. Peyton tells him she knew he was lying since The Great Gatsby has only 9 chapters, not 10. Lucas and Peyton start making out. Lucas tries to convince Peyton to let him take it one step further, but Peyton resists, saying that his mother could come home at any minute. As Lucas tries to convince her otherwise, his bedroom door opens and Brooke walks in on them. Lucas and Peyton fly off the bed, and Lucas leaves to let them talk. In an awkward moment, Brooke tells Peyton about the Victoria Secret contract and Peyton signs the artwork over to Brooke. As she signs, she tells Brooke that she’s happy for her. She also tells her that she truly loves Lucas and never once meant to hurt Brooke. Brooke says that she knows.

At the party, Shelly tries to talk about the breakup with Mouth, but he refuses to listen to any of her reasons behind it. Meanwhile, Dan takes Karen to dinner, which he insists is not a date. At dinner, Dan tells Karen that he wants to be a bigger part of Lucas’ life. Back at the party, Lucas is looking a picture of Keith and he and Nathan talk. Haley finds Brooke to apologize about thinking that Brooke was the one who stole the exam. Lucas and Peyton head upstairs to “do research” while Haley confronts Rachel about stealing the exam and getting her fired. Haley throws a drink in her face (for getting her fired) and slaps her (for trying to sleep with her husband) then demands that she leave the party. Rachel tries to fight back, but Skills steps in and tells her to leave as well. Nathan comes over to make sure Haley’s okay and as they talk about Haley bitch-slapping Rachel, the baby starts kicking. Nathan feels his child kick for the first time.

Outside, Brooke talks to Rachel as she is leaving. Rachel tells Brooke that she took the fall for stealing the exam. A flashback shows how Rachel took Brooke’s quiz and wrote Brooke’s name at the top of her exam. She tells Brooke that since she’s the one that got her into the mess, it was only right that she gets her out of it. Rachel leaves the party. Later, Chase finds Brooke and they talk about the exam and kiss.

Shelly finds Mouth in one of the bedrooms and they talk about the breakup and the pressure Shelly was feeling about being a clean teen. They begin making out and end up having sex.
Downstairs, Skills puts in a video labeled “Nathan Scores”. The first part of the video shows various highlights of Nathan’s Ravens career as well as shots of Nathan shooting in the driveway. A segment of him and Peyton kissing is shown.

Upstairs, Mouth and Shelly are talking after having sex. Shelly can’t find her shirt and as they both are on the bed shirtless, Skills walks in. Skills quickly leaves and Shelly starts to panic about what just happened. Mouth tells her that Skills won’t tell anybody, but Shelly once again ends things between them and leaves. Mouth gets dressed and goes downstairs, obviously upset. He runs into Skills and tells him that not only did he lose his virginity tonight, he also lost his prom date and a girl that he could have loved, making it a terrible night for him.

Dan takes Karen home after their dinner together and as Karen is about to go inside, Dan asks her to chaperone prom with him. Karen agrees.

Back at the party, Peyton and Lucas talk about the last time they were about to have sex at Nathan’s. She tells him that that night all she wanted was sex, but made a terrible mistake by leaving. Peyton goes on to tell him that unlike that night, she now wants everything with Lucas – everything that he wanted that night. They start making out and fall onto the bed together.
Outside, Nathan sits with Brooke and they talk about Chase. She apologizes to Nathan about Haley getting fired. Nathan tells Brooke that she needs to let go of all the anger she has towards Peyton and tells Brooke to sit where she is for a couple seconds longer. As she sits there the sprinklers come on and they chase each other around as the sprinklers run. When Brooke and Nathan head back inside, they arrive just in time to see the basketball highlights video cut to footage of Nathan making out with a girl. People at the party start shouting that it’s Peyton on the tape, which disrupts Lucas and Peyton who are upstairs. Peyton scrambles to get her shirt back on and runs downstairs, yelling to shut the tape off. But as the tape continues rolling, it’s revealed that it’s not Peyton on the tape, but Brooke instead. As the footage rolls, Brooke and Nathan look horrified while Haley, Peyton and Chase all look hurt.