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You Call it Madness, But I Call it Love
!!!!!! This review contains spoilers !!!!!!

Not my absolute favorite OTH episode, but it was an awesome episode to come back from a long hiatus with -- definitely worth the wait.

For once Peyton finally stood up for herself and kicked some major Psycho Derek ass. Good to see that she can finally fight for herself. Also good to see that she made up with Brooke. The show isn't the same without them as best friends.

I also really enjoyed Lucas and Glenda hanging out. Their initial friendship in "Pictures of You" is still going strong.

Nathan and Haley were very cute in this episode. I didn't think we'd ever see Nathan's senior year predictions, but was thrilled to see his during the episode.

And then there's the big reveal of who knows who Keith's killer is. I sorta guessed it would be Abby. Now I wonder if Lucas will tell his mother and break her heart now that she and Dan are getting close again. Oooh the drama.

Can't wait for next week's episode. Operation save Mouth. hehe.
Review posted on Friday, May 4th 2007 7:34 am
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