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All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone - Recap

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As Live’s "Lightning Crashes" plays in the background, Haley, followed by the gang, rushes out to the ambulance. As Haley and Nathan leave, Lucas gets a call from Deb and he and Peyton rush off to the hospital where Karen had flat-lined. At the hospital, Nathan and Lucas cross paths in the hallway as Nathan, following Haley’s gurney, and Lucas, following his mother’s gurney as they take her to surgery, and they hug before going their separate ways. Meanwhile, Dan walks into the police station and turns himself in for Keith’s murder. He’s lead to his cell and locked up. Back at the high school, Brooke picks up the paper Haley dropped that has her valedictorian speech written on it. A voiceover features Brooke reading the rest of the speech.

Lucas watches from a viewing room as the doctors work on Karen, who continues to flat-line. The screen turns white and when Karen wakes up, she’s in a field of flowers with Keith. As they kiss, a little girl is running and playing in the flowers around them. Karen realizes that she’s their daughter, and Keith tells her that she needs to go and watch over her – he’ll be right there waiting for her. Things go white again and Karen’s heart starts beating again.

On the other side of the hospital, Haley gives birth to a baby boy. As she holds her baby for the first time, she tells Nathan “You’re a dad” as they both cry together. They name him Nathan Lucas Scott.

Two weeks later, Karen has recovered from her close call and visits Keith’s grave with her daughter, named Lily Rose Scott after the dream she had in the hospital. Nathan is at home watching a basketball game and listening to rap with James.

Lucas drives up to Peyton’s car on the side of the road. Peyton faked her car breaking down so they could relive the day that they first met in that same place. Once Lucas realizes that there’s nothing wrong, they decide to spend some quality time together before Peyton has to pack for L.A.

Later that day, Deb convinces Nathan and Haley to go to the party being thrown for the graduating seniors and tells them that she’ll watch James while they’re gone. At the party, which is thrown by Rachel, Peyton and Lucas continue to discuss whether or not Peyton should go to L.A. Peyton doesn’t want to leave, but Lucas insists that she goes to follow her dreams. Mouth and Shelly are able to talk about their relationship after an awkward Spin the Bottle encounter.

Despite promising each other that they wouldn’t be obsessive parents and call Deb every little bit to check on James, Haley sneaks away to call. After swapping baby pictures, Lucas and Nathan talk about Dan turning himself in and how they’ll go to the prison to face him together.

Haley finds Brooke in order to tell her goodbye, but they stop saying goodbye when Brooke starts to cry. Instead, Haley cheers her up by asking her to be James’ godmother, an offer that Brooke wastes no time in accepting.

Bevin gets the girls (Shelly, Brooke, Haley, Peyton and Rachel) to all do a dance to the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, which the boys all laugh at as they dance.

Inside, Lucas and Skills discuss his upcoming basketball scholarship and how his college will play a game against Nathan and Whitey’s team. The reminisce about how they went from the Rivercourt to state champs and vow to be friends forever.

Meanwhile, Dan is visited by Karen. She tells him about her daughter and how one day she’ll ask about how her father died and how she will tell Lily that Keith loved his older brother, but he took him away from both of them forever. As Karen leaves, she spits on the window and Dan begins to cry.

Back at the party, Lucas finds Brooke crying. She tells him that she’s scared of leaving high school and to cheer her up, Lucas shares with her a line from the novel he was working on which is about her. They hug and Lucas tells her that she’ll change the world some day.

Outside, Shelly is called a slut by a guy at the party and Mouth steps up to defend her. The guy pushes Mouth down to the ground, but Mouth gets up and punches him out. Shelly thanks him for what he did and they sit together, one-on-one, and talk about their past history together.

As Nathan shares baby pictures with a group at the party, Haley comes up and tells him they have to go home. Haley had tried calling Deb, but she’s not answering the house phone or her cell phone. After they consider Deb’s past with drugs and guns, they decide to hurry home to check on James.

Brooke and Peyton meet up and talk about all the friction between them in the past four years and the love triangles they got into. They talk about how they were able to survive all the tragedy, jealously and drama and how much they love each other despite all of it.

Mouth jumps down off of the roof of the house, grabs a drink out of a guy’s hand, drinks it, marches over to Brooke and kisses her. Skills, Fergie and Junk cheer from the roof and Mouth tells Brooke that he’s “always wanted to do that” and tells Chase sorry. Brooke and Chase decide to leave the party together for awhile.

At Deb’s, Nathan and Haley rush in to find James sound asleep in Deb’s arms. They ask Deb why she wasn’t answering the phone and she tells them she unplugged it because they were driving her crazy – Nathan called 6 times and Haley called 8. Deb convinces them to go back to the party, but they decide to wait a while after they start kissing.

In Chase’s car, Brooke and Chase are making out. Brooke takes off her top and they decide to take their relationship to the next level. Chase tells Brooke to “be gentle with him.” Moments, Chase asks Brooke if it was “the best 60 seconds of her life”. They talk about tomorrow and how much they’ll miss each other while they’re apart.

Peyton and Lucas talk about how Peyton is leaving tomorrow for L.A. Lucas admits that he really doesn’t want her to leave, but tells her that she has to go and follow her dreams. He tells her that he’ll always love her and be waiting for her when she comes back. Haley pulls Lucas away to ask him to be James’ godfather. Lucas accepts and whispers a secret in Haley’s ear.

Back inside, Rachel and Brooke talk and Brooke gives Rachel her diploma. She tells Rachel how she turned herself in, and Rachel tells Brooke how glad she is to have gone to Tree Hill.

Nathan and Lucas talk about Dan again and decide not to visit him in order to get rid of the control he’s had over them since birth. Lucas tells Nathan that Whitey offered him an assistant coaching position on his team next year, which means that Lucas will be coaching Nathan. Nathan asked him why he decided to take the position and Lucas responds that it was when Haley asked him to be James’ godfather.

In prison, Dan is unable to deal with the guilt of everything he’s done and begins to rip up his bed sheets. He strings them around a pipe above him and tries to hang himself. But as he’s hanging and turning increasingly red, the sheets rip off of the pipe, Dan falls to the floor and begins crying as he curls up into a ball.

After a countdown to midnight, the gang decides to head to the Rivercourt and play a boys versus girls game. Lucas tells everyone that this isn’t goodbye – they’ll all be back in four years, hinting at the time jump between season 4 and 5. As the episode ends, Lucas and Nathan have a rematch of their infamous one-on-one game in the “Pilot”, bring the past four seasons full circle.