Season 3

34 :03x01 - Fighting Satan

Many Americans believe that the devil is alive and well, which has sparked a growing movement in churches to fight him head on. Host Lisa Ling travels to Georgia and Florida to visit ministries that practice "deliverance" - where faith and the power of Christ are called upon to cast Satan's demons from the emotionally tormented.


35 :03x02 - Transgender Lives: 3 Years Later

Lisa visits transgender people whilst in the middle of their transformation.

36 :03x03 - The ADHD Explosion

Lisa follows three different families experiencing struggles with children suffering from ADHD.

37 :03x04 - Criminal Informants

Ling uncovers the world of criminal informants; she wonders if coercion is at play.

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38 :03x05 - Black America's Silent Epidemic

Lisa explores the social and economical forces behind HIV; she meets HIV-positive men and women that are fighting the stigma as well as the virus.

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39 :03x06 - Children of the System

Lisa examines the procedures that follow when a child is removed from their family at the Los Angeles County foster care system; she also looks into the actions required by parents hoping to rejoin and how the system is working under the strain.

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40 :03x07 - Under the Gun

In Philadelphia, seven people are shot every day; Ling meets activists that are determined to end gun violence in the City of Brotherly Love.

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41 :03x08 - Labeled for Life: 18 Months Later

Lisa revisits Travis Iosue in Texas to see how much his life has changed now he's a registered sex offender, 18 months after her first report.

42 :03x09 - Teen Mom Nation: 2 years Later

Lisa revisits Latanya and Sophie two years into young motherhood.

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43 :03x10 - The Missing

Lisa Ling meets a woman in Philadelphia recovering from a kidnapping and a mother in Washington D.C. with a missing daughter.

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